Title: Found
Sequel to: Lost
Category: Family, Hurt/Comfort

Season: AU post season 8 (1-8 canon)
Spoilers: Continuum
Pairing: S/J established
Summary: Following the adventures of 'Lost' Sam and Jack now have to process their ordeal and learn to live with the changes in their personal lives. Short sequel.

Rating: T
Warnings: none

Disclaimer: see profile

A/N: I've been thinking about an epilogue or short sequel for Lost for weeks and since I'm too busy to start on my next fic just yet, I figured I could do this in between as a celebration for Lost and What Will the Future Hold being nominated for the GateFic Awards 2011! I don't have a beta, any mistakes are my own. I enjoy feedback and/or constructive criticism or just a comment to let me know why you (don't) like it.

Awards: Nominated in the Best Characterization of Jack category of the Sam & Jack Multimedia Awards 2014!

December 21, 2005
Carter Apartment, Colorado Springs
0530 hours

Jack slowly awoke, his hand already reaching to the other side of the bed before his eyes opened. When his fingers encountered nothing but bedcovers, he frowned and turned his head. Only when he sat up slightly and peered around the darkened room, did he find his wife of one year. She was sitting by the window, her pale features illuminated by the moonlight which filtered through the partly opened curtains. Scrubbing a hand over his face, Jack willed himself awake and cast a glance at the alarm clock. About an hour before they had to get up, but it looked like she had been sitting there for quite some time. His eyes immediately moved to the crib three feet away and, seeing his daughter was all right and peacefully asleep, let out a breath he didn't know he was holding and forced himself to relax. "Sam?"

Hearing his whisper, she looked over her shoulder. "Hey," Sam gave him a small smile but didn't otherwise move.

"What'cha doing?" When her only reaction was a slight shrug, Jack crawled out of bed and walked up to her. "Sam?" He asked again, resting his hand on her shoulder while he kept an eye on Sasha. "Couldn't sleep?"

"Nope," Sam shook her head and leaned back against his chest. His body heat warmed her up a bit, she'd already been sitting here in her boxers and a shirt for over an hour.

He frowned, eyes darting between her and the baby. Sasha was still sound asleep and he doubted she'd woken her up, since he was a light sleeper and couldn't imagine sleeping through her cries. "Sasha?"

"She's been asleep for the last five hours," she replied, casting an adoring glance at the baby. Canting her head, Sam looked up at her husband and grimaced. "Headache."

"Oh," Jack mumbled sympathetically. Since the Asgard had used the memory implant device on her to return her memories over a week ago, she'd been experiencing frequent headaches. Sliding his fingers through her long locks, he gently massaged her scalp. "Better?"

Sam hummed softly, leaning into him as she enjoyed his fingers doing their magic. "Yeah, better," she whispered after a few minutes. It had been over an hour ago that she'd taken an acetaminophen but it still hadn't kicked in and by now she suspected it wouldn't ease the pain in her head at all. Janet had told her it would be okay to take an acetaminophen or ibuprofen, despite breastfeeding as long as she didn't exceed the maximum dose. At first she had refused, but she'd relented when the headaches got worse and woke her from a peaceful sleep or kept her awake all night. The Asgard had warned it her it could take some time before they would disappear, since her mind was still processing all the memories they'd implanted. Although Sam was relieved to have her memories back, she found it hard to focus sometimes when memories suddenly resurfaced out of nowhere, not to mention this side effect.

"Good," Jack smirked and leaned down to press a kiss to her forehead. "Wanna come back to bed? We still have an hour," he suggested. Sliding his hands down her shoulders he was shocked to feel how cold she was. "You're freezing!" He exclaimed a bit louder than he'd intended. Rubbing his hands over her bare arms, he glanced at the baby but she hadn't woken up despite his loud voice.

Pushing herself up from her seat, Sam turned around and wrapped her arms around her husband. "Okay, but I'm not really tired anymore," she mumbled, her voice muffled by his chest as she snuggled up to him.

"Well, I am," he admitted with his nose in her hair. "C'mon," Jack murmured as he pulled her towards the bed. "I have a long day ahead," he groused, snuggling under the covers.

She nodded her understanding and slipped in, rolling on her side so he could spoon behind her while she faced the crib. Janet wanted her and Sasha to get checked out in the infirmary today, to see their progress so far. Jack was up to his neck in paperwork, which he claimed was the President's revenge because they'd gone off on an unauthorized mission to find their daughter. Of course everyone was happy with the outcome, but with him being the director of Homeworld Security Jack wasn't allowed to go around traipsing the galaxy without permission from the JCS and the President. During their rescue mission they had come across several planets, bases and alien technology which all required detailed reports, debriefings and lots of paperwork…

Beep, beep, beep!

