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"Drive, woman, DRIVE!"

Normally, if anyone had said that to Katsuragi Misato, they'd have been beaten within an inch of their life. However, the fact that they were meters away from getting crushed by falling military helicopters and an Angel gave the young boy a pass . . . As long as he didn't do it again.

She glanced over at the Ikari scion sitting beside her. She had seen an old picture of him, only five or six years old, when she was told to pick him up at the train station. He still had short brown hair, though it was a bit shaggier now. His light blue eyes were wide with shock, though she couldn't see a hint of pure terror in them. Misato idly noted that his face was rather bishounen.

What she wasn't expecting was what he was wearing. She had thought that he'd look almost professional, or kind of moody (considering he had lost his mother and had been abandonedcby his father at such an early age.

She wasn't expecting him to be wearing a garish red and blue Hawaiian shirt and khaki shorts.

"What the hell are you wearing?" she just had to ask.

The boy shrugged, "It's the traditional outfit of the Harris family in situations like this."

Misato blinked, "Wait, aren't you Ikari Shinji, the Commander's son?"

The boy grimaced, "It's Ikari-Harris Shinji now, and I'd call that bastard Rokubungi from now on around me. Ikari is the name of my mother's clan."

The violet haired woman nodded hesitantly, "I'm guessing you don't like your father much."

"if you mean that I'd like to see him castrated, scalped, tossed in a pot of boiling oil, and then decapitated, then yes, I don't like him."

She couldn't help but snort. "Wow, and Ritsuko said I have issues. . . "

"if you do, then I guess I have the subscription."

Misato giggled at that, "I'm Katsuragi Misato. It's a pleasure to meet you!"

Shinji grinned, "Pleasure's all mine. Who's the Gojira imitator back there?"

This time, Misato guffawed. "Oh, Ritz is going to hate you if you say that to her face." Pushing the laughter aside, she told him, "That's an Angel. It's what NERV was commissioned to fight against."

Shinji couldn't help but snort incredulously, "You're kidding, right?"

"Don't ask me, I just call them what the higher-ups call them."

The brunette nodded skeptically, and then turned sound to see what was going on behind them. Noticing how the copters were retreating from the monstrosity, he cursed, and jerked back around to face toward. "Find us some cover NOW! They're dropping an N2 mine!"

"What?" Misato squawked, jerking the wheel to the side. The car drifted to the side, the smell of burnt rubber prevalent in the air. It skidded to a stop behind what was left of a concrete wall as Misato stretched her neck in the air, trying to see what was going on.

Just then, the bomb struck the Angel, erupting in a wave of light and hot air that came their way. Misato tried to dive on top of Shinji, only to find the young man had twisted around and on top of her. Before she could protest, the rush of hurricane force winds hit the barrier, tearing through it and pushing the car into a roll.

After the dust settled, Misato opened her eyes to find Shinji on top of her, grinning sheepishly. Noticing how they were, Misato couldn't help but be a tease, "You sure move fast for a fourteen year old."
She was pleased to see the boy blush, but was shocked when he retorted, "This, coming from the woman who sent me a cheesecake picture of herself in the mail? If I didn't know any better, I'd worry about my innocence here."

Misato couldn't help but blush at the boy's cocky smirk. This, she definitely didn't expect . . . .


Half an hour later, the car was on the road again, duck tape holding the front fender on. Shinji had stunned her when he slammed his shoulder into the car and caused it to turn upright. He stunned her even more when he got up under the hood and got to work on fixing the engine.
Still, nothing was going to fix the damage done at this point.

"Yes, don't worry, his safety is my top priority," Misato said into the cell phone, "Look, can you get a car train ready for us? An express, of course . . . Well I did volunteer to pick him up, so it's only my duty to see that he gets there. See ya!"

Hanging up, the purple haired vixen couldn't help but suppress a sigh 'This stinks! I-I just had this car repaired and it's a total wreck already! Thirty three more payments to go, plus the cost of repairs . . . A-and look! My favorite dress is ruined! RUINED! And I looked so good in it!'

"Hey Misato-san, how much did that dress cost you again?"

Unthinkingly, she rattled off an estimated price, and then blinked as she realized what had happened. Twisting around, she found the lad texting something into his cell. "How is that still working?"

He didn't look at her, too busy texting, "It's a high grade prototype. An EMP could be dropped on top of us, and it would't do a thing to this baby!" Flipping the phone shut, he turned to her with a smirk. "Let me run by a bank tomorrow, and I'll have your compensation fee for you."

