205 - Secrets

We start with Jill and her father, Aaron, talking. Jill tells her father the exciting news about her and Trevor - - he wishes them the best and hopes she remains careful. Jill starts to realize her father seems distant and isn't really connecting with her in the conversation. He lets her know that she's not really supposed to be there and that she's banned from seeing him but he made a deal with one of the guards to take her name off the "banned list."

Jill pries for more information and he answers - - her mother. Aaron then explains what happened after the last time he saw her, in which Jill has a hard time believing at first but then she starts to realize makes sense. Aaron then continues to explain the entire ordeal...

Aaron's version of the story is him and Kate went out for celebratory drinks one night at a bar until a drunk man there kept hassling Kate. Aaron kept his cool but Kate was getting fed up with Aaron's passiveness over the entire situation. As they were leaving, the man followed them out into the alley to continue the harassment in which Aaron tried to keep the drunkard away but in a calm manner, a language the drunkard didn't speak. The drunkard pulled a knife and slashed Aaron and tried to assault Kate. She responded by beating him into a coma with a loose brick from the building. Kate convinced Aaron to take the blame since she believed she'd be more suitable to watch over Jill. With some hesitance, Aaron agreed and he was taken to jail and he told a lie to keep his wife safe. Aaron continues that the jury saw it as self-defense but that the manner in which he beat the man repeatedly would constitute some form of mental illness.

Jill nearly falls over from the story, trying to digest everything she just heard. He already knows he won't be getting out of jail any time soon and that Kate would stay free, no matter the conditions, so he didn't care anymore who knew the truth. Jill says goodbye and Aaron holds onto her a bit longer than usual, taking in the moment with every sensory experience he could. He sobs and Jill says she'll try to help him but he says that it's okay and that he has a plan. Jill listens to him and trusts his judgment. She leaves, contemplating whether or not she should confront her mother about it.

Meanwhile, Robbie feels empty without a social experience since he's been out of the Cinema Club. He looks at his options and Roy jokingly suggests the dance club, in which he immediately is enthused about. He inquires with the dance club captain who lets him in because their last boy broke his ankle.

As the group head home, they learn of a missing person's case in Woodsboro. Apparently, a young boy didn't return home the night of Halloween. Niley hears this news and Andy instantly pops into her mind after everything Robbie had told her about Andy and the kids, plus her sneaky suspicion that he killed her pet penguin. Niley goes to the new Sheriff in town... Dewey, with her supposed information. Dewey decides to go question Andy and asks to check his basement, off a tip from Niley. Dewey goes back to Niley and says he comes in clean, that there's no evidence that suggests he took the boy nor that he killed her penguin. Niley, feeling that Dewey didn't do enough, turns to Gale and seeks her help. Gale shrugs her off and continues on with her day.

We get a quick glimpse of Kirby at work with her co-worker Connie. Connie insists she knows about her and Topher, in which Kirby denies there's no feelings between them. Connie coyly smiles and insists that she heard something from Topher herself. Kirby walks off, frustrated, not sure if what she just heard is true. Kirby goes to the break room and calls the best gossiper she knows - - Chelsea. Chelsea says Connie is lying and not to worry about it. Kirby then changes the subject to how the baby is doing and Chelsea quickly ends the conversation.

Back at Jill's, Kate is preparing dinner. Jill is outside with Trevor, telling him what her father told her. Trevor says it would be best to just stay out of it and that maybe her mother is right about letting her take care of her. Jill and Trevor get in a spat but she is reminded that he doesn't know either of her parents and that he is only going off the information she gave him. They reconcile and Jill enters her home.

Jill is ready to fight her mother with the new knowledge she received. We cut back and forth between the fight and Aaron in his room... making a rope out of his bed sheets. Kate rebuttles with a convincing argument in which Jill tries her best not to explode with confliction. Aaron puts his neck through the noose... looking up at a photo of his daughter. Kate calms Jill down, trying to tell her everything is going to be okay... Jill believes her. Aaron falls from the chair, hanging himself. Jill goes to her room and the phone rings. Kate answers and her jaw drops. Jill comes back down the stairs and watches her mother's reaction to the phone call with the news of her husband's death... she asks what's wrong. Kate hangs up the phone and she composes herself... "... nothing..." Jill returns to her room and we focus on Kate... she grins. SMASH TO BLACK!


- Marnie works up the nerve to tell Roy how she feels.

- Kirby confronts Topher.

- Niley continues her own investigation

- Robbie has his first dance practice

- Chelsea gets closer to her baby's due date