Chapter 4

Ethan and Sarah slept in the same bed for the next week but they didn't "do it" with each other. Today is Christmas, and Ethan is really nervous about giving Sarah her gift… on the flip side of things Sarah is just as nervous as Ethan is about giving her gift to him…

Ethan and Benny in Ethan's room…

Ethan: Is everything ready for tonight?

Benny: Yea.

Ethan: Good I'm freaking out what if Sarah hates my gift or worst what if she never speaks to me again or-

Benny: E, she'll love it I know she will.

Ethan: Thanks man!

Benny: Anytime!

Downstairs before Ethan and Benny got back…

Rory and Cassandra were making out under the mistletoe. Erica and Sarah were talking about dinner and how good everything smelled.

Sarah: Erica don't you wish we could still eat that yummy food.

Erica: Yea it's one of the only things I miss.

Benny's Grandma had made the blood supplement into a soup for Sarah, Erica and Rory. And Ethan, Benny and Cassandra made ham for themselves. Sarah and Ethan set the table while Erica and Benny put the food on the table and Rory and Cassandra got everyone's drinks.

During dinner…

Ethan and Sarah sat on one side of the table and Benny and Erica sat on the other side and Rory and Cassandra sat on either end of the table. Benny leaned over and whispered in Erica's ear…
Benny: Now is good.

Erica: Okay you say it.

Benny looked at Ethan and Sarah and said…

Benny: We have something to tell you.

Ethan: Okay tell us.

Benny: We… I mean Erica and I are together

Sarah dropped her spoon and looked at Erica, and Ethan was in shock so all he did was look from Erica to Benny.

Sarah: Ethan and I are also together.

Benny: That's great dude.

Ethan: Well it's great about you and Erica too.

Sarah: I can't believe you didn't tell me!

Erica: Me I can't believe you kept Ethan and you from me.

Ethan: Well how about we all have a huge sleepover here tonight?

Benny and Erica: Awesome idea!

During all of that Rory and Cassandra were speechless.

After Dinner…

Sarah sat on Ethan's lap on the couch and Erica was sitting on Benny's lap in one of the chairs in the living room.

Ethan: Hey Sarah, I hope you like this.

Ethan handed Sarah the long black box.

Sarah opened the box and when she saw the charm bracelet she started to cry.

Ethan: Hey don't cry. Is it really that bad?

Sarah: It's not bad. It's the best gift I've ever gotten. Here I got you this…

Sarah led Ethan, Benny and Erica up stairs to Ethan's room…

Ethan: Why are we in my room?

Sarah: Because.

Sarah pushed a button and the wall with the window on it slide down into the floor. And Sarah walked through the doorway dragging Ethan with her.

Ethan: Oh my god Sarah this is amazing!

Sarah: Thanks I hired a few geeks.

Sarah got Ethan an invisible floating art studio.

Benny and Erica walked into the room…

Rory: Wow I got you a necklace but this is just as awesome.

Cassandra: I got you a watch and I agree this is just as amazing.

Erica: Wow all I got you was a pair of socks.

Benny: That's what I got you.

Rory, Cassandra, Benny, Erica, Ethan and Sarah all cracked up laughing.

Hey guys I hoped you liked this chapter! Quick question "What's the best way to catch a guy of guard?" kk let me know! Toodles!