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"Too close together. Bats, i don't think this is coincidence."
"Its not. They've been put on Zucco's payrole."

Dick felt like all of the air had been forced out of his lungs and no matter what he did, it refused to return. He couldn't breathe, couldn't think. Ivy and Joker, the baddest of the bad, were on Zucco's payrole. His parents' murderer was still pulling strings and causing intence pain.
"Wait. Wait." he gasped. "Zucco and Ivy and the Joker are all in solitude. No visitors, no internet access, no nothing. How? How did he get a hold of them?" his eyes searched his mentor's face, trying to find something, anything. Maybe they had false information.

"We're still not sure how. Our best guess is that he had this set up from the beginning. Meaning he wanted to meet someone on the inside." Robin's hopes went out the window as did his self control. He knew there was a catch. He knew something bad was coming. He began shaking. "Dick. Zucco thinks your secret identity ratted him out, that Richard Grayson sent Robin to pound down his door."
"What does that mean?" asked Conner, placing a firm hand on Robin's shaking shoulder.
"It means Joker and Ivy are after Dick and they won't stop until they're back behind bars." Batman's stonic voice had softened a bit, after seeing Dick's shattered face. "We will get them."
"But what about Bruce! They'll go after him!"
"The Leauge has been notified and we have put up a protection detail."
"I'm going home." grim determination found its way to his face.
"No, you're staying there." the answer was instant, and backed with a bat-glare.
"Bats! Please. He's my dad." Dick pleaded, gently pulling away from Conner and going up to the screen. He needed to be with him.
"I know, Robin. I know. But this is for your own good. Until we know their plan, or where they are, you are staying there where it's safe. That is your team's mission. The Leauge will do the rest."
"No buts! This conversation is closed." the transmission was cut, leaving a blank screen and a shocked team.

Dick had allowed himself to be dragged from the room, feeling numb and not really sure what to think. He was set down on the couch and someone flipped the TV on. Warmth dropped onto his shoulders and he realizd dimly that someone had put a blanket on him. Music filled the air as a dark screen stared back at him.

He should have realizied that he hadn't won, that he only helped further Zucco's agenda. What's worse is the fact that Zucco had somehow managed to get word to Joker and Ivy. But, the thing that made this feel like a sucker punch to the gut, was that Zucco was, once again, after Richard Grayson. Zucco was after him. Just days after he felt freedom for the first time in nearly eight years, he was trapped in the cell, back in the darkness of his mind.

He had spent years there, thinking of every way possible to torture and kill the man who caused this agony. And he had let him go. Just like that.

What the hell had he been thinking? A man like that would never stop. He has no limits. He has drug money, drug runners, stolen goods, hired henchmen, thugs, guns, contacts and access. What had possesed him to think he, a kid, could stop a man like that? He is a kid and he now knew what was going through his mentor's head when they were trying to keep them in the corner. He sighed as his thoughts snapped back to the thoughts at hand.

Bruce. Batman. Whoever the hell he really was.

He always encouraged him, was always there. He always made him feel safe, ever since he fell into his lap. No pun intended. He had given him the gagets, the know how, the computers, the training-everything and then some. He gave him approval, something hard to earn from a man like that. And he thought he was good enough, just good enough. But, as it turns out, enough is never within reach.

He blinked when he realized that, if Zucco really had sicced Joker and Ivy in Dick Grayson, they could hurt Alfred-possibly kill him!-or find the Batcave. They'd tear the palce apart trying to find him, and unlucky lucky accidents happen all the time with criminals. What if they made the connection? They were not as easily swayed, as was his team, against the fact that Bruce wasn't Batman. They'd know Bruce is Batman and use that to their advantage. He sighed and slumped in his seat, his shoulder pulsing in slight pain.

It had almost been three weeks and it was mostly healed, thanks to alien medical attention and bed rest. He hadn't even realized that he was sitting next to Conner, as everyone else were whispering in the kitchen. He closed his eyes, holding back tears. What if Zucco took Bruce and Alfred away too? He wouldn't be able to handle it, hell he could barely handle the thought of losing them. He'd lose it.

"You okay?" whispered Conner gruffly, wanting to comfort his friend, but not sure how to.
"I...I'm okay." he lied, opening his eyes. His vision was slightly blurred by the tears he refused to let fall.
"Are you sure?" Conner's eyes lingered on his; he didn't look convinced.
"Okay, maybe i'm okay. But i'll be fine." he gave a smile that he knew was strained and broken.
"You don't have to shoulder it alone, Richard." Conner's arm wrapped around the small bird's shoulders, looking deep into his eyes. "I'm here. We're here. We'll get you through this in one, solid peice."
"Don't make a promise you can't keep, Conner." Dick sniffled, looking down. He wiped his eyes with the back of his hand.
"But i will keep this one. I promise."
"Cross your heart?" he smiled, feeling a little bit better.
"And hope to die." Conner gave him a shake on the shoulder, pulling away from him.

Robin blinked up at the clone, who was flipping through the channels and not paying him any mind. He hadn't known that Conner knew the saying, and wondered where he heard it. Did...did that mean something more? Were they...on solid ground? Friends, no longer just team mates?

His thoughts were interupted by a yawn. It was then that he realized that it was nearly ten. He watched the show Conner had picked. It was a popular comedy show, he just couldn't think of the name. It showed this guy holding this puppet, it was a vantriliquist act, and was talking back and fourth between himself. He was aruging with it, and the puppet kept bringing something up about a blue preious. It was pretty funny. The guy had brown hair and looked oh so pissed whenever the puppet talked. Of course his lips weren't moving.

He hadn't even notice how sleep was slowly claiming him.

Conner looked down when he felt a light weight on his side. To his surprise, it was Robin. He was sleeping soundly, curled into his side, his fingers had caught the hem of his shirt. He eased away slightly, not sure what to do. His eyes flickered to the kichen, where the others were still planning and back at the sleeping form. He leaned in and carefully wrapped his arm around the bird, who, in turn, nessled closer.

He was shocked when he felt heat rush to his face and his heart seemed to beat faster. He swallowed thickly as he felt a smile form on his face. He tried to figth it off, but it refused to leave. He turned the TV down as he gently moved the young boy away from the edge of the sofa.

He thought back to what happened earlier, how he promised to keep Robin safe and sound.
"Cross you heart?"
"And hope tio die."

The only way he'd make absoultly sure is if he became his body gaurd, twenty four/ seven. He also wondered why he said it. He just knew he had to, and that it was right, that it was true. But why say it? And, since he did, would Robin-Dick-view hime any different? If so, would that be good? Bad? Why should he care if Dick's opinion of him changed for the worse? But, yet, the thought of Dick hating him just made him feel sick.

He decided not to dwell on it too much, because he was beyond tired. He fell alseep, holding Dick close, ignoring the conversation behind him.


"I think it'd be best for everyone to get some rest." Kaldur came around the couch, to shoo Dick and Conner off to bed like he had done with the others moments before. It was already reaching midnight. But, since he didn't recieve an answer, he rounded the side and peered down. To his astonishment, Conner was laying on the couch with Dick to his side. Dick was laying in between the couch cushions and Conner, his head on the clone's chest. Conner's arm was around Dick's waist.

Smiling softly, Kal garbbed some blankets from the hallway closet and draped them over the boys.

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