Misato felt her jaw drop, "C-compensation fee?"

Shinji nodded solemnly, "You put your life at risk picking me up, and totaled your car AND your dress in the process. My Dad . . . my adopted father that is . . . gives his . . . employees an allowance for damaged outfits and gear within reasonable limits. Considering how part of my trip here was on the company payroll, I can use it to pay you back."

The NERV officer knew that she shouldn't take it, but all she could do was nod dumbly and mutter, "Thanks."

The brunette boy nodded absentmindedly, and then gestured to the back seat, where a dozen car batteries were sitting, "And just to be sure, is that legal?"

She winced, "Uh, don't worry about it. Um, it's an emergency and we needed a working car, right? Uh, I am a government official after all, so everything is going to be perfectly fine. Okay? Okay!"

"I don't think anyone is going to buy that excuse," Shinji retorted, scowling at the violet maned driver.

"Ah, you're no fun!" Misato pouted.
"You are a government official! At the very least, use a coverall excuse!" Shinji fired back, "Say that you

were concerned about what the N2 mine might have done to the life expectancy of the batteries. Hell, blame the mechanic who had to rig up your engine if you have to. Just don't try to use government authority as an excuse; nobody ever bought it before, so why would it work now?"

Misato blinked at this, "You know, you've got a point."

"Damn right I do!"

"Still you saying that I can blame you doesn't exactly fill me with confidence in your mechanic skills."
Shinji just grunted imperiously, "I'll let you get away with doubting my mad mechanic skills just this once, only because you are under a lot of stress. Doubt me again, however, you can forget me paying back for the damages done to your car and dress!"

"Eep! I'm sorry! I'll never doubt you again! Promise!"

Shinji smirked, "Now we're getting somewhere!"

Turning back to the front windshield, he noticed that they had driven into a tunnel, and were approaching two steel doors. Misato pressed a button on a device above her on the adjustable mirror, causing them to open. They drove onto a platform just beyond them, which jolted to the left shortly after the doors slammed shut.

"Hey, do you have the ID that your dad sent you?" Misato asked him.

Shinji pulled the ID card from his pocket, "Yeah, it's the only thing I was able to salvage from the package you sent me."


"My adopted father incinerated the note Rokubungi sent me, and Faith-kaa-san kind of took the photo you sent me."

Misato couldn't help but smirk, "Ah, your mommy thought that was too explicit for little Shinji-chan?"

"No, more like she and Dawn-kaa-san wanted to critique it."

"Critique it? Wait, I thought your mother was named Faith?"

"You ever read any of those manga where there are a bunch of girls chasing after this one guy?"

"Yeah, where are you going with this?"

"Ever wonder what would happen if two of those girls ever decided to share?"

Misato was flummoxed, "You mean . . . "

The boy just fidgeted, "Kind of, but not really. See, Dawn-kaa-san and Dad were together when they adopted me. Two years afterwards, my then Aunt Faith kind of had a bad break with her bastard of a lover. She came over for a few months, and got continuously plastered. One night, Dad and Dawn-kaa-san joined her for drinks, the next night, I saw all three of them leave my parent's room. Hasn't stopped yet."
"You're kidding!"

"I wish," Shinji looked faintly nauseous, "the less I know about my parent's love life, the better. What I know now is bad enough.

Deciding to change the subject, Misato fished out a small book and passed it to him, " Here, read this."

Taking it, Shinji looked at the cover, "NERV, huh? This is the group my Sperm Doner operates, right?"
Misato grinned as he skimmed through the book, "Yeah, you and I are going to get along fine." Suddenly a glow lit up the car, and Shinji could only whistle as they passed into a humongous cavern, with what looked like a model city hanging on the ceiling way out in the distance. Misato could understand his reaction.

She did something similar herself when she first entered the Geofront.


"Are we there yet?"

Misato felt a vein on her forehead throb as she lead the way down the hall. Everything was fine for the first five or six minutes, but then they hit the tramway, and he HAD to comment about the draft that raised her skirt to a near obscene level. Then he started asking the cursed question . . . And asking it . . . And asking it . . .

"For the twentieth time, we are not THERE YET!"

"Shinji grinned mischievously, "We're lost, aren't we."

"We aren't lost," Misato snapped back, "do you really want to push my buttons right now?"

"Nah, just warming up for the opening act."

She jerked around to look at him, and noticed him wearing a grin not unlike one she had seen on a wild raccoon. "Wha . . . you were playing with me, weren't you?"

His grin grew into a smirk, "Guilty. Got to be at my worst to give Rokubungi my best."

