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Chapter One: My Name is Luffy

Gold Roger, the 'King of the Pirates' had achieved it all. Wealth, fame and power had all been his. Not surprisingly, the final words he spoke before they lopped off his head inspired adventures throughout the world to sail the seas,

"My treasure? Why, it's right where I left it…it's yours if you can find it…but you'll have to search the WHOLE WORLD!"

The world is about to witness a Great Era of Piracy!

On an unchartered island…

Waves gently rocked the ship back and forth. A sea breeze tugged at the black flag tied to the top of the ship's mast, making it seem to flow in the wind like the waves below. While letting out a harsh cry a seagull glided on the same breeze. Warm sun rays reflected off the water's surface as it warmed both the salty liquid and the bodies that manned the ship.

Rowan just so happened to be in the best position to be warmed by the bright glob of fire in the sky. Up in the ship's crow's nest, she stretched out on the bottom with her feet up on the rim and arms pillowing her head. One of her olive green eyes cracked open lazily as the loud seagull landed next to her on the crow's nest rim. The bird's cocked its head to the side so it could stare at Rowan from one of its beady black eyes. Rowan suddenly felt as if the bird was being rather critical of what she wore. Of course Rowan knew this was crazy. While she always made sure her copper red hair was boyishly styled and kept hidden under a black beanie, her outfit was made of the best material and designer brand.

Black baggy pants with one thick purple belt going around her waist in order to keep pants up and a single dagger attached for safety reasons, Rowan's surprisingly large feet were covered by black steel-toed boots that laced up the front. Her Doskoi Panda shirt was white with an off shoulders cut that had sleeves going all the way to her elbows before stopping there. The panda was drawn into the front of her shirt. Gloves covered her hands to the wrists, the middle and pinkies missing on the gloves. leather strap with old ruins and multi-colored weaved bracelet on left wrist, black wrist length gloves, all belts are amethyst purple.

"What are you looking at?" she question the bird with a yawn. The sea bird simple let out another harsh cry. Already finding it annoying, Rowan tossed her left wrist, decorated with an old leather strap and multi-colored bracelet, half-heartedly at it. The white bird took to the thermal air once more. She watched it fly while a frown crossed her defined lips. "That's right, fear me." Eyes to the sky, green orbs were attracted to the fluttering flag; a skull laying upon two bones on its side and a heart tattooed in the middle. "Ugly thing."

"Why is there dust on my bulwark?" an even more annoying voice than the seagull's, called out in a loud, commanding tone. Rowan put her legs underneath her body and sat up. Leaning against the side of the crow's nest she looked down at the main deck. The Captain of the ship rubbed the microscopic dust between two of her porky fingers while her dark beady eyes scanned her crewmen. A squat woman that had always reminded Rowan of an obese toad that had been run over multiple times by a cart was the woman that ran the regular sized ship known as the Miss Love Duck. Curly black hair went down her none existent neck and her thick, massive shoulders. Besides her obesity another noticeable feature of the woman was the freckles that decorated her cheeks and nose. And that she was ugly. That was also noticeable. Wearing a checker printed pink shirt under a blue Captain's coat, a pair of blue shorts and red heeled shoes, she adored herself with jewels of all shapes and colors and a white cowboy hat. Personally Rowan couldn't have cared less about the woman's appearance but after being on her ship for only six months she were more than ready to find fault in all she did.

"A thousand pardons Lady Alvida! I-I thought I'd cleaned every inch of this ship!" one of the crewmen cried, holding his hands up as if that alone could protect him. Rowan prop her chin in the palm of her hand as the breeze caught hold of the pieces of red hair not contained by the black beanie and blew it in to her face. Rowan was quick to shove it back up into the clothing item. "I'll clean everything all over again! Please—!"

"'Please' what…?" Captain Alvida growled in a low, threatening voice that just made her seem less female than she already did. The crewman's eyes were now large with fear and terror.

