Tokyo, 3 Days after competition

"Welcome home, Len." Misa Hamai greeted her only child. She was totally happy, more than usual. Len dismissed it as her proud reaction to his victory. His father was not home at that time.

Len replied her politely and excused himself to get his luggage to his room first. She asked him to go down back as soon as he finished, because she's got 'something to show him'.

He didn't really get why his mother was so excited. Something to show him? Will she give him a reward? But he never wanted anything more in his life. But as a good kid as he was, he obediently went down back. There, her pretty Okaa-san was waiting excitedly for him on the couch. He sat next to her.

"Len, tonight we're going to have a small celebration for two things." She started. Two things? What are the other one?

"We haven't told you because you've been away for a week and it's better to say it directly." At this, his mother took out a thin white plastic resembling an ice cream stick. Len didn't understand at first until he saw two red lines and the word

Pregnant II

Not Pregnant I

His eyes widened in disbelief. He looked back to his mother, then to the stick, then to the mother again and was gone speechless. His mother, PREGNANT? And now he will have a younger sister or brother..

Okaa-san once conceived a child when he was seven years old, one year after they got married. The bump was still small though, but on one night, he heard her and Otou-san's alarmed voices and they were suddenly gone to the hospital. Miscarriage due to her overworking herself in scheduled tours. She was truly sad after that, but always tried to hid it from him. The young boy at that time promised to himself that he would carry the burden of his stillborn sibling and make his parents twice as proud.

After that, life was getting busier and busier for her and Otou-san. She never got pregnant at all. However, all these terror attacks starting a month ago caused his family to reduce their activities for protection sake, and suddenly both of them had time for...

"Okaa-san..." he can't help but being...happy as well. She smiled at him and enveloped him into a hug, in which he returned intimately. He still can't believe this good news, though.

"When did yo know about this?" he asked, still not yet released her.

"Oh it was when at the airport. I didn't realize at first, but Shizui-sensei did. She suggested me to buy a pregnancy test and I was surprised myself. The baby was already five weeks." She released him while smiling non-stop. Well who could? After waiting for eleven years of marriage, now she was going to have a child.

"Okaa-san, he is the best gift that you carry. Please don't overwork again." Was what he could manage out of his concern. However, she suddenly burst into tears and hugged him again.

"No, you are the best thing happened in our life that we never knew could happen to us. You've never been a difficult child and always strive your best even if we didn't force anything..you're the best gift for us. Who could predict someone was hiding there below that table?" she said those words solemnly. The boy sighed.

So here is where I belong..

I am..home...

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