Jack grunted as the sounding alarm interrupted his dream and rubbed a hand over his tired eyes, wearily draping his arm over his face to shut out the world and enjoy his warm bed. His ears pricked up when the annoying alarm was turned off and after removing his arm, he slowly opened his eyes to see his wife sitting up next to him. "Good morning," he croaked, smiling sleepily at her.

"Morning," Sam replied in a whisper, her eyes fixed on his sleepy brown ones. She hadn't been able to go back to sleep and instead had snuggled into the comforter and cuddled up to Jack, alternating between observing the miracle that was their daughter and marveling at the man she'd married – and going over all memories of him stored in her mind.

He squirmed under her attention and narrowed his eyes at her. "What'cha doing, Carter?"

"Nothing," she smiled sheepishly, before leaning in to press a soft kiss to his lips.

"Hmm," Jack hummed, caressing her cheek before stealing another kiss. As he rolled on his side, he peered over her form towards the crib. "Sasha?"

"Still asleep," Sam reassured him.

He nodded slowly, before letting his eyes slide back to her. Frowning at the dreamy expression on her face, his hand found her knee under the covers and he squeezed it gently. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

She ducked her head, a flush creeping up her neck. "I was just…"

"Just…?" Jack prompted her.

"Remembering," Sam said with a gentle smile, her blue gaze locking on his. It was still strange for her to find herself overcome with memories at the most unexpected moments, especially as she kept thinking that all her memories were back until something like this happened again and old ones unfolded in her mind. Lately, she found herself reminiscing early in the morning, when Jack was still asleep. Or after she got up a little after midnight to feed their daughter and was trying to fall back asleep.

"Good things?" He murmured with a quirked eyebrow.

She nodded in reply, knowing he was still worried about all the bad memories from her abduction that resurfaced every now and then. Sometimes they were older ones, from her time in the field but those seemed to have less of an impact on her unless they came in the form of nightmares. But in those cases, Jack was there for her like in the beginning of their relationship, the same way she was there for him if he had a bad dream. "Yeah."

"Good," Jack replied, blinking sleepily as he snuggled closer to put his head on her lap.

Sam chuckled softly, lovingly stroking a hand through his messy hair. "Jack," she drawled, "time to get up."

"I'm tired," he whined in a muffled voice with his face buried in her shirt.

"Man up, Airman," she scolded in her best commanding tone, but couldn't help smiling. "You have a lot of work to do at the SGC. Besides, there'll be no sleeping once the little one wakes up."

"Don't remind me," Jack groused, reminded of his busy schedule. Rolling over, he laid his head on her thighs and beamed at her. "Can't we play hooky?"

His excited tone and boyish grin made Sam giggle, once more wondering how the man had ever made it to major general. "No, we can't," she replied with an eye roll, ignoring his pleading looks. "I think that might really anger President Hayes."

"Maybe he'll finally realize letting me retire is the best option!" he exclaimed excitedly.

"I doubt it," Sam shook her head in disagreement. Leaning down, she pressed a quick kiss on his head and prompted him to get up so she could get out of bed. "He's been pretty adamant for you to stay on; it's more likely he'll demote you than let you retire."

Jack huffed and finally got up. "Just to spite me," he muttered under his breath. "At least I'll be on leave starting next week… No, no, you stay in bed," he urged her with a grin. "I'll get you your tea and breakfast and then you can feed Sasha," he gestured towards the crib. Like them, their daughter had started settling into a routine these past few days on Earth and she'd be awake soon, demanding breakfast. "I'll be right back."

"You don't have to do that," she countered, ready to get out of bed.

"Ack! Sam, just stay in bed for a minute and rest a bit. You haven't had a lot of sleep and you know Landry or one of the geeks will want you to check on something once you're at the SGC," he argued, before padding down the corridor. Once in the kitchen, he put on some water and rummaged about. Grabbing two bowls, he filled one with yoghurt and muesli for Sam and the other with Froot loops. He didn't add the milk just yet, eager to shower first as he was still sleepy. Now that his family was finally reunited the stress and emotional turmoil from Sam's abduction and the search for their baby was taking their toll. Not to mention having to care for an infant again! Jack hadn't realized how much of a difference twenty years could make until they brought Sasha home with them and he was reminded of all the sleepless nights he and Sara had had when Charlie was a baby. In a way it was a blessing that his daughter was now old enough to settle into a rhythm and would sleep for six hours straight during the night.