"Please, not the iron mace! I don't wanna die!" Rowan follow Alvida's stout body as she slammed an iron club covered in spikes into the man's head, no doubt knocking him unconscious if not dead. Rowan felt her stomach tightened as she watched this display between crewmate and captain.

"Koby! Who is the fairest throughout all the seas?" Alvida called to the cabin-boy, a short little nerdish looking pink haired fourteen-year-old who wore thick glasses and a make-shift outfit that had the same blue and white colors of a Marine's uniform. The boy sweated as he found himself under Alvida's scornful stare and chuckled uneasily.

"Ahem…why you are…Lady Alvida! No one compares to you!"

"Correct! This is why I will not tolerate anything dirty! The ship I sail in must be as clean and beautiful as I am, understand?"

'Then an old fish boat should be just fine for you, ya old hag,' Rowan thought to herself with a click of her tongue.

"Remember, Koby, were it not for your vast knowledge of the seas, I would feed you to the sharks! But don't push your luck!" Alvida crowed, turning to the kneeling cabin boy.

"Y-Yes…that's very kind of you!" Rowan tasted bile in the back of her throat as Alvida started to kick Koby.

"Other than that, you're worthless! Here, shine my shoes!"

"Y-Yes Lady Alvida! Right away!" The fat Captain paid even less attention to the boy now as she turned back to the older crewmen.

"I don't want to see even one speck of dust on this ship!"

"Aye aye!" came the forced reply of her men. Rowan turned her back to the torture Koby was continuously forced to go through and looked up to the sky, arms thrown over the side of the rail. The crew went back to its usual routine and she found herself bored once again. Eyes slowly closed in a peaceful trance. Rowan was supposed to be keeping a look out for enemy ships but she didn't care if the ship was taken over by another.

A sudden, loud cheer took to the sky before a voice yelled,

"That was a great nap!" Rowan eyes, along with everyone else on the ship's, went wide as the voice echoed across the sea. Standing up in the crow's nest, looking for where the voice had rung from, Rowan's eyes finally landed on Alvida's storage building. That was really the only logical place it could have come from seeing how there were no ships besides Alvida's. Whatever idiot had the balls to scream that near Alvida was about to become a dead idiot. Thinking of Alvida, Rowan's eyes went to her to see that her thoughts were about to become true. A sinister smirk covered her thin lips as she glared at her storage unit.

"Rowan!" Said woman let out a groan as her head hung backwards. Heaving a hefty sigh, Rowan crawled up onto the rim of the crow's nest, hands grasping hold of a rope she had placed there for just an occasion. With one mighty push, she jumped over the side, the rope stopping her from becoming nothing more than a skid mark on the deck floor. She landed with a small thud, knees bent so they weren't damaged in the drop. The rope was released before both hands were shoved into pockets. "What?" she demanded from Alvida who glared hotly at the tone. The woman had always hated Rowan's guts but had needed a new watch dog for her ship. Therefore she had, reluctantly, allowed Rowan aboard. Her hatred hadn't stopped though once Rowan had become one of her crew-dogs. Be it because she felt intimidated by her looks, which weren't above the average woman, or that she felt intimidated by Rowan's superior boating skills, the redhead wasn't sure. Whatever the reason though Rowan still had to listen to the woman because she was her Captain and that meant coming to her ever beck and call.

"You're comin' with me." Rowan shrugged a shoulder as a means of complying with her and together the two exited the ship. The first few steps on dry land weren't eventful but with the fifth step Alvida was throwing her iron mace at the storage unit. For someone with such short arms Alvida sure could throw. Walking forward on her stubby legs the ship's Captain led to the three men within the rubble. Rowan hung back a ways as Alvida glowered down at her 'injured' men. "You lazy swabs! Who's the fairest throughout all the seas?"

'Real stuck on that aren't we?' Rowan snorted on the inside.

"Lady Alvida! You are…of course!" Alvida leaned down into one of the men's face.

"And you dare to defy me?"

