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Big Brother

Part One

James Nero Black breathed sharply, opening his blue eyes to his dimly lit room. He sat right up, checking around to make sure he was still safe in his bed and poster-filled room with his books cramming themselves onto shelves on the walls. James touched his face, feeling the wetness around his eyes. He frowned deeply, "This happens every year." He muttered.

He threw off his red covers, shuffling to his closed bedroom door. James opened it, not at all surprised to see his Daddy right there. Dark bags lay under his eyes, and he too wore a frown. His Daddy's normally blank brown eyes were filled with sadness and fear. "Are Damien and Arabella with Dad?" James asked as always, stepping aside to let his Daddy in before closing the door.

His Daddy simply nodded, climbing into his Queen-sized bed. James got onto the other-side, pulling the covers to cover both of him. He immediately snuggled underneath his Daddy's chin like he would've if he several years younger. His Daddy threw a single arm around his waist pulling him closer. "Daddy, has it really been eight years since that day?" He questioned.

His Daddy's hold on him became tighter, and his heartbeat was the only sound heard in the room. James felt his own heart race erratically; he could hear the constant thumping against his chest-almost painfully. The sound was like some sort of climatic pounding of the thrums.

"Yes, it has." His Daddy finally answered, shifting the tiniest bit. James, if possible frowned deeper.

It shouldn't be this way, he thought sadly. His Daddy had always been the strongest figure in his life, someone he could always count on to be his anchor when things got tough. That little shift showed James that since that day, that pain and fear they had all felt had never left.

"Daddy," He says again quietly, "is it okay to still be scared?" His Daddy was never one to lie to him, and he could feel the smallest shift on the bed when he asked the question. His Daddy breathed deeply once or twice. His Daddy turned to lie straight on his back, bringing James on his strong chest.

The constant intake of breath and the thumping of his Daddy's heart along with his arm wrapped James' waist made James feel like he was the safest person in the world. Nothing in the world could harm or bother him here. "My little prince," His Daddy started, using a nickname James hadn't heard from him in years. "I'm always scared and I always will be."

James' mouth curved into a small smile. He had no more questions for the night. Tonight was a night of remembrance that lay heavily on the hearts of all that were in the Black family. James waited until his Daddy was sound asleep, until he delicately unhooked his Daddy's arm from around his waist.

He tiptoed to his bedroom door yet again, leaving it open for his Dad, Arabella, and Damien to walk into his room. Whether consciously or unconsciously the rest of his family members always walked into his bedroom thirty or so minutes later. In the morning they would all find themselves cramped up in his bed.

James' hurried to get in his original spot. When everything was quiet and still in his room, his eyes rolled to the white ceiling. As if it was a giant movie projector, James began to watch what happened on November 1st to January 1st eight years ago.

An unsettling feeling began to rise in the pit of his stomach as he saw all his family members gather around the dining room table for breakfast. As always James' eyes widened with horror as he watched his Daddy get up to answer the house phone...

Love thy Parents

James watched with concern in his eyes as his Daddy came back with a grimace. He stared as his Daddy poked his pancakes and stirred his eggs around. Every now and then he would glance at the clock that hung on the wall to the right of them before his eyes would land on him, Damien, and Arabella.

"Seth, what's wrong?" His Dad asked his bright blue eyes shone brightly with worry. Damien, previously half-asleep suddenly looked wide-awake as he looked in the direction toward Daddy while Arabella took out her scorpion lollipop.

Seth's mouth pressed into a thin line, "Nothing, Daniel go back to eating." He emphasized the nothing, looking pointedly toward James, Arabella, and Damien.

James raised a red eyebrow; usually his Daddy was very open. Why would he not say anything? He was about to voice his thoughts when his Dad cut in again, this time in Japanese. James scowled taking a bite out of pancakes, his parents very rarely spoke in their native tongue.

They only spoke it when they were incredibly angry or didn't want to be understood. In this case it was the latter. However, James was relatively good for his age at reading people. The way his Dad and Daddy's voices were getting louder along with their facial expressions only served for James to know something was deeply wrong.

His glanced to the other side of the table, connecting eyes with Damien. He knew something was wrong too, he looked over to Arabella who had put her lollipop in her mouth, but her face was oddly blank. "Seth, we have to tell them! They're coming in a couple of hours! What are we going to say!" His Dad yelled, switching to English, his face a dark red.

Seth argued back calmly in Japanese, his Dad's face became redder and his breathing grew deeper. His chair pushed back with a loud screech when he stood.

