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The Future Queen: That's right, you tell them Henry. This might be a chapter story, not just a one shot. It depends, as long as SOMEBODY (glares at Henry who started whistling) would stop bugging me. This fic is dedicated to all the Rukato fans, especially to those who had reviewed on The Moonlight Dance. This is to you!!!!!!!!!

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1 The Challenge of Love

By: The Future Queen

It was a Sunday afternoon, Takato Matsuki and Rika Nonaka are sitting on a tree branch kissing passionately, until Rika broke up the kiss.

"Takato? Don't you think it's a bit weird?" asked Rika.

"What do you mean weird?" said Takato.

"I mean how Renamon and Guilmon came back. I know they told us Azulongmon had sent them here to help and protect us. But what does he mean? We are perfectly fine right now, we don't…" she was cut short by Takato.

"Yes, we do need their help. How do you think we could defeat Daemon all by our selves." Said Takato, "or you don't want them to be here."

"Of course I want them to be here, it's just weird that's all." Said Rika.

"Wow, I've never seen the Digimon Queen worry so much.." joked Takato.

"You are lucky that you are my boyfriend, or you'll be dead for sure." Threatened Rika. Then Rika's sell phone began to ring, "Hello? This is Rika Nonaka."

"Hi Rika, it's me Henry. Is Takato with you right now?" asked Henry Wong.

"Yes he is." Answered Rika.

"Can you and Takato come to my house right now? This is really important." Said Henry.

"Okay we'll be there in a flash." Said Rika and they both hang off, "let's go goggle head, Einstein needs us."

"After all these years you still call him Einstein." Said Takato while helping Rika down from the tree branch.

"It's a habit, okay?" said Rika as the cute couple head for Henry's apartment.

At Henry's Room

"So what's the new, Einstein?" asked Rika. (I forgot to mention Henry got Terriermon back)

"Hey, watch the name!" said Henry, "okay on to the business. Today I was checking the email and I got an email from Gennai."

"From Gennai? You mean he is real?" asked Takato.

"Oh he is real alright." Said Terriermon.

"Anyways, he sent me this prophecy which ahs something to do with our or Takato and Rika's to be exact past and future."

"Okay just hurry up and get on with it." Said Rika impatiently.

"Momentai!" said Terriermon.

"Okay, here is the prophecy." Said Henry and he showed the two love birds the prophecy.

'The two that defeated the ultimate evil,

will go on a journey to find the truth.

One will be there to aid their way,

To find the truth and their fate.

The dark evils will arise again,

And the fate of the worlds,

Depends on them.

The two will find the truth and fate,

Their true destiny is still yet awaits.'

"So there is the prophecy but what does it mean?" asked Takato.

"I have figure out the most of the parts. 'The two that defeated the ultimate evil' means you and Rika, the ultimate evil is Daemon. You guys will have to go on a journey to find the truth about your past and future. One person will help you, the evils will arise and you have to defeat them. But your true destiny is still unclear. There is one more thing. Gennai also said that there would be more prophecy along the way." Finished Henry.

"Wow you sound like Izzy." Amazed Takato.

"Yep, that's my Henry." Said Terriermon.

"So that leaves us more questions. Who is this evils, and who is going to help us?" asked Rika.

"I think that's for you guys to find out." Said Henry.

The couple left the apartment, their minds filled with wonder…

In the Digital World

"The world will soon be ours my love." Said a dark voice.

"Yessssssss…" said another dark voice.

And the ultimate destruction had begun…


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