I wanted to write a fem Allen story

Lol don't worry people, My Yaoi day's aren't over, I've got a Kingdom Hearts story coming and probably anther DGM one after that.

I'm not sure when i'll update this story cuz i just randomly came up with it

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November 29

She looked absolutely beautiful, lying before him on the crisp white bed. She was wearing a pink tank top, the cold November air causing perky buds to show, telling me she didn't have on a bra. Her underwear was plane white boy shorts, riding up, not much, but just enough to show the bottom of her perfectly toned ass.

Every inch of her body was covered in creamy white skin, her snow white hair coming to just above her shoulder and airing out around her head. Her left arm was shoved under her pillow, maybe to serve better support.

He was sitting on her window sill, his dark brown hair clipped back and covered with a black top hat, a matching mask covering his face. He watched her with his golden eyes, knowing this was forbidden, that she was forbidden. Half Dragon, half Nephilim

The boy himself was a Dragon, belonging to the clan of Noah. He looked normal enough, after all, he was in his human form and he knew the dangers of being here.

Nephilim were chosen children who had the blood of angels. Not enough to give them immortality or wings but enough to give them special abilities. For twenty years the two species had been at war, all over something called, The Heart. To Dragons, it was their only hope to survive, too Nephilim, it was a source of power.

They boy sighed and pulled the girls blanket over her body, not wanting her to get too cold. How could something so wrong look so perfect? And Gods was she wrong, fifteen years old, born only five years into the war…but why was she here?

The sun began peeking over the clouds and the boy sighed, sliding his mask up his head and leaning down to kiss the girl's cheek.

"Doces sonhos, Proibida." The boy said as he closed the window before jumping into the nearby tree.

In a swift movement, the boy jumped into the air, his skin beginning to shimmer and gleam like glass. As it fell away, it was replaced by shiny obsidian scales, layered and placed perfectly. His body grew until it was three times its original size, the shape changing to one with front and hind legs, a long tail, two wings, and a long snout.

His wings flapped soundlessly as he pushed himself higher into the sky, not once looking back to the house as he glided through the night.

Doces Sonhos, Proibida = Sweet Dreams Forbidden One.

I didn't want to use the term Nephilim but i could find anything else Xp.

Also, i need an insult that would make a dragons blood boil. Not something kidish though, it's gotta be really mean.

Like if someone said it to a dragon, they would probably get punched in the face or something.

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