Tori didn't want to go down to the garden. She had to though; it was her seventeenth birthday. She looked at herself in the mirror. She wore a powder blue Taffeta Organza A-line Strapless Chapel Train Evening Dress (Google it! It's really pretty!) And her hair was in a tight bun with a powder blue ribbon. She wore black ribbon flats and ribbon bracelets.

Tori breathed in and walked downstairs, seeing everyone in the garden. She saw Jade glaring at Tori, she had been extremely mad because she had to wear 'a pure dress to show happiness.' She blamed Tori, since it was the easiest to do. She then saw Beck, leaning on a vine covered column. She walked over to him.

"What's wrong, Beck?" He looked up at her. He shrugged, not really wanting to talk.

"Jade's really pissed and I hate that! She even acts aggravated to me. It's annoying." Tori put a hand to his shoulder.

"It's okay; that's just Jade. She's like that, and you know that." Beck nodded, and Tori walked off. She saw the two girls from the karaoke club, and they hurried over to her.

"Look, it's the girl that's turning 17," they said in a mocking tone. "Shame that such a terrible party had to be wasted on a wonderful girl." The brunette looked at the blonde.

"It's 'a wonderful party on an ugly girl!'" She groaned. They walked away, and Tori rolled her eyes. Cat walked up to Tori, holding a small white rabbit. She was wearing a purple tutu dress. It was strapless and shaped like a heart. She wore black converse.

"Look at what I found!" Tori's eyes widened at the word 'found.'

"Cat! That could have something. Put it down!" Cat put it down, and it bounced away. The rabbit then stood up on its hind legs, pulled out a stopwatch, saluted Tori, and bounced away. Tori pointed at it. "Cat, Cat; look, that rabbit had a watch!" Cat looked at Tori funny.

"Sometimes I think you're crazier than me, Tori!" She looked over to the left. "Ooh, Cupcakes; they're like fancy muffins!" She rushed over to the buffet table. Tori shook her head and laughed a bit at her friend.

"And now," Tori's aunt said through a microphone. She took Tori's hand and brought her under a flowery arch. There was a boy standing there. He had blonde, curly hair and blue eyes. He had a trail of light freckles on his nose and under his eyes. Tori looked at her mother, upset about this.

The boy whispered to Tori, but no one saw. "I was forced to do this. I'm your fiancé since birth. I'm sorry." He got down on one knee and proclaimed his love to Tori. "Victoria Vega; will you marry me?" This got everyone's attention; Andre, Cat, Jade, the girls, and Beck.

There was too much on Tori's mind. "STOP!" It got completely silent. Tori looked around. "I, I, I need a moment to breathe." She picked her skirt up a little and ran into the garden. She heard murmurs rise behind her.

Tori fell to the ground in tears; there has been a secret that hasn't been told yet. Tori's Real parents have been on a ship, looking for new land. It has been 10 years, and they haven't returned, leaving only the worst to be thought. Tori looked up through her watery eyes to a crunching sound. There was the rabbit.

"Don't want to be late, do we?" The rabbit started hopping, and then looked behind him. "Well, come on now; did you think I was talking to the air?" Tori sniffled and got to her feet.

The rabbit lead her to a hole. They stood there for a moment. "I'm waiting." He tapped his watch.

"I'm supposed to…" Tori pointed down. The rabbit nodded. Tori slowly backed away. At this, the rabbit groaned and jumped. Tori was confused. She looked down in the hole, and was surprised it ended about 2 feet. She lost her balance and fell; but it was longer than 2 feet.

She tried screaming, but nothing came out. She looked to her side, and saw the rabbit, just relaxing. "Shut up, darling; no one will hear you scream. You have to keep your voice for everyone." Tori then saw ground; she wasn't stopping. She closed her eyes and then felt a swoosh of air. She opened her eyes to a black and white room. The rabbit was gone.

"Mr. Rabbit?" Tori called, not knowing his name. She opened the door to a magnificent sight. It was bright, and wonderful. There were 10 foot flowers and animals of fiction and non-fiction. Tori spun in the light, forgetting where she was. She then stopped and looked at the scenery. There was a large, red castle. It was dark and gloomy over there, with black clouds everywhere. She then felt two people grab her arms. She yelped, and kicked.

She was set down in the camouflage of the flowers. She yelled, "Who-" she was shushed. She whispered angrily, "who are you!" The two girls turned around and she gasped.

Cat was one of them, only she wore a purple skin tight jumpsuit. She had blue eyes now and her hair was made into cat ears. The other was Robbie, who wore a blue blazer over a ruffled white dress shirt and white pants.

"I'm the Cheshire Cat," Cat purred. She made a clawing motion with her hand. "Rwar," she giggled.

"I'm the March Hare," Robbie announced. "You're the one Mr. Rabbit was talking about," Robbie smiled. He looked at Cat. "Let's take her to the mad hatter." She nodded and they picked Tori up again.

They walked towards a different part of the garden. Then, a rumbling came from the ground. Soldiers that looked like playing cards with arms and legs came running towards Tori. She screamed and closed her eyes again. She was thrown over one's shoulder. "Help!" she cried.

"I'll be glad to," called a voice. In a swift move of a sword, the card was split into 4 pieces, and Tori fell into someone's arms. He set her on the ground gently. "Are you alright?" asked the voice.

Tori opened her eyes to Beck; he looked even more handsome. He had a gray top hat on with a multicolored scarf around the rim, a black Blazer with gold buttons on the sleeves. He had black slacks on and black Oxford's. He blinked his brown eyes at her.

"I-I'm fine," Tori said. He helped her up and she patted some dirt off herself. "Who are you?" Beck pulled on the collar flaps of his jacket to straighten himself out.

"I'm," he said. He took Tori's hand and kissed it. "The Mad Hatter. I'm guessing your name is Victoria, or so I've been told." Tori almost melted when he said her name. She thought it would be better not to correct him. She nodded.

"The queen must have known she's here," said the Mr. rabbit. The rabbit walked on it's hind legs and slowly morphed into who looked like Andre. "And the queen only attacks who she thinks is a threat to her throne." Beck then turned to Tori.

"Do you know this place?" Tori shook her head no. "This is Wonderland, and some of the people here may look recongnizable, and some may not. It's just the way Wonderland works. Are you scared of this place?"

Tori didn't know if she was scared or not, she didn't know if she wanted to be here. But then she remembered something that was said earlier. "How am I important here? I've been brought by that rabbit…human thing." Andre's smiled faded confused. "Then I was told I've been talked about, and now I was just attacked by walking cards because 'I might be a threat.' What's going on." The wonderland people all shared glances. Beck took Tori's hand.

"Come with me," he whispered. The two went solo, and the rest slowly followed.

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