I'm kind of running out of ideas for this so any ideas will be loved!

***Stiles POV:

"Oh come on!" I said, waving the rope in Derek's face.

"No," Derek said.

"Give me one good reason why not!"

"Because Stiles, it's kinky and weird…I am not tying you up when we have sex!"

"Well you said we needed to expand on our hobby!"

"Sex isn't a hobby!"

I made a face at him, "For us it is, we had sex almost every day this week."

"Yes because you're a hormonal horny teenager and I'm a wolf in mating season!"

I sighed, giving up and tossing the rope onto my bed. "Fine, but this is not over yet!" I stood with my back to the bed and just let myself fall. I bounced a couple of times and Derek stared at me.

"Great," He mumbled, I'm dating a four year old."

"Hey! So not true."

"Fine a five year old! Happy?"

I smirked. "Very much so." Derek huffed and rolled his eyes. He sat down right next to my head. I scooted myself up and placed my head in his lap. "You love me and you know it."

Derek slipped his hand under me and squeezed my butt, "No, I love your ass."

"Sure, keep telling yourself that." Derek reached down and softly kissed my lips. After that kiss it got a bit more physical…lets leave it at that. Just as Derek was about to put himself in me, Scott burst through the door. I think it took us all a moment to figure out what was going on.

Thankfully it hit Scott first. "HOLY FUCKING SHIT! MY EYES!" Scott slapped his hand over his eyes, and spun around, blindly searching for my door. He ran right into the wall and stumble backwards like after a bird hits a window and then Scott darted out the door and we heard my front door slam.

Derek was still on top of me, both of us butt naked. "Well that was weird and disturbing on so many levels," said Derek.

I nodded, "I'll fix it tomorrow."


Scott was standing at his locker the next morning, and I was walking with a limp…again. I said to Scott, "Hey buddy."

"Hi," he said to the inside of his locker.

"Dude I'm here, not in there," I said leaning up against the lockers.

"I can't get the picture of Derek's butt outta my head!" He said closing his eyes and rubbing them.

"Neither can I." Scott just stared at me.

"You guys were about to have sex weren't you?"

"Now that u mention it, we were about to ride unicorns to Pluto, which this morning I learned wasn't a planet. Did you know that?" Scott stared at me and blinked once. I wasn't sure if he got my sarcasm or not. "Yes we were about to have sex."

"I'm calling next time," Scott finally said.

"Good plan." The bell rang and we headed our separate ways.

"Oh Stiles?" Scott said.

I turned around, "Yes?"

"Pluto was not a planet since like 2006."

"Damn it! I will find a fact that will stump you!"

"Good luck with that!" Scott called and as I grabbed my phone and looked up mind blowing facts.


"Did you know that mercury is so dense that cannon balls float in it?" I said to Scott as we walked to our cars.

"Yep," He said, sending a text.


"Do you pay attention in chemistry?"

"No! Ok fine. What that an octopus's balls are located on their head?"

"Knew that."


Scott looked at me, "I'm full of useless things. For example, where in the 'Humpty Dumptey' poem says he is an egg?" I opened my mouth, closed it and then opened it again. "Or what is that flies in the air and gives birth on land? And if my twin brother were a only child, would I be lonely?"

"You got me. But I shall find something!" And I was off in my car looking for Derek to help me with my quest to stump Scott.