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A Harry Potter Fanfiction


OC: Darcy Simmons/OC: Emmett Boot

Chapter Twenty

"Are you ready?" Emmett asks, his startlingly bright eyes staring deeply into my dark ones, checking for any sliver of doubt.

"Yes," I smile. "I'm ready for this. I can do this."

"Good because if you don't catch the snitch then Potter will hold it over you and, more importantly, me until the end of the reason." He jokes.

"Well if you didn't hit me with a Bludger the first match then I might've caught it." I growl.

"You're still holding that over me? I can't help it if you're an easy target."

"Break it up, love birds," Jude pipes up. "Keep your focus on the game."

"Last time I checked I was the Captain and got to tell you what to do," Emmett challenges with a smirk. "Maybe you need to run a few laps around the pitch before the match starts."

"Calling rank, that's harsh," Manny adds as she slings an arm around my shoulders, grinning at me supportively. "But don't worry about Darce; she's going to do brilliantly as always."

"Or face the penalty of death at the hands of my own boyfriend if I don't."

"That's right," Emmett agrees sternly. "I'll make sure to hit several bludgers your way next practice if you don't do this."

"Hey, don't start threatening me or I'll have to kick your arse." I reply, shaking my fist at him threateningly.

"You're like five feet tall; you can barely reach my arse." He teases, ruffling a hand through my hair patronisingly.

"She could always stand on Manny's shoulders. Together they might just barely match our heights." Jude prods, earning himself death glares from Manny and I.

"You forget that Darce and I contribute to scoring points in this match," Manny warns. "So you'd better be nice or we can just throw the whole thing."

"Not quite, they can treat me like complete crap but there's no way I'm losing to Potter on purpose," I correct her with a grin at the image of winning. "It just means I'll have to beat them to death after the match and that's okay, I can wait. Waiting leaves time for the rage to build up."

Soon the call comes for the Quidditch teams to enter the field and we organised ourselves into our respective position with Emmett leading us, his head held high. I remember walking this very way my first Quidditch match with the Ravenclaw team, glaring from Emmett to Potter murderously; unsure of which one I hated more. Now here I am, smiling up at my Captain and not really paying any mind to Potter. In fact my desire to win isn't even about beating Potter at being a Seeker–actually, it's a little bit about beating Potter and a lot about rubbing it in his face–it's about proving to everyone that I deserve to be here. I deserve to be clutching my broom as we march onto the pitch, I deserve to be in this blue and bronze Quidditch uniform, I deserve to be a part of this team, I deserve to be the Seeker and equally as important, I deserve to be at Emmett's side.

As the Gryffindor team approaches and the referee reminds us of the rules, I can't help but think back to the first match again. It's scary how far I have come. I now have a trio of best friends–although one is also my boyfriend–who share my love of Quidditch, I am now confident in my position as Seeker and I am now at ease, all the drama has faded away. I watch as my current boyfriend firmly shakes the hand of my ex, the pair exchanging competitive glares and insults under their breaths before returning to their respective teams.

"Good luck." I whisper when Emmett returns to my side and we are instructed to mount our brooms.

"I don't need luck," he says before smiling at me. "I have you."

"That has to be the most feminine thing you have ever said," I laugh, grinning back at him. "It's just plain weird."

"Well that's the last time I pay you a compliment," he rolls his eyes at me. "Just get in your position and try not to lose us the game."

"Have I ever let you down before?" I ask before quickly correcting myself. "Except for our first match, but that was also your fault so I can't really be held accountable."

Before we can return to the argument of whose fault it was that we lost our first match against Gryffindor, a noise blares through the pitch and the game begins. I immediately shoot off into the air away from the mess of Chasers and Beaters struggling to throw other players off their game and score some points in the process. I don't need them distracting me–or threatening my life with Bludgers–as I whizz around overhead, searching desperately for that sliver of glistening gold whipping through the air. I can hear Potter racing around just as I do, throwing taunts my way, but they simply go in one ear and out the other as I try to concentrate.

I have to win this. I need to win this.

Just as I reassure myself, the snitch flashes passed the two of us, darting about the stadium chaotically. We immediately shoot after it, following each of its twists and turns with our sharp reflexes. We swerve about the area just as we had done in that first match, our speeds are equal and our skills are matched, leaving us head to head as we rush about. Every time of us creeps closer to the snitch, it swerves away from our grasps and puts us back as the each other's equal.

Everything happens so quickly as we race to and from the pitch, going wherever the snitch goes no matter how far away it takes us from the other places. I can barely register everything that is going on around me, I can barely even think. I just keep my eyes focused on the snitch as the only thing in my mind is the image of Emmett, of us winning, of him smiling.

