Ending Credits: It's a Wonderful Life – Sparklehorse

Some days were better than others. But that's how it always goes, isn't it?

Some days, they'd argue because Kenny used too much of the hot water while taking one of his famous hour-and-a-half long showers. And then later argue about how Kenny was not participating in writing his schedule on the calendar that Kyle so anally kept. And then even later argue about how Kenny had gotten McDonalds instead of waiting for dinner.

Other days, they'd drink and be merry. And have sex. Then, they'd go to sleep happy. The usual.

Sometimes, the days would be ordinary. They'd wake up and walk through their respective routines and collapse together at the end of the day, only to wake up and do it all again.

On rare days, life was so good it felt like fantasy. You're probably familiar with those days: The ones where you wake up feeling refreshed, your morning latte has never tasted more delicious, work and school are a little more than tolerable (maybe even somewhat enjoyable), you come home to your lover holding a bottle of wine and wearing nothing more than a wicked grin, and you go to bed warm and snuggly and fucking satisfied.

But there were really bad days, too.

Like the day that Karen McCormick showed up on their doorstep after riding a bus from South Park to Boulder, her face so bruised that her own brother hadn't even recognized her at first. And how this really, really bad day sparked a series of really, really, really bad days in which twenty-two-year-old Kenny fought like hell so his sister wouldn't have to go back to their 'home' in South Park.

They were living.

Maybe it wasn't 'happily ever after,' but who knows what the hell that means, anyhow?

How do you know that you're living happily ever after?

Is it after a year?

Five years?



Or never?

At least in Kenny's mind, he figured that he'd have no fucking clue whether or not they'd made it to 'happily ever after' status until Kyle was dead and he was still roaming around unable to follow (Maybe by that point, Cthulhu would relent and let him kick the bucket? One could only hope). But he didn't like to think about that. Nor did he have to. That was at least like sixty fucking years down the road, and seriously, fuck thinking about the future. He was too goddamn busy with the present to give two shits about where today would take him tomorrow.

So, while life was by no means perfect, it was pretty damned decent.

Happily ever after? Maybe not.

Happy for now?

Sure, why the fuck not.


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