He startled from his musings when the water was done and quickly poured Sam a cup of herbal tea. Casting a longing glance at the percolator which was already making his coffee, he decided to shower first and have his breakfast afterwards since the coffee wasn't done yet. Sam had this ingenious concept of fixing the percolator before bedtime and hooking it up to a timer, ensuring the coffee was done by the time she'd get out of bed to eat breakfast – if she ate any at all. Since they got together he'd been an avid fan, but now he felt a bit guilty because she had to cut back on the coffee because she was breastfeeding. With a sigh, he grabbed the bowl, cup and a spoon and padded over to the apartment's bedroom. "Look!" he exclaimed, presenting her with her breakfast.

Sam smiled shyly as she settled against the headboard. "Thanks," she murmured as he handed her the bowl and set the tea on her nightstand. "You're not having any?"

"After I've showered," Jack explained as he rummaged around the closets for a clean set of clothes. He'd just grabbed a clean towel and laid out a set of clothes when he heard soft gurgling sounds coming from the crib. Tossing the towel on his side of the bed, he strode over to his daughter. "Hey munchkin," he greeted her with a grin as he leaned over the crib. Jack gently caressed her chubby cheek as she smiled slightly, her blue eyes wide awake and observing him. "C'mere," he murmured in response to her outstretched hands and gently lifted her from her bed. "Look who's awake, Mommy!"

Setting her empty bowl aside, Sam beamed at them as Jack cuddled their daughter and pressed a kiss to her wispy brown hair. "Hand her over so you can take your shower," she urged him, beckoning him over to the bed.

He frowned at the clock, realizing she was right and he needed to take his shower or he might be late for work. Still, he smirked and tickled Sasha's tummy as he walked over to his wife. "Looks like someone's hungry," Jack remarked, sitting down next to Sam as the baby started squirming.

Sam let him place Sasha in her arms, still a bit uncertain herself over her mommy-skills. Mark was only two years younger than she was and she'd never babysat in her life so she was a bit awkward around babies. Unlike most first-time parents she'd also missed out on her baby's first weeks and instead felt like she had a lot of catching up to do. Jack on the other hand had more experience from his first son, even if it had been over two decades ago his late son was born. She wasn't used to failing or lacking understanding of basic things, but that was exactly the situation she found herself in. She'd gotten some advice from friends and coworkers, even got a load of baby books but for once theory and reality didn't quite correspond. At least Sasha still needed her to be fed and that was something she could do.

Jack lingered for a moment, watching Sam with their daughter before he forced himself to grab the towel and retreat to the bathroom for his shower. The warm water erased the last traces of sleepiness from him and he quickly lathered up, before rinsing down. Within five minutes he'd showered, toweled and was brushing his teeth with a towel wrapped around his waist. Once done, he quickly shaved before moving to the bedroom. His heart swelled with love and pride as he watched his wife feeding their baby, and he quickly joined them on the bed with a goofy grin. "Hey."

"Hey yourself," Sam smirked, giving him a quick kiss.

He leaned his head on her shoulder, watching his daughter drink greedily. The moment ended all too soon when Sasha decided she'd had enough and Jack reluctantly pulled away to get dressed. "What's the plan for today?"


"With Fraiser," Jack reminded her as he slipped into his boxers.

Sam waited until Sasha had burped and spared him a brief glance. "Oh, she wanted to check her development and draw some blood."

"Is she getting her shots today?" He inquired, walking around the bed to take the baby from her.

"If everything checks out," she nodded, slowly getting up from the bed and stretching.

Jack nodded pensively, gesturing for his wife to take the bathroom while he'd change and dress Sasha. Since Sam had spent most of the time she was abducted on a space ship or, what they'd learned later on, Ba'alat's base, she'd lost track of time. She'd been stripped of her watch and all Earth-related items except for her tags and in space it was difficult to separate day from night. Even with her memories slowly returning, Sam had no idea when exactly Sasha had been born. Doc Fraiser was trying to determine her age by checking her progress and they were fairly certain she was eight or nine weeks old, but Fraiser wanted to be completely sure before vaccinating her.