"Fuck you, Seth! Fuck you," his Dad yelled once more, glaring for all its worth at his Daddy. James gasped, his parents got into fights all the time but whenever his Dad used the f-word it hadn't sounded like this. His Dad turned to his younger siblings, smiling tightly. "Can you come with Dad for a moment? I need to tell you something." Arabella and Damien followed his Dad as they walked to his parents' bedroom.

His Dad stopped before his form completely disappeared, he shooed Damien and Arabella along. His Dad looked straight at him, the look he gave James shook him to his very core. "Jamie," He said softly, "you are old enough to decide if you want to hear this from me or your Daddy."

James shook, he clutched tightly onto his SpongeBob pajama shorts, "Daddy, please." He answered. His Dad nodded, pushing his long blond hair back with a tired sigh.

"Ok, sweetie. I'll talk to you in a bit." He said before disappearing from James' view. James turned toward to his Daddy in silence, breakfast now cold.

"James, come with me." His Daddy said as he stood up from his seat. He waited patiently for Jamie to get up from seat, before grabbing his hand. They walked in complete silence till they came into his bedroom. James immediately jumped onto his red bed, his feet dangling over the side.

His Daddy took a seat right next to him; he patted James' on his blood-red hair. James stared at his Daddy, wondering what he was going to say. He wondered what had happened to make his Daddy look like this...so tired mixed with another emotion he couldn't quite define.

"James, I've never lied to you and I won't start now. In two hours there are going to be people that are going to take you and your siblings away from your Dad and I," James started to protest but his Daddy held up a hand.

"I don't know how long you guys will be gone, but I know that you couldn't contact us in anyway. That means no calling, emailing, or even writing letters. You will not be able to talk to Karen, Damien, or the rest of your friends. Temporarily, you will be moved to another school and live with people that will treat you like family until this shit is over."

James mouth dropped agape, from his Daddy's expression that wasn't the worst part. His Daddy seemed to be hesitating; his Daddy ran his fingers through his identical looking hair.

"James," He sighed, "if this goes well, we will get custody over you and the twins. That means that we get to keep you guys like we always have, however, if doesn't go we will lose custody over you. That means you will probably never see your Dad or I until all of you are adults. You guys may even be split up and adopted by other parents. The system is unpredictable."

"W-why?" James stuttered, all these different emotions swirling inside of him. His brain could barely come up with anything remotely sensible.

"Somebody in this town called Child Protective Services. Do you remember when they pulled you out of class and asked you questions? It was a couple of weeks ago, I think." James nodded numbly, flashes of him being pulled out of his third grade classroom to speak to Mr. Mackey, the Principle, and a stern-looking police officer. They asked him loads of questions and he answered every single one. He had thought it was normal since Arabella and Damien told him that they got questioned too.

"Why though?"

His Daddy frowned, "It could be because we're gay and we have kids. It could be because Damien hardly speaks. It could be because Arabella eats lollipops with insects and arachnids in them. It could be because we allow you to wear girl clothing. There are an indefinite amount of reasons James. I honestly couldn't say I know for a fact."

James jumped off of the bed, "I won't wear girl clothes, I'm sure Damien will talk more often, and Arabella can quit eating her candy! You guys ca-," James was cut off with a quick yet hard slap to his face.

"DON'T EVER TRY TO BE SOMETHING YOU'RE NOT! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME, JAMES NERO BLACK!" His Daddy thundered, his eyes a lit with anger. James looked up at his Daddy with clear tears welled up in the corner of his eyes.

His Daddy stood up before kneeling in front of him, his brown eyes softening considerably. "My prince, I'm not sorry for hitting you. You are to let no one stifle who you are inside or any creativity and ideas you may have. Do you understand me?" James nodded, throwing his arms around his Daddy's neck.

His Daddy carefully unhooked his arms before turning around to crouch under James' bed. James was perplexed, why was Daddy searching under his bed. In a couple of seconds, he returned facing James with two small boxes in his hands. Both of them were as different as day and night. The first one on the right was skillfully wrapped with black and red colored paper. A white bow sat on top of it along with a small white paper attached to it. The other box seemed as if it was done in haste. Bright colors decorated the wrapping paper, it stuck out in weird ends, a whole array of stickers were on each every side of the box. A neon orange bow sat on top of the box along with a small orange piece of paper.

His Daddy allowed a small smile to cross his face, although there was grief in his eyes. "These were supposed to be your ninth birthday presents, but with unforeseen circumstances it would be better to give them to you right now. The right one is from Damien and I while the left one is from your Dad and Arabella."

James grabbed the right one first, opening the paper carefully, inside was a box. He opened the top to see a silver bracelet with several charms. The ones that caught his eyes were a red scorpion and a small replica of his favorite pair of Jordans. "I love it!" James exclaimed, putting it on his wrist.

