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Chapter 12: Takuya's Requiem and False Starts

Tamer Digital World: Location: Level 1 - Raiser's Plateau

Kai looked around in awe as he and the girls came out of the canyon they'd been traveling through and onto a wide plateau that had an expansive view of the surrounding desert and plains below and in the distance. The plateau was also where there was a huge gathering of Digimon. There were fifteen more Gatsumon, and their guide was kind enough to point out to Kai, Alice, and Minami the other kinds of Digimon.

There was at least a whole colony of Chuchidarumon – Digimon that looked like they were dirt and mud made versions of snow bears. There were also lots of creepy bug Digimon called Chrysalimon and a few Infermon who seemed to be following orders from a pair of Diaboramon. Not the friendliest looking Digimon that Kai had expected to meet, but there were quite a few friendlier looking potato plant Digimon called Jagamon. The most notable Digimon on the plateau though was an old man and an old woman Digimon, Jijimon and Babamon. These two were ordering the other Digimon around like they owned the place.

In the center of the plateau was a huge arrangement of brush and twigs and other flammable material for a bonfire within a foot tall wall of arranged rock. Surrounding the pyre was an assortment of offerings that ranged from wild flowers, spice jars, and an assortment of trinkets, charms and food offerings.

"Wow, they're nearly finished with the preparations," their guide gasped.

"No thanks to you," huffed a Chrysalimon. "Where have you been all this time anyway? And who are they?"

"Human children!" gasped Jijimon and Babamon. "Those are human children!"

Kai found they were surrounded within seconds as all of the Digimon gathered around to look at him, Alice and Minami.

"What are human children doing here?" a Chuchidarumon asked.

"They're here for the memorial service of course!" an Infermon scowled. "Isn't that why everyone else is here?"

"No, I think she meant what are they doing here in our world," a Jagamon butted in.

"Yeesh! Will all of ya shut yer yaps?" Jijimon snapped. "Let the humans speak! Ya three wouldn't happen to be friends of Kenta and Kazu would you?"

"None of us have actually met Kenta and Kazu, but we are friends of Takato, Rika and Henry," Alice spoke up.

"Oh! Takato and Henry helped us with that horrible motorcycle!" a Chuchidarumon spoke up.

"Such kind sweet human boys," another one piped up.

"That's all nice and everything, but doesn't explain why there are humans here in the Digital World," a Diaboramon growled, cutting off the twittering mud bear Digimon.

"We're here to help," Minami answered nervously. "We're trying to lift this lockdown your world is in. If we can unlock all of the Digital World's levels and reach the Digimon Sovereign we may be able to find a way to get help to Takato and the others stuck in that other dimension."

The Digimon broke out into hushed whispered chatter upon hearing this. Kai noticed that most of them sounded excited more than anything else.

"Ya mean that if we can unlock these levels and get you to the Sovereign, help can be sent ta Kenta and Kazu and all those other poor stranded DigiDestined kids?" Babamon asked.

"That's the idea, yeah," Kai shrugged. "With your help things would sure go along much faster."

"Hmm," Jijimon and Babamon nodded.

"With one of those kids already dead, the sooner they receive help the better," grumbled a Gatsumon different from their guide.

"But you three are just children yourselves!" a Chuchidarumon fussed.

"With no Digimon partners," a Chrysalimon pointed out.

"Well that may be, but we are goin' to do our best ta help Takato and tha others!" Kai proclaimed boldly. "We may be useless if we were to go over to that other world where they are now, but here we can at least find a way of getting them help."

"Will you help us?" Alice asked.

There was a cheer of yes's from the Chuchidarumon, Gatsumon, Jagamon and a few of the Chrysalimon, and even the unresponsive Digimon – the Infermon and Diaboramon – looked like they were just itching to do something.

"Yes, yes, a fine motivating speech," Babamon sighed. "But now is not the time."

"Yes, for we have a fallen hero to memorialize tonight," Jijimon nodded.

The other Digimon agreed and went back to finishing the memorial. It wasn't until things had settled down, that Kai noticed the big stationary cloud in the sky that showed images of what was going on in the other dimension. At the moment, the DigiDestined themselves were finishing up a funeral pyre for Takuya. They were all paying their last respects as Takuya's body was set down onto the piles of wood. Kai, Alice and Minami found it touching to watch Suzie, Ai and Mako find wild flowers and place them next to Takuya. The Zoe girl looked like she was about to break down and cry as she hid her face in Koji's shoulder. Koji's face was an expressionless mask, but he didn't shrug her off.

