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Hermione is really Harmony Carmicheal, the niece and goddaughter of Severus, and the granddaughter of Albus and Minerva. It was just completely confirmed. This chapter explains The Rooms and how they work.

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The Rooms looked quite unlike any other room in the castle. They had been formed over time, being slowly molded like clay when things were needed, they were added. When Minerva and Albus were married, The Rooms were born. The kitchenette, the living room and a handful of bedrooms were just suddenly...there.

There were only four doors at the time. One for Minerva's quarters, one for Albus' quarters, one for Albus' office, and one for Minerva's classroom. Then, when she became head of Gryffindor, a door that lead to the Gryffindor common room appeared. When Iris was born, and she wanted to run and play outdoors, an enclosed courtyard appeared outside. When Severus joined the family in his third year, a door to the Slytherin common room appeared. And of course, when he became a teacher, The Rooms were extended to include a door to his classroom as well.

While the Rooms were created by the castle, the key, was created by Albus, with a little help from a certain charms professor. The key was the family crest. Albus had a ring. Minerva had a pendant. Iris was given a pendant, and Severus was given a more discreet ring that he strung around a necklace when it was necessary. Harmony was given a pendant as well. Anyone with that specific crest on their person would be given access.

It was very homey. It was filled with comfortable chairs and sofas, and warm lighting. There were images on the wall of the family throughout all stages of their lives. Most of the space was covered in soft plush carpeting. One could almost forget that they were in a thousand-year-old stone castle.

Birthdays, anniversaries, births and graduations had all been celebrated, and it had all been done in complete secret.

"It was where Severus introduced your mother to her best friend." Minerva said over her chess game with Severus on the sofa. Severus was cross legged and Minerva sat with her legs curled beneath her with the chess game in between them.

"Really? I thought they met before we told Lily about us." Albus chimed in from his place in the chair closest to the fireplace. He was sitting with a cup of tea in his hands answering all of Hermione's questions.

"Lily?" Hermione answered.

"Lily Evans." Minerva confirmed.

"But isn't that-"

"Harrys mother, yes." Minerva said. She glanced at Severus and sighed. "Lily is also your godmother."

Hermione's mouth opened slightly. If they were best friends, it wasn't surprising.

"They made a pact when they were about 15. When they were older, they would make each other their children's' godmothers." Severus shrugged. "They made me witness it."

Minerva chuckled. "That is something they would do. You- I hestitate to use the word 'suffered'- at their hands, didn't you?"

"I know far too many muggle songs then I care to admit."

"What about the jump rope?" Albus prompted with a grin.

"Oh god! Don't bring up the jump rope rhymes, Dad!" Severus cried burying his head in his hands as the other three laughed.

"And weren't you always somehow involved in their make believe games? The two of them together could convince you to do almost anything." Minerva commented as Severus' head made its way farther into his hands. Minerva turned to Hermione. "I don't think your mother alone could have gotten him to put on tights and a cape and play 'Superman,'" Hermione laughed at the thought.

"Mum!" Severus blushed.

Minerva's smile turned whistful. "You know, Hermione, you look just like her."

"Her hair, her eyes." Albus continued. Hermione grinned shyly.

"That is, when you're not disguised as your father." Severus mumbled.


"You've been placed under whats called a mirage charm. I was-I was showing you the night we lost you." Minerva said slowly. "You told me you wanted to look like your father- brown hair brown eyes. So, thats what you looked like then, and what you will look like now to anybody who you don't explicitly tell. "

Hermione thought for a moment. "So I will always look like I did when i was eight -blue eyes dark hair-to you?"

Minerva nodded.

"And untill I tell people that I am Harmony, they will always see me as Hermione?"

"That's the way it works." Severus confirmed.

"Wow. So, it's like I'm hiding in plain sight."

In that moment, they all realized, it wasn't just a charm. It wasn't just a missing child found. It wasn't just a family sitting around a fire.

It was...a secret.

A huge secret, made of little ones.

A secret marriage.

A secret son.

A secret Room.

A secret charm.

A secret granddaughter.

A secret family.

A secret.

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