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It had been eight months since Sam had seen Ruth when he got the call. It was 10:25 and Sam answered when he saw the caller I.D.

"Ruth?" Then the realization hit him. "Is it time?" But the voice on the other end wasn't excited.

Ruth was crying into the other end of the line. Sam was immediately alert. "Ruth? Are you okay?" Now Dean was awake and staring at the phone with intense worry.

Ruth finally spoke. "It's Tom! He's bleeding... everywhere! Oh my god! I don't think he's alive!"

Sam was so shocked he almost dropped the phone. "Are you hurt? What did this? When did it happen?"

Ruth was sobbing. Sam couldn't understand what she said through her tears. Dean was wide eyed trying to listen to both sides of the conversation.

"What'd you say?"

"I just found him. Then I called you."

"Okay, Ruth? You need to call the police." Ruth was sniffling into the phone. "Okay, I'm at my apartment. Come get me." She whispered. She gave Sam the address.

"We'll be there as fast as we can."

Ruth hung up.

Dean couldn't contain himself any more. "Police? What happened?" He was so worried Ruth was hurt but he knew Sam had been talking to her so she couldn't be hurt that bad.

"Ruth's fine." Sam informed. Dean sighed in relief. "But Tom's dead."


Dean was speeding but they knew they wouldn't get there before morning.

Dean couldn't help but notice Sam's worried expression.

"Sammy, she's okay. She wasn't hurt."

"Maybe not physically."

Dean didn't know what to say to that and they drove on in silence.


They reached the scene of the crime at 4:45. The police lights were flashing in the early morning light and Ruth was sitting on the edge of an ambulance.

Dean and Sam headed straight towards her and when a policeman moved to stop them, Dean flashed a badge without another word.

Ruth looked up with her red and puffy eyes when her brothers walked up. She leapt up and grabbed onto them, not letting go for a minute. Finally, she pulled away.

Dean got a chance to look at his sister for the first time in months. She really was a pregnant woman. Her belly protruded way past her feet and she had a habit of rubbing it.

She was wearing maternity clothes and, surprisingly, an engagement ring.

"Ruth? What the hell happened?"

She sniffles and nodded towards a policeman. "They said it was suicide! He didn't have a gun but he found one of mine. I told the police it was his and he was planning on registering it. They believed me."

She sat back down on the ambulance. "Can we go? They said they're done questioning me."

Dean nodded and helped her up.


They took her back to the motel room. Ruth was still in shock. She stared at the TV but she wasn't watching it. The first time she made an exclamation of surprise Dean tensed, but she explained it was just the baby kicking.

He still couldn't get used to his little sister being a mother. He knew she was going to be great at it, but still. Ruth? She's only twenty. She has a life to live, shouldn't be tied down like this.

"Is there a soda machine outside?" Ruth asked.

"Yeah, do you want something?" Sam was eager to help her.

"Ugh. You guys treat me like I'm incapable!" She swung herself out of bed and made her way towards the door, muttering about being underestimated.

She was only outside for a minute when she came back to the door, her eyes wide.


"Dean, you're going to get in an accident!"

"Sam! I'm not delivering a baby in the backseat! We're getting there as fast as possible."

Ruth was crying. Dean glanced back. "Is this a hormone thing or something else?"

Ruth sniffled. "If Tom had just waited one more day... He could never say no to his own child!"

Sam looked at his sister. "Ruth, if he was willing to leave you and his child alone, he wasn't the right person anyway." She nodded, fingering her empty left hand where her ring used to be.

Ruth wiped her tears away and smiled. "I'm almost a mom!"
Sam chuckled. It was about time that kid was happy again.


Once Dean swerved into the hospital, Ruth was whisked away. Sam turned to follow but Dean had stopped dead in the hallway.

"Dean, come on!"

Dean shook his head and stared at Sam. "Sammy, I can't do it. I can't go in there. She's gonna be in pain!"

Sam looked at his brother in awe. "Of course she is! And that's why she needs you there!"

Dean was really pale. Sam knew, with or without Dean, Ruth needed him in there. He patted Dean on the shoulder.
"Hang in there. They'll both be fine."
He walked away, leaving Dean standing in the hallway.


Dean had been walking aimlessly around the hospital waiting rooms for about an hour.

He had no idea how Ruth was doing or if she understood why he couldn't be there.

Dean didn't really understand why he couldn't be there, either. He couldn't explain it, he just couldn't handle that.
Dean sat down on a chair in the waiting room, but got bored quickly. He stood up and walked around again. He wasn't really sure where he was going. He was just walking.

Somehow, he ended up at the nursery. Looking in, he saw all the newborns. How many would somehow be affected by some monster, some creature that they hadn't killed?

But then again, he had saved people, too. He saved Ruth, and that kind of meant he'd saved her kid.

He jumped as a hand touched his shoulder. A young nurse was standing next to him. "I'm sorry, you can't be here." She smiled.

Dean nodded. "Sorry. I'll just be... on my way then..." Dean would of left then but he was completely turned around. The nurse noticed. "Where are you trying to go? I'll take you there."

"Maternity." Dean answered. The nurse took him by the arm and lead him away.

She tried to make conversation. "So... Maternity. Who's there? Wife? Girlfriend?"

"Sister. Her name is Ruth."

"Congratulations!" The nurse pointed. "There you go: straight ahead!" Dean thanked her.

"My name is Jane. If you need anything, just ask for me." She smiled politely and walked away. Dean sat in one of the lime green chairs. A man sitting with two children were the only other people there. Dean watched the TV for a little bit then switched to the stack of magazines in the corner.
As much as he wanted to be with Ruth right now, he was going to wait it out here.


"Sir? Sir?" Dean opened his eyes. He must've fallen asleep. He looked up to see Jane. "You're Dean, right?" Dean stood up quickly and took in his surroundings. "Who told you!" Please don't let demons come now! Not now!
The nurse was taken aback. "Um, your sister?"


"She wants you to come in now." She grinned. "She's fine, and so is her daughter."


Ruth was in the bed and Sam was sitting right next to her. The first thing Dean saw when he entered the room was the little pink bundle in Ruth's arms. He walked in cautiously.

Ruth looked up, her eyes beaming as she looked from her daughter to her brother. She gestured for Dean to come closer.

The tiny baby was asleep in Ruth's arms. "She's beautiful." Dean whispered.

Sam shared a look with his brother. He had already held his niece. "Go ahead, Dean. Hold her."

Dean stepped forward as the twenty year-old held out the sleeping girl. Dean took her into his arms. She slept peacefully for a moment, but then her eyelids opened, revealing startling green eyes.

She began to cry. Dean sat down in one of the chairs and began to hum "Hey Jude" quietly. Within minutes, she was quiet again.

Sam and Ruth were both watching him but he didn't care. He pulled her closer and sang her to sleep.

Finally, he looked up from the sleeping baby. "What did you decide to name her, anyway?" He asked as Ruth held her hands eagerly for her daughter.
She looked lovingly at the green eyed girl.

"Her name is Mary."