This is within my Thunderstorm universe. B&B are married, have three kids together : a girl and twin boys. I'll be doing more stories with this universe, so i'm wondering if i should put them all together or just list them in my profile so you know the eventual order (cause i have a few ideas already outlined, just have to write them)

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Booth is walking out of the kitchen, a large hoagie sandwich on his plate when he hears a knock on the front door. Quickly setting down his plate, he walks over to answer, smiling hugely when he sees his son on the other side.

"Parker!" he pulls the twenty-six year old into a hug.

"Hey, Dad," Parker smiles, pulling back from the hug and closing the door. "The game start yet?"

"Not yet, still got five minutes until kick off."

Booth slaps him on the back and leads him towards the living room. Just as they are about to settle onto the couch there is a thundering from the stairs. In less than ten seconds, two speeding boy shaped bullets blur by into the kitchen.

"Hey, no running!" Booth scolds, leaning back to look into the kitchen.

One brown hair head pops around the corner and gives the classic Booth charm smile. "Sorry Dad. Hey! Parker!"

"Hey Zack, Hank," Parker calls to them.

Parker smiles as his two little brothers rush back into the room, dropping soda cans and bags of chips unceremoniously onto their father before tackling him. Booth watches his three sons wrestle together, laughing and taunting each other playfully.

"Alright, come on," he says, rising to pull off one half of the thirteen year old tag team from is oldest. "Game's about to start."

Laughing, the Booth men settle back to watch the Sunday night football game, as is their tradition. Not three minutes into the game, they all groan as the opposing team scores a touchdown. They all take a gulp of their respective drinks at the same time and in the same fashion, making Brennan smile as she looks in as she passes by.

When the first time out is called the doorbell rings and Booth rises to answer it. He again smiles at who is there, stepping back to allow the boy in.

"Hey, Mike," he greets the oldest Montenegro-Hodgins son.

"Hey Uncle Booth," Mike smiles as he follows Booth back into the living room.

"Everything ok?" Booth asks him in concern, sensing the boy is nervous about something.

"Yes, sir," he nods, almost convincingly. His eyes widen slightly, and his face shows even more nerves before he hides it when he sees Parker. "Hey, Parker."

"Hey, Mike, what's up?" Parker nods to him, sensing his nervousness just like his father did.

"Michael?" Chrissy calls as she walks down the stairs.

Mike turns and smiles his mother's smile and that is when Booth feels like someone has punched him in the gut. Watching the teen watching his only daughter walk down the stairs, Booth sees the gleam of adoration in his blue eyes. Narrowing his eyes and standing to his full height, Booth realizes why Mike has been acting nervous.

"Christine, you look-" Mike cuts himself off and quickly glances at Booth, noting his narrowed eyes and grim face. "Nice, you look very nice."

"Thank you," she smiles, blushing ever so slightly. She grabs her jacket and puts it on, not giving Mike a chance to help her with it.

"Hey, Tiney," Parker says as he walks to them, having witnessed the scene and coming to the same conclusion as Booth. "Where you guys going?"

"Parker," Chrissy smiles widely and hugs her brother. "We're going to the movies."

"How come I didn't know about this?" Booth asks, giving the teen boy his full FBI interrogation look for the first time in his life.

"I told Mom," she smiles at her father. She grabs Mike's hand, making his eyes widen in panic, and pulls him towards the door. "We'll be back later. Love you. Bye."

"They're going to kill me," Mike says grimly, looking a little pale as they walk towards his car.

"That's ridiculous," she states, still holding his hand. "Neither my dad or Parker would risk their FBI careers. Besides, both of them and my mom taught me to defend myself, so even if you DID try something, I can take care of it without their help."

"It being me, right?" he asks, holding the car door open for her. She just smiles and sits, leaving him to shakes his head and smile.



Brennan looks up from her computer to find four upset and protective alpha males standing in front of her. She saves her work and shuts her laptop, folding her hands over it and looking curiously at her family.

"What's wrong?" she asks in a calm voice.

"Chrissy and Mike!" the twins say together, slight looks of distaste on their faces.

"They went to the movies," Parker adds.

"Together," Booth finishes, placing his hands on his hips. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I wasn't aware that it was significant," Brennan says confused. "They have spent time alone together before."

"But he's sixteen now," Parker says, as if that should mean something to her.

"And she's only fifteen, and…" Booth waves his hands down his body, looking uncomfortable. "Developed. I was sixteen once, I know what boys think when they go out with girls that are…developed. And you know, I distinctly remember telling her she had to wait until she was twenty-five."

"Wait, what?" Brennan holds up a hand to stop Booth's ranting, shocking starting to cover her face. "Are you saying that she's on a date?"

"Yes!" all four men say.

Brennan stares at them for a moment, her eyes wide. She then quickly picks up her phone and dials a number, ignoring the questioning looks she is getting.

"Angela, did you know that Mike and Chrissy are on a date?" she says into the phone as soon as it's picked up.

"What?" they all hear clearly through the phone. "Keep Booth away from my son! Jack! We need to hire bodyguards for Mike!"

I dont know if i like how it ended, but i just wrote this in like ten minutes, so... the whole "cant date til 25" thing is something my dad (and three brothers) have told me my whole life. i've always thought it was funny. let me know what you think please