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Allena was awoken to the sound of Rhoad talking with Tyki, the girl opening her eyes to see Tyki at the door, gripping his head in pain probably due to a hangover. "And i brought you pain killers and a glass of water. I figured you would need it. Allena sighed and looked around for a clock, not finding one.

"What time'sit?" She asked. Tyki looked over his shoulder at her.

"Early. Go back to sleep babe." Allena gave a light smile and the name. She didn't believe she had ever heard Tyki call her that before. Regardless, she rolled over, curling up into the blankets in a warm cocoon.

"I'll make sure that the maids save you guys some food since i doubt you will be down for breakfast later." Rhoad explained. Tyki thanked her and Allena heard the door close. Tyki's feet shuffled across the floor before everything went silent, then a 'clack' as Tyki set the cup on his nightstand. Allena guessed he had taken the pain killers. He crawled back into bed then, the bed shifting as the man made himself comfortable. Allena waited for his arms to wrap around her or his warm body to press against hers but neither happened.

Reluctantly, Allena wormed out of her cocoon, rolling over to face Tyki and finding him with his arm sprawled accross the bed, his eyes closed and blankets around his hips. Allena slid closer to him, inspecting his tanned face and wondering is he had already lapsed into sleep. His golden eyes opened then, a groggy smile playing on his lips. He slung his arm over and patted the space bellow his other arm, inviting Allena.

The girl yawned and inched even closer, laying her head on Tyki's arm which flexed as he lifted his hand to gently swipe his fingers on her shoulder, tracing patterns there. "Is it early?" she asked.

"Around five." Tyki answered, turning slightly to kiss her forehead. "What happened last night?" He asked her then, his other hand gently touching the bruises on his face which would surly be healed by breakfast.

"You called me Babe but you don't even remember what happened?" Allena asked, tucking her head into his shoulder. "You are a terrible drinker." Tyki let out a small laugh.

"Its only wine that clouds my memory. I must of had a lot to end up with a hang over." Allena huffed.

"Someone punched you in the face. Twice." Allena said, holding up two fingers.

"I remember that. I wasn't drunk when that happened." Tyki defended.

"I put Wisely to bed, came into your room and forgave you and you, like an idiot drunk, came on to me." Allena said.

"Was it bad?" The man asked.

"You called yourself 'drop dead sexy'." The girl couldn't help but grin. "And you told me why you love me." Tyki's hand had stopped drawing patterns on her skin and was not gently running through her hair.

"Did i make it sound romantic?" Tyki's rough voice asked.

"Not really. It went from you telling me why you loved me to you trying to get in my pants." Tyki let out an amused noise then. "I said maybe in the morning." Allena's added as an afterthought, her eyes sliding close.

Wisely was a lazy person.

That was very well known by his family.

And it was extremely well known by the Earl.

But the Earl didn't mind. He liked being the one giving, having Wisely his way; pleasuring Wisely his way.

Wisely assumed it was because the Earl had slept with women for hundreds of years that he was used to giving. That and maybe power. He liked being dominant. He loved having Wisely under him, at his mercy, in control. That didn't mean that the Earl wasn't loving or gentle, he was just...old fashioned. And Wisely was not complaining. He didn't have to move much, didn't have to exert himself...except when he wanted to of course.

But without a doubt, Wisely knew that no matter what they did in the bedroom, the Earl loved to have the boy on his back, legs spread (or locked around his waist) while Adam moved over him, never breaking eye contact...just as they were doing now.

Wisely loved Adam's body, muscular and big, yet not overly hairy. His body rippled with each thrust, his hair falling out of it's collected clasps to glide over his shoulder. Wisely tilted his head, his eyes traveling down the Earl's sweat glistening body to his abs, his six pack straining as he pulled back, giving the boy a glimpse of his man hood before he glided forward again, causing Wisely's breath to catch. Adam's movements slowed, his lazy pace almost halting all together. Wisely knew why; he was distracted, the Earl assuming he was in some other place entirely. But he was right here, taking it all in, memorizing every inch of his lover.

"Your body...its b...bea-" He wracked his mind as he attempted to remember some of the things the Earl had called him, painfully aware of his leaking member and the fact that Adam was no longer moving, waiting for his boy to finish. "Um..magnifique?" Adam simply smiled and leaned in to kiss his small lover, making Wisely turn to goo once again as he pulled back, situated himself a bit better, and continued at his usual pace.

Adam liked to keep a slow pace, to enjoy his partner, and it was rare for him to ever change his pace, save for when he was getting ready to finish. He wasn't wild during sex, at least, Wisely hadn't seen him wild or rough...maybe it was because the Earl never 'fucked' or 'screwed' or any other vulgar vernacular. He made love. Each and every time.