"W-what? Never! Not in a million—"

"Don't play dumb with me! I could hear you talking all the way from the ship! Which one of you had such a 'Great Nap'?" Rowan raised a red eyebrow when the bigger of the three men's face paled a bit more. The three then proceeded to gap like a fish out of water before they were able to get out a barely legible sentence,

"Captain! We have an intruder!"

"Yeah! That good for nothin' Koby brought that strange feller here!" Rowan's back straightened as her spin stiffened. The moment that accusation left the men's mouths Koby's death was sealed. Rowan would have to do a lot of convincing to get Alvida to even think that Koby was innocent and that would only give her reason to be suspicious of her. Something Rowan really couldn't afford at the moment. But then she couldn't just let this woman kill the boy either. Rowan knew, despite what these men said that Koby was innocent. The boy didn't have the guts to hire a Bounty Hunter.

"What?" Alvida snarled while petting at her iron mace in her hands. Her beady little eyes scanned the sandy beaches and outline of the forest. Rowan knew from that simple word that Alvida already believed Koby to be at fault. "Could he be a Bounty Hunter after the price on my head? Koby, you traitorous little runt!"

"We don't know that Koby is at fault yet," Rowan state the obvious since she seemed to be the only level headed person at the moment.

"Of course you'd think that," one of the men sneered with a snide expression. All it took for Rowan to shut him up was to lower her head, raise her eyes and ball her fists, which she pulled from pockets. When the man fell in on himself, Rowan crossed her arms over her chest.

"I'm simply stating the obvious since you can't seem to comprehend it. Besides there's no Bounty Hunters near here," Rowan offer while turning to Alvida. The woman glowered, but Rowan didn't think it meant much. It was a usual expression when it came to Alvida and herself.

"But that's not true…there is one Bounty Hunter, and he's the only one even bold enough to come near here," a crewmate mused aloud with a soft hint of fear in his voice. Brow raising again, Rowan rattled her skull for anyone this man could be talking about. To her knowledge there wasn't any who'd go up against Alvida.

"That's ridiculous!" another denied, with a pointed finger sounding more like he was trying to convenes himself than he was the other man. "The Marines have him locked up…" A sly smirk crossed Captain's face which only made her uglier.

"But if he's as clever as they say…he might've escaped! And they say that the infamous Roronoa Zolo is that clever!" Roronoa Zolo. So that's who they had been thinking off. Rowan had heard the name a couple of times along with a few of his nicknames, mainly 'the demon' or 'pirate hunter', but she just believed him to be any old Bounty Hunter. The rumor that he used three swords just made her scoff and call the gossipiest addled. How was one supposed to hold three swords? And besides, just because one was armed to their teeth didn't mean that knew anything about fighting. The fool probably just carried around an extra sword incase he lost another. "Rowan!" Rowan blinked as she was brought harshly from her thoughts. Focusing on Alvida, Rowan restrained the need to slug her frog-like face. "Go and find that brat Koby and kill whoever's with him!"

"Aye aye, Captain." With a small, almost mocking salute, Rowan took to the woods at a jog. Arms pumping at her sides, Rowan found the pace not only reasonable but a tad bit slow. But it gave her plenty of time to jump roots, dodge limbs and push down cobwebs that were in her way with a hand instead of a face. Because the island was so small and she had been out in the heavily vegetated area with Koby before Rowan had no problems finding the pink haired boy. Actually there were two boys, one Rowan had never seen before.

About five and a half feet tall the boy had a lanky body without much figure. She assumed his age to between sixteen and seventeen with his young features and his being an inch or two shorter than herself. The boy wore a red vest with yellow button keeping it closed. A pair of baggy blue jeans covered his unmentionables while straw sandals covered his feet. Sitting on top of shaggy black hair which was cut around his ears, was a strawhat with a red ribbon going around the middle. Rowan wasn't sure what to make of the boy and didn't believe him to be a Bounty Hunter.

