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Chapter Thirty-Five: Archaeological Findings

Her long fingers ran through her black hair before stopping at her neck and resting there. The sounds of cannon fire had finally ceased and the ship felt at ease as it sailed. Looking away from the book in front of her, Nico Robin pushed herself up from her seat at the navigator's desk.

'I suppose it's time to inform the others of my presences,' the woman chuckled softly. It was with soft footfall that the raven haired woman entered the storage room and then the middle deck. The deep rumble of the swordsman floated to Robin's ears as she walked out into the sunlight.

"Fine! Bawl your heads off!"

"Well, it's about time," Robin chuckled lightly. "I thought you'd never leave that oversized sandbox." Robin could honestly say the scream that filled the ship was expected. The instant reaction to go for their weapons was also expected.

"Here to avenge your comrades, eh? Well bring it on," the swordsman snarled, hand on his blade.

"What are you doing here?" the navigator screamed.

"What a babe!"

"Enemy raid! Enemy raid!" the long-nose screamed in to a megaphone he had seemingly pulled out of nowhere. Robin saw the Clodagh leap the railing of the top deck and land with a solid thud next to her. The little furry creature they were with screamed and tried to hide behind the mast.

"It's you! You're still alive?" the Captain asked with obvious surprise. Robin smiled at the weapons pointed at her. Reaching deep into her being Robin pulled for her Devil Fruit ability and allowed her to grow extra arms from the navigator and swordsman's side, which bashed their weapons away.

"How rude. Don't point those at me. I've told you that before." More arms sprang out of the deck floor and grasped the Clodagh's ankles, while more sprung out of her back and pulled her arms behind her. The look of sheer wrath in her green eyes made Robin flinch lightly. Robin walked away from the redheaded female and to the storage under the stairs. She had found it upon her second trip aboard the ship and new there was a seat within. Pulling out said seat, the woman folded it open.

"How long have you been on board?" the navigator demanded hotly.

"Oh, a while," Robin shrugged. "I was below deck reading a bit and took a shower. I borrowed these clothes. They're yours right?" It had been easy to tell the difference between the navigator and Clodagh's clothes. The clothes were a bit tight around her bosom and a bit short on her longer legs, but Robin had decided it would have gone smoother taking the smaller clothes than touching anything of the Clodagh. She already looked like she was about to kill her, there was no reason to anger her any more than she already had.

"How dare you, you Baroque Works witch!" the navigator screeched, stomping her feet and throwing her fists.

"Monkey D. Luffy." The Captain looked over with a clearly displeased expression. "You haven't forgotten what you did to me, have you?" Robin almost chuckled when the chef jumped on the rubber boy.

"Why you! What did you do to the beautiful woman, Luffy?"

"We don't want any trouble. Just get off the ship!" the sharpshooter whined from around the mast. Robin ignored them and sat down in the chair.

"Don't lie! I didn't do anything to you!" Luffy shouted. Robin tossed her arms around her head and sighed heavily. She felt it a bit necessarily to appear as unthreatening as possible with the Clodagh looking seconds from tearing her head off her shoulders.

"I suffered a great deal because of you. Now take responsibility." Robin watched as the blond haired 'Mr. Prince' smile as bright as the sun at her even while trying to strangle his captain.

"Please leave. Or I'll call the Marines!" Usopp whimpered through a megaphone. Robin almost laughed when she watched Clodagh smash the long nose's megaphone under her foot. Cracking into a million pieces, the boy cried out and hid even more behind the mast.

"What do you want anyways?" Strawhat huffed, nose crinkled in annoyance. Robin plopped her chin into her palm and smiled.

"I want to join your crew." The uproar from the crew was expected. "I wanted to die and you made me live," Robin continued even with all the glares burning in her general direction. "That's your crime. I have nowhere to go and nowhere to return to. So let me join your crew." The Captain shifted before his face lost all contempt and he shrugged his shoulders.

"It can't be helped then. Okay."

"Luffy!" the entire crew exploded a second time, though Mr. Prince seemed to be more excited than the others. Clodagh looked just about ready to commit murder and mutiny. The Captain only smiled brightly and laughed.