Once Sam finished her tea, grabbed her own towel and went to shower, Jack started baby duty. Since he had the most experience, he and Sam had agreed he'd be responsible in the morning if they had to go somewhere – which lately had been the SGC, despite everything – so she wouldn't feel rushed or stressed out. Besides, he enjoyed spending time with Sasha – he had already missed so much! Sam had been able to bond with her during the pregnancy and for a few days after the birth, but he'd only laid eyes on his daughter less than two weeks ago! Ever since he'd missed Charlie's birth, Jack had promised himself he wouldn't miss any other milestones of the boy or any future kids. Of course, being in the military and doing black ops he'd broken that promise far too often but he'd genuinely thought it would be different with Sam. His job was important, but less demanding with slightly regular hours now that he was director of HWS. At least he wasn't gone for days or weeks at the time on a different continent…

Yet, he'd still missed the entire pregnancy and Sasha's birth, not to mention the first few weeks of her life! Now he cherished every second with her, even if she was crying or waking him up in the middle of the night. Although, if he was honest, Sam was doing most of the night duty since the baby usually woke around 0100 hours for her last meal before settling for the rest of the night. Not that he didn't offer to get her, but Sam was usually already out of bed with the crib only three feet away.

By the time Sam came out of the bathroom, Jack and Sasha weren't in the bedroom anymore. She quickly put on some clothes, brushed her long hair and applied a touch of makeup before moving out into the kitchen. She grinned when she overheard Jack talking to the baby in the small living room and quickly cleaned up the mess he'd left behind from breakfast. When she joined them in the living room, he was set to go with the diaper bag by the door and Sasha in her carrier. Sam marveled at the sight in front of her, once again amazed by his parenting skills. "You ready?"

Jack's head snapped up, slightly surprised by her presence. "We are, you?" he let his eyes roam over her appearance, smirking when he reached her sparkling eyes. "Sasha and I were just discussing the fine art of interplanetary diplomacy…"

Sam snorted and walked over to them. "That's good, because I was planning on teaching her some 'gate travel 101 later today," she joked, wrapping her arms around him.

"Excellent!" He grinned, stealing a kiss from her before straightening. "Okay… we should get going if we want to be in the mountain on time."

Stargate Command, Colorado Springs
Infirmary, level 21
1100 hours

Sam was watching Janet fuss over Sasha, feeling slightly envious about how easily she interacted with the baby even though the doctor had none of her own but she knew Janet had worked on pediatrics at some point in her career hence her experience. Her friend had tried reassuring her she'd get the hang of things soon enough and that it was completely normal for her to feel… inadequate, considering the circumstances. Janet had also told her that with Jack's help and her own maternal instincts, she'd be a natural soon enough. Sam could only hope those hidden talents would kick in soon.

Her heart ached as her daughter briefly cried while Janet took some blood, but she knew it was necessary. Because of Jolinar, she still had naquadah in her blood and somehow she had passed it on to her daughter and that was the reason Janet was her physician. They still hadn't been able to explain how it had been passed on, though Janet had warned her that there was a slight chance of passing it on during a pregnancy or childbirth but that didn't explain the high concentrations in Sasha's blood.

Naquadah was still a bit of a mystery to them when it was part of one's physiology, like Goa'uld, Tok'ra, former hosts and Cassie. At first they'd expected it to disappear over time for her and Cassie since it wasn't something their bodies produced naturally nor did they ingest or inject it. Still, years later it was still present in both of them. Remarkably, the levels seemed constant over the years and now with Sasha having even higher levels in her body they started suspecting it was being produced somehow. In the beginning of the program Janet had theorized that perhaps excess naquadah was stored in fat cells and as those were burned the naquadah was released into the system, but that had been disproven over the years. Now they suspected it was being produced by the bone marrow together with the regular blood cells, but other than using radiation to kill off their otherwise healthy bone marrow and give them a transplant there was no way to proof it. Obviously that wasn't an option.


Startled from her musing by the doctor's voice, she looked up. "Sorry, I was just thinking…"

Janet chuckled, not surprised in the least. "Tired?"

"No, not really actually." She replied, a bit surprised when she realized that was true. Janet had already examined her head earlier this morning and concluded everything was going well, as the Asgard had predicted. Although she was a bit worried about the increasing headaches, but Sam figured they'd gotten worse because of the stress recently.

"The little one not keeping you up at night?" She inquired as she finished dressing the baby.

Sam shook her head as Sasha's little fist closed around her finger. Smiling at her daughter, she petted her wisps of brown hair. "She usually wakes up a little after midnight needing to be fed and then sleeps for five or six hours. By the time she wants breakfast Jack and I are usually already awake."

"Lucky you," Janet grinned at her friend. "I'm glad to hear she's settling in nicely and not keeping you awake at all hours of the night."