He took the other box opening it just as carefully, inside was a white box with Arabella's barely literate writing. He took the top off to see a bracelet made out of many different colored beads and some charms, although they didn't dangle like his other bracelet did. He slid it on his other wrist. He looked in awe at his two gifts before tearing up again.

"I don't want to go, d-don't let them take us away. Please." James begged, "I don't wanna go!"

His Daddy grabbed him in another hug, rubbing his back soothingly as he cried on his shoulder. "Don't let them take us, please, Daddy. Please!" He held onto his Daddy as hard as he could. He wouldn't let go he wouldn't let go. He wouldn't. They couldn't take him away.

"Do something, Daddy. Daddy, please. Don't let them take us. I'll do anything. I don't wanna go away. I don't wanna go," red-hot tears rolled down his cheeks, completely blurring his vision. He continued to blubber incoherent words. All he knew was that he was going to stay. He had to stay.

"Daddy," He repeated like a never-ending mantra, "don't let them take us away." James failed to see his Daddy shed a single tear. His Daddy only hugged him tighter.

"I'm sorry, James." His Daddy said pitifully. James only sobbed harder he couldn't stop. The aching in his chest was increasing, he wanted it all it to end. This had to be a horrible nightmare, which he couldn't awake from.

His Daddy finally pulled him away from his embrace. "James, enough crying. Dry your tears and start packing. I'll he-,"

James shook his head, furiously he wiped away of his tears, trying his hardest to keep the oncoming tears at bay. "I HATE YOU," He screeched, "YOU'RE USELESS! GET OUT!"

His Daddy took a step back, his mouth open, "Ja-,"

"GET OUT! GET OUT! I HATE YOU; I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN! DO YOU HEAR ME, I FUCKING HATE YOU, SETH!" James stamped his foot repeatedly; his eyes squeezed shut while the color of his face changed to match his hair. His eyes opened to see his Daddy walking out of the room, he ran over to the door, slamming it shut in his face.

James screamed for all the world to hear his pain, the tears he tried to keep from falling started making rapid tracks down his face. His fell to his blue carpet, curling himself into a ball, why couldn't he stop crying?

On the other side of the door, Seth slid down to the ground. He bit his bottom lip, his head on his knees. Like his eldest son, he was crying and he couldn't stop. As a parent you were always there for your children through the good and bad times. You were supposed to be the ones to chase their monsters away. You were supposed to be ones to have an answer and a solution to everything. You were to be their knight in shining armor always. When James said he hated him, Seth knew he had failed in his job as his parent. He felt completely and utterly helpless, and there wasn't a thing he could do about it.

An hour or so later, James tentatively poked his head out of his bedroom. He was shocked to see his Daddy sitting at his door. He opened the door widely, falling to his knees. "Daddy?" He said.

"James?" His Daddy replied. James nodded silently; his eyes were cast downward and his cheeks burned in shame.

"I'm sorry for what I said. I don't hate you, Daddy. You're not useless either. I love you very, very much, and I was just upset but that doesn't excuse my actions. You don't hate me now, do you? Please, tell me you still love me and I'm still your prince." James spoke in rapid pace, afraid of the answer.

His Daddy stood up, his full height being 5'3 inches. His lips curled into the smirk, James knew his father was famous for, "Ah, as the King of Scorpions, I could never hate the crowned prince of Scorpions. How can I hate the Prince when he wore my favorite outfit that makes my heart go wild," His daddy leaned in, "not even the other king could do this to me."

James giggled and blushed, "I love the King of Scorpions. The prince thanks you for the compliment." James bowed with a smile.

James stood back up, watching his Daddy's happy expression turn blank. What was wrong now? "James," James winced at the tone, Daddy was one of the few who used his full name most of the time. James wondered briefly how his Daddy could make his name sound absolutely wonderful to degrading and humiliating, or something in the middle of that.

The one thing James detested more than waiting though was when his Daddy used his name without any emotion. It scared the living crap out of James. Right now his Daddy was using that tone, and he couldn't say he liked it one bit. "Did you have everything you need, including underwear, long-sleeved shirts, your nightlight, night clothes, and all of the shoes you want to take with you? Did you take your brush, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, belts, glasses, and your bows and ribbons?" His Daddy asked with his arms crossed.

James nodded at each thing, inwardly jumping up and down. He had remembered everything, normally when his family went somewhere he f-, he wasn't just going somewhere. James stared blankly at his Nikes he was leaving his family. He had almost forgotten.

"Prince Jamie, you've forgotten one thing, I'm afraid." His Daddy said. James snapped his head up, what did he forget? Again, his Daddy grabbed his hand leading them to their living room.