As the snitch shoots upwards, I charge after it with Emmett's reassurances of my skills and ability to win echoing through my mind alongside his image. Potter is right on my tail, growing closer and closer to overtaking me with every passing moment as I maintain my steady speed. It suddenly darts into the thick layer of cloud above and I pause for a brief second, wondering if I should venture into the layer of fog or wait for the orb to dart back out. But I need to win this. I have to win this so, swallowing me fear, I burst through the layer of cloud.

I shift through the darkness, desperately following each flicker of gold just ahead of me. I can't hear Potter anymore; he is no doubt circling beneath the clouds, ready to grab the snitch as soon as it exits the layer. I have to snatch it up now, if I lose it, he will take it. I have taken a risk and I need it to pay off. I increase my speed as I finally get a clear sight of the snitch, following its every move. I outstretch my arm as I near it, stretching every one of my joints towards the snitch. I can almost feel its smooth surface beneath the buds of my fingers, just a little further, I'm almost there.

"Has it happened?" A voice calls out as I tumble out of the clouds. "It has! Darcy Simmons has caught the snitch! She has the snitch! Ravenclaw wins!"

"Thank god exams are finally over. I'm done studying for the rest of my life." Jude exclaims as he slings one arm over my shoulders whilst slinging the other over Manny's as we enter the Great Hall for the last feast of the year.

Emmett stands beside me, my hand held tightly by his, our fingers laced together, matching each other perfectly. He wears a small smile on his face as we make our way towards the Ravenclaw table, tucking ourselves into the spot at the end of the table we have claimed as our own. I have stopped sitting at the Gryffindor table, even if my two best friends and my boyfriend are busy, I find members of the Quidditch team and sit amongst them, albeit quietly.

"I can't wait for results," Manny squeals as we take our seats. "I really hope we all did well."

"Well of course you did well, you've studied practically every hour of every day for the last month," Jude states. "And even Darce and Emmett were studying all the time. I on the other hand am screwed, but so long as I don't have to repeat this year, I'm happy."

"I'll never understand why you are in Ravenclaw, Jude," I admit as I settle into my seat next to Emmett, nuzzling into his side as per usual, settling into the dips of his chiselled torso. "You're not remotely studious or witty. It makes no sense."

"I'm secretly brilliant, I'm just incredibly lazy." He replies with a shrug before digging into his meal.

"It's true," Manny adds playfully. "But I'm sure you'll still do well, we all will."

I can't help but smile at Manny's optimistic attitude even though she has no idea how any of us really did on our exams. I hope she is right though, I'd love to do well just as much as I'd love for my friends to do well. But over the last month, Jude mostly spent his time sleeping late and buggering around whilst the rest of us studied–although Emmett and I often to breaks to do more intimate things away from Manny and studying. I'm fairly sure she did the same with Cassair though, sneaking off to be alone with him whenever we took off.

It's shocking that the two are still dating as our seventh year at Hogwarts draws to an end; we all pretty much bet that they would break up within a month or so. We still hate Cassair as much as ever and he actually hates me even more than ever now that he has to spend more time around me. But we've found some mutual ground over Manny's happiness in that we want her to be happy and he makes her happy. Luckily Jude hasn't been so upset that the couple have lasted this long, taking comfort in the fact that they probably won't last after we graduate.

Unlike over her relationship with Cassair, Manny and Jude are still giddy over Emmett and me dating. Every time we reach a new milestone in our relationship they practically faint with excitement. It's both hilariously sweet and terribly annoying. But, despite the irritation it may cause, I am happy that my boyfriend and I share our best friends–and are also each other's best friend–as it just makes everything seem more real. I don't have a single doubt that we will last after we graduate as although I am terrified of what adulthood will bring to our relationship, I know the three of us will stay in contact and keep our friendships strong. Or at least try.

"What are you thinking about?" Emmett asks, giving my waist a squeeze as he glances down at me curiously.

"Just about the future," I say with a shrug before grinning mischievously. "And about the result of the Quidditch Cup, I wish they'd announce it already. The wait is killing me."

"I think it's killing all of us." He grins, giving me a gentle brief kiss on the lips before returning to the conversation fluttering between Manny and Jude.

I know he's right, it's all anyone has been talking about apart from our N.E.W.T. exams and expected results. We all know the Quidditch Cup is incredibly close this year. Gryffindor haven't lost many of their matches and have won by quite a lot. We have only lost two that I can remember–our first one and one I was absent from–and have mostly won by a substantial amount. I shake all thoughts of the Quidditch cup result out my head and instead try to focus on the laughter erupting from my three companions as I dig into my own meal.

"So do we have any plans for the summer?" Emmett asks as he steals food from my plate whilst I try to fight him off with my fork, an activity which has become the norm.

"You three are coming to stay at my dad's with me for a few weeks on August," Jude reminds us. "But apart from that, nothing. Mostly just staying up late and sleeping until mid-afternoon for me, maybe I'll find a summer fling if I have the energy."

