Ethans P.O.V

*Phone rings*

"Hello," I answered hoping the cop not too far from my car wouldn't notice I was on the phone and driving.

"Hey, Ethan have I told you lately you are the best?" It was Rachel. And there she went on telling me I was the best again. I knew this would soon be followed by some request or venting, but I was okay with that because she called me the best.

"I just got my car over to the shoulder all the gas my car was able to extract, and now I am stranded," She added.

"I'll be right there," I didn't really know where there was but I was going to get there because Rachel was there and I had to be there for her forever and always.

I immediately picked up the pace to be her knight in shining armor. I wanted her to realize no matter what she asked of me I could always handle it, and most of all I wanted her to realize the only reason I can handle it is because I loved her.

When I arrived to "there" it was 6 miles away from work. She was going to be dead this time I thought to myself as I swooped her out of her car into mine. Actually, she walked out of her car into mine, but it sounds more heroic the other way! We speeded on my stallion or mustang if you would prefer all 6 miles to work. 9 minutes flat! We did those 6 miles in 9 minutes flat! I mean I could have killed us both, but I didn't care. Rachel didn't talk the whole way there. I figured she was probably just a little shaken up, and that was why. Well, I hoped that was why because I could not bear to think that something was bothering her. Or worse…. Someone was bothering her. I would have their head! The silence was interrupted when she responded with a "thanks ." Just thanks nothing less.. nothing more. Something as simple as that broke my heart. You could hear the sorrow in her voice. I lowered the music, and asked her if she was okay. She replied, "I am fine." And just as I was about to speak we arrived. She swung open her door flung off her heels and ran. She ran. Ran from I didn't even know. Maybe it was family problems her grandpa again I thought. But I don't think it was that. Maybe it was some boy… if it was they would have to be blind to not see what I do. If they saw what I did they would know to treat her like a princess. They would know this. I know this. Why couldn't I have a chance? Suddenly, more and more of these thoughts flood my head. I didn't even know if it was a guy yet, but I knew one thing work was not going to make anything better… she hated that place!