"She loved him," Alice whispered.

"What?" Kai frowned, looking over at the blond Goth.

"Zoe was in love with Takuya," Alice said again. "You can see it in her eyes."

"Okay…" Kai nodded, not really getting how Alice could know that, but decided to dismiss it as one of those girl things that girls just seemed to know. Honestly, all he saw was a girl morning the loss of a friend and he wasn't going to bother looking for something deeper. Things were already depressing enough as they were.

As the cloud broadcasted the images of the DigiDestined gathered around Takuya's funeral pyre, all of the Digimon on the plateau gathered around their own and watched in respectful silence as the DigiDestined said their final farewells to Takuya Kanbara, DigiDestined Warrior of Fire.

Kai exchanged sad looks with Alice and Minami. How many more of the twenty-nine remaining DigiDestined would make it through the next few days? Would one of their own Tamer friends be the next to fall? Kai knew that it was more important than ever to find and unlock the levels of their Digital World, but Babamon and Jijimon were right. Right now in this moment it was not the time. Just looking around at all the Digimon present, Kai knew that the Digimon would be more than willing to help them, but right now Takuya Kanbara deserved their respect and well wishes as he passed on to whatever life there was after death for humans.

Kai toyed with the thought of Takuya being reborn as a Digimon since he'd died in a Digital World. He was sure that if it could happen, that the guy would come back as a totally kick ass Digimon. The guy had been a hero and a strong fighter as a human, so why wouldn't he be if he were reborn as a Digimon?

Putting aside those fanciful thoughts, Kai returned his attention to the sky and watch Guilmon and Tai's Agumon light Takuya's pyre. An Infermon lit the plateau pyre soon after and then the air was filled with mournful singing – if it could be called that. The Chuchidarumon and the Jagamon hummed and ahh-ed a lament of some sort, the Gatsumon cried up to the sky in their gravelly tones, the Chrysalimon squeed high-pitched notes, and the Infermon and Diaboramon roared. Babamon and Jijimon were chanting prayers of some sort, shaking broom and clawed staff at the pyre with one hand and holding their other hands up high into the sky, chanting louder and louder until they were crying out with the other Digimon.

Kai then took a deep breath and cried out with all the rest, surprising Alice and making Minami jump. Then, after a moment's hesitation, Minami took up a soft cry of her own that grew louder with her confidence. She reached out to her side with one hand and Kai took it, holding it tightly as their voices mingled with all of the Digimon's. Kai watched Alice out of the corner of his eye as he and Minami continued to cry out with all the Digimon. Finally Alice took a deep breath of her own and let out a strong and fiercely sung note, singing a song he didn't understand. It may have been in Latin.

"Bealocwealm hafad freone frecan forth onsended giedd sculon singan gleomenn sorgiende on Meduselde thaet he ma no waere his dryhtne dyrest and maga deorost, Bealo…" (Lament for Theodred)

It was a beautiful song, Kai had to admit, almost hauntingly so as he reached out with his free hand and held it out for her. He felt her strong and reassuring grip take it as she came to stand beside him, still singing.

The Frontier Digital World: Location: The Celestial Digimon's Castle

"NO! I won't let you go!" Yuriko Kanbara sobbed as she hugged Shinya to her. "Please, Shinya, just forget this foolishness!"

"Yutaka, I can't believe after all that has happened that you are even suggesting getting involved!" Sasuke Himi frowned disapprovingly at his son while his wife sobbed, hugging Yutaka.

"It is because of all that has happened that Shinya and I need to do this," Yutaka inserted firmly, trying to reign in his temper.

Things were not going well. He and Shinya had only just announced their intent to leave for Flame Terminal to try and find a way to help Tommy and the others. Needless to say that none of the parents had taken the news well, but at least the Orimotos, Shibayamas, Minamotos and Miss Kimura were all staying back and out of the heated discussion now taking place.

"I forbid it!" Sasuke hissed, getting in his son's face. "It's already bad enough that Tommy is gone. I refuse to loose another son!"

"You speak as if he were already dead!" Yutaka growled. "Have you already given up hope for their return?!"

"No," Sasuke sighed, hanging his head a little, "but please, son, understand that I can't loose you too."