"Did you have to do that to ME, though?"

"You see anyone else around here?"

Feeling that vein throb again, Misato caught sight of the elevators out of the corner of her eyes. Grabbing Shinji by the arm, she dragged him over to stand in front of them. She hit the button, only to jump in surprise when the elevator opened to present . . .

"Uh, hi there, Ritsuko."

The tall, blonde, brown eyed woman stepped out of the elevator, pressing Misato back as she did so. Opening her mouth to fire a reprimand at her friend, the woman was shocked to hear a loud wolf whistle from her right. Turning, she found . . .

"What the hell are you wearing?"

Shinji grinned, enjoying the usual reaction, "Traditional traveling clothes of my adopted family. Now if I may be so bold, what are YOU wearing? Is that the uniform for the research division here, because if it is, then please, sign me up!"

The woman stepped back, a furious blush on her cheeks. Having just gotten out of working on some submerged piece of machinery, she had only had time to take off her wetsuit and grab a lab coat. She hadn't even buttoned it, leaving it open to showcase the light blue one piece swimsuit she had been wearing beneath the wetsuit. It was of modest cut, but suddenly it seemed to be tightly hugging her hips and bust.

Misato couldn't help but giggle at her friend's awkward surprise, "Shinji, I'd like you to meet Doctor Akagi Ritsuko. Ritsuko, may I present Ikari-Harris Shinji."

Shinji took the stunned doctor's hand, brushing her knuckles with his thumb as he did so. Bringing it to his lips, he murmured, "Charmed, I'm sure."

Realizing just how badly she was blushing, she tried to get herself back under control, mentally scolding herself for even being slightly attracted to the fourteen year old boy in front of her.

Misato grinned and nudged her friend in the side. "Nothing like his father, isn't he?" she asked, chuckling.

Ritsuko huffed at her, "You do know that you're running late, right?"

Misato winced, about to apologize when Shinji took over, "We're sorry about that, but the map we had was of horrible quality, and we were forced to take the scenic route, as it were."

"Both women blinked, "Um Shinji, what's with the British accent?" Misato asked.

Shinji grinned impishly, "My adopted grandfather and several of my adopted uncles are from England, and I've picked up a few things from them, it seems." He then stepped into the elevator, "So are we going down? The sooner we get where we are going, the sooner I can give Rokubungi those hernias I owe him!"

Ritsuko could only glance over at her violet haired friend, who giggled and stepped close to her, "Yes, that is the Third Child. Now shall we go, or should we just stand around and gossip like a bunch of old maids, hm?"


Shinji gave the two older women only token attention as he skimmed through the handbook. Both women were talking business, mentioning things like the Marduk Report, Unit One, and B type Equipment. He chuckled at the joke hidden in the phrase 'Oh-Nine System, ignoring the odd look both women gave him as he did so.

He continued to read the book as they road across a small sea of reddish liquid, only looking up as they walked into a dark room. As the doors closed behind them, Shinji tensed, ready to fight his way out if necessary, only for the lights to turn on. Looking forward, he marveled at the gigantic, demonic visage of . . .

"It's a giant robot," he gasped.

"This is man's ultimate fighting machine," Ritsuko proudly proclaimed, "the synthetic life form known as 'Evangelion, Unit 01. Built here in secret, it is mankind's last hope!"

"Dramatic much?" Shinji quipped, causing the scientist to frown at him. However, his next actions caused her to greatly raise her opinion of the boy.

Stepping closer to the purple mechanical monstrosity, Shinji squinted at it, and frowned, "Wait, I think I remember this . . . my mother was working on this thing before she-"


At the cold word, Shinji twisted around, a sudden snarl on his lips, "Rokubungi." The sudden animalistic expression on his face made Ritsuko and Misato gasp. He didn't notice though, his entire attention taken up by the balcony above them.

There, Commander Ikari Gendo frowned down at them. He recognized the boy's visage, but the expression on it was alien to his expectations. "What are you wearing?"

"An outfit specially designed to raise the blood pressure of unruly assholes," Shinji retorted at the man, a feral smirk on his lips, "now what the fuck did you call me here for?"

The older man analyzed the boy. He was meant to be weak, easily moldable. He wasn't meant to be staring him down with a look of barely restrained rage in his eyes.

Then again, he wasn't meant to recognize Unit 01 for what it was, either.

Gendo turned his gaze towards Ritsuko and Misato, "We're moving out."

Misato jerked back, "Moving out? But Unit 00 is still in cryostasis!" She then gasped, "Wait a minute, you're gonna use Unit 01?"

