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Veronica banged her locker closed and stuffed a book into her bag. She looked up to see Logan coming down the hall and had to struggle to keep the smile that wanted to spread across her face from surfacing. If they were going to have any hope of keeping their relationship quiet for awhile she was going to have to check the reaction she had whenever she saw him.

But she couldn't help it really. Ever since the night she came to house and confessed she still loved him, every time she so much as thought about him she felt annoyingly giddy. It didn't help that as he passed her now he gave her one of his half-smirks and a wink.

She pressed her lips together and turned to watch him walk away.

She sobered instantly when she saw Duncan at the other end of the hall.


Now she was going to have to face the post break-up awkwardness.

'Double crap.'

She took in a breath and let it out, resigning herself. She could handle this. She didn't have choice, those are the consequences of breaking up with someone in high school, having to see their face around every corner and passing uncomfortable looks in the halls.

That's just the way it is. And she was just going to have to buck up and deal-

Another face caught her attention and she breathed in a relieved breath.

'Ah, saved by the Wallace.' She thought as she grabbed hold of him and dragged him into the girls bathroom.

"Unh," He grunted. "So this is what deja vu feels like."

"I need you to do something for me?" She pleaded.

"So what else is new?"

"Can you go and tell me when Duncan's gone?"

"Damn, this really is deja vu." He remarked.

"Please, please, Wallace, I'll be your BFF."

"Hmm, what else you got?"

She clucked her tongue offended.

Wallace cracked a smile. "All right, I'll be your look out." he agreed.

"Thank you."

He turned with his hand on the door, he paused and looked over his shoulder at her. "So, you ever going to tell me what happened that you guys broke up, anyway?"

Veronica pressed her lips together. She didn't like keeping things from Wallace. She knew how much it upset him when she did. But she didn't really think he would understand her getting back with Logan like she did. She wasn't sure anyone would understand. Which was why they were keeping it under wraps for the time being.

But as soon as they decided to come out, Wallace would be the first to know.

Until then...

"It just didn't work out." She replied, not dishonestly. "Too much has changed between us."

"Yeah okay." Wallace replied. She could tell that he knew there was more to it than she was letting on, but he let it drop anyway. For that she was grateful.

It was ten minutes before Wallace gave her the all clear sign. He was not too pleased either as they were both late for class.

Veronica grimaced apologetically and made it up to him by giving him her desert at lunch.

"Here you go." She said, graciously plopping her brownie onto his tray.

"You think this makes us even for me having to face the wrath of Mrs. Bryant for being tardy?" He questioned.

"Umm, no," She guessed. "But, it's just a start. There's only more where that came from. Tomorrow's custard is all yours."

Wallace gave her a wry look. Then shrugged it off. "Yeah okay." He took a big bite out of the brownie, then reached for his little milk carton to open it. He was just putting it to his mouth when someone slammed into his back, sending the milk flying out of the carton's spout.

He whirled around indignant to see Logan Echolls, with a (fake) contrite expression.

"Ooh, man. I'm really sorry about that." he said. "That sucks, but um, remember, there's no crying."

He gave him a bow and a walked away.

Wallace was glaring at his back while Veronica palmed the small folded square of paper he had slipped her while creating his diversion.

She had to admit it was a clever tactic, but she still thought she better talk to him about not pissing off her best friend if they were going to be an item again.

"Now, that guy, " Wallace ventured. "I have no problem understanding why you dumped."

Veronica gave him a noncommital smile, trying to come up with an excuse to slip away early.

"Wallace, I have to-"

"Sorry V, I see someone I need to have a chat with."he interrupted. He had a big grin on his face. Veronica followed his gaze to see where it was directed.


Her face fell.

'Well,' She supposed, 'I guess neither of us are going to be pleased about the other's romantic interest.'

"That's fine." She said, deciding it might be a good thing to start racking up brownie points (hunh, in more ways that one) so he would have less to say when she told him about Logan. "You go on. I have other things to do anyway."

"Yeah, okay." He said absently, his mind already gone. "Later."

She shook her head with a smirk watching him take off.

She got up from the table and checked Logan's note.

'Girls bathroom. Five minutes.'

She smiled, dumped her still full tray and headed off for her lavatory tryst.

Duncan was spending his lunch hour in the media room, trying to finish up his assignment for the paper. He had a deadline he was already behind on.

A movement in the hall caught his attention and he pulled his eyes from the computer screen just in time to see his ex- best friend Logan, ducking into the girls bathroom.

His brow knitted.

