Ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind…

My name is Stitch, one of 626 illegally created experiments. My purpose was to destroy anything I laid my paws on. I remember that Jumba and I were captured shortly after my creation. I felt like it was an inconvenience at that time, but so much depended on that. There was so much I wouldn't have known, and there would've been so much that I would've regretted.

But as it was, I was exiled. I was placed on transportation ship to be taken to some planet that they didn't care about. But, seriously, I am surprised that they thought ordinary measures could stop me. I escaped and crashed on Earth. And survived a truck running over me. I got dumped into the pound after that. And you can guess what happened then. I heard that sweet voice for the first time. Lilo's voice. I saw a poster and thought I can ditch her as soon as I can if she is my ticket to freedom. And that was basically what sealed my fate.

I looked up as the music swells trough the air. The doors at the far end of the room swings open. And there she was. My Lilo. I glanced towards our Ohana as I clutched my paws in impatience. Ohana… It was a concept to me at first, but now, thanks to the woman who was now my soon-to-be wife, taught me that it was so much more. And the music was too slow to me. I want her to be beside me NOW.

However, I managed to stand trough it and Lilo was finally at my side. "Dearly beloved…" I growled. Now for the speech. Then I felt Lilo's hand on mine and it melted away all my impatience. Each second during this ceremony was supposed to be my moment. Our moment. Because I'm winning over my programming. Because I saved her when she lost hope.

Finally, the time came. "I do." My voice rang out loud and clear, and I slipped my ring onto her finger. Her eyes were sparkling with tears when she said her part. I used my paw to dry away her tears before finally; I gave her the kiss that entwined our lives. We turned to face the crowd as everyone applauded. It was a personal victory. Now, I am free form my old purpose and now, nobody will truly be left behind…