"Yes, please!" Ami Himi sobbed. "Listen to your father and stay!"

"I'm sorry Mom, but I can't do that," Yutaka sighed, unwinding her arms from around him, but held her hands between his own. "You all have to understand that Shinya and I need to do this. If we can find a way to open the connection between this world and home, or one to the other worlds, we can get help to Tommy and the others. Lady Ophanimon-!"

"I knew that that creature was up to no good," Sasuke exploded. "She put you two up to this didn't she?!"

"No!" Shinya shook his head. "She didn't do anything! She only asked-!"

"That you risk your own lives for some useless quest?" Hiroki Kanbara cut in grimly.

"It isn't a useless quest!" Yutaka protested. "It needs to be done!"

"Then why doesn't she send other Digimon to do it?!" sobbed Yuriko. "Why does it have to be you two?"

"Why can't you all understand?!" Yutaka shouted. "Shinya and I are the only ones that can help now! We were both chosen to be Digimon Warriors like Tommy and the others!"

"Stop it!" Sasuke shouted back. "You're upsetting your mother!"

"She's been upset since this whole thing started!" Yutaka snapped, holding his sobbing mother close again. "We've all been upset!"

"Well, you're not making her feel any better about the situation with all this talk of taking off!"

"You're not helping matters either!" Yutaka bellowed.

"Yutaka!" Shinya gasped. "Calm down!"

Yutaka blinked and then looked around the room, noticing that the metal chairs, tables, silverware and any other loose metal objects were rattling. After a few calming breathes everything settled down again.

"What in the world?" Ami and Yuriko gasped looking around as the metal objects stopped vibrating.

"Whoa," Shinya breathed before grinning widely at the older boy. "Careful, Yutaka. We don't need you going all Magneto on us."

"Magneto?" Yutaka frowned.

"A bad guy mutant from X-Men that can control metal!" Shinya informed him. "I suppose that since you're the new Warrior of Steel you'll have to watch your temper."

"At least while around anything metal," Yutaka grumbled before letting out a sigh, running a hand through his hair.

"Your powers are manifesting more quickly than Lady Ophanimon has anticipated," Seraphimon mused as he appeared in the doorway of the room. "Perhaps it is because you are older than most who are chosen, Yutaka Himi."

Yutaka nodded, musing over this sudden development.

"Is it time for us to go?" Shinya asked.

"Yes," Seraphimon nodded.

"NO!" Ami and Yuriko cried, wrapping their remaining sons up in their arms once again.

"Haven't you already taken enough children from us?!" Sasuke demanded. "Don't make them do any more of your bidding!"

"We are not making them do anything," Seraphimon stated calmly.

"Dad, we volunteered for this," Yutaka stepped forward out of his mom's arms.

"He's right," Shinya nodded, wiggling out of his own mother's embrace. "We decided on our own to get involved. It was our choice. We want to do this!"

"But why?" Yuriko sobbed.

"For Takuya, Mommy," Shinya said softly. "So that no one else has to suffer and die like he did."

"To find Tommy," Yutaka stated, staring into his father's eyes. "I won't let what happened to Takuya happen to him if I can help it."

"Yutaka and Shinya have found and bonded with the Warrior Spirits of Steel and Wood," Seraphimon added. "It is their destiny to find the new DigiDestined Warriors of Water and Earth and to help the other children in that other world. It is a destiny that they have accepted and embraced."

"Please," Shinya pleaded. "Mom… Dad… Let me go."

"Shinya," Hiroki sighed, staring sadly down at their youngest and remaining son.

"I promise that I'll look after him, Mr. and Mrs. Kanbara," Yutaka told them earnestly.

"But who will look after you?" Ami cried.

"Oh, Mom," Yutaka sighed, hugging her again. "I'll be fine. I'm 19 and practically an adult myself!"

"…I know, son," she sniffed. "I know… just… promise me you will be careful."

"I will, Mom," Yutaka nodded, fighting against tears of his own. "I promise."

"Good," she nodded, pulling back to stand next to Sasuke. "Because if you don't, regardless, whether you're an adult of not young man, I will ground you for a month!"

Yutaka chuckled, nodding his head.

Shinya hugged and kissed his mom and dad one more time before coming to stand next to Yutaka before Seraphimon.

"Are you two ready?" the angel lord Digimon asked.