Both the boys were standing in front of Koby's…dinghy. It was supposed to be a dinghy, 'supposed' being the key word there. Really it was a bunch of drift wood he had nailed together. Shipwrights everywhere would cringe with horror if they saw the piece of floating crap…if it floated that is. Rowan and the strange boy's thoughts seemed to be along the same line because the next words shared were,

"What's this? A coffin?" Rowan couldn't stop the snort and hide it in a closed fist in order to keep her presence hidden behind the tree. Leaning a shoulder against the hard bark she watch the interaction between males.

"I built it myself. It took me two years…"

"Two years! And you don't want it?" Koby leaned against the poorly made boat, sweating something fierce.

"I really don't need it anymore. I built it to escape from this place…but I don't have the courage to try it. I guess it's my fate to be a Cabin Boy for the rest of my life. But I once had a different dream." Rowan frowned lightly at that. She knew Koby's dream. It was to be a member of the Marines. Rowan wasn't gung-ho for that dream but Koby had his heart in the right place. He just wanted to protect people.

"Why don't you just escape?" the stranger questioned with a bluntness that Rowan was finding both enduring and annoying. Koby began to shake himself in an over dramatic manner as he shut his eyes tight and clenched his fists.

"N-No way! Just thinking about what Alvida would do to me if she caught me makes my bladder weak! I just can't risk it…" Koby stopped his shaking and met the slightly older boy's eyes. "I'll never forget that fateful day…I just wanted to go fishing…and I boarded a Pirate ship by mistake. That was two years ago. In exchange for my life, I've been working as their Cabin Boy."

"You're kinda clumsy and dumb!" Rowan half to stop another fit of laughter in her hands, eyes wide with her struggle. "And you're gutless too. You really are worthless!"

'Poor Koby,' she chuckled to herself as the pink haired kid let crocodile tears fall down his cheeks. This stranger wasn't just blunt he was also rude! But he was so honest it was a nice difference from the normal plotting that most people had nowadays.

"You don't have to be that frank," Koby mumbled to himself. Deciding that now was the best time to show herself, having evaluated that this boy wasn't a Bounty Hunter but probably just some wash up from a boat crash, Rowan walk out into the clearing. The stranger was the first to notice and she finally got a good look at his face. Coal black eyes that were deep and easy to read stared at Rowan with curiosity. A distinctive feature on the boy was a small blade scar underneath his left eye. Everything on the boy was lanky. From his small nose to thin lips and oval shaped eyes. Koby seemed to notice the boy's attention drift away from him and looked around. Not realizing it was Rowan the boy screamed.

"Calm down Koby," she shush coming into the clearing fully and shoving hands back into pockets. "It's just me."

"Rowan!" Koby breathed out in relief, his eyes shutting with it. Rowan knew that relief wouldn't stay long when she told him what was going on back near the ship. She decided to let him have that peace for a moment longer and focused her attention on to the stranger.

"So who are you, Strawhat?" she questioned with raised eyebrows. The boy gave Rowan a bright smile that was infectious and caused her to smile back. The smile made his eyes close and she were a bit surprised that the smile didn't cause the corners of his lips to crack.

"I'm Monkey D. Luffy!" The boy's smile got a little bit smaller which allowed his eyes to open up a bit more. "Who are you?" Returning the smile still, only on a much smaller scale, she replied, "Rowan." She held out her hand in an opening gesture. Luffy wasted no time in taking said hand. Meet and greet now over, Rowan made herself quite comfortable on the grassy ground underneath a tree. Tossing hands behind head, Rowan crossed ler legs and relaxed. Thinking it through, Rowan decided that she honestly didn't care what Alvida said anymore; she wasn't going to turn Koby over.

"Luffy, why did you go to sea anyway?" Koby questioned with a nervous voice. Looking through half closed eyes Rowan waited for the boy's answer. Luffy cracked another smile; something that she found was quickly growing on her.

"Well ya see I'm gonna be King of the Pirates!" A moment of stunned silence filled the clearing as Koby and Rowan processed this piece of information. Her eyes were no longer lidded but wide and shocked. Rowan's mouth was even hanging on its hinges the statement had shocked her so much.

