207 - Winter Formal

We start early in the morning, Niley and Robbie are making their way down the halls and Niley seems less than pleased. Robbie is being forgiving but she's not buying the bait. We never catch what's going on. Roy walks by, catching their less than usual argumentative behavior. Niley spills that she's pissed that they're not going to Winter Formal together and Robbie informs her that it's all for the good of his dance team. Niley grits her teeth and they get in an argument over Solai, Robbie's dance partner. Robbie tells her she has nothing to be jealous over and then claims she's being more moody than usual lately. Niley's eyes widen in sadness as she reminds him that someone broke into her house and killed her pet penguin. Robbie brushes it off like it's nothing and she flips, making him flip as well. The argument escalates and Roy slowly backs out of the conversation, trying not to get involved.

Jill closes her locker and there stands Cory, close to her face. Jill backs off and Cory persues her closely behind. Jill comments that Trevor saw her arm and that if he's caught with her again, Trevor will be less than kind. Cory doesn't care and continues talking to her as Trevor is seen turning around the corner. Jill stops in her tracks and Cory forcefully turns her around. Trevor sees this physical altercation and runs over, pushing Cory out of the way. Jill tries to break the two of them up and then Cory spouts out some nonsense how Jill loves him. Trevor punches Cory in the chest with a good one, knocking him to the floor. Jill pushes Trevor away before a crowd gathers but Cory gets off his back, grabbing a book and knocks Trevor in the back of the head with it. The two fight, Jill stuck in the middle as they throw each other into lockers. The principal breaks them up and sends them both to the office seperately.

Niley enters an office and looks around. The door closes in frame. It says Mrs. Riley's office. Gale is at a desk with a box, setting things across it and Niley approaches her. Gale rolls her eyes and Niley gets into an argument stance.

GALE: Girl, I know you are not trying to pull that with me.

NILEY: Where were you the other day? I waited outside of Andy's house for an hour before I gave up on you.

GALE: I got caught up, I'm sorry. Becoming a guidance counselor is harder than it looks.

NILEY: Oh, you'll just quit this job in less than a year anyway! This is important, Gale!

GALE: That's Mrs. Riley to you... Niley.

NILEY: What's more important than - - hey, wait, that rhymed. (giggles and goes back to serious) What's more important than a kidnapper near the school, huh? "Mrs. Riley!"

GALE: This is just a suspicion, Niley. In fact, it's slander and if we approach this man with this, we could potentially go to prison and/or ruin his life. There's no evidence.

NILEY: I have evidence but you would know that if you actually met up with me.

GALE: (sighs) Niley, I'm sorry... this isn't my job.

NILEY: What happened to you?

GALE: Excuse me?

NILEY: I used to look up to you. You used to be something. Now you're just washed up with plastic surgery all over your face. Now you're a nobody to a goofy cop with fake tits who works as a pointless guidance counselor in a school with a graduation rate of 97%. That 3% REALLY needs you Gale, go get 'em tiger!

Niley heads for the door and Gale's eyes are wide in surprise. She stands up and slams her hand on the desk.

GALE: Now hold on a second!

Niley stops before the door, smiling for just a moment and puts her game face back on, turning around.

NILEY: What?

GALE: I'll help you. Now, since I know you have no date to Winter Formal tonight - -

NILEY: How do you know that?

GALE: Oh Niley, the 3% that come in here, boy, do they talk.

NILEY: Whatever.

GALE: We'll meet up tonight. Show me whatever "evidence" you have.

NILEY: Thank you.

GALE: But if you say any of that garbage prior about me and my fake tatas, I will make sure the next 2 and a half years of you attending here will be a living nightmare, you got that?

NILEY: The next year; you forget, you'll quit this job because of boredom in no time.

Niley exits and Gale laughs.

GALE: Oh, what a little bitch.

Night dawns on Woodsboro High as the festivities begin in the gym. All dressed up, the students begin filing in. Amongst them is Charlie and Stephie. Charlie totally doesn't want to be there but Stephie seems excited. He's putting on a grin for her. We go to another part of campus: Robbie and Solai are in the middle of dance practice. Robbie can't hang and Solai is getting tired of his exhaustion. She offers to go home but Robbie begs to keep going. She asks why he's so dedicated to this and he claims he just wants to be a part of something again. Solai shoots it down and tells him he should be apart of something else. Robbie stomps his foot and demands they continue. Solai decides to be nice and continues with the practice.