The two boys nodded.

"Then lets get cracking!" a new voice exclaimed enthusiastically.

From behind Seraphimon Nefertimon and two small Digimon stepped out.

"Hello young men! My name is Bokomon and this is Neemon," a small white bear looking Digimon wearing a pink band around his middle said, gesturing to a yellow rabbit Digimon wearing red pants. "The two of us will be your guides to Flame Terminal. We traveled with your brothers and the other four Warrior DigiDestined children during their adventures here. I hope we can become good friends."

"Nice ta meetcha!" the rabbit said bowing.

"Hello," Shinya smiled.

"Bokomon and Neemon will help you get to Flame Terminal. They grew up there, so they know the place rather well. They'll make sure that you two don't go astray and help you find what you need," Seraphimon announced.

"It is a horror," Neemon smiled

"It's honor, you nincompoop!" Bokomon shouted, snapping Neemon's pant's band.


Shinya laughed and Yutaka shook his head. These two were going to be their guides to Flame Terminal?

The Adventure Digital World: Location: Infinity Mountain

Through the rest of the day and well into the next, Gennai and Hiroaki worked tirelessly on the weak connection that linked the Digital World to the human world. It was slow going, but they finally succeeded in widening the gap, little by little. In the mean time, they listened to a radio Gennai had been working on earlier. Like with all the TV's, the radio only broadcasted what was happening in that other world. Right now they were tuned to Matt's station and listened to the stories that the Warrior DigiDestined children had to tell about Takuya Kanbara. Hiroaki just couldn't believe that the boy had died. It had driven home to him how much danger his sons and the other children were in. It hadn't even been a week yet, and already one child was dead. From the way his friends spoke about him, the boy sounded a lot like Tai Kamiya.

But Hiroaki wasn't going to let that distract him. He needed to find a way to reach those children, and the first step towards that, was to make a connection between this Digital World and home. He could only hope that his and Gennai's efforts were enough to get his old friends here. Finally, nearly 24 hours after he'd managed to contact them, Hiroaki was back on his digivice, communicating with his friends.

"We're all ready when you are, Hiro," Saito reported.

"We're at the camp all ready to go!" Yumi said cheerfully.

"More than ready," Keisuke agreed.

"Beam us up, Scotty!" Haru joked.

"Oh good lord, Haru! Don't start quoting Star Trek again!" Keisuke moaned.

"Just like old times," Yumi giggled.

"At least he didn't try to do the accent this time," Saito sighed.

Hiroaki shook his head as he and Gennai double and triple checked their links and monitors to make sure that everything was running smoothly.

"All right, everyone," Gennai spoke into the mic he had connected to the equipment so that the others could hear him without him needing to be near Hiroaki's digivice. "I'm going to open the portal between the human world and the Digital World. You should see a green fiery light in the sky. When you see it, I want everyone to hold up their digivices to the light. Group them as close together as you can. Hopefully you'll be with us shortly. Hold on to each other, because it's going to be a bumpy ride."

The four waiting adults gave affirmatives and Hiroaki flipped a switch upon receiving Gennai's signal.

"Here we go," Gennai sighed. "Lets hope this works."

"Digital Portal open," Hiroaki reported as the light on his computer went from red to green. "Receiving four new digivice signals…"

There was a roar of thunder overhead and when he looked up, Hiroaki spotted a grouping of four lights come hurtling towards the mountaintop. There was a blinding flash of light, and a gust of wind and dirt, but when it all settled, there were four new figures standing before him. Hiroaki grinned and raced forward to greet his old friends.

"Hiro!" Yumi cried, meeting him halfway with a crushing hug. The small petite redhead was a lot stronger than she looked. Her green eyes flashed in the afternoon sunlight while long crimson locks escaped from the bun she'd pulled her hair up into at the nape of her neck. Behind her was her husband Saito grinning from ear to ear, warm brown eyes eyeing his wife and old friend fondly. His hair was cut short and spiky instead of in that wild mullet that Hiroaki remembered his old friend and leader having. The goggles remained though, hanging around Saito's neck.

"Still wearing those old things?" Hiroaki laughed.

"Oh shut up," Saito laughed. "These are my lucky goggles!"

"Lucky my ass," grumbled Keisuke as he brushed dirt out of black hair that was starting to grey with age. It wasn't short like Saito's hair, but it wasn't long enough to reach past his ears. The grey eyes were bright and excited though, betraying the man's happiness at being back in the Digital World.

