What Is This Feeling? (Loathing) Feat. The Peach Girl Cast

Main Singers: Momo Adachi as Galinda Upland/Glinda the Good Witch of the North


Sae Kashiwagi as Elphaba/Wicked Witch of the West

Chorus: The Rest of the Main Cast including The Kairi and Toji Fangirl Leagues

I dont own anything but the idea

P.s.: (Si) means singing and (Sp) means speaking and (Si/Sp) means both at same time

P.s.s: listin to the song while your reading then you'll see why i made this


Momo (Sp): Dear Mommy and Daddy…

Sae (Sp): My Dear Parents…

Both (Si): There's been some confusion over roomming at the academy

Sae (Si/Sp): But of course I'll care for Morika

Momo (Si/Sp): But of course I'll rise above it

Both (Si): For I know that's you want me to respond yes

Both (Si): There's been some confusion for you see my roommate is…

Momo (Sp): Truly Manipulating and a Pure Heifer at the Heart…

Sae (Sp): Tan and Strawberry Blonde

(Music Begins)

Momo (Si): What is this feeling so sudden and new?

Sae (Si): I felt the moment that I laid eyes on you

Momo (Si): My pulse is rushing

Sae (Si): My face is flushing

Momo (Si): My head is reeling

Both (Si): What is this feeling? Fervid as a flame does it have a name?

Both (Si): Yyyyyeeeesssss!

Both (Si): Loathing Un-an-adul-ter-ated Loathing

Sae (Sp): For your face. You're Voice. You're Clothing

Both (Si/Sp): Let's just say— I loathe it all!

Both (Si): Every little trait however small makes my very skin begin to crawl

Both (Si): With simple utter loathing

Both (Si): There's a strange exhilaration. In such total detestation

Both (Si): It's so pure! So strong!

Both (Si): Though I do admit it came on fast still I do believe that it can last

Both (Si): And I will loath-ing loathing you my whole life long!

Chorus (Si/Sp): Oh sweet Momo you are just too good! how do stand it I don't think I could She's a liar! She's a user! We don't mean to keep it real girl But Momo you're the good one!

Momo (Sp): Well… these thing are sent to test us

Kairi, Ryo, Toji, and Misao (Si/Sp): Poor Momo who's forced to live by someone so disgusticified

Chorus (Si/Sp): We just want to tell you we are on your ssiiidddee! We share your loathing

Both (Si): What is this feeling (Chorus (Si): Loathing) so sudden and new (Chorus (Si): Un-an-adul-ter-ated loathing)

Both (Si): I felt the moment I laid eyes on you (Chorus (Si): For her face, her voice, her clothing)

Both (Si): My pulse rushing, my head is reeling (Chorus (Si): Let's just say: We loath it all)

Both (Si): Oh what is this feeling (Chorus (Si): Every little trait however small)

Both (Si): Does it have name? (Chorus (Si): Makes our very skin begin to crawl)

Both (Si): Yyyeeesss!

All (Si): Ahhhhh!

Both (Si): Loathing! (Chorus (Si): Loathing!)

Both (Si): There's a strange exhilaration (Chorus (Si): Loathing!)

Both (Si): In such total detestation (Chorus (Si): Loathing!)

Both (Si): It's so pure so strong! (Chorus (Si): So Strong!)

Both (Si): Though I do admit it came on fast still I do believe that it can last

Both (Si): And I will be loathing for forever loathing, truly deeply loathing you (Chorus (Si): Loathing you!)

Both (Si): My Whole Life Long! (Chorus (Si): Loathing Un-an-adul-ter-ated Loathing!)

Sae: Boo!

Momo: Ah!

Fangirls: (Drops house on Sae using a helicopter borrowed from Tamaki Suoh)

All: (Strikes Different Poses with the Peace Sign) Bye! (Everyone waves even Sae)

The End

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