A couple beats later a hand appeared from the door and stuck up an 'out of order' sign.

Now further brow scrunching.

About a minute later though it all fell into place, when ex- girlfriend Veronica showed up and with a quick look both ways down the hall, she dove inside the door.

Duncan left out a sardonic snicker.

God, he could have kicked himself.

He knew when Veronica told him things weren't working out because of how much things had changed she was shoveling a load of crap.

He wondered now, how long this had been going on with her and Logan.

He wondered if even, they had ever really stopped seeing each other.

Well, whatever it was he was about to find out.

Logan pressed Veronica up against the wall, his mouth plundering hers. He moved his lips down her neck.

She gasped.

He chuckled. "Mmm, I forgot how much fun this sneaking stuff can be." He murmured.

"Oh yeah?" Veronica asked amused. "I thought you were apposed to the whole secrecy thing."

"Well," He drawled. "It's not ideal, but I have to admit, it has it's perks." He took her mouth again. "The whole sexy, illicit tryst thing." He added in between kissing her.

His hands started roaming over her chest, rubbing and gently squeezing her breast.

She moaned.

One thing though was not so good about these at school meetings, now that there relationship had moved to the next level, it left her feeling incredibly frustrated with unfinished business for the rest of the day.

As his hand slid down her belly fast approaching her most delicate area she knew she better apply the breaks now before she was unable to stop and pushed him down on the bathroom floor and had her way with him.

"Listen," She panted.

"Hmm?" He murmured, still nuzzling at her neck.

"Can we talk for sec?"

"Hmm, mmm." He agreed, still not stopping what he was doing with his hands or mouth.

Yeah, like she could have any sort of conversation while he was doing that.

"Logan," She groaned, pleadingly.

He lifted his head and his hand stilled. She was at once grateful and disappointed.

"It's about Wallace," She ventured finding her resolve. "I think it would go a long way in his accepting us as a couple when the time comes, if you didn't go out of your way to push his buttons."

Logan smiled innocently at her. "Why, whatever do you mean?"

She tilted her head wryly.

"Spilling his milk all over him," She nudged. "Was that really necessary? And the crying comment."

"I said I was sorry." He said, but the quirk of his lips showed no repentance.

Veronica shook her head, but in spite of herself, she was smiling.

When she didn't speak right away, Logan took it as a sign that the talking portion was over and kissed her again.

After a couple minutes of blissful groping, that was turning pretty serious, the bell sounded.

The couple pulled apart reluctantly and breathlessly.

"Well," Logan panted. "Guess that's our cue."

It usually took over a minute before students started filing in after lunch.

Veronica crossed to the door to peak out, making sure the coast was clear. She peered down both ends of the hall and saw no one.

She turned to Logan to tell him the news and was confronted by his lips.

"It's all clear out there." She informed dazedly when it broke off.

Logan grinned. "Well, then, shall we?" He opened the door for her and was met by the looming figure of one pissed off Duncan.

He had been hiding in the media room when Veronica was checking the hall.

"Well, my, my isn't this cozy?" He seethed.

"Duncan," Veronica ventured anxiously. "This isn't how it seems."

Okay, well that was a lie and so Duncan's burst of incredulous laughter was completely justified.

"Oh, really?" He mocked. "And just what is it then?"

Veronica found herself unable to offer an alternative explanation.

"Man, just cool down all right?" Logan suggested.

"Don't you say a word to me!" Duncan bellowed, causing Veronica to jump back. "You're nothing to me anymore. You're dead." His words dripped with venom.

His manner reminded Veronica of the time he had confronted her about her files on Lilly's murder. She had been scared of him then. She was now too.

"Duncan," She tried to cajole.

"And you," he seethed. He let out a bitter laugh. "I can't believe you. What was that with us these past few weeks, huh? What were you just using me to make him jealous. Did you guys have a big laugh over me thinking you actually chose me?"

"Duncan, of course not."

"Save it." He spat at her. "I don't give a damn. I hope the two of you have a great life together, in hell."

With one last withering glare for them both he shook his head in disgust and stormed off.

Veronica had a brief urge to go after him to try and explain, but at that moment the doors opened and a river of students rushed in.

He probably wouldn't have listened anyway.

"Well," Logan ventured after a moment. "I guess we've been outed. Again. You know we really kind of suck at this whole secrecy thing."

Veronica sighed and despite herself smiled a little. She let herself slump back against her boyfriends chest, he rubbed her shoulders right there in front of everyone.

A few of their classmates threw them questioning looks.

It didn't matter though, there was no need for discretion anymore.


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