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Chapter 1


"Fall in!" I shouted at the group of newborns, who without hesitation lined up into a straight line facing me at attention. They knew better than to stall if they wanted to keep their limbs attached.

"The Mistress wants to address all of you and you will stay silent unless spoken to and instructed to answer. Fall out in anyway and it will be your meals for the next two weeks! Understood?" I commanded.

The one of the newborns in the group started to growl at this. He was restively new, and it was time to nip this in the bud immediately.
"You!" I shouted standing in front of him, letting my continualness cocktail of emotions that sends each vampire to fall to their knees at my feet as I walk by flow free from me. "Front and center...NOW!" I growled to this defiant newborn.

He hesitantly stepped forward, keeping an indifferent look on his face but from his emotions, I knew it was just for show. Fear was radiating from him in waves and his unnecessary breathing picked up. I kept my stance with my shoulders back, hands clasped behind my back. I started to circle him, looking him over. When I was behind him, I went right up to him and growled in his ear. His fear picked up and his legs started to shake a bit. I came back to my stance in front of him; legs shoulder width apart, my chest puffed out.

"Do you have a problem newbie?" I asked in a tone that radiated dominance. I am the Alpha. The fuckin Major. The God of War and I do not take to disobedience well.

"N-No." He stammered.

"No, what?" I snarled.

"No M-Major sir." He finished.

"Then answer me as to what your problem is?" I demanded.

"Nothing sir. It's j-just the idea of missing meals M-Major." He answered.

"You listen and you fuckin listen good. All of you!" I bellowed, my voice echoing in the vast desert by Maria's compound. "Because I will only say this once! You want to keep all of your privileges. You want rewards and to avoid punishment. Then you will sure as hell answer and perform every order or command to the T! I demand it of each and every one of you! I will not tolerate anything less than perfection! Do you understand me?" I roared.

Growls started erupting across the line of newborns in front of me. I could feel their acceptance and desire for the promise of rewards and feeding.

"NOW!" I shouted as they all quieted from the sound of my voice and the burst of obedience I sent them along with some calm. "Since this newbie here showed his defiance in the beginning, I will be punishing you." I said to him. His fear and panic spiked and his flight or fight instincts started to kick in. He went to lunge at me and I braced myself for the collision. He tried to get his arms around me, but before he could, I grabbed one of his arms and ripped it off. I then sent a hefty dose of fear, hopelessness, unworthiness, pain, and sound of his screams and screeching metal filled my ears as my demon roared in satisfaction. I dare not let him out of his cage. Maria would have my ass if I destroyed another group of newborns. Not to mention I wouldn't know when I would be coming back in control of myself and what damage would be done. I have slaughtered many towns and came to surrounded by human corpses and dismembered vampire parts all trying to reassemble themselves while Maria dances around feeling triumph and glee. I fuckin hated that bitch. She knew just how to provoke me to let my demon out and then she would run like hell until the damage was done and finished to her satisfaction. She then would drag me to her tent and demand that I fuck her senseless. She loved that my gift could give her pleasure and demanded that I use it thoroughly. I used to think she loved me. I am her favorite. But over time I came to realize that she doesn't love me. We aren't mates. I am just her puppet. She pulls the strings. I've seen and caught her using some of the male newborns plenty of times for pleasure. Fuckin whore.

The other newborns watched in horror as I kept the cocktail of emotions going to the newborn at my feet as I tossed his arm up and down in my hand, giving them a sadistic smirk on my face. Fear is the key to this. My key to survival and fear is what I got. I am the most feared vampire in the world. Even the Volturi doesn't fuck with me. They know better after last time they tried to conquer Maria's army and kill us all 30 years ago.

"Does anybody else have a problem with how things are run around here?" I asked the group.



Still Silence.

"Good, because what you are witnessing now is me going easy on him. After this warning that you have just witnessed, if any of you fall out...you will be getting much more." I left no room for argument and let them all take in what I threatened.

I pulled back the onslaught of emotions I was feeding the punished newborn. He stayed on the desert floor groaning and clutching his stomach as if trying to hold himself together.

"Gustavo will be keeping this for the remainder of the week." I told him showing him his arm. "If you misbehave for any reason, another week will be added onto your punishment."

I tossed the arm to Gustavo who nodded his acknowledgement. Gustavo is my replacement Captain since I let Peter go all those years ago. He is nowhere near as skilled as Peter, but he's quiet and does what he is told without complaint even if his emotions tell me he doesn't like the idea. When punishments are dished out he always shows a mask of indifference even though I can feel his fear and discomfort flowing from him.

I felt her before I saw her. Maria was standing about 30 feet behind me watching to display take place with a menacing smile on her face radiating smugness, desire, triumph, hunger for power, and lust. Shit, I'm gonna have to think up something to get out of her fuck fest she seems to be planning.