The thrusts became harder and Wisely had to fight to keep eye contact, small moans leaving his opened mouth, the Earl was going to cum soon and Wisely wanted to cum with him. Adam had other plans however, his fingers lightly dancing over Wisely's man hood before he gripped it. One pump was all that was needed as Wisely's back arched, his white hot essence dripping from the tip of his cock, over the Earl's fingers and onto the boy's abdomen.

Adam paused, bringing his hand up to his lips and licking a bit of Wisely off his finger, smiling down at his lover. He went to pull out but legs locked around his waist, keeping him in place.

"You didn't...i want...inside..." Was all Wisely could manage. He hated how...docile he was after he came though he knew the Earl loved it, almost as much as Wisely loved the way it felt for his lover to finish inside of him. The Earl thought about it for a few seconds before realizing he would ruin the moment by arguing, deciding he would give in to Wisely's wishes. He began moving again, his pace a bit uneven, gently unlocking his young lovers leg from around his waist. He let one leg fall, pulling the other up by the thigh for a better angle.

And god was Wisely loving this. Pleasure was bursting through his overly sensitive body, the boy only able to hold onto his older lovers shoulder as he was dragged along for the ride. It hurt from his orgasm, but it felt so good as well.

"Wisely." The Early whispered, a shudder running through him as his hips jerks a few more times.

Hot. God it was hot. But it made Wisely hum in approval as he was filled by his lover. And the Earl had said his name.

The Earl was always quiet during sex, aside from the occasional grunt or groan he didn't like to talk; It ruined the intimacy. But there were the moments when he lost himself in pleasure, where he whispered a name or a phrase in french.

Adam leaned in, slowly and sensually kissing Wisely while pulling himself out.

Wisely found himself drifting in and out of consciousness, aware of the Earl cleaning him off before taking a shower. The room grew quiet, confusing Wisely who hadn't heard the door open or close. He opened his eyes to find the Earl kneeling by the bed, watching him sleep. Wisely pouted, the Earl grinning from ear to ear as he leaned in and gave the boy a final kiss on the lips before standing. "I'll be back in a few hours to wake you up for breakfast." He said tousling Wisely's hair. "Go back to sleep for now."

And Wisely did.

"And why should i be using a condom?" Allena pushed her lips into a thin line, a battle waging in her head. Tell him? Or not?

She had woken up to his head between her legs, her panties on the floor and his tongue doing devilish things to her. His hangover seemed non existent and his bruises had disappeared, leaving him horny from the earlier promise. Allena had been happy to oblige at first, until he lifted her nightgown to her stomach, moved up her body, and positioned himself to push inside her. She had stopped him, sitting up and scooting away a bit and asking for a condom. Which led her to argue with herself on whether of not to tell him about her miscarriage.

"Because i have the heart inside me..." Tyki looked as if he were waiting for her to continue.

"Okay, but it's not like we can be sure your even fertile." He had went to get off the bed but stopped when he saw Allena's face. "You do know." He stood and looked at her. "How?" Allena sighed, licking her lips and moving to the edge of the bed. He reached a hand out for Tyki, the Noah stepping forward until he was touching her knees with his legs.

"Do you remember-" She stopped. Of course he remembered the night he tried to kill her. "Um, the night...all hell broke loose. When you almost-"

"Yes." He answered, pain written on his features.

"Your brother and Rhoad found me later. I was barley alive. After i woke up Sheryl told me...i had lost it." Confusion, then slowly, realization. He dropped to his knees.

"My..." He shook his head. "Our." Allena nodded.

"I wasn't very far along. Maybe a few weeks. If I had known i wouldn't of fought that night..." Tyki cupped her face, his golden eyes staring into her gray.

"Do you blame me?" The words were a whisper on his lips and Allena couldn't help the tears welling up in his eyes. She hadn't expected this to still hurt her.

"No." His thumbs gently smoothed away the tears running down her cheeks, Allena noticing Tyki's own eyes had tears in them though they never made it down his cheeks. "I lost the baby before you even touched me Tyki. I know it. I'm so sor-" Tyki kissed her gently before pulling her into him.

"Why didn't you tell me? This is something we have to deal with together, not a burden for one alone." Allena held onto him tight, not wanting him to pull away.

"I didn't know how, I- I was afraid you would blame yourself or me or or-" Tyki gently pulled back, silencing her with a chaste kiss.

"You are mine. We are together." He stopped, looking a bit annoyed for a second. "Your Grandfathers wedding announcement be damned." He let out a breath. "I will have you. If you say this was not my fault, then i believe you. But it wasn't your fault either. Maybe it just wasn't meant to be. Are you listening garota?" Allena nodded and hugged him, her arms wrapping around his neck. "There will be a time in the future when we will be surrounded by children. When the time is right."

