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"Sometimes bad things happen, and there is nothing you can do about it! So why worry?" Simba questioned Nala. Simba had never known Nala to argue with him up until this point.

"Because it's your responsibility!" Why was Simba behaving like this? This definetely wasn't the Simba she once was friends with. Was all this because of Hakuna Matata or whatever?

"Well what about you! You left?" Simba tried to counter.

"I left to find help! And I found you!" Simba was really hating the tone in her voice when she said You. She said it as if it was his fault Priderock was in turmoil.

"Don't you understand? Your are only hope." Nala was really digging into Simba, She was trying to penetrate his stubbornness but Simba wanted to stay away from his past as far as he could.

"Sorry." Simba just blew her off.

"What's happened to you? Your not the Simba I remember." Simba had to end this conversation right now.

"Your right. I'm not. Now are you satisfied?"

"No, just disappointed." Dissapointed huh? That was a word his father had used a lot to him.

"You know your starting to sound like my father," hopefully that would blow her off.

"Good. At least one of us does," As soon as Nala said that she realized it was a mistake. A firecracker lit up inside Simba and he became furious. Nala needed to get his attention though.

"Listen! You think you can just show up and tell me how to live my life? You don't even know what I've been through!" How could she mention his father like that? If someone else said that he would of attacked them right then and there.

"I would if you would just tell me!" Nala yelled at him. Simba left right then and there.

"Forget it!" Simba wanted nothing to do with her. Nala was wrong. Just because he was deemed as Prince doesn't mean it was his responsibility for the problems there.

"Fine!" Simba was acting so selfish. All he cared about was his Hakuna Matata. Didn't he know that he still had family? She needed to cool off and talk to Simba calmly. She lost her temper and when she mentioned his father he got ticked and walked off.

Simba walked off into the distance and started pacing, trying to figure out the situation and what was best for him.

"She's wrong. I can't go back. What would it prove anyway? I can't change anything. You can't change the past." Simba looked up into the stars where supposedly his father said the great kings of the past were.

"You said you'd always be there for me!" He yelled to the stars.

"But you're not. It's because of me," Simba thought back to the gorge where he killed his father.

"It's my fault. It's my fault." Simba was about to start crying but a strange noise came from behind him.

"Asante san a squash banan a way oh way," Simba turned around to see a strange monkey bobbing up and down on his tree limb.

"What on earth is that?" Simba thought as the monkey kept mumbling the same sound.

"What an annoying little monkey?" Simba thought as he moved away from the tree where the monkey was.

The monkey which was Raffiki, the baboon, flipped over a branch and laughed watching Simba leave the tree.

Simba left the tree and headed for a tree trunk that was a bridge across the river. Simba moped his way to the tree trunk and sat himself down on top of the log, staring at his sad reflection. He remembered doing this when he was young, some of his few memories from that time.

All of a sudden a rock hit the water and Simba immediately knew the monkey had come to annoy him again as he heard the strange words from what he saw was a baboon now.

"Ansante san a squash banan a way oh wwwaaaayyyy!" the baboon sang as he laughed at Simba twirling over a branch in a tree on the other side of the river.

Simba rolled his eyes. Couldn't he get 5 minutes of peace and quiet?

"Come on, would you cut it out?" Simba asked annoyed.

The monkey mumbled something about cutting something in half, or so Simba thought.

"Creepy little monkey." The monkey was right along beside him now.

"Would you stop following me?" Simba complained. This monkey was worse than Simba thought of him before.

"Who are you?" Simba asked.

"The question is whoooo are you?" the monkey asked right in his face.

"I thought I knew." Simba answered,saddened, trying to remember his past.

"I know who you are! Come here! It's a secret!" The monkey leaned in close to Simba's ear. He started out quiet.

"Asante san A SQUASH BANAN A VENON OOH!" Simba rolled his eyes.

"Enough already! What does that mean anyway?" Simba asked to get him to shut up.

The baboon shifted to the back of Simba.

" It means you're a baboon, and I'm not. He He He!"

Simba laughed.

"I think you're a little confused."


"How did this baboon end up in front of my face so quickly?" Simba thought.

" I'm not the one who is confused. You don't even know who you are!"

"Oh, and I suppose you know?" Simba questioned not interested in this monkey anymore.

"Sure do. Your Muffasa's Boy!"