"Major." She purred as she started towards me. "That was a lovely demonstration, mi amante. (My lover) Thank you for the introduction." She ran her hand down my chest and thankfully stopped just above the waistband of my jeans.

"Maria." I nodded at her. "They are all yours."

She approached the line of newborns and looked each one over with her arms crossed, pushing her cleavage up and smiling dangerously.

"As you all are aware, we are the most powerful army in the South. Thanks to our Major." She paused and turned her head towards me and licked her lips. I suppressed a shiver of disgust. Yes, definitely have to come up with a fuckin plan to get out of this tonight.

"But we could be greater! More powerful! So in one month's time, we will be taking out Hernando and his territory." She finished. The newborns growled their approval and some started snapping in anticipation. Me? I was pissed. I was ready to choke the bitch, decapitate her head and give the newbies the rest of her body and let her watch while they rape her body.

Hernando owns the second largest territory under us. Fuckin slut is trying to get us killed because of her power hungry ass while she stands safely away from the battle watching me to all her dirty work.

"Gustavo, take them in groups to feed. I just got a new batch of los seres humanos (humans) isolated in the compound in storage room C. All of you are dismissed except for Nicholas, Roman, and you Major." She finished and they all broke rank and followed Gustavo back towards the compound leaving the four of us.

"You three, follow me. I have a special reward for all of you." She purred in the voice that used to have me ready to rip her clothes off and fuck her senseless. Now, if I could puke, I'm sure my dinner would be coming right up.

We followed her into the compound and to her chambers. The room was mostly decorated in different shades of red, green, and blue. A large bed was in the middle of the room with lots of silk sheets and pillows. Two of Maria's bodyguards stood outside of the door. They were feeling loads of lust and jealousy. I laughed to myself. I would gladly give up my spot in here right now to either one of them.

The three of us stopped in the center of the room and stayed quiet waiting for Maria, who currently was in her walk in wardrobe. She quickly came back out wearing only a satin robe the she left open, displaying her naked body for all to see. I could feel the lust and desire swirling around the room. This sight had no effect of me. It only depressed me and made me cringe thinking that this is what my life has become and I would gladly welcome death if it ever finds me.

Maria approached us and stood directly in front of me. She started rubbing my chest as Nicholas and Roman continued to watch her.

"You big, strong hombros (men) have been working hard out there. I believe you deserve a reward. Don't you think?" She said in a voice that drove the lust level in the room to rise.
She continue to rub on my chest as she brought her lips to my ear and bit down gently and used her tongue to flick my ear lobe. I could feel myself getting hard (I am a man you know!) I kept my thoughts on nonsexual things and tried to will my erection down. It wasn't easy but I'd do just about anything to get out of this position. Fuckin slut and I don't like to share so the other two in the room was just making it worse. I am very dominant in the sack and Maria knows better than to bring other fuckin men in on sex, so I have no idea what this bitch is trying to pull or why she is pushing me this way.

She made her way down my neck and stuck her hand down my jeans to grab my dick. She froze when she found me soft and I could feel her annoyance.

"Do you have a bit of a problem Major?" She asked as she pulled her hand out of my jeans and took a step back to look at me.

I took a deep breath, crossing my fingers that she buys my excuse and doesn't punish me for not performing tonight.

"As a matter of fact Mistress, I do." I started as she cocked her head to the side to listen. She was definitely irritated that this was happening at all and I needed to tread carefully in these waters. "I haven't hunted in a week and I am extremely thirsty. I just don't see this happening if I am not fed." I pushed out trust and honesty towards her and she nodded her head.

"Ok then." She started. I could tell she was pissed, but this was a chance I was willing to take. I just couldn't be her fuck puppet anymore. Even the thought of being with her made me sick. "I will let you go into town to hunt, and hunt well Major. We have unfinished business here that I would love to take care of." She finished as she grabbed me by the back of my head, dug her nails into my scalp and kissed me hard, thrusting her tongue into my mouth. I kissed her back as she wished but counted the seconds until it was finished. She pulled back and sent me on my way. I didn't even get to the end of the corridor before I heard moans and screams floating down the hall.

No matter. One good thing about being me is that I am allowed to go in town to hunt for myself. I usually go for a pretty little young thing in a bar or club that has been drinking and with the help of my gift and my natural vampire traits, I end up going back to their place where I fuck them senseless and then drain them just as I am cumming. It's one of the most euphoric experiences and it gets me out of having to feel their pain and fear as I kill them. They are usually so blissed out experiencing their own orgasm that they don't realize what's happening until it is too late.

I was running across the desert now and heading towards town. I made it about 50 miles out before I smelled a familiar scent. One I haven't smelled in decades.


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