Games and movie were strewn all over the cherry wood floor with game consoles on shelves. A giant TV sat in the middle of the living room with his Daddy and Dad's original works along with others hung up on the eggshell white walls surrounding them. His Daddy stopped in front a wooden cabinet. He swung it open, grabbing the first thing.

He closed it without a word, handing the item to James. "You almost forgot the Royal photo album." James' eyes widened, hugging it to his chest.

"Thank you, Daddy." James ran to put the item in his suitcase. As soon as it was fit into one of his three suitcases, the doorbell rang, resounding throughout the entire house like a *passing bell*.

James grabbed two of the suitcases while his Daddy grabbed the other. He found his siblings and his Dad in the hallway connecting to the front door. His Dad, Daniel, looked just as tired as Daddy, James noted.

Arabella and Damien each had three suitcases for each of them. James noticed Arabella had changed her theme, this month it had been rainbows and now she was garbed in black. James thought back to a book he had read earlier this year about Queen Victoria, after her beloved Albert died she was always dressed in black. She was always dressed as if she was mourning.

James hoped a splash of color would come back in Arabella's wardrobe, James couldn't bare to see his little sister so sad. His eyes past to Damien, he was no better. He was slouching more than usual and his grey eyes swirled violently with sorrow. His Daddy leaned his suitcase against the wall, walking to the door.

He swung it wide open; glaring fiercely as prim type of woman stepped in. She was dressed in pressed grey knee-length skirt with a white-buttoned dress-shirt. James watched as his Dad sent a sneer toward the lady. "Are you guys all packed and ready?" She directed her question toward James, Arabella, and Damien.

The twins nodded, giving nervous glances to Daddy and Dad while James responded with a "yes".

The woman bent down, with a smile she cooed, "You poor thing. Your parents forcing you to dress like a girl. Don't worry, your new Mommy and Daddy will get you proper clothes. How does that sound?"

James glared hatefully at the woman. She was the reason his family was breaking apart. "Fuck you." James responded with a sneer that surely made his Dad proud.

"Excuse me, young man I will not tolerate that use of-," James yawned in her face. He turned around, hugging his Dad first.

"I love you Dad, keep Daddy in-line and make sure he eats his vegetables. He can be sneaky with those carrots like Arabella." James said, inhaling the strong smell of clay, different types of paints, fire, all-around his Dad one last time.

His Dad hugged his back tightly, kissing the top of his head. "I love you too, my dear Jamie. Keep your sister in-line and make sure she eats her vegetables. She can't snack on those lollipops all-day. Remind her that 'Art is a bang' for me, please. Watch your brother too, you know he doesn't talk but he isn't mute. Talk too him for me okay. I love my little scorpion so much, never forget that." His kissed him once more, giving his eldest son a brilliant smile.

He switched parents with his siblings, running into his Daddy's arms. To James that was the safest place in world, nothing could compare to that. "I love you so much." James simply said that seem to convey everything he was trying to say at this point.

"I love you too, Jamie. I love you with all my heart." His Daddy replied, "James, I want you to promise me something."

James nodded, the tears from earlier coming back, "Promise me that you won't cry. You can't cry James; you have to support your siblings. You're a big brother, James. Show them that there is hope. I know you want to cry but you have to be strong. Promise me. Promise me that you will be strong and unyielding, never let them see you cry."

"I promise." James said, forcing back his tears.

"That's my Jamie." His Daddy replied with a thin smile, he hugged him once last time.

The woman gave forms to both of James' parents still talking while parents wore unreadable expressions. They put the forms on the counter, walking outside with their children's suitcases in hand.

They packed them into the mini-van, watching their children one by one climb into the car behind tinted windows. Desperately they wanted to grab their kids, to put them in their arms and to never let go. This wasn't right those were their children. They were good parents, just because they were a little different didn't mean a thing.

They deserve to have their kids taken from their care. They couldn't raise a single finger against the injustice of all of this. It would only make the situation worse.

James shuddered when the car engine roared to life. Damien and Arabella grabbed a hand on either side of him. James' watched with a forlorn eyes as his fathers' figures became tiny specks and then into nothing.

"Jamie, will we ever see Daddy and Dad again?" Arabella asked softly. She took her scorpion lollipop out of her mouth. James could feel Damien's eyes on him as he opened his mouth to answer Arabella's question.

Normally, James would've told her the truth but he had to be a big brother right now. He had to give her hope even if he didn't have any himself.

"Bella, we will see them again." James answered with a small smile.

Damien scoffed, his grip on Jamie's hand became tighter, "You're lying."

James glanced at his younger brother, who was staring blankly out the window.

He had nothing more to say.