"Actually," she frowned and bit her lip hesitantly. "Um, I was wondering…"


Sam sighed and picked up Sasha, cuddling her close to her heart. "She doesn't really cry a lot, actually."

"That's a good thing, trust me," Janet was quick to reassure her.

"Are you sure? I mean, with everything that's happened…" She'd lowered her voice and glanced at the door of the exam room. They had all agreed that no one was to know the details of what Sasha had undergone during her time with Ba'al, as they feared it would make her a target if enemies would find out she'd had part of the Ancient's repositories downloaded into her brain. Not to mention knowing that the Asgard hadn't been able to delete most of it without risk of brain damage and that that knowledge would unfold over time. Only the Asgard, former SG-1 and Janet knew.

Janet patted her shoulder before brushing her fingers through the baby's soft hair. "Sam," she sighed and looked at her friend. "She's doing very well and seems to be on schedule developmentally speaking. She's moving her limbs smoothly, is able to lift her head a bit and can focus on small objects."

Sam chuckled when Janet gestured towards Sasha and realized her daughter was mesmerized by the buttons on her button-up long sleeve shirt. "So…?"

"Pending the blood results, I'd give her a clean bill of health," she said with a smile. Seeing the lieutenant colonel was still not convinced, she grabbed the notes she'd made during her exam. "She's starting to smile spontaneously and squeal a bit in response to toys or tickling, she quiets when people start talking and watches us," Janet nodded towards the curious blue eyes of the little girl. "And you just told me she's settling into a routine and sleeps through most of the night… how's the breastfeeding going?"

"Good, I guess," she replied, unsure of what the doctor wanted to hear.

"Is she adjusting to your schedule?"

Sam nodded and gestured towards the door. "I fed her during breakfast and again when you did SG-2's post-mission exams two hours ago. If she doesn't doze off once we leave, I'll feed her again before lunch."

"See, that's all very good," Janet commented. "I'd say we were right with our estimation of her birthday, about eight to nine weeks ago."

"Does that mean she'll get her vaccinations now?" She asked worryingly, already wincing in sympathy for Sasha with her tiny body and the big needles.

Janet shook her head as she jotted down some last notes. "No, we don't have them here since we don't deal with babies on a regular basis, obviously."

"I guess it would be a bit difficult to explain why we'd need those for our deep space radar telemetry," Sam mused aloud.

"I'll contact Doctor Kelly at the Academy Hospital to ask her for a referral to a pediatrician," she explained. "I will have to confer with you and General O'Neill, I guess, about the paperwork." Seeing Sam's confused expression, Janet elaborated. "We don't have a birth certificate yet and although General Hammond got the ball rolling for my adoption of Cassandra, I assume situations like this now fall under HWS. I'll inquire with Dr Kelly about what kind of paperwork is necessary so we'll know when to schedule the appointment."

As Sasha started wriggling in her hold, Sam quickly shifted her in her arms. "Oh right, of course. You do know we're expected in Washington by the end of the week, right Janet?"

She nodded with pursed lips, a bit annoyed with these developments since she wanted to keep an eye on the cute little baby. It would be difficult to do that when the family went back to their house in DC. But the President had once again ordered them to attend his Christmas party, since General O'Neill was a prominent figure with the position he held and Janet was sure there would be some meetings with Hayes and the JCS as well, before the man would finally be allowed to take his leave next week. "Don't worry honey, it'll all work out."

Stargate Command, Colorado Springs
Carter's former lab, level 19
1330 hours

Jack quietly sat behind the workbench he'd confiscated as his makeshift desk for the time being. Unfortunately he had to go over mission reports from all the SG teams that had been involved in the quest for Ba'al and Sasha, not to mention all the paperwork he had to fill out concerning his own actions… Since his superiors were still a bit pissed off about him taking matters into his own hands by joining the Asgard to look for his kid and calling in several SG teams, they had decided he had to do all the required paperwork. From analysis of the mission reports to the requisition forms for the ammo they'd used. A lot of this stuff was the responsibility of the base commander, for crying out loud! But Hank had told him he'd been ordered to dump all his crap – uh, paperwork – regarding the search for Ba'al on him and so he had.