"Don't worry! She's not a bad person!" Robin honestly could stop her light chortle as she watched the group part ways. The Sharpshooter began to set up an 'interrogation table' for her and pinned her with a light. Robin paid it very little attention and instead looked to the others. The little reindeer like creature and Strawhat sat down near her and the Sharpshooter. She watched the two females of the crew go up the nearby stairs and while one leaned against the railing at the top, Clodagh sat down and continued to glower down at her. Robin almost laughed aloud when she pictured a large cat waiting to attack from the tree tops. The swordsman sat down besides the mast with a heavy frown. Mr. Prince had vanished.

"I was an archaeologist by the time I was eight. Then I had a bounty put on my head."

"An archaeologist?" Usopp questioned.

"I come from a family of them," Robin smiled, surprising herself with how honest she was being. Granted it wasn't like she was spilling her guts or anything like that. She was simply answering a few questions. "For the next 20 years I hid from the Government." She felt it was better to be honest at the moment then tell lies. She could still feel the burning glare of the Clodagh as the woman haunted her from above. Robin removed her chin from her hand and made a shooing motion with it. "But a child can't live on the high seas alone. I survived by joining various outlaw hangs. As a result, I became an expert at operating in the shadows. I can be a big help to you." The sharpshooter huffed loudly.

"You're very confident. What's your specialty?" Robin replaced her chin back in her hand.

"Assassination." Robin chortled as the man flew from the table, tears in his eyes and screaming,

"Luffy! Upon interrogating her, I've concluded she's too dangerous!" The Captain was too busy looking at one of the arms Robin had flowered from the deck, Chopper by his side. Robin allowed her hand to tilt and when the Captain was all but parallel with the ground, slapped another hand across his neck and forced him to the ground. "Did you guys hear me?" Sharpshooter thundered as more hands popped from the deck and began to tickle the two boys.

"She's already won them over, the idiots," Navigator scoffed, leaning her hip against Clodagh which caused the redheaded warrior to shot Navigator a glare. "How foolish! A few days ago, she was the Vice-President of Baroque Works. That woman was Crocodile's partner! You may have fooled Luffy but you can't fool me. You make one wrong move," Robin watched the Navigator pointed down to the Clodagh sitting at her feet. "And I'll let Rowan have you." The promise of pain and agony in the Clodagh's eyes told Robin that the woman would have liked nothing more than that. Robin was actually a tad bit grateful for her knowledge on the Clodagh then. Had she not know that Clodagh's loyalty was just as important to them as their pride Robin would have been nervous that the redhead would slit her throat while she slept. But she wasn't the one that Robin could worry about now. Clodagh wasn't going to change her mind over the matter in a manner of seconds but the Navigator…

Robin reached into her pocket and grasped the heavy bag. She allowed it to make plenty of noise as she plopped it on the table.

"By the way," she said as if it were an afterthought when in all reality she had been waiting for the Navigator to give her an opening, "I brought a few of Crocodile's gems with me." The navigator was besides her in a heartbeat, eyes gleaming just like the gems in the bag.

"Oh! Sister! I love you!" she chimed in a voice to high pitched. Robin chuckled on the inside even while the boys continued to glare. Robin's brows went up her proud forehead as she watched the Chef reappear from the lounge, a platter in his hand. Doing some of the strangest movements she had ever seen, the Chef came towards her with what could only be described as a heart in his one seeable eye.

"Oh drifting love, I am but a charred piece of driftwood fighting along your current. The thunderbolt of your beauty has struck me I am but driftwood being splintered by the rapids." The Chef made it to her table and placed a sandwich in front of her. Robin could honestly say it was the most beautiful sandwich she had ever seen and she wasn't even sure how a sandwich could be beautiful. "I made you a snack," the Chef smiled.

"Thank you," she smiled back.

"And there goes Sanji," she heard Swordsman growl.

"He never had a chance," Sharpshooter sighed heavily.

