Ricki Sparrow: The Legacy Lives On

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It all began with a knife fight at an inn in Syngapore.

Ricki Sparrow - daughter of notorious pirate "Jack Sparrow" - had been about to have dinner with her First Mate and true love, Michael, when an angry, drunk pirate came up behind her, and threatened her. Having a natural temper and a dagger in her pocket, Ricki felt powerful. She stood up to him, and challenged him to a fight. Naturally, he assumed the petite sixteen year old girl was no challenge to him, and accepted. They rounded on each other - knives in hand - when the pirate lunged and stabbed Ricki through the heart with his twisted blade.

And absolutely nothing happened.

Confused as to why she wasn't laying on the floor dead, Ricki pulled the dagger from her torso and was shocked to see that there was no blood there. Sighing, and knowing that something like that probably wasn't a good sign, Ricki sliced the man's arm with her own blade, grabbed Michael's hand, and headed back to her ship, The Queen Anne's Revenge.

Once Ricki and Michael were in the Captain's Quarters, they sat on the bed, and Michael began shooting the questions at her.

"What happened back there?"

"I gave a stupid, idiotic man a bloody arm." Ricki shrugged, still shaking.

"But...but he stabbed you! How did you not d-die?" he stuttered.

"I don't know." Ricki said quietly. "But I'm thinking that that's a bad sign, right?"

"I would say so!" Michael shouted. "Maybe we should ask Gibbs-"

"No!" Ricki said suddenly.

Gibbs - her father's best friend and once loyal First Mate - was on the Revenge with Ricki and Michael, as well. While he hadn't deserted her on an island like her parents had, he hadn't come back for her either, so Ricki wasn't as welcoming towards him as she was towards the rest of her crew.

Oh, but she got her revenge on her parents. She'd left them on the Isle de Muerta, which was where she acquired the Revenge in the first place. Long story short, they left her on an island, and now they were on an island.

"Ricki, come on." Michael said. "Gibbs did nothing wrong. And he might be able to help!"

"He didn't come back for me! You did, Michael. You were the only one who did. You were the only one who did nothing wrong." Ricki said, the hurt from being left behind still prominent in her heart.

"But Gibbs is less guilty than your parents, and even then, you can't stay mad at them forever. Ricki, this is important! Come on, let's just ask Gibbs. Please, love. Let me help you!" Michael begged.

Ricki sighed. "Tomorrow." she said finally. "If this-" whatever this is - "-isn't better by tomorrow, we'll talk to him."

Michael sighed; it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of his chest. "Okay." he breathed.

As Michael left the room, Ricki let herself be nervous. She was scared, no, terrified. She hadn't eaten anything in weeks, and she hadn't felt any pain. She was frightened beyond all reason - something was wrong with her. Seriously wrong with her. And she didn't want anyone to know, not yet, and especially not Gibbs. Mostly because she was sure it was none of his business, but moreso because she knew he would know what was wrong. Gibbs knew everything there was to know. And she didn't want to know what was wrong with her, not when it could be something terrible.

"But what could be more terrible than dying?" Ricki asked herself. That was a bad habit she had - talking to herself. "I've died three times, or almost three times. What could be worse than that?"

There could be things much worse than that! a small voice screamed in the back of Ricki's mind. I mean, just look at dad; he was cursed by Davy Jones! That was a fate worse than death! And I could end up in the Locker - who'd want that? Even dad couldn't stay there! And mum...she's had a lot of emotional damage done to her from losing me and dad so many times...isn't that worse than death, too?

Ricki sighed, and let the hot tears pour down her face. She was scared. She wanted her parents so badly...that was all she wanted. Reassurance from good old Mum and Dad...but that was not meant to be. She'd be surprised if she ever saw them again, and even more surprised if they ever forgave her for leaving them on the Isle de Muerta.

"But they left me on an island, too!" Ricki hissed to herself. "They left me there, knowing very well that I could die! I should be the one forgiving them!"

"You know-" Michael said from the doorway. "Talking to oneself is never a good sign, love."

Whoops. "You never left?" Ricki asked sheepishly.

Michael shook his head, fighting a grin, and pulled Ricki into a huge embrace.

"Love," he murmured. "You'll be alright. I promise. I promise."

Ricki tried to use Michael's reassurance to comfort her, but it wasn't his reassurance she wanted, not really.

I miss my parents, Ricki thought. Why is that so hard to admit? RICKI SPARROW MISSES HER PARENTS! There - feel better?

"No." Ricki muttered.

"What?" Michael asked, pulling out of the hug to stare at Ricki.

"What?" Ricki asked. Uh-oh...she really needed to stop saying her thoughts out loud...

"Nothing." Michael said, shaking his head as if to clear it. "Are you okay?" he asked.

Ricki nodded, though she was sure it wasn't convincing.

Michael sighed, and looked at his love. "Want something to eat? Dinner was sort of...interrupted."

Ricki shook her head. "No." she said. "I'm okay. You go eat. I love you."

"I love you, too." Michael said. Then, he left the Cabin, and Ricki was alone again.

"I am in some serious trouble." Ricki mumbled to herself.

"Oh yes, you are." A gruffy voice responded from the doorway.

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