Power Ranger Drabbles

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Chapter 1: Hunter and Cam


Cam held Hunter tight as he wept on Cam's shoulder. This was the most difficult day of the year for him and he wanted more than anything to be able to make all of Hunter's pain go way. But he couldn't. The anniversary of the day that one loses their parents is always so hard. But Cam hoped he was helping just a little. He rubbed Hunter's back as he rocked him gently, just letting him pour out his grief for his lost parents.

Finally Hunter pulled back enough to look at Cam. His eyes were red and swollen. "Thank you, Cam," He said softly. "I don't know what I'd ever do without you."

Cam smiled. "You will never have to find that out, love," he assured him firmly, smoothing back his blond locks. "I'm always here for you." He kissed Hunter gently.

"That goes double for me, baby," Hunter replied when they'd pulled back. And they knew they would. That was what being soul mates was all about.

Making out

It wasn't the first time they'd been caught making out at ninja Ops, and it probably wouldn't be the last.

"Whoa, major PDA, dudes!" Dustin cried as he entered with Tori and Shane.

Hunter and Cam jumped a mile and pulled apart; Hunter nearly falling off Cam's lap as Cam spun his chair to face the voice.

"Dang, give a guy a heart attack!" Cam exclaimed as Hunter resettled himself on his boyfriend's lap.

"Who had a heart attack?" Blake asked as he came in.

"No one yet," Shane replied. "We came in to find these two making out and Dustin yelled and scared the jeebies out of them."

Blake rolled his eyes. "Again?" He exclaimed exasperatedly. "Every time I turn around, they're lip-locked!"

Hunter smiled at his younger brother. "That's what happens when you're in love, bro," He replied.

"When it happens to you guys, you'll understand," Cam added.

"When it happens to us, we won't make out in front of everyone," Shane replied.

"That's nice,' Hunter said as he turned back to Cam. "We're proud of our love and we don't care if the whole world knows."

"That's right," Cam said, gazing lovingly into Hunter's eyes.

Hunter reached up and tenderly brushed a lock of Cam's hair back from his face.

"Uh oh, I'm out of here before they start again!" Shane cried.

"Wait for me!" Dustin added. Cam and Hunter barely noticed the others leaving. They were too caught up in each other and their love. The love they knew would last forever.

To work or not to work

The first thing Hunter saw when he opened his eyes in the morning was Cam's beautiful face. Smiling, he reached up and brushed his black bangs out of his eyes. Cam really needed a trim. But Hunter didn't mid too much; he liked playing with his hair.

He didn't real feel like getting up so he snuggled against his lover and gently kissed his cheek before closing his eyes once more.

Just then Cam stirred and opened his eyes. "Mm, is it morning already?" He asked sleepily.

"Sure is love," Hunter answered.

Cam groaned. "I'm not ready for morning yet. It means I have to get out of this comfy bed and your loving embrace."

"Then don't," Hunter replied firmly. He snuggled even closer to him.

"But we have so much to do today," Cam pointed out. "We have zord repair, reconfiguring the Ninja Ops computer systems, working out, to name a few."

"Baby, the zords and computer can wait, and can do our working out right here," Hunter said and smiled mischievously.

Cam blushed beat red, which Hunter found adorable. "But Dad will-"

Hunter kissed him sweetly, cutting off his protest. "Your dad will be away all day meditating, remember?"

"Oh, yeah," Cam said. "But we still should get some work done."

"And we will," Hunter assured him. His kissed his lover deeply, drawing it out. Cam moaned and kissed him back hungrily. When it was finally over Hunter gazed at his lover. "So what do you think?"

"The zords and computer can wait," Cam replied, breathing heavy. "We have work to do right here."

"A lot of work," Hunter agreed, and with another searing kiss, rolled so he was on top of Cam so they could begin their work.

The Joke

When Shane, Dustin, Tori, and Blake walked into Ninja Ops, they all stopped and looked around, stunned. Black and white labels adorned everything in sight!

"What the heck?" Shane exclaimed.

Dustin moved to the table. "Spaceballs: The Table," he read.

"Huh?" Tori asked.

"Spaceballs: The Computer," Shane read. He was by Cam's chair.

"Spaceballs: The Chair," Blake said.

"What?" Tori asked.

Suddenly Dustin laughed. "Look at the floor!" They did. A label there said "Spaceballs: The Floor".

"What the heck is Spaceballs?" Tori wanted to know.

Dustin giggled. "Even I know that! It's a movie!"

Tori shook her head. "I've never heard of it," she replied.

Dustin was shocked. "Are you serious?"

Tori nodded and Shane started telling her about it. Suddenly Dustin Spun around. I have to check something!" He dashed from the room. A moment later they heard him begin to guffaw.

Then he ran back to them. "Guys, you have to see this!" He cried interrupting Shane. "Come on!" He dashed back out and the others followed him

He went into the bathroom and Blake stopped. "Uh, I think I'll wait until you get out," he said warily.

"That's for sure," Tori agreed, making a face.

Dustin shook his head and pointed to the toilet. "No, look!"

They looked, and on the lid there was a sign. Spaceballs: The Toilet, it said. Dustin started guffawing again and Shane rolled his eyes. "That's so not funny."

"Spaceballs: The Toilet Paper," Blake read.

"Did you do this, Dustin?" Tori demanded.

But before he could answer, a new voice spoke up. "Careful with the toilet paper. It could have all kinds of space germs on it!" This was followed by the sound of two people laughing.

They whirled around to find Hunter and Cam giggling by the door. "Did you guys do this?" Shane asked irritably.

"Cam wouldn't do this," Tori protested.

But, "GOTCHA!" Cam and Hunter cried gleefully. They high-fived.

Blake put his hands on his hips. "Why would you do this, Bro?"

Hunter grinned. "The same reason you guys made sure we woke up the other day with salt and pepper all over us!" He replied.

"That was because you guys wouldn't stop making out during the Totally Talented marathon the evening before!" Tori pointed out.

Hunter and Cam looked at each other for a moment. "Well, you know what they say," Hunter began. Then Cam joined him. "PAYBACK'S A BITCH!"

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