Meanwhile, Niley and Gale are outside of Andy's house on the side, next to the window leading into the basement. Niley opens the window and jumps in, Gale following after with a flashlight. Niley goes to flick on the light but Gale smacks her hand. "Amateur," she thinks, "don't touch ANYTHING." Gale takes out a spare flashlight and hands it to Niley. Gale asks to see the evidence so they can get out of there already. Niley makes her way to the cage in the back of the room and pulls a sheet off of it. There's nothing inside. Gale's pissed already and she turns around to exit - - SHE RUNS INTO GHOSTFACE. The costume hangs there on the pillar.

Gale gasps and turns to Niley, "was this here before?" Niley nods, "yeah but who doesn't have a Ghostface costume in Woodsboro, right?" Gale scoffs, "yeah, well someone should change that. Let's get out of here." Niley asks for Gale to wait and that they should keep looking around. Gale doesn't buy it and heads for the window. A SCATTER comes from across the room and Gale quickly turns around. Niley then questions, "is it just me or do you get the distinct feeling that something is down here?" Gale nods and asks, "but where?" Niley adds in, "that's what I've been asking myself for months."

The scatter happens again. Niley notices a crack in the wall under the stairs. She slowly approaches it and pushes on it - - a door opens. OUT FALLS A BODY. Niley and Gale jump back, screaming and then Gale stops, looking closer. Niley is still screaming her head off and Gale smacks the back of her head, telling her to stop. We now get a good look - - it's a person in a leather suit, covered from head to toe. Niley and Gale look at each other strangely...

Dewey cuff Andy, who now has come home and have him against the police car hood. Dewey reads him his rights and Andy is pissed. The man in the leather suit comes forward, taking off his gag mask and asks Dewey to stop, saying he was willing to be there. Dewey looks at the two of them, trying to figure out this situation a bit better. Gale comes forward.

GALE: Dewey, I think this is Andy's gimp.

DEWEY: What is that?

PERKINS: That's a S&M sex slave, sir...

They all look at Perkins.

PERKINS: I don't know personally, man! Pulp Fiction, nobody's ever seen it?

GIMP: Look, I am willing to be here. I like this... it turns me on... it turns... us on.

NILEY: What the - -

DEWEY: Niley, please step away and let me handle this.

GIMP: It adds to the illusion. Being locked up down there, dressed like this... treating me like a slave... it's how we get our kicks. It's not like he doesn't feed me or anything.

Andy looks totally embarassed. The entire neighborhood is watching. Dewey is still unsure of how to deal with this.

DEWEY: Are you sure?

GIMP: Yes sir, please... we know it's unorthodox but that's just... how we like it.

DEWEY: Wow, okay.

NILEY: Oh bullshit, c'mon Dewey. Isn't this the prime example of a kidnapping, molesting couple!

DEWEY: Niley, what did I say?

NILEY: C'mon, look at them! Shit!

DEWEY: Now these two may butt fuck each other while listening to Marilyn Manson but that doesn't mean they're kidnappers!

Dewey realizes he said this a bit too loud and probably used the wrong choice of words.

DEWEY: Sorry.

GIMP: It's okay.

ANDY: Can I fucking go now, SHERIFF?

DEWEY: Uh, yeah, sorry.

NILEY: Wait, wait!

DEWEY: Niley, you've embarassed these two enough as it is!

NILEY: What about the Ghostface costume? Huh, why do you have THAT?

Dewey looks down, eagerly awaiting his answer.

ANDY: I'm a... I'm a porn actor. We're shooting a... Stab porno.

HOSS: A Stab porno?

ANDY: It's called Stab the Pussy. I play the killer.

GALE: You mean you... (wiping away at her arms) did that in that costume?

ANDY: Yes.

GALE: Oh my God.

Dewey is completely in shock. He uncuffs Andy and lets him up.

DEWEY: Let's get out of here.

NILEY: Ask him about Squirrely!

DEWEY: Niley...

NILEY: Ask him!

DEWEY: Andy, I hate to embarass you even further but do you happen to know anything about the this here girl's pet penguin?

ANDY: No. I've seen her with it a couple times but that's it.

NILEY: Oh bullshit! My friend Chelsea saw you coming in my window to my house on Halloween!

ANDY: I was out for a walk and I saw someone trying to get into your house. I scared them off and tried to make sure the rest of your house was secure. What does this have to do with a penguin?

DEWEY: Her penguin was killed on Halloween night.

ANDY: I had no idea, I'm sorry.

NILEY: Oh my God.

DEWEY: Let's get out of here boys. Thank you Andy... Gimp.

Dewey and his officers exit the drive way and return to their cars. Gale pulls Niley back and puts her into Gale's car. Niley is distraught.

GALE: You really embarassed them there, Niley.

NILEY: I know he had something to do with this. I know he killed my penguin and I know he took that kid!

GALE: Niley, they searched the house. They found nothing. How does that not satisfy your suspicion?

NILEY: Maybe they're keeping him at an offsite or something.

