206 - 411

We start in the halls of Woodsboro High, an oblivious Roy being watched by swoon women over his stature. "He's a hero," "so dreamy," "save me!" they say to theirselves as he passes by. Marnie is amongst them and Olivia takes notice, egging her on to make a move. Marnie's nervous but Olivia gives her an "in" and tells her to ask him about the Winter Formal. Marnie decides to go for it but immediately once the conversation starts, Roy starts asking about Kirby. Marnie's still new and hasn't fully made friends with anybody so she can't help. He walks away before Marnie can ever ask.

Niley is now making her way through the halls and comes upon Gale, making her way through the crowd. Niley quickly approaches her and tries to convince her about Andy once again after her failed attempt last time. We learn Gale's there looking for her husband, who is patrolling the campus to make sure that no kidnappings occur. Niley stops Gale and shows her a picture of Squirrely. Gale's heart melts and can't help but smile at it. Niley then uses the death of her penguin to help win Gale over on to her side and to help her. Gale agrees and listens to Niley's case on how Dewey might've missed some evidence on Andy.

Meanwhile, Chelsea is just weeks away from delivering her baby. Her stomach is huge, pushing people out of the way in the hallway practically. Marnie comes over, trying to be friendly with everyone and decides to ask Chelsea about the pregnancy. In mid conversation, Chelsea starts to get woozy and collapses in the middle of the hallway. Marnie calls for help.

Jill makes her way to the parking lot, eager to see Chelsea in the hospital. CORY, her ex-boyfriend from before, stops her.

CORY: I've been trying and trying to figure out what it is that I need to do to make you love me and I just can't crack it!

JILL: I'm sorry.

CORY: You're sorry? !

JILL: Cory, I can't talk right now, I have to get to the hospital. Chelsea collapsed.

CORY: This is important, this is about us.

JILL: There no longer is an us, Cory! Why don't you get that?

CORY: Because I love you.

JILL: Please don't say that.

CORY: I already did. And I mean it. I love you and we should be together, Jill!

JILL: I have a boyfriend now, have some respect!

CORY: What about me when I was your boyfriend?


Cory's heart nearly stops from those words.

JILL: You were just a... look, I don't wanna hurt you. But right now, you're only hurting yourself because you're pissing me off and making me say things I don't mean.

Jill gets into the car and Cory GRABS her arm hard before her door shuts. Jill pries out and looks up at Cory, holding her arm and gives him "the eye." He backs off as she backs out of the parking lot, holding her arm in pain...

Kirby's at work, stocking movies on the shelves. Lyle comes by and lets her know that if she wants, she can take some of the movie posters home since at the end of the week, they just throw them away. Topher makes his way into the building and heads for the employee room. Kirby sets down her movies and follows him in. She starts to question him about the lies he told to Connie in which Topher insists he has no idea what she's talking about. He then continues to tell Kirby that sometimes Connie likes to make up her own little drama so she's not bored. Kirby exits and goes to Connie, wondering why she would toy with her like that. Connie can't help it - - the video store is her only form of entertainment and she likes to play with people and "write her own soap opera." Connie then tells Kirby she's surprised she's not at the hosptial with Chelsea since she collapsed. Kirby rolls her eyes and doesn't believe her. Connie giggles and says, "fine, don't believe me." Kirby hides in the back of store and calls Chelsea herself, just to make sure. Marnie answers the phone at the hospital and informs Kirby that it's true. Kirby drops everything and runs out of the store.

Robbie makes his way to the school gym in tights, feeling silly about his situation. The dance crew then welcome him in, saying he looks great. He's then partnered up with Solai, a stunning latina with curves in all the right places that Robbie instantly takes a liking too. He snaps out of it and instantly keeps talking about Niley and saying that he has a girlfriend. Solai tries to change the subject and focus on dancing but Robbie can't stop talking about it.

Kirby makes her way to the hospital and gets to Chelsea's room. Marnie stands up, looking across at her.

KIRBY: Where's everyone else?

MARNIE: They said they're busy.

KIRBY: What could possibly be more important than this?

Kirby leans down to Chelsea's aid, who seems to be sweating and a bit delirious.

MARNIE: Doctor says she's fine. Probably just a fever.

KIRBY: Jesus. Thanks Marnie, you can go, I know you probably have somewhere else to be.

MARNIE: No, that's fine. I already missed a couple of periods of school so - -

KIRBY: Well go make them up!