"Sounds riveting," I mock as I try to eat as much of my food as I can before Emmett can snatch it away.

"Well I'm spending the first month of summer in Ireland with Cass and his family," Manny says with a dreamlike smile as she looks passed us to the Gryffindor table where the git in question must be sitting. "But after that I'm completely free to hang out with you guys. I'd rather not be at home; my family needs all the room it can get."

"You're free to stay at mine for the entire summer," Jude states with a smirk. "I promise I won't try anything."

"You can stay at mine for a bit as well if you want." I add.

"Before you offer as well, Emmy, it's alright," Manny says with a grin. "You and Darce are going to be spending all your time at one another's houses and then at Ju-Ju's house in August. It'd be a bit weird if I was just hanging out, being a third wheel."

"Well Jude can come over to mine or Darcy's as well," Emmett suggests with a smirk. "So you can't be a third wheel in that case."

"You know you could have tried comforting Manny with the fact that we appreciate her being there and so she'll never be a third wheel," I say with a roll of my eyes. "But no, instead you tell her to bring Jude so she won't feel awkward."

"I'm just being honest," he pulls me closer to him, his smirk growing. "After all, we will want some time alone over the holidays."

"Too much information," Jude cries out, shielding his eyes with his hands. "I feel nauseous!"

"I think it's cute," Manny scolds him. "And I know just how they feel, I love being alone with my–"

"If you start talking about Finnigan, I will actually throw up all over you and then go find him and throw up on him as well," He warns. "See this is why I need a fling, she can keep me distracted from all this mushy couple crap."

We continue on like this for some time as we make our way through our plates of food. We joke around, make future plans and occasionally I hit Emmett as he teases me playfully. Time passes by quickly as we chat energetically to one another and before I know it, plates of dessert appear on all the tables replacing that of the main course. Just as we begin to dish up the desserts, Headmistress Quackenbush calls for our attention as her final speech begins.

"I would like to wish our seventh years good luck with their N.E.W.T. results and hope the best for them when they leave us to venture out into the great wide world," she says after a while of rambling through the usual announces and farewells. "Now that we have all the business out of the way, it's time for what all you students have been waiting for; the awarding of the Quidditch Cup and then the House Cup!"

Cheers of excitement erupt through the hall before being hushed into silence by the headmistress. She begins with the usual reminders that every team should be proud of how they performed and learn from their mistakes and their triumphs, how every player should be valued and reflect on their own feats. Finally, just as minds start to wonder away from her words, she gets to the point.

"And so the winner of the Quidditch Cup is," she pauses for effect, her lips curling into a small smile. "The Gryffindor house!"

Roars of celebration echo through the room alongside the groans of disappointment. The Headmistress goes on the award the House Cup, but I tune out by then. I don't care which house gets it, I'm happy with any. But the Quidditch Cup, I feel like I have let my friend down, let Emmett down.

"Hey," I look up to him to find his expression firm. "I'm sorry; I thought we had this in the bag."

He glances down at me as if contemplating over to react before taking my hands in his and smiling gently. My heart immediately relaxes, thankful that he doesn't seem to be angry with me for what happened.

"Don't apologise, it would have been nice to have won the cup instead of Potter, but it doesn't matter." He assures me whilst drawing me towards him.

"Why's that?" I ask in almost a whisper as our lips are millimetres apart.

I don't even care about the embarrassment of this public display of affection, it's my last day of school and I won't see any of the people around me ever again. Well apart from Jude and Manny, but they are already aware of my closet affectionate behaviour with Emmett–although they still embarrass me over it.

"Because I won something even better than that cup," he replies in an alluring tone.

"Are you saying I'm a possession or a prize to be won between you and Potter?" I say with fake irritation.

"No, well, actually maybe a little bit. But what I'm really saying is," he closes the gap between us, his sweet scent flooding through my nostrils, sending butterflies fluttering within me. "I love you, Darcy."

"I-I-I," I suddenly realise Jude and Manny are watching, but swallow my embarrassment and respond. "I never thought we'd say this for the first time in front of those two."

"Just say it, I know you feel it." He replies impatiently.

"Maybe I don't want to anymore," I state stubbornly before noticing his irked stare and conceding defeat. "Okay, I'll say it back if you let me how much you value me as your Seeker, seeing as you want to keep me off the team in the first place."

"Fine," he agrees after a pause. "You're an amazing Seeker; I was a fool to want you off the team. In fact, if I could award you a title to show you how much you mean to me, I'd name you my Golden Seeker."

"That's cute," I tease. "I guess if you're willing to make up and say something like that in public, I'll embarrass myself for you too. So here goes; I love you too, Emmett."

"Thank you," he whispers before kissing me deeply. "That's my Golden Seeker."