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The blonde is wide awake. As if she could sleep right now. Her brunette friend holds onto her like a pillow and the blue eyed girl could not keep her lids shut for more than half a second to blink. When one spends so much time being in love with Carly Shay, one would assume that being close like this wouldn't be an issue. One will find that they are operating under a false assumption. This is a big issue.

Usually when she wakes up before noon on a Sunday, the blonde's first instinct is to roll over and fall back into slumber. Well, the often blissful oblivion that is her dreamscape pales in comparison to this very physical contact. A large breath is released against her neck and Sam shivers. For a few perverted moments, reality is better than her dreams.

A long minute later, Carly blinks slowly awake. She doesn't immediately release the blonde, but when she does, Sam feels her internal pressure levels drastically decrease.

Sleepy brown meet wide-awake blue. "Morning," Carly murmurs slowly, rubbing her eyes with the back of her hand.

"Good morning," Sam rasps, much to her own dismay. She licks her dry lips, eyes shifting downwards as she swallows a lump in her throat.

Carly giggles, sitting up. She's more awake now. "I'm surprised you didn't wake me up earlier to make you some breakfast." She glances at the clock, which reads a quarter till nine.

Sam smiles, nervously, crookedly. "I haven't been awake very long," she lies, attention diverting as her phone vibrates to steal her away from what could have been revealing eye-contact.

"Right," Carly says. Little does the blonde know, but Carly hadn't been asleep for as long as she appeared to be. The brunette's brow lowers. Why would Sam lie? Actually, that question should probably be rephrased. Why would Sam lie to her - Carly Shay? Something did not make sense.

Brown eyes scrutinize the blonde's movements as she types on her phone. Sam presses the keys in a very focused manner that has Carly convinced that the blonde is diverting her attention with all of her willpower. Then, Sam looks up and catches Carly staring. What happened after that is what makes all the difference - Samantha Puckett blushes and blue orbs avert. Brown counterparts narrow, and then Carly Shay becomes aware of something very interesting that the two might share in common.

"Why are you smiling at me like that?" Sam questions, an eyebrow quirking. Before she could open her mouth to ask another question, the brunette crashes their lips together. Freezing on contact, Sam melts at the feeling and after a moments hesitation, begins to reciprocate the sudden, unexpected exchange.

"Sam, do you like me?" Carly breathes out against her best friend's lips as they part, panting, blushing.

"No," the blonde puffs, smiling a little. "But, I am pretty sure that I'm in love with you."

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