And last was Haru, a rather short man with mousy brown hair, but he had bright blue eyes and a round kind face. He honestly looked no different from when Hiroaki had last seen the man all those years ago accept for a few new silver hairs.

"Well aren't you four a sight for sore eyes."

"Gabumon!" they all cried as Hiroaki's partner came into view smiling happily.

"Oh man! We're really back aren't we?" Haru exclaimed happily.

"It looks so different," Yumi gaped in awe as she looked all around.

"It has changed quite a bit since we were here last," Hiroaki agreed.

"Alright, we can sight see later," Keisuke sighed. "I thought we were here to help Hiro get his sons and the rest of those kids back?"

"Indeed," Gennai agreed, stepping up to meet the new comers.

"Oh. Hello," Saito grinned, coming forward to shake the digital man's hand. "I'm Saito Yoshimura."

"It's a pleasure to meet the original team of DigiDestined," Gennai smiled back, shaking the man's hand. "I am Gennai."

"Hello Gennai," Saito nodded.

"I'm Haru Yoshi," Haru bowed.

"Keisuke Hiroko," Keisuke nodded, already examining the computers that Gennai and Hiroaki had used to bring him and the other three to the Digital World.

"And I'm Saito's wife, Yumi Yoshimura, formerly Yumi Wakai," Yumi smiled radiantly as she shook Gennai's hand.

"Again, it is a pleasure to meet all of you, but may I please see your digivices?" Gennai asked.

"Sure!" Yumi smiled, handing over her old digivice. Saito and Haru did the same. Hiroaki took Keisuke's as the man tossed it in his direction. The man's attention was completely absorbed with the computers.

"You'll have to forgive Keisuke," Saito laughed. "He's an engineer and has a thing for computers."

"Not unlike Izzi," Hiroaki added for Gennai's benefit.

"That kid's smart," Keisuke commented absently. "I'd love to pick his brain sometime about his thoughts on the Digital World. Because he has so much more experience with the current Digital World I wonder how different his theories are from my own."

"And he wonders why he's still single after all these years," Yumi giggled. "Computer nerd that he is."

"Least I don't quote Star Trek," Keisuke grumbled.

"Hey!" Haru pouted.

"Hey yourself," Keisuke chuckled. "You are such a dorky fan that you learned Klingon!"

"Seriously?" Hiroaki laughed. "You learned Klingon?"

Haru glared but didn't deny it.

"Oh leave him alone," Saito sighed. "His wife speaks it too."

Keisuke and Hiroaki stared at Haru with wide eyes.

"Where'd you meet a woman who speaks Klingon?" they demanded.

"At a convention of course," Haru smiled brightly.

"Oh God…" Keisuke grumbled.

Hiroaki simply shook his head in amazement.

"His kids can speak Klingon too," Yumi smiled.

"Good God man! Have you no shame?!" Keisuke cried, looking away from the technology before him. "You're a school teacher for crying out loud! Please tell me you don't teach your students this too!"

"Of course not!" Haru scowled.

"I think I have just lost all respect for you my old friend," Keisuke shuddered.

"All right, enough," Saito snapped. "Get over it Keisuke. We are all entitled to our own hobbies at home. And you have no right to talk since you spend all of your down time playing the latest installments of World of Warcraft anyway."

Keisuke grumbled for a moment as he turned back to the computers he'd been looking at a moment ago.

"So what now, Gennai?" Hiroaki asked.

"Well," Gennai sighed, putting down Yumi's digivice and picking up Saito's, "now we try reaching out to other worlds. Or at least that's what I will do. The four of you need to go out and search for your old partners. Hiroaki, you and Gabumon will help them. I can't do anything with these digivices until they are fully reactivated and that will only happen when you find the other four original partner Digimon. I'd start your search in Primary Village."

"But how will we find our way?" Hiroaki asked. "None of us knows where anything is in this world."

"The other Digimon and I will accompany you down the mountain as soon as I finish up here. There is nothing else that we can do with this equipment, until those digivices are reactivated. Thankfully, we can leave it all here after we put up housing that will protect it from weather and defensive measures that will keep the occasional wild Digimon out. Then we can remote access all of this equipment back at base. If you and Mr. Hiroko will give me a hand, we can get all of that done within the hour."

