This is really happening. Ten months of planning, of organizing, has led up to this. I am getting married. I am in my dream dress, waiting to walk down the aisle to publicly and legally pledge my love to my dream man, as he will do the same. In less than an hour I will have a husband, I will be someone's wife. I am so freaking happy.

And I've never been more nervous in my life.

It's strange that I'm feeling it now. I wasn't nervous during that walk around the Jeffersonian, but then again I didn't suspect that my life would change by that evening. When he started saying all those beautiful things about our relationship and how he hoped our future would be all I felt was…love. I was confused and then shocked when he knelt, holding out the gorgeous ring. After that the only thought I had was YES!

Even when we told our families I was too damn happy to be nervous. Everything after that is a blur of wedding plans, filled with emotions from nostalgic sadness to ecstatic excitement…but not nervousness.

But as I wait outside the church doors with my father I can feel my hands begin to shake. I don't know what's causing the nerves and, honestly? I don't want to know. 'Cause I'm getting married to the love of my life and nothing but God himself is going to stop me from saying those vows.

Oh, the music is changing. This is it, my last steps as an unmarried woman. I look at my dad, my hand resting between his and his arm, and I wonder how hard this is for him. There are tears in his eyes but he's smiling, so it can't be too bad. But looking at him is making me tear up so… maybe I should stop.

I'm glad we decided to invite only close- knit friends and family. I'm glad I'm sharing this with people I have known all of my life. My parents' strange 'family' is here, as well as my blood relatives. Sweets and Cam to my uncles Russ and Jared, they're all here. I-

Michael. There he is. The boy that was my partner in cookie-stealing crime. The kid that was my biggest crush even as he teased me mercilessly. The man who loved me enough to become Catholic for me, who makes me laugh no matter what happens. My best friend.

My Michael.

"By the powers vested in me I now pronounce you man and wife."

"Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hodgins."

It's been almost two hours since the priest said those words and they're still replaying in my head. Another hour and I'll be used to it. Maybe.

The dance floor is filled, and my friends and family are having the time of their lives. Parker is there, dancing with one of his little girls, his wife by his side playfully dancing with their other daughter. I've seen that love begin and easily blossom to what it is now. Watching them I can't help but feel a twinge of envy. It was so easy for them, at least in comparison to us.

I feel my wife touch my hand and turn to gaze into her amazingly blue eyes. I've always loved her eyes; they're my favorite part of her. And you know what? Yes, we had a hard road to travel to make it here, but there's very little I regret. Because I love her. I love who she was, who she is and who she will be tomorrow. I love who we are together.

She's giving me that smile, the one that has been reserved for me for so long now. How can I not kiss her when she smiles at me that way, with her love all but pouring out? We've shared a lifetime together and it's still not over. The years have changed so much about her, almost all of them wonderful, but her taste…that has never changed. I hope I take my last breath with her in my arms and her soft lips on mine.

The dance floor is suddenly empty, the music stopped as the DJ announces that its time for our dance. Christine is all smiles as she pulls or more like drags me to the dance floor and under the spotlight. We assume the standard dancing pose, slowly moving to the song now piping out of the speakers, watched by everyone in the room.

Why the hell did I pick this song? I can feel my throat burning with emotion but I'm not going to tear up or cry. I got close enough in the church. But she's so beautiful and so special. I watched her grow up and now its done…she's grown up. She's not Ms. Booth anymore, that's gone forever. Now she's Mrs. Hodgins. And as happy and proud as I am, I'm really going to miss Christine Booth.

"Thank you," she says, laying her head on my shoulder, the one she named 'hers' so many years ago. I don't care how old she gets, I hope she never stops doing that. "For everything."

"You don't ever have to thank me Christine. Or should I call you Mrs. Hodgins?" I hope my tone is as lighthearted as I'm trying to make it. There isn't going to be any touch of sadness on her day. Not from me.

She must have inherited her mother's gift of reading me cause she's giving me a knowing smile, tears filling her eyes. "I'm still your Chrissy, Dad. I always will be."

My little Chrissy.

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