I light turned on in Simba's body. He turned around to face the baboon.

"Bye," the monkey took off and left.

"Hey wait!" Simba took off after the monkey. He ran as fast as he could, crossing the log over the bridge and up a hill next to a forest. He looked to his left and saw the baboon sitting on a tall rock meditating.

Simba sat down, breathing hard. "You know my father?"

"Correction. I know your father," The monkey spoke in a robotic voice.

Simba didn't think the monkey knew his father died.

"I'd hate to tell you this but… but he died a long time ago," Simba hated saying it.

"Nope! Wrong again!" The monkey shouted.

What! His father was alive? Impossible!

"He is alive! And dis time I show him to you! Follow Old Raffiki! He knows the way!" Raffiki jumped, swinging branch to branch through the woods.

Simba immediately ran after him. Right before entering the woods he looked back before he entered this strange place. It was dark and damp, not to mention hard for a lion to move around. Simba climbed over a tall branch and a few more.

"Come on! Hurry up!" Raffiki encouraged.

This monkey was insane or crazy.

"Wait hold up!" Simba yelled to Raffiki.

Simba started sprinting through the jungle, running as fast as his legs could carry him.

"Omph!" Simba stumbled down a step. But he got back up and started sprinting again.

He ran right into some branches, he powered his way through them. He continued running till he saw the end of the trees. Where was the monkey now?

"Stop!" Raffiki appeared right in front of me holding his hand up signaling me to stop.

I immediately did. I almost crashed into the monkey though.

"SSSSHHH," He quietly whispered as he ran over to some grass and pulled them making a path for me.

"Look down there," the monkey motioned.

I didn't know what this monkey was going to show me. I summoned up my courage and started walking towards the grass.

I came up to where he was standing and I looked into the path of grass he created. There stood a pool in the middle of a pit. What was this monkey doing?

I looked at him for my next instructions. He motioned for me to go down the stairs.

I slowly entered the pit, walking down the stairs. What was I going to see in this pool?

I looked in and saw nothing. Just a reflection of me. The monkey came down and sat beside me.

"That's not me. It's just my reflection," I mumbled.

"No. Look harder," He pointed to my reflection and the water started to move.

Then I felt a hard shove behind me. I lost my balance then fell into the pool.

"AGGGHHH!" I yelled as I fell into the water.

"I'll see you soon Simba!" I heard Raffiki laugh.

Then everything went black.

"Hello Simba."

I woke up and I was surrounded, by,whiteness and, Memories of some sort. I saw in one corner me and Nala playing a game of tag. Then in another I saw Me and the baboon talking. I turned around and saw the baboon smiling at me.

I immediately jumped at him and pinned him to the ground. No longer trusting Him.

"Where are we?" I asked in an angry tone of voice.

"In your head," he laughed.

"What kind of sick thing is this?" I asked getting more furious by the minute.

"I.. have the power to save your father. Remember?" The baboon reminded.

"I remember."

"Well, do you want to save him or not?" He asked.

"Of course I do."

"You see these memories Simba?" He asked.

I looked around and saw memories of mostly Timon and Pumbaa. I saw a couple of my parents and Nala.

"Yes what about them?" I asked.

"When you entered the forbidden pool, you entered your mind."

"So the forbidden pool is my mind?"

"No, just anyone who falls into it."

"I see." This was really starting to creep me out.

" You can save your father by simply remembering before he died. The forbidden pool will make your memory a reality."

I closed my eyes and tried to remember when I was in the gorge. Wait a second, wasn't I a cub then? How would I be able to beat Scar?

"Hey wait a second. Am I going to turn into a cub?" I asked.

"Oh no. There will be two of you. One of you is the cub, and you will be the adult," the baboon explained.

"What if the other me looks at me?"

"He will just see you as a rogue lion or something. A total stranger," the baboon got up and pointed his staff at one of the memories.

"Alright. You are ready. Remember the day when your father died."

"What do I do when I get there?" I asked.

"I cannot for see where you will go at what moment. Just that you will be sent to the same day as your memory."

"Another thing, what's your name?" This shaman was performing a great deed for me and I didn't know what his name was.


"Well Raffiki, thanks for everything."

"I want to see your father back alive as well. Good luck," Raffiki said.

I closed my eyes and thought back. Then everything went black.

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