As if that wasn't bad enough, he had no office or even a desk of his own! So he had once again claimed Carter's old office, which had been cleared out the moment she transferred to Nevada last year. But it hadn't been reassigned since and Jack silently wondered if perhaps Hank and the brass had been planning on transferring her back before she'd been abducted, hence the empty lab. Oh well, he wouldn't dwell on that, he had plenty of work to do now after all. Hayes had – again – ordered him and Carter to be present during his Presidential Christmas shindig this weekend, which meant they had to go back to DC soon. Neither Prometheus or Daedalus were in orbit though and Odyssey wasn't finished yet, so they had to wait for Prometheus to return in thirty hours – just in time to beam them over to their house in DC.

Forcing himself to focus on the matter in hand, Jack soldiered on and started filling out several forms. The pile on his left was significantly higher than the one on his right, the latter being the finished paperwork unsurprisingly. He was hoping he'd be able to go through the entire pile this afternoon so he could go home in time for dinner. It was Sam's turn to cook, which pleased him to no end considering she was actually quite good at it despite always denying it over the years. But now he knew her little secret and even though he'd been tempted to demand she'd cook until they were even for all the times he had made dinner, he'd agreed to cook in turns. She'd made a mean soufflé on their wedding anniversary, which they had spent home alone, just the three of them as they'd been adjusting to their new life and having their daughter safe with them.

Jack startled from his thoughts, er… work, when the door slid open. "For crying out loud," he muttered beneath his breath. This was the umpteenth time someone had disturbed him today in this lab! He'd purposely closed and even locked the door, but people felt the need to barge in and dump equipment in here – the room was getting more cramped by the hour! "Now what?" he barked, glaring at the door opening. His next debrief with SG-3 was in less than an hour and this way he'd never get his paperwork done!


His scowl disappeared at his wife's voice and he raised his brows. "Carter! What's all this crap doing here?"

"What are you doing here?" Sam asked with a puzzled frown as she stepped inside her old lab.

"I need a desk to do all this damn paperwork," Jack complained, scrubbing a hand over his face in frustration. Suddenly he dropped his hand and stared at her empty hands – no carrier. "Wait, where's the baby?"

Sam beamed at him and zipped her BDU jacket open. "Look!" She exclaimed in an excited tone as she pulled the jacket aside, showing off the sling which held their daughter.

"Where'd you get that?" He asked in confusion as he stepped closer. His face cleared up as he saw their little bundle snuggled against her mother, fast asleep. "Aw," he whispered in awe and caressed her cheek with his finger.

Grinning at her husband, Sam slid her arm around his neck and pulled him closer for a proper kiss. "Hmm," she hummed softly, enjoying his embrace as his arms wound around her. "I ran into SG-3 and Hailey in the infirmary."

"Huh?" Jack mumbled, pulling away to look at her face.

"The sling," she explained patiently. "It was a present from them, Janet helped me put it on right and it looks like Sasha loves it."

"From Reynolds?" he inquired, raising a brow.

Sam smiled and nodded briefly. "Yeah, him and his team. Oh and Hailey, too."

"Sweet," Jack smirked. When they'd returned with Sasha everyone had been shocked, but they'd adjusted quickly and it wasn't long until people came to the infirmary bearing gifts, eager to see the baby. "Between all the presents we've received we hardly need to buy anything ourselves!"

"Just a crib for in DC, a changing table, a dresser, diapers, bottles and baby clothes," Sam confirmed, using her fingers to tick off the items. "I wonder how we're going to get all this stuff home, though."

"Prometheus can beam us over," Jack gleefully rubbed his hands at the prospect. "At least that way we can move everything at once and we won't damage the rocking chair Daniel and Teal'c gave us."

She nodded and suppressed a yawn. "Are you going to be long?" Seeing the scowl he directed towards her workbench, Sam sighed. "Well, Janet offered to drive Sasha and me home. The carrier is still in the infirmary, as well as the baby bouncer and the clothes she and Cassie gave us, so we can take them home as well."

Jack hugged her again before leaning down to give his daughter a kiss. "Okay, I still have mountains of paperwork and a few debriefings… as a matter of fact, I have to get to the briefing room for SG-3's debrief," he muttered.

"Tell Hailey to get started on that chair when you're done," Sam said, gesturing towards the Galaran memory implant device stored in the corner of her lab. The Asgard had told them about the device's origin and General Landry had consequently sent SG-9 to Galar to return the item Ba'al had stolen from them. In light of a treaty between Earth and their planet, the Galarans had offered them a chair of their own and despite Sam's conflicted feelings about it, she'd requested to examine it and had enlisted the help of Hailey and some others.

"Alright," he sighed wearily. "Well, you should go. I'll see you tonight," Jack murmured, before giving Sam a sweet kiss.

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