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Bella's pov.

I'm a monster, I will always be a monster and I always have been ever since 1518. I was born on September 13, 1501 I was born at Forks, Washington. My parents that gave birth to me were Renee Swan and Charlie Swan, they were both loving parents that I loved so much but they died the day I became a monster. Oh I forgot to tell you my name, my name is Isabella Marie Swan, but I want to be called Bella. So the day I was changed was on October 13, 1518, so I have been staying 17 ever since that day and I will always be 17. How I was change, what I am changed to and what happen to monster that did it to me you are probably wondering? I was changed to a vampire and how I got change was when the oldest vampire that changed me and what happen to him, I will tell you what happen on the day I was changed and what happen to him.

The day I was change was the day that me and my parents were having a family day, and we don't get that very often, so me and my mom was cooking because it was the last thing to do on the day to spend time with them. When we just finished cooking all of a sudden my dad started to scream, then me and my mom went to go check what happen and when we went to see what was wrong I saw that he was on the floor and there was blood coming out of his neck and I can tell that he was dead and I started to cry my mom also started to cry but then all of a sudden she started to scream and I saw that there was somebody biting her neck and after he was done he dropped her to the ground and started to walk toward me, and when he bite my neck I remember their was pain but I couldn't remember what kind of pain it was. When he was done he was carrying me to the woods then I let the feeling of sleep go to me and then the last thing I saw was darkness. When I woke up I saw that he was still there and he told me he was the oldest vampire and the only one but before he told me his name I pulled him against the wall and bite off his neck. After I was done my throat started to burn to thirst, and when I was outside and I smelled animal blood I went to the first one I smelt.

So that's how I was changed and what happen to the oldest vampire, and to tell you the truth I believed him, because I searched and searched but nothing so now I'm the oldest vampire now. Oh and you are also how I am living my vampire life? Well I don't drink human blood, and I never had human before. All I have was animal blood, and I have turned just one human to a vampire, I didn't know her name but once she woke up she said she wanted to go on her own. So she left but I never got her name, but then the vampire grew just a little so that's good we don't need a lot. So I have been on my own ever since October 13, 1518 and now it is March 29, 2010. Oh and I have a special power and that special is a shield, nobody can't get through my mind, but unless I want them to and I can spread it where it can protect me, oh and I also can do spread it to other people for a while. I am the fastest and strongest vampire in the world I am really not trying to brag but I am because this one vampire said he was the strongest his name was Brad and I beat him up, I didn't kill him just enough where he couldn't fight back, and this other guy named Bob said he was the fastest abut I beat him from racing and they both tell me I am the strongest and fastest vampire.

So right now it is March 29, 2010. I am back in Forks, Washington where I was born I have always picked this place to go one place to another because it was my home town and the other reason is because it always rain here and that the sun barley comes out so, so it's the perfect place for a vampire to stay. So I am in an apartment that is closer to the woods and it is pretty fancy I have the penthouse, I have a lot of money so ever since 1518 I have been gaining money and pretty much you would say that I am rich but I think I'm not that rich just enough for apartments to live in and enough to have a car. I was in my penthouse unpacking my things and while I was unpacking, my other hand went to grab my locket that is around my neck I stop unpacking for a bit to look inside, and inside was a picture of my mom and dad well painting whatever because back in the 1500's there was no cameras back then. I miss them so much. Oh I forgot to mention that I never had a boyfriend and never had my first kiss and I have never liked a boy to be with, so I never found a boy I have been interested in.

So after I was done unpacking. I went to go in the woods to hunt a little, my favourite animal blood to drink in lion really and truly any kind of lion is fine. So after I was hunting a while I relived I smell other vampires that were here, I decided I will check it out later, because I have to find a job and get stuff for school. So I went back to my penthouse and just sat there for a while till I finally turned on the TV and watched it for a bit, until I finally I can go to the hospital to try to be a nurse out there, I have been a nurse for many years, I can work after school. I went grab my purse, a scarf, a jacket, sunglasses, and the keys to the car. Then I was out the door going to the car. The car was a back mustang, it was a very nice car and when I press a button the car can go without a roof or on all I have to do is press a button if I want it on or not. Right now the roof is on so when I went to go get in the car I press the button and then the car no longer have a roof for now. So now I was driving to the hospital and when I got their I can smell the vampire scent again but this time it smelled like only one vampire. I went inside and went to the front desk and I told the lady that I was here to get a job. She told me where to go so I went in the office she told me where to go and when I went inside I saw there was a man, and I went to go sit on the chair that was in front of his desk was a seat that I can sit on, then I went to go sit on the seat and when I did he told me his name was, Mr Mayer. We talked for a bit and he asked me some questions and all that. After a while he told me I got the job, but I only work after school so after school I have to go to the penthouse and getting ready for work and then I go work. So I will be working 4:30-8:30 or 9:00 on some days.

So I went to go shopping for a bit for some clothes, I shopped a little but then I smelled that vampire scent again but it's not the same vampire that I smelled back at the hospital. The smell I smell now and the smell back at the hospital is the same smell I smelled back when I was hunting. I shopped a little bit more because I need to get school supplies, to still get some more clothes, and to get some new nurse stuff and while I was here I decided to check out the book store. So after I was done shopping the back of my car seat was filled with clothes even my trunk was filled with clothes, but my front seat have my school supplies, books and my purse. I was driving back at my penthouse and I dragged the school supplies in the living room the books in my liberty and I put all clothes in the closet. Then I went back in the living room to put the school supplies in the book bag I just bought, after I was done I put the book bag on the chair that was ready for me in the morning.

I decided to go read a book I bought today; it was called the Weathering Heights. I went to go in my liberty while I read, and when I finished the book I saw that it was morning and it was time to get ready for school. I went to go in my room and get ready for school, when I was done; I went to go in my room to get ready for school. When I was done getting ready I was off to school, while I was driving to school without the car roof top so when I was driving everybody started to look at me. When I finally made it to school I found a parking spot that was right next to a... wait a minute that's vampire smell, and I can smell 5 vampires. I parked right next to their vehicle, and I press the button where there's a roof now then I was out the car and was heading toward the office. When I got in there was a lady in the front desk, I walked toward her, but I had to wait because 2 people were in front of me. After the 2 people left it was my turn.

"Hey, I'm Isabella Swan and this is my first day of school." I said, to the lady, she looked over the cabinets, and found my slip and a map.

"Here your slip, Isabella and let your teachers sign it and when it is all sign you bring it back here, and here's a map." She said, while giving me the slip and the map.

"Thank you, but you can call me Bella." I said to her.

"You're welcome, and okay Bella I hope you have a great day and a great time here." She said to me.

"Okay and I also you have a great day to, bye." I said to her.

"Bye." She said.

Then I was out the door and heading to my first class to school today, and later on I am going to have to find out who these 5 vampires I smelled while I was out hunting, at the hospital and while I was shopping also yesterday, and now at the school, I wonder if they drink human blood or animal blood like me, well hopefully I will find out today.

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