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The car screeched to a halt in front of the Silver Springs apartment building. Ziva jumped out before the vehicle had finished moving, but Abby took her time. She was still in a daze.

Or that was the way Ziva interpreted the distant looks and short, delayed responses, anyway. The truth was that Abby already knew what the outcome had to be. As Ziva ran up to Tim's apartment to see for herself, Abby slowly exited the car. There were too many police cars, too big of a crowd, for Tony to still be alive.

The sun had disappeared from the D.C. skyline about a half hour before, but the air was filled with warm, clear air. Blue and red lights still flashed in the dimming light, though the sirens had long ago been turned off. Abby leaned against the car and waited.

After a few minutes, Ziva exited the building, looking pale and exhausted. As she watched, Gibbs approached Ziva and spoke to her for a moment. Then he pulled her into a hug, and Ziva buried her head in his shoulder. It looked like she was crying.

Abby felt like she'd been punched in the gut, but she couldn't say that she hadn't expected it.

All of a sudden, she couldn't stand to watch. She jumped in the car and took off, peeling out of the parking lot altogether too fast. She hoped Ziva found the solace she needed, but no one could comfort her.

She glanced up at the darkening sky. Storm clouds gathered on the horizon. Of course it's going to rain, she thought glumly.

She drove around the city, not knowing where she was going until she got there. A small park about a five minute walk from NCIS. She and Tim used to take lunch breaks there together when they were dating, and continued to over the years. She found their bench and sat in her usual place.

It felt unnatural, sitting there alone. Tim was supposed to be next to her. They would talk about anything and everything; they could tell each other anything.

They would talk about everything except how they felt. That was buried and forgotten. Or supposed to be.

Now he was gone. Just as she began to tire of pretending.

This was wrong. He should have been hers, but he had been stolen away before she had a chance. Death had staked its claim on him.

And now on Tony, as well.

She probably shouldn't have sped out of there like she did. Ziva would have panicked, having lost Tim and now Tony, but Gibbs would have stopped her from calling. He would understand. In a couple of hours, he would go after her.

He would come straight here. He always knew where to find her.

She hesitated, and then lay on the bench, her head in the place Tim was supposed to be.

Tim was supposed to be there to help her handle Tony's suicide. He was supposed to always be there when she needed him, even though she didn't deserve it. He was supposed to hold her when she cried and tell her everything would be okay when it seemed like it would never be.

Instead, Tim wasn't here. She was alone.


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