Description: Ethan and Sarah get to spend the next two weeks together… alone. Ethan's parents leave Sarah (17) to baby-sit their 15 year-old son Ethan, over Christmas break. This could be good or bad for Ethan.

Chapter 1

Ethan: UG! I can't believe we have so much home work over our break!

Benny: Dude… forget homework at least you have a hot girl babysitting you tonight.

Ethan: Actually since its Christmas break "Sarah" will be living at my house.

Benny: Why?

Ethan: Jane's going to my grandma's and my mom and dad are going to Florida.

Benny: Wow E, your one lucky dude.

Ethan: I know guess what I got her for Christmas.

Benny: What you got her something and you didn't tell me! I would've helped you pick something out.

Ethan: Quiet and look.

Ethan pulled out a long black box; when he opened it Benny was in shock.

Benny: WOW!

Ethan: What do you think?

Benny: Dude… I think she'll love it

Ethan got Sarah a sterling sliver charm bracelet with 5 heart charms:



The Middle one was the biggest and was a picture of Sarah (that Ethan drew.)



Ethan: Really? I hope so because we'll have to spend like the next two weeks together.

Benny: Dude… stop bragging!

Sarah walked up behind Benny as Ethan was putting the box away.

Ethan: Whatever. O-oh, hey Sarah h-how's it going.

Sarah: Hey guys, it's going good.

Ethan: Y-you ready for Winter Break?

Sarah: Yeah it's going to be awesome. To be honest I'm looking forward to it.

Benny: Really? Ethan?

Sarah: What's wrong with Ethan?
Ethan: Yeah, what's wrong with me?

Benny: What's not wrong with him?

Ethan: Hey!

Sarah: I don't think there's anything wrong with you.

Ethan: Thanks Sarah!

The bell rang and startled the group of three, until they realized school was out for two weeks.

Benny: Later guys.

Benny slipped a tube of Chap Stick into Ethan's bag and whispered:

Benny: Use it wisely.

Ethan: What were not even together?

Ethan whispers back.

Benny: Yea right it's going to happen sometime and you need to be prepared.

Ethan: Whatever.

Benny: See you Guys later.

The Sarah and Ethan walked out to Sarah's car.

Sarah: is ok if we stop at my house to get the rest of my stuff before we go to your house.

Ethan: That's fine I'm in no hurry…

What's going to happen to Sarah and Ethan when he gives her the bracelet and Ethan alone in Sarah's room? What do think will happen?