"Oi! Usopp!" The sharpshooter turned around his face set with determination on whatever he and the swordsman had been talking about but that only lasted a mere few seconds when he saw that Robin had sprouted two hands from the Captain's hat and the boy was now making a strange face. "I'm Chopper!" The sharpshooter began to howl with laughter. Robin chortled lightly with them before spotting the last two adversaries she had on joining the ship.

Standing up, Robin started to the stairs and the Clodagh that continued to lurk there. She decided that the Clodagh really wasn't worth pursuing at the moment. Robin was just passing her when the Clodagh's deep voice rumbled,

"One toe." Olive green eyes blazed with the promise of pain and death as she meet Robin's light brown. "So much as one two outta line and I'll kill ya." Robin would have chuckled at the sound of the Dublin Isle's accent coming out through the Clodagh's anger but she felt that would result in the Clodagh's dagger going straight through her throat.

"Understood," she replied before heading to the glowering swordsman. "This is nice," she commented to the man, watching the boys continue to laugh. "Is it always like this?" The swordsman shifted his weight, eyes still narrowed but answered,

"Pretty much." Robin chortled yet another time. It went for longer than the commented dictated simply because Robin realized she had laughed more in the past thirty minutes then she had her entire time with Crocodile.

"I see!"

Robin felt a little thought in the back of her head say,

This was a good idea.

It was only due to years of being afraid for her life that the light noise woke Robin from her dreamless slumber. Opening her eyes slowly, the woman looked across the sleeping form of Navigator and to the twisting form of Clodagh.

The woman's blanket had been kicked off and she couldn't appear to stay still longer than a few seconds. When Clodagh turned back around, Robin could see her face was twisted and her teeth were clenched so tight that Robin could see her jaw throbbing. Staying in her own hammock, Robin continued to watch the woman twist and turn. She would give out a random cry and lash out with an appendage.

Robin closed her eyes to cracks when Clodagh flew up with a silent scream. Her head twisted on her neck, muscles clenched in preparation to fight whatever had scared her. Even with her eyes cracked, Robin could see the sweat drenching her pale skin. After a few minutes the Clodagh shoved her head into her hands and calmed herself down.

It wasn't much later that the woman was leaving the room, throwing on a random set of clothes.

Robin didn't fall back asleep.

The sun was still blazing with Alabasta still so close, but a gentle breeze was coming across the deck making it perfect weather for Robin to pull out the lawn chair for a second time and laze about with a book. The Navigator had plenty of stories that Robin had yet to read and many she had read many times before.

Flipping a page, the woman peered over the top of her book to see what the others had been doing to keep themselves entertained. Captain was lazed out on the figure head making noise of boredom. The swordsman was passed out next to the mast, snoring rather loudly. The Navigator sat beside Robin with a map in front of her and a quill and ink. She appeared to be making a map of Alabasta. Chef was hidden away in the lounge while the Sharpshooter was sitting in front of what he called 'Usopp's Factory'. What really caught her attention however, was the Clodagh and little Doctor sitting on the other side of Navigator.

"I told you I'm fine."

"You busted your femur out of your pelvis!" the Doctor's squeaky voice rang out sharply. "And you took another wound to the stomach, which actually hit your gallbladder! You can't be fine! Even compared to Luffy's multitude of injuries yours were going to take the longest to heal!" Robin heard the Clodagh let out a heavy sigh and continue to lay on her back while Doctor made her twist her leg and checked her hip by putting on pressure. "How were you even able to stand afterwards? You shouldn't have even woken up when you did!" Robin couldn't have stopped her soft giggle even if she tried. The blazing glare from the Clodagh would have killed a lesser woman.

Smiling softly at the little Doctor, Robin said,

"You've never treated a Clodagh before have you, Mr. Doctor?" Robin doubted the Clodagh could have been teensier than she was in that moment. Nor did Robin believe her glare could have harbored any more fury. When the Doctor only shook his head, Robin continued on with, "Clodaghs are known—"

"I don't need you to tell them about my people!" Clodagh snarled so sharply that all eyes turned to her. The swordsman even woke up. Robin simply smiled at the glowering female and went back to her book. She didn't bother reading the words and instead continued to listen to the conversation going around her.