"There's no other way," Ritsuko softly, solemnly replied.

"Now wait, Rei can't do it yet, can she? We don't have a pilot!"

"We just received one."

A look of mild horror shot across Misato's face, "You're serious?"

"Hold on a minute!" The trio of adults looked down at Shinji, "You expect me to pilot a barely successfully tested piece of machinery to destroy a giant monster that is terrorizing the city?" Glaring up at Gendo, he snarled, "Can I have some of what you're smoking, please? Must be some real good shit!"
He then jabbed a finger at Ritsuko, "You're hair color must have come from a bottle, am I right?" As Ritsuko gasped in shock and outrage, he continued to rant, "Has the dye rotted your brain or something? You want a fourteen year old to pilot something that has a one in ten billion chance of working against Gojira's cousin out there? Surely you have somebody trained to do this! Anyone who knows how to pilot this monster would do a hundred times better than I would, no matter how special you think I am!"

As Shinji continued to rant and rave against the insanities of the people in charge, he barely noticed Gendo saying to "Send for the spare." he was getting to the point where Gendo should check for hernias by sticking his head up his ass when the doors opened again. Jerking around, expecting Security, he instead found three medics and a gurney.
As his eyes settled on the gurney, his heart stopped. He recalled the moment where he had just gotten

off the train, and noticed an apparition a few yards away from him. At the time, he had thought it was just a lost soul who had died in the wreckage, but she was definitely alive . . . Though for how much longer, he couldn't say.

Her short hair was sky blue, skin pale white and her eyes blood red, but she wasn't outfitted in the school uniform her ghostly double wore. Instead, she wore some kind of sleeveless, blue and white skintight jumpsuit. Bandages were wrapped around her arms, around her chest under the suit, and over her right eye. An IV was attached to her left arm.

Shinji stared at the girl's face as she was rolled in. It was impassive, emotionless. When the medics helped her to sit up, he could read the intense pain she must have felt in every movement. It must have been pure agony, and as he watched her sit there, panting and trying not to sob from the intense pain, he felt a white hot fury shoot through him.

Somebody was going to pay for this.

Suddenly, the room shook. Rubble fell from the ceiling and the girl's bed toppled over, spilling her from where she rested. And Misato and Ritsuko could only gawk as Shinji MOVED.

One moment, Rei was about to land on the ground, the next, Shinji had slid under her arms out to catch her. One hand wrapping around her chest, the other around her hips, he cradled her and did his best to keep her from gaining any more damage. A split second later, he braced himself, and both women could only scream in terror as the overhead lights fell right above them, threatening to crush them where they huddled.

That was when the hand of the behemoth known as Unit 01 rose from the pool of red liquid and knocked them away. Shinji vaguely noted as one practically shattered against a transparent wall right in front of Gendo. He barely recognized the scientist shout how something was impossible, or how Misato mentioned how the giant robot was protecting him.

No, his pure, unfettered attention was focused on the girl in his arms, writhing in sheer agony, trying not to faint. Ignoring the wetness on his hands, which he recognized as fresh blood, he gently stroked her hair, causing the girl to open her eyes up in surprise. He noted how she seemed to marvel at his face for some reason as he continued to stroke her hair. Gently, he leaned down, and she could barely hear his whisper, "Rest, you are safe now. Dormìr."

The girl fell in, losing consciousness in his arms. He continued to stroke her hair as he got up, gave the gurney a hard kick to upright it, and then set her down on it. He smiled at the peaceful look on her face, and then turned around to face the adults. To Ritsuko, he ordered, "Get this thing programmed for me. I'm going in."

He then turned to face his father and both women gawker as they saw Gendo, a man who stood impassive even when debris was crashing against his shield, flinch.

Then again, if the young man had given them the look of pure, barely restrained rage that he had given the Commander, they'd have to get a fresh pair of underwear. His voice, colder than ice, rang through the room, "After this is all over, I'm coming for you Old Man. You will regret the day you left me behind. When I'm done with you, you'll wish that you were as dead as Kuwabashi-sensei, God rest his soul!"
He then marched up to Ritsuko and Misato and asked, "So how do I get in this thing, anyways?"


WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: Shinji wakes up and reviews his fight with the Angels. Misato and Ritsuko take a look back and realize that they may not be on the right side of this . . . or in the scientist's case, that she may be truly damned . . . then, Shinji moves in with Misato and makes a call for his stuff . . . and finds out that the Angels aren't the only things that are invading Tokyo-3. That and a Slayer is all coming up!