Marnie takes the hint and exits. Kirby takes out her phone, calling Jill. She doesn't answer. Chelsea finally recognizes Kirby's there.


KIRBY: Hey sweetie, it's me. It's okay. Everything's okay.

CHELSEA: What are you doing here?

KIRBY: I came to check on you.

CHELSEA: Why - why - why must you do this to me?

KIRBY: Be nice to you? You're right, it is unsual for you.

CHELSEA: That's not what I mean, Kirby!

KIRBY: Why don't you want me around? Pride? So you can say you went through your pregnancy on your own? What is it?

CHELSEA: People make mistakes, I made a mistake and I don't know how to tell you that. And that is why I can't have you being here because it makes me sick to know you can care about me still!

KIRBY: I don't care about whatever it is you did in your past.

CHELSEA: You'll care about this! TRUST ME.

Kirby pauses for a moment and tries to come at this situation differently to try and get through to Chelsea.

KIRBY: Chelsea, you're having a baby. And you're doing it alone. And I know it's scary and confusing and you need someone like me to help you. I need you to let me help you because - - (starts to tear up) I have nothing else. Okay? I need to care about something, I need to... want something... I need to FEEL something again.

CHELSEA: (tears up as well) I can't let you. Not you.

KIRBY: What's so bad about me?

CHELSEA: You're perfect. It's me.

KIRBY: Chelsea... understand... I don't care...

CHELSEA:... it's Prichard's.

Kirby freezes. Chelsea covers her mouth, trying not to cry harder and trying not to look at Kirby directly without feeling like complete shit. Kirby shakes her head.

KIRBY: You're delirious. Um, so I won't be mad about that right now.

CHELSEA: I know what I'm saying, Kirby, it's his.

KIRBY: (as if she was playing along with Chelsea's delirious state)Okay, how? Prichard and I were together 9 months ago.

CHELSEA: Exactly, that's why I feel bad!

KIRBY: ... Prichard wouldn't have hurt me.

CHELSEA: He didn't. He didn't know... it's me, it's my fault, I...


Kirby is now realizing the gravity of what Chelsea's saying.

CHELSEA: I drugged him... and I had sex with him... without protection... it's his... he was the only one I was with for awhile...

KIRBY: (gritting her teeth) When?

Chelsea can't answer.


CHELSEA: You two broke up for whatever reason for awhile. I can't remember.

Kirby puts her head down. She knows this is a truth now and not just some babblings of a sick woman.

CHELSEA: I was weak, Kirby, I wasn't thinking, I don't know why. I was jealous of you and I loved him and -

KIRBY: Shut up.



CHELSEA: I'm sorry.

KIRBY: I know... and I want you to know... that I don't forgive you... and I can't forget this... but for the sake of his child... I will be there every step of the way of it being born. Do you understand? YOU DON'T GET TO TELL ME, I CAN'T BE HERE.

CHELSEA: But Kirby - -

KIRBY: But Kirby NOTHING. When Prichard... (shakes) when Prichard died, a piece of me died with him. Do you understand that? I LOVED HIM. And somehow, a piece of him is now inside you. (tears begin to flow down her face) Maybe that's why I felt so connected to needing to help you because... maybe a part of me needs that piece back from when he was gone. And you took advantage of him... behind my back, behind HIS and you have the gall to tell me I can't fucking be here? This is my baby too now... because it was his and I deserve it... you lost the right to tell me I can't be here the moment you betrayed me and him... but for the sake of that child... I'm gonna be here, seeing that the last part of him lives on and stays protected. You got that?

CHELSEA:(gulps) Yes.

Jill enters the room and looks around.

JILL: Where the hell is everybody?

Kirby and Chelsea's face are full of tears. Jill now recognizes this.

JILL: What's going on?

KIRBY: Nothing... nothing. I was just leaving. (she gets up) I'll see you tomorrow, Chelsea.

Kirby heads for the door and Jill stops her.

JILL: Hey Kirby, I - I haven't seen you in so long.

KIRBY: I know, I'm sorry but I have to go. I ran out of work to come see her and... yeah. Sorry.

JILL: Kirby, I miss you.

KIRBY: I know... we'll catch up... soon.

Kirby walks off and Jill focuses back on Chelsea.

JILL: You okay?

CHELSEA: Hardly.


NEXT EPISODE: Winter Formal

- Trevor notices a bruise on Jill's arm

- Roy and Kirby finally talk to each other

- Niley makes a rash move

- Chelsea goes into labor