Tori was standing in front of the castle. It was even darker and eerie than before. She heard Beck and Alex. She looked at a collapsed building. It was only orange/brown ruins that had stairs and a walkway. It was crumbling, but supportable in most spots. She rushed up the stairs. Beck had gotten Alex to the ground and saw Tori. He rushed over to her and they embraced tightly.

"I thought you were gone," he whispered as he pet her hair. She smiled when she saw how much he cared. She pulled away. He noticed Katrina. "How did you find her," his eyes widened.

"You meet people when in a dungeon." She winked and walked past him. She saw Alex now standing, with a cut above his upper lip. His short was all torn. She also noticed Beck's was similar. She raised the sword above her head nervously.

"What are you going to…" he looked at his own sword." Is that the Vorpal sword," he mumbled. She smiled.

"Exactly," she walked closer, swinging the sword as she walked. "And now I'm Victoria Vega." She swung at him, and he dodged. He had dropped his sword, leaving him weaponless. "The prophecy filler of Wonderland," she swung again, making him go against a wall. "Any last words, Alex?" Beck looked over from across the walkway. He noticed Alex moving his arm.

"I think I should be asking you that, Victoria," he smirked. Beck's eyes widened again when he noticed a dagger. He ran towards Tori.

"Victoria, watch out," he pushed her out of the way. He rolled on the ground, clutching his stomach. He landed on a crumbled column. He held his side tight.

"Hatter," everyone but Alex called. They ran towards him. The red blood stained through his shirt. Tori breathed nervously. She looked at her wrist and saw the bracelet.

"My bracelet," she gasped. She ripped it off her arm. The hatter noticed it was a wish bracelet. He gently pushed her arm away. "I wi-" she was cut off by the hatter.

"Tori, the kingdom first. I shouldn't be saved just this moment. I wish-and so do you- that Wonderland will go back to normal."

"You can't wish that!" Alex roared; he wasn't apart of Hatter's wonderland. He was a part Of the Red Queen's wonderland. When she would be dethroned, he would disappear. He never noticed his foot slip off the ruin, and he lost his balance. He looked at his landing; broken rocks. He screamed, knowing that it wouldn't help though.

Tori was about to cry hysterically. The tears were already rolling. "Hatter, how could you do that? We could have restored Wonderland together. It was your imagination after all." Sadly, Beck shook his head in pain.

"The problem is, when I turned 16, I had lost most of my imagination. The white queen used to be ruler then. But, someone had a larger imagination that me," he coughed.

"And a big head," Katrina mumbled.

"I thought I could help Wonderland, but I never had enough creativity; so, the Red Queen became ruler, and she imagined her castle, Alex, and her minions. I had no more control."

"But wait, why couldn't you rule?" Tori asked confused. Beck coughed.

"Some things are meant to be kept a secret," he winked. Tori pushed her hair behind her ear. Thinking quickly, she kissed Beck.

They kissed passionately in those small seconds. It was the best kiss either of them ever had. They pulled away. "We should get you fixed up, lover boy," Katrina laughed.

Tori wore the same dress she wore when she first came down; it was cleaned thanks to the Queen. Wonderland was so much brighter; there was green grass with flowers of all colors blooming everywhere, there were no more ruins and broken buildings, and there were happy people of Wonderland and only knights in shining armor.

Tori walked up the queen's stairs, wanting to venture a little bit. She never wanted to go downstairs though; the Red Queen was stuck with Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee in the dungeon. Two years for Katrina alone meant even longer for Jade with 'friends.' Tori walked down the hallway to see Beck standing on the balcony leading to a beautiful view of a white sand beach.

"Was this your imagination," Tori teased. He laughed slightly, not turning around. She walked next to him. He wore a white suit and a white hat with the same multicolored scarf. She put her arms around his neck. He put his hands on her waist.

"Did you enjoy Wonderland?" Beck asked. Tori was careful of his stomach-long bandages.

"It was definitely exciting; Meet new people who aren't really new, save an underground imaginary land, and kiss this really hot guy." Beck smirked.

"Is that so?" He leaned down and kissed her again. They had a more intimate kiss, since one of them weren't dying right then. She took his hat and put it on her head. He opened his eyes and laughed while kissing her.

"It's time," Andre said, interrupting their moment. Tori pulled away and wiped her mouth, and Beck cleared his throat. They walked hand and hand towards the tree she would take to go home.

Tori faced everyone. She tapped her toes upset, not wanting to leave. "I'm going to miss all of you," she said. She first went over to Katrina. "You need to run this place and make sure it doesn't go under; I can't come down here all the time," she chuckled. She then went to Cat and Robbie. They were cuddling, happy they made a move. Tori sighed and put a hand on her hip.

"I'm not leaving until you kiss the damn girl." Robbie blinked and looked at Cat. Cat shrugged and pulled Robbie onto her lips by his collar. He was shocked, but got into it.

She then went over to Andre. "I'm sorry for calling you a weird rabbit thing," Tori smiled. Andre was about to forgive her. "But it's still true," he remained flat faced. She laughed and hugged him. He hugged her back.

"My turn, I suppose?" Beck asked. "You're still wearing my hat," he chuckled. She gave it back to him. He placed it on his head properly. "I'm going to miss you," he said. He pecked her on the cheek. He took the key out and unlocked the door of the tree. It showed stairs that spiraled around the tree on the inside.

Tori waved and walked up the stairs alone. She looked at all the portraits on the walls. She saw Cat, Robbie, Andre, Jade, Katrina, and then finally…Beck. His picture looked so familiar, unlike all the other pictures. She must have seen it in the castle, though.

She walked up and then she opened her eyes. She was now home…

Meanwhile, in Wonderland…

"What a liar beck is," Cat chuckled walking with Robbie. "First, he gets us to drag Tori down to his imaginary world to meet his imaginary friends. Then he tells her he's never going to see her again."

"Well, he never lied about the imagination part; we really are his imagination. But, he never told her that he's real-life Beck and that's why he couldn't rule the kingdom; too much running back and forth." He made a movement with his hands. Cat giggled.

"Let's go see what's happening up there," she squealed. They hurried to the book.

"Show us Tori and Beck; Face Time Camera mode," she chuckled. This way they could see them too. They watched

Tori lied on the floor near the hole. She heard a voice call her name. "Tori," said Beck. She jumped up.

"I'm over here Beck," he came from the space between the hedges. He walked over to Tori and brushed a hair out of her face. "I must have fell asleep or something." He chuckled.

"Well, while you were dreaming, I got you out of your arranged marriage. I will now take the gratitude," he said cocky, holding his arms out for a hug. She jumped into his arms and hugged him by the neck. But he wasn't Hatter…But he was the closest thing to him.

Beck looked at the tree and saw Cat's face. He pulled Tori off. "Go ahead and walked ahead, so everyone knows you're okay." She nodded and walked off. He hurried over to the tree. "You almost blew it, idiots. Why the hell did I install this," Beck mumbled the last part looking around the tree.

"Who knows why, but she's gonna find out," Cat said, putting her hands on her hips. Beck shook his head. He took off his hat, popped it up a little to make it its original shape, and pulled his signature scarf out of his pocket. He tied it to the hat.

"Time for this, to go in the closet," he winked to the camera. "Damn, I love my imagination." He smirked and left cat and Robbie. He would love to take Tori back, as long as she thought he was the hatter.

So, All's well that ends well...Or does it? The queen's still in jail, Beck has a closet full of Wonderland stuff, and Tori has no idea what the hell is going on. Was this a smart idea? Could There be a sequel? *gasp* You decide ;)