It had been around a month. One whole month since things finally started to make sense in the world of the living but still so many things had been forgotten. Feelings so many people pushed aside became quite easily ignored all together and few remember.


I look at Ichigo, then Uryuu and finally Chad across the classroom. We have been through so much together and I still can't see things changing. I sigh when my eyes trail back to Ichigo. He has saved me so many times and yet I still don't know how to help him.

Uryuu and Chad have always helped too but all I can do is to heal them back together for another battle. It's not been that way lately though. A few minor hollows are nothing for the three of them to handle alone. They have become so strong.

The bell rungs for lunch and everyone scrambles out of the class apart from Uryuu, Chad, Ichigo and I. The teacher leaves before Chad and Uryuu stand and both look over to Ichigo too.

"Hey Orihime. Are you coming to eat lunch?" Tatsuki says and I glance over at the door. I force a smile but shake my head which leaves her with a confused expression.

"Not today Tatsuki-Chan. I'll see you after lunch." I tell her and she waits for a second before leaving. I also stand then and we all head over to Ichigo's seat. He stares out of the window for a few seconds before switching his gaze to the three of us.

"No news I suspect." Uryuu says and Ichigo shakes his head. I guessed so too. Though it hurts me slightly I know that we all miss her. She was all out friends.

"They will contact us again. She will contact us again Ichigo." I promise him as well as the rest of us.

"How can we be sure?" He asks and I tense. I've never seen Ichigo question the Soul Society like this. He's normally just accepted that they don't need us but it's bothering him a lot more now.

"We can't but I'm sure that Renji, Rangiku, Toushiro, Ikkaku." Uryuu pauses. "And her all see us as friends too and will eventually see us again." Uryuu promises and then we all spin to look at the door.

Two corridors down we hear people yell and swear as they crash against door and walls. People yell at the soft running footsteps as they push past people and round the corner onto this corridor. The pace quickens and we all tense as the door flings open and the girl beams at us with a quickened breath.

"Did you miss me?"


I stand up so fast that my chair scrapes along the floor obliterating the moments silence after she spoke. Her black hair falling neatly with that same black strand falling between her deep indigo eyes.

I glance around and see the same shock but joy that I am feeling on the others faces but still it is Orihime who moves first. She walks forward slowly with her eyes analysing the girl. She stops a few inches away and then flings her arms around her slim body and hugs her tightly.

"I can't believe you came back." Orihime laughs though we can all tell she's also crying. The girl stands on her tip toes and peeks over her shoulder with her eyes staring right at me.

After Orihime releases her she steps towards me with a relaxed and confident pace. The same old playful smile on her face as she folds her arms across her small chest and stops a meter or so away.

"Ichigo I didn't know you guys had missed me that much. School must be a bore without me huh?" She had to ruin it. I glare at her and point my finger accusingly.

"What the hell are you doing here? You just show up and expect a warm welcome after this? Every time you shown up something bad happens and you still come back again." I yell and she looks at me before laughing a second later. I notice Orihime giggling by the door and Chad and Uryuu just smiling at me. I know what they're thinking and it's true. I haven't been this normal in a long time and we all know it's because she's shown up.


Remembering back when I first came here I think Orihime stated Ichigo had a funny face not a scary one and honestly she is right. But it's not just funny, his face is kind but restrained all at the same time and openly I'll admit I missed his goofy face.

"I missed your stupid face." I admit and he smiles.

"Well than… Hey what do you mean stupid face?" He yells and I laugh again before ignoring him completely and turning my attention on Orihime.

"I didn't come to see you anyway. Rangiku wanted me to check up on Orihime and personally I missed you too." I say switching my explanation from Ichigo to Orihime.

"Speaking of Rangiku…" Ichigo starts.

I turn around and look at him confused and he rubs his chin and looks up thinking.

"You didn't bring any of them freaks with you did you?" He asks.

"What freaks?"

"Rangiku, Toushiro."

"Not really…"

"Ikkaku, Renji."

"Well I can agree with them two." I smile.

"And Byakuya." He finishes his list.

"Hey Nii-Sama has nothing to do with this! And Nii-Sama is not a freak at all but an artistic genius with a lot of pride." I argue and Ichigo smiles as the others sigh a relieved sound.

"I'll admit…" He starts. "I'm glad you haven't changed." He looks down at me and honestly I feel the same about him.