Hiroaki nodded and began to help Keisuke take care of the computer equipment under Gennai's direction. Saito, Yumi and Haru all shrugged before settling down on the ground to talk with Gabumon while the computer techs did their thing.

Another Digital World: Location: Unknown

It was late in the evening and flowers with TV centers played the various DigiDestined children's channels, broadcasting them across the plains where all sorts of Digimon were gathered to watch them remember the fallen hero Takuya Kanbara.

"It's so sad," said a bellflower Digimon. "That boy was so brave."

"He was," agreed a blue dog Digimon wearing red boxing gloves and a matching red headband. "He died for his friends."

"There's got to be something we can do," a brown bird Digimon wearing ninja gear murmured.

"Something that we can do to help," a pink bird Digimon agreed.

A turtle Digimon wearing a helmet and headphones, and two-armored rookie level Digimon – one black, one white – nodded in silent agreement.

"There has to be," a large Agumon with red arm braces growled. "Right, Aniki? …Aniki?"

The Agumon turned around but found no one standing behind him.

"Aniki?!" he cried.

"Masaru?" the flower and dog Digimon called out.

"Over there!" pointed the pink and brown birds.

A lone human figure stood on top of an outcropping of rocks gazing up at the stars and moon in the digital sky.

"Aniki!" Agumon cried as he raced forward, the other seven Digimon racing after him. He slowed his advance though as he approached the figure. It was a human man. He had long red hair that came down to the middle of his back even when tied back in a long ponytail. He was dressed in a well-worn sleeveless black shirt beneath a dusty red and cream colored sleeveless jacket vest, and dusty olive green cargo pants. He also wore black sweatbands on his wrists, weathered red and black tennis shoes, and a silver charm necklace that looked like a military issued dog tag.

"…Aniki?" Agumon said again when the man didn't acknowledge his presence.

"Takuya Kanbara had a real man's spirit," the man sighed, looking away from the sky and turning clear sad green eyes on the Digimon. "He fought bravely and never gave up until it was all over. His spirit was strong enough to break free of Aiyokumon's control and gave him the strength he needed to save his friends and destroy her. It would have been an honor to meet such a fighter. It is also a crime that such a man's soul was beaten down and suffocated until it was snuffed out."

The man growled angrily, returning his gaze to the sky.

"Aniki…" Agumon breathed.

"What do you plan to do now, Daimon Masaru?" the dog Digimon asked.

"…I'm going to seek out the Royal Knights, Gaomon," Masaru answered. "It's time to return to the human world and bring back the DATS team."

"Are you sure that the two worlds are ready for that?" the flower Digimon asked.

"I don't know, Lalamon," Masaru admitted, "But they'll have to be. It's only a matter of time before whatever is going on in that other world affects our own. When our two worlds almost collided, it nearly destroyed everything. Can you imagine what type of destruction awaits us if we let that other world into the mix?"

"I see your point," Lalamon sighed.

"You have grown up a lot these last five years, Masaru," Gaomon smiled.

"Aniki has always been grown up," Agumon nodded proudly while Gaomon and Lalamon leveled deadpan stares at him.

"Nah," Masaru grinned. "That's not it at all, Gaomon. I'm just itching for a fight. The peace we've achieved here in the Digital World is nice and all, but I have been craving a challenge. Going to help those other kids in that other world will not only give me that challenge, but it will also keep this world safe. It kills two birds with one stone! …Sorry Falcomon. Piyomon. No pun intended."

"Now that sounds more like the Masaru we know," the brown ninja bird Digimon – Falcomon – laughed.

The pink bird – Piyomon laughed as well.

"Well you guys," Masaru grinned. "Why don't we pay the Royal Knights a visit?"

"I'm with ya, Aniki! All the way!" Agumon cheered.

"Then lets go," Masaru smirked before his expression became grim. "We might not have a lot of time if we want to help those other kids."

The eight Digimon nodded grimly as they followed Masaru across the plains.

Will Kai, Alice, and Minami be able to fulfill their mission quicker now that they have some help from the Digimon? Will Bokomon and Neemon really be able to help Shinya and Yutaka get to Flame Terminal? How long will it take Hiroaki and his friends to track down the other original partner Digimon? And how does Daimon Masaru guy plan to help the DigiDestined in that other world? I guess you'll all have to find out next time on Digimon: Digital Monsters!

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