"K-King of the Pirates?" Koby yelped, getting over his internal shock faster than Rowan. "But…You'd have to make the whole world kneel to you! Wealth, fame, power—you'd have to achieve it all! Don't tell me you're after Gold Roger's lost treasure, 'One Piece'! Do you want to DIE? Ever pirate in the world is after that!"

"And so am I," Luffy stated with pure confidence, arms crossed over his chest. Koby started to shake his head back and forth which sort of reminded Rowan of a ragdoll. Somehow the boy was able to repeat the word 'never' even as he shouted,

"But the odds against you are astronomical! It's impossible! You want to be the King of the Pirates in the Golden Age of Piracy? It'll never happen!" Rowan wasn't that surprised when Luffy landed a well aimed punch on Koby's forehead. Koby fell on his butt while gripping his now hurting head. "Hey! W-why'd you hit me?"

"You were hysterical," Luffy explained. The pink haired cabin boy sat upright, a hand still holding his head .

"Okay, I'm used to it." Rowan couldn't stop the frown at that statement. Guilt and anger bubbled in her stomach as the corners of her lips pulled down. Rowan had to stand up and shake those feelings off. In order to distract herself, Luffy told the boy,

"Despite the panic and over exaggeration, what Koby said is true Strawhat." Luffy turned his dark eyes on to her. "The legendary treasure 'One Piece' is on the Grand Line, this world's most dangerous sea. Protected by the Calm Belts the Grand Line follows no natural order. It does as it pleases, when it pleases, how it pleases. That sea is not for the faint of heart. I suggest you give it a lot of thought before you go off half cocked and end up but another dead man." Luffy's hand went up to the hat upon his head while the other went to his hip.

"I'm not afraid to die!" Rowan's red eyebrows rose. Not many could say that without at least a tiny flinch. The raven haired boy pulled his hat from his head and looked at it with strong eyes. "I've set myself to become the King of the Pirates and if I die trying…then at least I tried!" While Koby looked shocked again, Rowan's face had turned into warm admiration. The boy may be a bit of a simpleton but she could tell he had a good heart. Something also told her that when this boy gave his word that he stuck by it. It may have been that he reminded her of a Pitbull. Once it's teeth were sunk in, it wasn't letting go until it either won or died of exhaustion.

"Y-you're not even afraid to die?" Koby stuttered out.

"And I believe I'll succeed, too." Luffy looked up in thought. "Or am I just deluding myself…" Rowan laughed aloud for the first time in a long time. Luffy looked at her with his head cocked to the side and Rowan just tossed her arm around his shoulder and rubbed his hair.

"Anything you put your mind too is possible, Strawhat," she chuckled before letting the boy go. Luffy returned the bright smile and placed his hat back on his now even messier hair.

"Don't encourage him, Rowan!" Koby whined looking fit with worry. The redhead just shrugged her shoulders with disinterest. There were many horrible stories of the Grand Line but Rowan knew that as long as one respected the sea as the bipolar queen that she was, then one could share her shores and jewels.

"Koby, no matter where you go you will always find death at your door. When you're a pirate you bare death's own symbol against him and fight him tooth and claw." Rowan found herself giving Luffy a smile. "Only a true pirate bares the Jolly Roger." Luffy returned her grin with one of his own, only his was bigger and brighter. Rowan re-crossed her arms over her chest as Koby suddenly began to cry. The pink haired boy brought up a fist that allowed his tears to fall on it.

"Maybe…I can be like that! If I'm willing to risk my life trying…"

"Huh?" Luffy questioned, confused as to why Koby had suddenly started to cry.

"…Maybe it's possible! Do you think I can join the Marines!" Rowan felt her spin straightened. Fists tighten around her upper arms as a dark shadow fell over her eyes. She refused to look at either boy, finding the ground far better. Rowan's teeth began to ache in her jaw as she tightened the area against the rage bubbling up from her stomach and into Rowan's mouth in the form of hurtful words.