"What's she talking about, Rowan?" the Navigator asked, looking up from her newspaper. Clodagh didn't look like she wanted to open her mouth in the least but reluctantly began with,

"My family are war mongrels remember?" The others nodded lightly. "Well, the legend that has run through my family for eons it feels like is that the first Clodagh, Murchú, had a gift. A gift that which none had seen before. This gift was what enabled him to be the master of death that he was." Robin watched the Clodagh look down at her own hands while saying, "I don't understand it much, personally, this was the kind of things my…" Clodagh stopped abruptly, her hands clenching tight. Robin could see the struggle to keep her anger from showing on her face. It was a few minutes longer before she was able to calm herself and release her clenched fists. "Apparently Murchú's gift has gone down through my family for generations after generations. The gift…is to never bow before the enemy."

"Huh?" The Clodagh placed a hand on her stomach, closing her green eyes.

"When a Clodagh is seriously injured we release…well I don't really know the proper name for it. We simply call is 'Borrtha'."


"Yeah," the Clodagh smiled despite Doctor's mangling of the name. "Borrtha. From what I understand of it, and I'm no expert mind, when our bodies go into overdrive we release a chemical into our bodies."

"Adrenaline?" Sharpshooter asked, having forgotten about the things he was mixing at the 'Factory'. Clodagh shook her head, causing the few wisps of red that had fallen out of her beanie to hit her across the face.

"No. Something stronger. Like I said I don't really understand it myself. The best way I can describe it is…" The Clodagh looked up to the sky. "I feel…empowered. Like I can do anything in the world. I don't feel pain even if I'm bleeding from an obvious wound. I don't feel anything really. The only thing that really matters in that moment is defeating my enemy. Forcing them to fall before me in defeat before I do so myself." The Clodagh scratched at the back of her head in an almost shy manner. With a light smirk she chuckled, "'A King bows before none expect his people.'" The Clodagh shook her head before motioning her last words away physically. "Anyway, there is a downside to this…gift I guess. Two downsides really. One, if I do go into Borrtha, I usually end up in something similar to a coma for a few days after. If I'm especially hurt I'll go into a coma for a week. Some…never really come out of the coma and end up being something like a vegetable for the rest of their life." Robin saw a couple of the crewmen flinch.

"That's horrible. Why would you want to go into this Borrtha anyways then?"

"Because you are gifted with the ability to force anyone out of your way," Clodagh answered Ms. Navigator. "A child of the Clodagh Clan can force a full grown, trained, Marine to their knees. A babe can kill their own father even with half their gut trailing behind them. Trust me. It's happened." There was a heavy silence as the crew looked at Clodagh.

"What's the other bad thing?" one of them finally whispered.

"It's deadly."

"Well obviously," the navigator huffed. Clodagh shook her head.

"No, not to me. To you." Clodagh raised her arms up and held them out in front of her, palms to the sky. "If I go into Borrtha and my blood somehow gets into you, the chemical in my blood will cause your heart to burst. Literally." The crew fell silent. Robin didn't bother pretending she was reading anymore. She was busy listening to the Clodagh. She had never actually heard one speak about the Borrtha though she had read about it herself many times in different books. "The story is that a Clodagh tried to give blood to another right after a battle despite being horrible injured himself. He ended up killing the person he was trying to save. Their heart burst, blood poured from all openings. It wasn't a pleasant death."

"So that's why you always sleep for days after a battle," the Doctor proclaimed in excitement at the discovery. Clodagh shook her head in agreement.

"Yep. It's my body flushing Borrtha from my body and healing any damage done. Usually, if woken from this coma before my body is ready after the healing has begun can cause the healing to take a 'normal' amount of time." Clodagh patted her hip. "I'm just happy that that didn't happen in Alabasta. I wouldn't have been able to walk had I already slipped into the coma when you found me on the streets. I was probably headed right for it too."

Robin watched with her chin in hand, as the Clodagh got up from her spot and stretched.

