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Inside a Closet

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Back in the Closet

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The Challenge of Love Epilogue: Together Forever By: The Future Queen

The tamers just stood there, stared blankly ahead, tears streaming down their face. Nobody moved, nobody made a sound, nobody could believe what had just happened. Their beloved Digimon were gone.

Our heroes didn't even notice that they were transported to the land of the Digimon Sovereigns; they just stood there, motionless.

"Tamers!" a solemn voice called out.

The tamers turned around and found themselves staring into the eyes of the Digimon Sovereigns: Azulongmon, Zhuqiaomon, Baihumon, and Ebonwumon.

"Tamers, you destroyed the ultimate evil that even we couldn't defeat. For that we thank you. You protected the Digital World once again." Azulongmon said. The other Sovereigned nodded in agreement.

But the tamers said nothing.

"What's wrong?" Azulongmon asked.

None of them said a word.

"Maybe we can help!" Baihumon said.

"Guilmon..." that was all Takato could say.

"Oh!" Azulongmon exclaimed, finally realizing what's wrong. He exchanged knowing glances with the other Sovereigns, and said, "Your Digimon isn't gone forever..."

The tamers' head shot up, "They are not?"

"No. Every good Digimon gets a chance to reborn..."

"Then where's our Digimon?" Henry asked.

"We'll bring them to you..." Azulongmon answered as he and the rest of the Sovereigns closed their eyes.

The tamers watched in amazement as the Digimon Sovereigns began glowing brighter then they usually do, then four glowing 'objects' appeared in front of the tamers.

Reopening their eyes, Ebonwumon said, "Now take them, it's your Digi Egg!"

The tamers nervously took the egg, wondering if it is their partner. As they touched the egg, their left hand glowed. With one hand holding the egg, the other holding a bran new D-Ark, the tamers smiled and hugged their Digi Egg. Tears are still flowing freely down their cheeks, only this time it's the tears of joy.

The Digimon Sovereigns smiled, even Zhuqiaomon. They are happy for the tamers.

You've been such a good friend

I've known you since I don't know when

We've got a lot of friends,

But they come and go

Even though we've never said it,

There's something that the two of us both know

"Now tamers, your journey aren't over yet. You each still have a life to live, and we hope you and your Digimon live happily for the rest of your life." Azulongmon concluded, "Zhuqiaomon, don't you have something to say?"

"No." the fire Sovereign said automatically.

Azulongmon signed, "When will you change, Zhuqiaomon?"

Before Zhuqiaomon can answer, Rika interrupted.

"What about Calumon? Where is the little guy?"

"The Light of Digivolution is safely back, you don't have to worry about him. Although I think Calumon rather go with you guys than staying here in the Digital World." Azulongmon reassured Rika.

"I sure do!" a little voice piped out. Calumon bounced out and land on Rika's back.

"Hey Calumon!" Rika greeted.

"So can I go? Please?"

"Of course you can." Azulongmon answered.


"Now tamers, take this as a gift." Azulongmon said.

A cloud covered the four tamers and lifted them up.

"Go home safely!"

Sticking their head out of the cloud, the tamers waved, "Thank you and bye!!!"

As the Digimon Sovereigns fade in view, our heroes sat back down in the cloud ball.

Together, forever no matter how long

From now, until the end of time

We'll be together, and you can be sure

That forever and a day

That's how long we'll stay

Together and forever more

"We are finally back together." Takato said, looking down at Guilmon's Digi Egg.

'I thought I lost you again,' Takato thought, 'But I didn't. We'll be together Guilmon, forever... I promise.'

"They came back..." a soft voice whispered beside him. Turning, Takato saw Rika sitting beside him.

"Rika!" Takato exclaimed surprised.

"Is this seat taken?" Rika joked.

"Yes! I mean no!" Takato stammered, blushed a little.

Rika giggled before laying her head on Takato's shoulder.

'Renamon came back, twice.' Our favorite redhead thought, 'She's a real friend...'

Always gone that extra mile

Depended on you all the while

Even in the good and bad times

You will see

From now until our journey's end

You know you can always count on me

"Terriermon..." Henry muttered.

'I never thought I miss his Momentais that much...' Henry thought, 'now I know sometimes I even depend on his Momentai. Terriermon...'

"I miss Cyberdramon too." Ryo said to Henry, "they'll hatch soon, right?'

Henry nodded.

'Cyberdramon...' thought Ryo, 'He is so innocent when he is Monodramon, but ferocious when he digivolve...'

Together, forever no matter how long

From now, until the end of time

We'll be together, and you can be sure

That forever and a day

That's how long we'll stay

Together and forever more


The sound caught everyone's attention. Looking down at their own egg, they saw a crack.

Crack, crack.

More cracks appeared. A second later, the egg hatched completely and four little Digimon popped out.

No matter where our destiny leads

I'll be there for you, always come through

And that you can believe





Holding their Digimon, our heroes cried in joy.

"Momentai! I'm not Terriermon yet, so call me Gummymon!"

"Okay!" Henry said as he hugged Gummymon.

"You..are..ch..choking me!"


Together, forever no matter how long

From now, until the end of time

We'll be together, and you can be sure

That forever and a day

That's how long we'll stay

Together and forever more


"Takatmon, I'm not Guilmon yet, Gigimon is my name."

Nodding, Takato hugged Gigimon.

"Renamon, you came back!"

"I'm Vixiemon for now Rika."

"Okay." Rika said as she embraced Vixiemon in a hug.

Together, forever no matter how long

From now, until the end of time

We'll be together, and you can be sure

That forever and a day

That's how long we'll stay...

"I miss you Monodramon!" Ryo said.

"Hi Ryo, and---"

He was interrupted by a loud crashing sound.

"What happened?"

"I think we just landed."

"Let's see."

Rika poked her head out and saw they are back.

"Yep guys we are back."

Following this comment, the cloud ball disappeared leaving the tamers standing in the Shinjuku Park.

Together, forever no matter how long

From now, until the end of time

We'll be together, and you can be sure... (Song ends)

"We better head back home, our parents must be worried." Henry said.

"Good idea!"

"See you later Goggle Head!" Rika said, giving Takato a quick kiss on the lips.

"Bye Rika!" said Takato.

"See ya!" Ryo waved as he walked away with his partner.

"Well, Guil--- I mean Gigimon, let's go home!" Takato said, looking at his beloved partner, but only found him snoozing away peacefully. Takato smiled and walked home.

As for Calumon, the little bounced off into the park, into freedom.

A Week Later

"Rika! Wait up!" Takato called, running breathlessly behind.

"Can't you hurry up!" Rika yelled as she put on her shades, "There's the Digital Field!"


"Terreirmon!" Henry said to his partner while putting on his shades.

"Guilmon, get ready!" Takato said, pulling down his goggles.

The fog disappeared as soon as the tamers got there, leaving two Digimon.

Pulling off their shades, the tamers saw...



In Guilmon's Shed

"I can't believe it!" Takato exclaimed.

"I can't believe it either Takato, but I didn't say it that loud!" Rika said.

"Oh sorry!" Takato apologized.

"I guess we better head back, its pretty late." Henry said.

"But where can they stay?" Takato asked.

"They can stay here Takatomon." Guilmon said.

"I suppose we have no other choice?"

"Hey don't look at me, mom almost freaked when she found out about Renamon."

"Okay, I guess you'll have to stay here." Takato said.

"No problem." Paildramon said.

"Okay with me." BlackWargreymon said.

"Well bye!"

"See ya!"

"Be good Guilmon!"

The tamers went their separate ways, but they know for sure that they'll stay together forever...


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