"The Marines?" Luffy repeated with a raised brow. Koby's head flew up to face the strawhat, barring his tears to the world in his heated moment of passion. Unlike Koby, Rowan was holding all her emotions back on a ball and chain.

"We'll end up being enemies but I want to join the Marines and fight the bad guys! It's been my dream since I was a little kid! Luffy! Do you think I can do it?"

"How would I know?" Luffy laughed. Koby clenched his fists as sweat continued to roll on his pale skin. Rowan had always wondered how the boy had remained so pale after being out at sea for so long.

"Well, I'm gonna do it! What've I got to lose? I don't wanna be a miserable Cabin Boy my whole life! Better to risk my life trying to achieve my dream! I'll join the Marines and then I-I'll capture Alvida!" Rowan felt her anger vanished like wisps of vapor in the morning sun as the said she-demon burst from the trees, brandishing her spiked mace. Hands flew from her sides to cover her face as the iron mace landed on Koby's makeshift dinghy, turning it into splinters.

"Who are you going to capture, runt?" Alvida bellowed like a beast. Koby's face went many shades paler as a nasal whine escaped his hanging mouth. Rowan's green eyes went to the attacker as the woman's fat moved wide with her. A vein throbbed in the middle of Alvida's small forehead as she gloated over her finding of Koby's betrayal. Rowan's eyes also fluttered to the crew as they came out of the woods very much like bugs, smirking like thieves in a treasure cove. "You little sneak! Did you really think you could escape from me?"

'All he had to do his leave a trail of sweets in the opposite direction of his escape,' Rowan snort to herself as you watch the event transpire. Rowan wasn't worried. She knew that she could kill the woman.

"Is that the Bounty Hunter you hired? Well, he certainly isn't Roronoa Zolo!" Her ears twitch as Rowan remembered her 'assignment'. She was supposed to capture Luffy and Koby…oh well. Rowan had never liked Alvida anyway. "So I'll give you once chance to repent! Who is the fairest throughout all the seas? Answer me!" The upper portion of Rowan's body leaned forward to meet Luffy. She couldn't help but noticed that she was two to three inches taller than the boy, even with the hat he wore.

"To be King one must be both respected and feared by his rivals. If you wish to become the Pirate King you must start somewhere boy. Make yourself known to the world. Here would be a good place to start." Luffy looked over his shoulder. Olive eyes flashed with a hint of mischief as they clashed with Luffy's warm black ones. His eyes turned back to Alvida as Koby made a puddle of sweat around his ankles. At least Rowan hoped it was sweat. Scratching the back of his head, the boy let out a giggle that was slathered with a nervous paste.

"Heh heh! Lady Alvida, you—"

"Hey, who's that though-looking old biddy?" Luffy questioned in his blunt manner that Rowan was beginning to learn was all his. He pointed an accusing finger at Alvida, whose jaw had dropped a good three feet as if it were unhinged. Actually everyone in the area looked like that besides Rowan. Her jaw was open in a loud laugh that shook her body and made tears swarm your eyes. The enraged look on Alvida's face just caused her to double over, and made her stomach hurt. Her throat got rough with laughter but she just couldn't stop.

"I—I can't breathe!" Rowan gasped between laughter before falling against a tree, tears falling down her cheeks.

"Luffy! Take it back! Throughout all the seas, Lady Alvida is—!" Koby tried to save Luffy but the boy suddenly stopped talking. Reining in the laughter, Rowan whipped a couple tears away and looked at the boy. "Lady Alvida is…" Rowan's hysteria turned into pleasant joy as she saw determination relit in the pink boy's eyes. Sweat still secreted from his skin and he seemed like he was going to wet himself but Koby took in a deep breath and used it to scream, "Lady Alvida is the ugliest old hag of all!" Rowan's chest swelled with pride even as Alvida towered over Koby and Luffy. A hand went to the dagger at her hip as she smirked. Luffy was laughing.