"I'll be down in the storage," she said simply before turning from the others and leaving. The door hadn't closed behind her for a minute before Sharpshooter was saying,

"I never would have thought Rowan was so…special when I first met her." Navigator hummed lightly before laying back out to sunbath.

"It's all about blood I guess," was her response.

"I wonder if Rowan will let me study her blood? I mean after Borta or Borrta?"


"Yeah! Borrtha!"

"Doesn't sound like it. She seemed to be pretty disturbed by the idea of her blood killing someone."

"Clodaghs guard their heritage like a lion guards his pride," Robin told the others, all of who looked at her with surprise. The woman smiled. "Since the Government took over the world, the Clodagh have become few and far between. They can actually get quite dangerous if you bother them."

"Ain't that the truth!" Sharpshooter snorted with a shudder. Robin only smiled and assumed he had messed with the Clodagh in some way. Deciding she had said enough on the matter, Robin turned back to her book and ignored the others for the rest of the evening.

Robin stepped out of the lounge, enjoying the soft kiss of the sea breeze against her flushed cheeks. Tucking her hair behind an ear, Robin stared to head to the girl's room below. She paused in her trek however, when she heard a certain non-friendly voice snarl,

"You brought me here didn't you?" Robin looked to the front of the deck while slinking into the shadows.

"You wanted to come." Robin's eyebrows rose slightly as she caught sight of the green haired swordsman leaning against the mast. Clodagh was standing in front of the bored appearing swordsman with a furious expression.

"I said no such thing," she snarled a second time.

"Yes you did." The red headed woman all but roared in the swordsman face before turning on her heel and pacing towards the side of the ship. Robin could see the tension in the Clodagh's shoulders forcing them up near her ears. Her fists were opening and closing in a sign of barely concealed restraint.

"I'm not supposed to be here, you giant buffoon! I was suppose too stay on Alabasta! How dare you put yourself into my business! When did you suddenly become my provider? When did my business ever start concerning you?" Lashing out with an open hand the boatswain turned back on the swordsman.

"You wanted to come," Swordsman said again not appearing worried about the obviously furious female in front of him.

"What I want doesn't matter!" Robin had to give it to the Clodagh. She was obviously seconds from screaming at the top of her lungs but she held in her scream through clenched teeth. Robin was surprised she wasn't seeing blood and foam flying from the Clodagh's mouth. Her face had certainly turned the same red color as her hair. Robin continued to watch with curiosity as the swordsman finally pushed himself from the mast and forced himself into the Clodagh's boundaries. The man put himself right into the Clodagh's face and even Robin felt her stomach clench in fear. From her spot up near the lounge she could feel the swordsman's strength radiating, striking out against the entire world, and dominating anything it touched.

"When you start thinking about yourself instead of thinking about everyone else, I'll let you handle your own business. When you start thinking for yourself I'll let you go. When you care for yourself I'll let you run. Until then you're stuck with me. So get used to it 'cause I'm not going anywhere." Robin watched Clodagh straighten up and force her face even closer to the swordsman's. What had once been a face of hot fury had turned cold as ice.

"Don't make promises you can't keep, Swordsman. Keep butting into my business and you'll find yourself a dead man." The swordsman let out a laugh that rang through the deserted deck. Smirking into the woman's face with all the confidence that came with his occupation, the swordsman said with complete and totally self-assurance,

"You've told me that before and yet here I stand." Leaning heavily back on one leg the swordsman scratched at the back of his head, a scowl crossing his features. "You're here now, so just get over it, Princess. Get some sleep." The swordsman poked a callused finger into the black bags that hung under the woman's eyes. "You look dead on your feet. And I'm not going to save your ass when you fall asleep fighting." Robin watched the man turn from the slack jawed woman and down into the hatch that lead to the men's bedroom. Clodagh continued to stand with her jaw wide and a look that was a mix between frustration and disbelief.