Allena nodded against his neck, his hands rubbing soothingly on her back.

"Now lets go take a shower and get some breakfast." Tyki suggested, his hands moving under Allena to grip her upper thigh, hoisting her into the air as he carried her toward the bathroom. They both ignored the fact that Allen was panty-less and Tyki was in nothing but his boxer briefs, the older Noah trying to keep her body from rubbing against him.

"Do you have any clothes i can wear?" Allena asked pulling back a bit to look Tyki in the face.

"A better question would be 'what don't i have for you to wear'." Tyki replied with a coy smile, using his feet to close the door behind him.

"Oh my god." Allena felt dizzy. When Rhoad and Fiidora had said they got the girl an early present, she didn't expect to find this. She whirled on the two Noah standing at the door, looking pleased with themselves. "Take them out." She growled, making both of their faces fall.

"But you said you needed a Bookman." Rhoad said, confused.

"I did NOT say to kidnap them!" Allena moved her hand to gesture to Lavi and Bookman, sitting in two chairs in the middle of the room. By the pained look on Lavi's face Allena could tell that Fiidora's parasites were inside him. Bookman seemed displeased but otherwise okay. "We are trying to end this war, which means peace, with means asking nicely for help!" Allena punched Fiidora's arm. "Now take them out of him!" Fiidora rolled his eyes but made his way over to Lavi. Allena took a second to collect herself before joining Fiidora, watching him remove the parasites from the red heads body.

"I am so sorry about this you guys." Allena said, grabbing Lavi's weapon off the table near the corner. Bookman was on his feet but Lavi was still sitting, trying to catch his breath no doubt. She passed him his hammer, watching him gently take it and position it in his holster. He slowly stood, looking her up and down, making Allena nervous.

"Allen!" He finally squealed, hugging her tightly. "We've all missed you so much! And it's been so boring with you gone! Nothing has been happening but then again with what your letter said that's only to be expected."

"your not mad about being kidnapped?" Allena asked, looking back and forth between Lavi and Bookman.

"It seems it was not purposely done." Bookman said, sliding his hands into his sleeves. "And i believe you said you needed a Bookman?" Allena smiled as Lavi released her, setting one hand on his belt and leaning his body to one side, looking cocky and playful. "We will need to send a letter to the Order of course, to make sure they know we are safe."

"Of course!" Allena said. "I just please ask that you don't give away our location. I will even compensate you for your troubles if you like." Lavi tilted his head in question.

"What kind of compensation?

"These are all the books we have found so far." Allena said, leading Lavi and Bookman into the library. "If you help and keep our location a secret then you can have all the information on the past and histories of the dragon race." Allena said, watching Lavi slip his coat over a chair and pull out a clip to get the hair out of his eyes.

"What are you looking for exactly and where do we come in?" Lavi asked, excited.

"Anything you can find about artifacts." Allena said.

"Artifacts like the Heart?" Bookman asked, taking his own seat by a large pile of books.

"Yes. I believe there were two. One, well known. The heart. But the other...not so much. One that can take human form. Its purpose was to protect the heart. But in the end it was tainted. Supposedly this is Apocryphos." The girl explained.

"Will these books tell us how to 'deactivate' or destroy or whatever this artifact?" Lavi asked.

"That's where you come in." Allena said.

"Now i know we're good, but whats to stop you from looking yourself?" Lavi's question was answered as he opened the first book.

"These books are written in so many different languages that even the Noah can't read them." Allena sighed. "So you'll help?" Allena asked.

Lavi smirked. "Are you kidding? Our kind have waited decades to get their hands on this stuff. No way we are going to pass this up.

"Give her to Tyki!?" Adam yelled, eyes wide in shock. Sheryl blinked, not expecting the outburst. "Everyone in this house is going mad! He tried to kill her, nearly succeed if it weren't for the heart!" Wisely tried not to act like he heard everything they had been talking about as he placed a stack of dowry papers on his desk, ones from the family of each suitor to Allena.

"Yes, however, he is close to her, and she to him. She would be happy i think." The Earl shot Wisely a look, the youngest Noah looking smug as he left the room. "Besides they have already slept together." Adam growled, narrowing his eyes. He had a point.

"And you sill be representing him?" Adam asked. Sheryl nodded and handed the Earl a stack of papers. The offered dowry no doubt. Adam sighed.

"I will consider him with the others." The Earl said, adding the papers to the stack. "But Tyki will have to prove to me he will never put her in harms way again.


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