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Dean quickly switched off Oprah as his brother entered the latest motel room.
"So?" He asked expectantly.
Sam held up a stack of papers in his hand. "You were right. It's an Oni. Preys on women and their very young children."
Dean grinned. "I'm always right!"
Sam just rolled his eyes and sat down on the other bed. "Whatever, but we really need to get rid of this thing before any more two year olds die!"
Dean nodded and grabbed the keys to the Impala. "Come on, we can stop for burgers after we gank it."
Sam cleared his throat. "We aren't killing anything yet." Dean looked disappointed. "I don't know how to yet. Maybe if you actually put a little effort into helping with the research we can save a few people!" Sam exclaimed, eyeing his brother's sandwich and magazine.
"I'm helping!" Dean protested through a mouthful of BLT.
Sam just ignored him. "Anyway, I found old Japanese lore- Bobby translated- about silver or stakes but I'm not sure yet. It could be repelled by salt, maybe..."
Dean nodded and added a few "Uh-Huh"'s but his mind was elsewhere. Back to that night.
"DEAN! It's not a matter of hunting or not, it's for her safety! And if she wants to go you should let her!"
"Sammy, you know I just can't let that happen! I almost lost you to the apple pie lifestyle and I'm not about to lose Ruth, too!"
"She's a smart girl! She should be allowed to go to college if she wants to! She got into HARVARD!"
"Harvard or community college, what's the difference? Either way, she's away from us and our protection!"
"She can protect herself! She's known how to since she was 5!"
"But if she just stayed with us that wouldn't even be necessary!"
"Do you want her to stay with us forever? What about when we die? We both know it'll happen sooner than later and then she'll be all alone! Without the right education for a decent job!"
Ruth sat in the corner sharpening a knife. She tried to ignore the fight, but her brothers were getting pretty loud.
It's not like she even wanted to leave them. She just wanted a little more schooling. One year was all she asked and she voiced her opinion.
"You know, nothing's going to happen to me! I'm 18 and it's just one year! One year! I'll bring a gun!" She added helpfully.
Dean sat down and put his hands on his forehead. "Look," He said quietly."I didn't ever want us to fight. If you promise to do everything we tell you and call all the time... I guess... I guess you can go."
Ruth's face brightened and she jumped and screamed. She tackled Dean onto the bed and gave him a giant hug before running over to Sam and standing on her tip-toes to give him one too. She was beaming that day, and all Dean could think about was that his little sister was leaving him again.
"Dean? Are you even listening?" Sam asked, annoyed.
Dean looked up. "Sorry."
Sam grinned. "Dude, she's coming home tomorrow, the wait's almost over. Just hang in there one more day!" He glanced at the calendar Dean tacked up at every motel to cross off the days until Ruth returned. Tomorrow's date was covered by a graduation cap Sam had put on it. Dean had covered that sticker with one of a gun and a ghost.

"I'll be back in a bit." Sam announced after hours of research.
"Are you going to the bar?" Dean asked hopefully.
"No, I'm going back to the library." He grabbed his laptop and shoved it into the messenger bag. "Are you coming?"
Dean scoffed. "No! But I will be at the bar." He threw away what was left of the sandwich and grabbed his keys.
"Will you at least drop me off?" Sam asked.
"Fine." Dean grumbled. "But you're gonna have to walk home."

Dean had a pretty good night at the bar. He had a couple beers but the guys he was playing pool with must have been on at least their fifth.
He played a few games and was up five hundred when he left around eleven.
He got back to the motel to find Sam waiting for him. He stood up when Dean entered, obviously eager to tell him something.
Dean looked at him expectantly.
"There was another murder. She wasn't even a mother."
Dean lugged the last of Ruth's new suitcases into the back of the rental car. "For a girl with such little clothing to her name, you sure have a lot of suitcases." Dean grunted as he sent the last bag into the trunk.
Sam came out of the motel room with a duffel bag. "Here's your favorite gun, your second favorite gun, your knives, Ruby's knife, holy water, and everything else you'd ever need."
Ruth took the bag. "Thanks, Sam." She threw it into the passenger's seat with a clunk.
"Call us when you get there, okay?" Dean ordered. "And call us everyday."
Rush rolled her eyes when her brothers weren't looking. "Of course I will, it's only one year! And I'll come here winter break! Besides," She added. "I'll be learning Latin."
"You already know Latin!" Dean complained. "I still don't understand why you want to go to college."
Ruth didn't answer. Sam handed her the car keys and hugged her one more time. "Call us any time. We'll try to stop by if we're in the area."
Ruth nodded into Sam's shoulder. "Thanks for letting me go." She said as she pulled away.
"Your welcome." Sam replied. "But you should really thank Dean. He really doesn't want you to go." The two looked over at a pale Dean leaning against the hood of the car playing with a knife.
"I think he's going to throw up." Ruth said. She walked over to her oldest brother and put her hand on his arm. "Dean, I'm sorry."
"Sorry for what?"
"For leaving you. But- I- it's just something I've always felt the need to do."
Dean focused on his knife. "I get it." He finally said. "You're a smart girl. You would rather go to school than hunt. Just like Sam."
"No! It's not like that! I love hunting! I just want to know what it is that Sam liked so much about college."
Dean looked up at her. "Okay. But I'm going to miss you and if you get hurt I'm never going to forgive myself."
Ruth grinned. "Then it's a good thing you have nothing to worry about!"
She hugged him and got into her car, pulling away once Dean got off the hood. She waved one more time before disappearing at the end of the street.
Sam looked over at his brother and saw tears on his eyes. "It's just college. She'll be fine." He reassured.
"Yeah," Dean muttered. "You were supposed to be fine, too."