Fingers dug into the beanie that covered the woman's head before she threw back her head and let out a silent scream. It was as the woman began to pace in her frustration that she paused altogether, her olive colored eyes falling on Robin. The only reason that Robin didn't run was because she was sure the Clodagh would have given chase; just like a predator after its prey. Robin was actually thankful that she wasn't alone on the ship or in a dark ally. If the look on Clodagh's face said anything it was that she had no issue with slitting Robin's throat then and there.

Instead of doing what her eyes promised, Clodagh straightened her back and forced her face into a tight lipped, narrowed eyed expression.

"You didn't see anything."

The door to the storage broke due to the force that Clodagh used to shut it.

"…interesting," Robin spoke to herself. It surprised Robin that she was actually covered in a light sweat and her stomach was only just now slowly untwisting itself. Who would have thought the Clodagh would scare her so much?

Robin was a bit surprised that the Clodagh hadn't killed her in her sleep that night. Now, sitting in the lounge at the dining table with one of Navigator's books, Robin was ignoring the Chef who was cleaning the dishes. It was well into the night and the only two remaining were Robin and the Chef.

With a gentle tug, Robin turned the page.

"Sanji," Clodagh suddenly broke the silence by barging into the lounge. It seemed like that was all the Clodagh could do. She didn't enter a room, she owned it. Everyone knew when she entered even if they were too busy to notice anything else. The red headed woman halted with a foot still in the air as she spotted Robin sitting at the table. The lopsided smile that had covered Clodagh's face was gone in a flash. Robin saw that the woman held a book in her own hand. The Clodagh's lip twisted into a snarl. "What are you doing here Nico?" Robin motioned towards her own book.

"Simply reading. Is that a crime now, Clodagh?" Robin questioned with a light chuckle. Clodagh did not return her mirth. Robin chuckled a second time before standing up from the table. "Good night, Clodagh, Mr. Chef." Robin paused only for a second when the door shut behind her. Moving to the side so she couldn't be seen through the porthole, Robin leaned against the lounge and listened.

"You still don't like her."

"She tried to kill Vivi and destroy all of Alabasta."

"True," Chef's voice echoed throughout the lounge, obviously giving up. "So!" he chuckled, the echo of his footfall coming to her ears. "What did you want to show me?" Clodagh let out a huff and there was a 'thud' as something hit wood. "Good choice! This book is one of my favorites!" The scruff of the bench moving and the two sitting down was heard. "Okay, you start and I'll help as it goes along." There was a long silence. "Sound it out."

"…once…" was uttered out slowly, dragged out to an impossibly slow word. "…uh…up…on? Upon?" The Chef laughed.

"Close. It's 'uh-pon'. Like 'uh-pond' without the 'd'."

"Oh. Once upon a…t-time. Th-e…th-ere…there…w-was…a—" Robin almost gave herself away with laughter. Shaking her head, she left the two to their lesson.

"Who would have thought someone such as herself couldn't read," the woman mused aloud, with a finger to her lips. "For such a small ship, you certainly have a lot of secrets; almost all of which involving Clodagh," Robin smiled to the figure head of the smiling ram.

Robin woke with a start as a loud bang brought her to full awareness. Navigator was still fast asleep, buried underneath her blankets but Clodagh was once again awake. This time, Clodagh had fallen out of her hammock and was now on her hands and knees and taking large gasps of air. Robin watched quietly as Clodagh curled up and dug her hands into her wide locks of red. Robin was almost surprised that Clodagh didn't sleep in her beanie.

It was nearly an hour later that Clodagh got to her feet. Robin saw that the woman had gone to bed in a pair of tight shorts and her breast bindings. Robin could see the cold sweat broke out across the Clodagh's large shoulders. Even in the low light of the moon, Robin could make out each harsh line of hard muscle. And every marred speck of the Clodagh's form.

'I guess even when they no longer live on Dublin they still find war,' Robin mused while her eyes fell on the large, ugly scar that ran from the Clodagh's shoulder, down across her back and ended at her hip. '…it goes right through it I bet,' Robin pondered. Robin's eyes snapped shut when Clodagh spun around to face her. She kept small slits open and watched Clodagh glower at her sleeping form.

