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Ginny Weasley sat alone by the lake, her potions homework discarded on the damp grass. They were two weeks into the new school year now, but Ginny was still alone, still friendless.

Last year she had been so busy worrying about the Chamber of Secrets, the attacks. She had been terrified that someone would notice her odd behaviour, but at the same time she had been scared no one would notice that no one could help her.

Preoccupied by all these things Ginny had never made the effort to make friends with the other girls in her dormitory. And now they were into their second year at Hogwarts and everyone had made friends and formed groups. Ginny let out a sigh and miserably plucked a daisy from the ground.

She had just begun viciously tearing the petals from the flower when a small voice piped up behind her.

"Ginny, is that you?"

Ginny snatched up her wand and spun around her heart thudding. Last year's events had left her rather jumpy but she was getting better, gradually.

When Ginny saw the speaker she immediately relaxed, it was only a small mousey boy in her year. He was a Gryffindor too and his name was Colin Creevey. Last year Ginny had sat beside Colin in Charms. He had been cheerful and easy to talk to. For a while she had even allowed herself to think that perhaps with time they could become good friends. Later Ginny had hated herself for allowing such hope to build up inside her only for it to melt rapidly away.

You see soon after Ginny had allowed such hopeful thoughts to begin building up inside of her, it happened. The thing that would continue to haunt her till her dying day happened. The Chamber of Secrets opened. When it opened it brought all her deepest fears and darkest thoughts with it, and crushing all her hopes and all her dreams. Then Colin had been petrified and not a shard of hope lay buried inside of Ginny Weasley anymore. There was no way Colin would ever want to be her friend, not after what she had done But then Ginny wondered, what did he want with her now?

The boy stared at her; his eyes almost seemed to dance with excitement. Apparently he required no answer to his previous question. Flashing her a bright smile he began to speak.

"Oh it is you! I've been trying to catch up with you for weeks. Gary, a boy in my dormitory said you were avoiding me. But don't worry, of course I knew you wouldn't do that so I told Gary to stop being so silly and get on with his chess game."

Ginny felt herself blush. Because you see she had been avoiding Colin Creevey, the same way she had been avoiding everyone else who had been petrified.

"Is it true that you're the one who was taken into the Chamber of Secrets? I heard Harry Potter saved you, he's magnificent, Harry is, isn't he! He's so brave, I know everything about Harry I do! Even got a picture of me and him somewhere. Hang on I'll see if I've got it on me-''

Colin then plonked himself on the grass beside Ginny and was now fishing in his pockets for a photograph.

"Oh golly…I was sure I had it with me. I hardly ever leave the dorm without it. Don't worry though I can show it to you another time."

Ginny listened to all this in in a bemused sort of trance. Surely this boy couldn't really want to talk to her. Surely he didn't want to be her friend. Not after what she had done….But maybe they could be friends? No she mustn't let herself think like this, she could not handle the disappointment that goes with such ideas.

Suddenly Ginny couldn't take it anymore and the words that she had been mulling over in her head slipped out of her mouth.

"Why are you talking to me?"

A look of immense surprise fluttered across Colin's face and het stuttered, "I well, I-I, What I mean to say is that um I like you .I mean I thought that we were, well friends. But of course if umm I-I-I'm bothering you I'll go. Sorry Ginny ahem well bye."

Poor Colin had stumbled to his feet and had begun walking towards the castle before his words had registered in Ginny's mind.

I like you.

I thought we were friends.

And there it was the word Ginny had been longing to hear.


"COLIN, wait! Are we? Are we…..friends?"

Colin Creevey swiftly turned around and stared at Ginny Weasley .He couldn't help thinking that she was a curious girl. A very curious one and one that he most definitely wanted to be his friend.

"Yes, well if you want to. You do want to be friends don't you?" He asked a bit fearfully.

A small laugh escaped Ginny's lips. There was nothing more in the world she wanted than to have a friend and Colin Creevey seemed like he could be a very good one indeed.

"Yes. Yes I would love to be friends with you."

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