"You little—!" Alvida bellowed, her mouth opened wide. Koby's scream of horror scared the few birds that hadn't flown off from the ruckus before. Rowan was just beginning to pull her dagger from her belt as Alvida swung her iron mace behind her body, going for a muscle-momentum powered attack. Her muscles coiled as she prepared to throw herself into Koby so she could get him out of Alvida's attack. But before Rowan could, Luffy was throwing the boy to the ground and putting himself between the mace and body.

"Good for you, Koby!" Luffy smirked.


"It makes no difference to me!" Alvida roared through clenched teeth as her fingers tightened on the iron mace. "You're all going to die!" Rowan's eyes about fell out of their sockets as the pointed mace landed down on Luffy's ducked neck. No one would survive that! Yet…looking at Luffy's face she found no sign of blood. Only his giant smirk that Rowan was finding herself oddly attracted too.

"That didn't hurt!" the boy snickered. "'Cause I'm made of rubber!"


"Impossible! No one survives the iron mace!" Rowan choked on air as a cold sweat broke out across her forehead. Alvida was swimming in her own sweat.

"You've gotta be kidding!" one of Alvida's pirates cried, all of them looking just as flabbergasted as Rowan felt. Luffy's right hand came back to his left shoulder as that left same left arm stretched. And Rowan didn't mean stretch like it went out to its full length; Rowan meant stretch like the boy was three feet away from her and his arm was stretching so far it was passing her.

"GUM-GUM…" Rowan's heart was trying to leap out of her throat and she was surprised it wasn't seeing how far her jaw was hanging. Luffy's arm finally stopped flying away from his body only to start flying back to it like a rubber band snapping back. "PISTOL!" Luffy's clenched fingers rammed right into Alvida's cheek, flooring the over-weight woman. And she didn't get back up.

'…damn!' Rowan huff with dumbfounded silence.

"H-His arm stretched like rubber…" someone uttered in astonishment.

"Captain!" someone else yowled, running to his knocked out boss. "He beat Lady Alvida! He's not human!" Rowan straightened up and lost her hold on her dagger, as Rowan's teeth dug into her bottom lip.

'No…he's human. He just…has the power of a Devil Fruit.' Devil Fruit or Devil's Fruit, said to be the fruits of the Sea Devil. Their secret power hidden in the Grand Line, a number of rumors had spread about them through the four Great Blues simply because coming in contact with them was so rare. Some of the rumors Rowan had heard about the Devil Fruits here in the East Blue, one of the four said Blues, were so ridiculous that she had laughed right in the gossip's face. Coming in different shapes and sizes one rumor Rowan knew to be fact was that the Devil Fruits were horrible tasting. And if one did eat one of them one would gain a power of some sort. Separated into three groups the fruits gave powers of all sorts; from controlling the weather to turning the user into an animal of some sort, to giving the user the ability to some super-human ability. The powers were limitless. But with every power came a flaw and the flaw of a Devil Fruit was that it took the user's ability to swim. Gaining the power of the sea the sea herself turned her back against the user and drowned her victims to the deepest darkest depths of her soul if they fell within her clutches.

Rowan herself had met others with Devil Fruits but Luffy had been one of the few she didn't fear would use it against her; which was a new feeling when it came to users. Really Rowan was pretty sure that he was the only one who wouldn't use his Devil Fruit to bully others who didn't deserve it. Rowan's respect for the boy built itself in her chest as he suddenly stood with his legs shoulder length apart and pointed that finger of his at the rest of Alvida's crew.

"Give Koby a dinghy! He's gonna join the Marines!"

"Y-Yes sir!" the crewmen whined like beat dogs while they tried to hide behind one another so they weren't within the sight of the 'horrid' pirate Monkey D. Luffy. Rowan looked back at the other boy to find Koby crying hot tears as he smiled a gentle smile.


"You're never going to be a true Marine if all you ever do is cry, Koby," Rowan sigh as she crossed her arms over her chest.