"Rowan?" Said woman turned, losing her scowl in the process and turned to the Navigator.

"Go to sleep, Nami." Robin watched Clodagh get back down from her hammock and pull on a pair of pants. Instead of her normal belt, the woman tied off a purple sash.

"Where ya goin'?" a sleepy navigator asked with a poorly stifled yawn.

"It's not but a couple more ours till dawn; just going to get started on my duties." Clodagh disappeared out of the girl's room with a resounding 'thud' from the door.

"If you want to ask something just ask it! If you keep brooding over me I'm going to hit you!" Navigator snapped, causing Robin to look up from her book. Swordsman had a heavy scowl on his face but sat down at the table nonetheless. Navigator glowered at the taller man. "Well? Spit it out!"

"Seb." Robin chortled when Navigator finally hit the brute.

"Be more specific then that you dunderhead!"

"What the hell, Nami?" Swordsman roared right back. Navigator only scowled. Huffing up much like an angry rooster, Swordsman crossed his thick arms over his chest and leaned heavily against the table.

"Has Rowan ever mentioned someone named Seb?" Zolo grumbled at last. Navigator raised an eyebrow before pursing her lips and tapping her cheek with the quill.

"Seb?" Nami clicked her tongue before shaking her head in a negative manner. "Not that I can think of. Why?" The swordsman didn't answer and Navigator got a sly smirk on her face. "Seb is a boy's name isn't it?" she questioned in a tone that implied quite a bit. Robin watched with a smile as Swordsman's face turned a brilliant red color. Stuttering out words that barely made sense the man all but growled at the group before turning tail and rushing out the lounge door. Robin watched him leave with a light smile.

"He's a tad obsessed isn't he?" Navigator looked back to Robin with raised eyebrows.


"About Clodagh? He follows her around like a lost puppy most of the time." Navigator nodded her head and rolled her eyes before pushing back from the table.

"Tell me about it. If she's not barking orders at him he's running her up the mast with his constant presence." The lounge door was opened a second time before Clodagh walked in.

"How much money do we have saved up?" Navgiator's eyes narrowed dangerously.


"We're going to need to put another coat of bottom paint on. The barnacles are having a field day with Merry's hull." Clodagh spotted Robin and gave her a sour look for good measure before she turned and headed back out.

"As long as you don't do anything stupid, she should get over that." Robin turned back to the Navigator to find she had returned to writing in the Log Book.


"Rowan. She should start to, at the very least, ignore you soon. Though…" Navigator looked up from her book with fresh markings and towards the ceiling. "I don't think I've ever actually seen Rowan this angry before. Then again…I don't think I've ever seen Rowan show this much emotion on anything before." Robin frowned lightly and just a bit confused.

"Truly?" she asked, forcing Navigator to look at her.


"From what I've heard and read, Clodagh are not known to be quiet." Navigator laughed aloud.

"Trust me, Rowan isn't quiet! She's just…indifferent to a lot of things I guess." Navigator pursed her lips in thought and propped her chin on a lightly closed fist. "She's…well Rowan's difficult," she finally gushed out. "You have to watch her actions more than her words. Her words have plenty of bite to them but even while she's biting your head off she's helping you the best possible way she can. She doesn't trust easy though. Not easy at all," she chuckled as a final note. Robin looked at the young woman's smile as she went back to her Log Pose.

"You say that like it's a good thing."

"It is actually," she chuckled, quill busy at work.

"And why's that?"

"Because, once you've earned her trust she'd move mountains to save you. I mean, just look at Vivi!" Navigator put her quill down and motioned widely with her arm. "She hadn't seen the girl in…what? Eleven years? And she helped the girl start a rebellion without a second thought. Just watch," she finished with a smile. "Give it another adventure for her to see you're on our side and you'll have one of the most loyal people I have ever met at your side."

Robin only let out hum of acknowledgment; though she knew that it would be a miracle before the Clodagh actual trusted her. A Clodagh scorned was worse than stabbing a sea king in the eye. And Robin had done something much worse than stab Clodagh in the eye.