GALE: An offsite? Niley, you watch too many movies. I'm taking you home.

We're back at the Winter Formal. Roy stands by the punch bowl, watching Kirby on the dance floor with Topher. Katherine approaches him and Roy tries to stay distant. Katherine asks Roy to dance and he rejects her as he then makes his move onto the dance floor Kirby. Katherine holds herself, hurt. Roy asks Topher if he can dance with Kirby. He accepts and walks off, letting Roy cut in. A slow song begins and Roy holds her by the waist as she puts her arms around his neck. They talk, asking how each other is. Roy tells her he misses her and Kirby says the same. Roy says he knows it's not the right time but if he keeps stalling, there will always be an excuse... so he tells her that he's in love with her.

Kirby seems surprised but in a good way but she's still unsure of how they could work. Roy says he doesn't care but he just knows that they're meant to be together. Kirby smiles and their heads come in closer... they kiss. Topher watches from afar, as does Katherine, Marnie and all the other women obsessed with him. All their dreams are crushed. Kirby exits the kiss and says sorry, walking away and exiting the building, leaving Roy alone on the dance floor. Topher takes the initiative, following her out. Jenny approaches Roy on the floor, asking if he would like to dance. He politely says he's leaving now and that he's sorry. Jenny joins the rest of the rejected girls off on the side. Marnie elbows Jenny and tells her not to take it so hard since he's so in love with Kirby. Jenny then realizes they have something in common. Katherine wants to join the conversation... but she's not so quick to give up and accept it as they are...

Niley is in her room, Olivia watching TV with her. Olivia keeps blabbering on how the Winter Formal totally takes away the novelty of Prom but Niley isn't even listening. She seems focused. Niley gets up and Olivia follows her out. Niley keeps going, heading outside and grabbing a lighter on the way. Olivia seems concerned as Niley then grabs a towel, exiting her house and then grabbing a loose giant branch from her tree. Niley wraps the towel around the branch and Olivia still watches, completely oblivious. Niley LIGHTS the branch tip on fire and Olivia stands there, completely amazed. Niley walks off, leaving Olivia there without saying a word. Olivia gets out her phone and calls Robbie.

Robbie's phone rings in his bag as Solai and him continue practicing. He doesn't hear it. Solai trips and Robbie catches her, FALLING ON TOP OF HER. They both giggle and then look at the situation they're in... Robbie doesn't move... and Solai starts to get a real serious look on her face... they're heads come in closer... the phone buzzes again. This time Robbie hears it. He laughs, playing off the moment and helps Solai up to her feet. Robbie grabs his phone and Olivia is on the other end, going into detail about how his girlfriend is weird. Robbie says he'll be there in a bit. He hangs up the phone and it rings again... this time it's someone else.. his eyes widen...

Kirby and Robbie make their way down the hospital hallway and enter into a room - - doctors surround Chelsea as her legs are spread open and she's pushing. Robbie immediately takes out his camera and Kirby smacks it out of his hands. Kirby quickly joins Chelsea's side as a nurse puts a gown behind her. Robbie doesn't know what to do. The nurse quickly mutters "sorry" to Kirby as she's standing there and Chelsea is pushing, but Kirby doesn't take note of it. All the doctors surrounding seem concerned and Chelsea has a sadness in her eyes, extra from the fact of pushing out a child. The doctors seem concerned while the nurse at the heart monitor watches intently... one side is flat, the other rapid. He keeps calling out the different numbers of the rate on Chelsea's condition as if it's a critical manner. The doctor asks for one last push... Chelsea screams and holds onto Kirby with a numbing grip...

She sighs and lands her head on the back of the pillow. It's over. The doctor's pull the baby out... but all is quit in the room. Kirby looks on, a smile on her face... but she realizes the baby isn't making noise. All the doctors continue as if this is normal and Chelsea cries. Kirby then realizes what's going on... Robbie now gets it too.

DOCTOR: Chelsea... would you like to hold it, at least once?

Chelsea looks at the baby's lifeless body... and caresses it towards it chest. Chelsea looks up at Kirby...

CHELSEA: Stillborn. I guess me fainting and falling all over the place meant something more.

KIRBY: What? What happened?

CHELSEA: They say it just happens. We figured out a few hours ago that it died while it was inside me...

KIRBY: Why didn't... why didn't you tell me?

CHELSEA: (shakes her head) I couldn't... (cries) I couldn't let you down. Not again.

Robbie puts his head down. Kirby is completely heartbroken. Chelsea examines her baby's face... Kirby leans down, looking at it as well... tears begin to stream down. All the nurses in the room exit.

CHELSEA: Hold her.

KIRBY: What?

CHELSEA: This is your baby too. You hold her.

Chelsea hands over the baby into Kirby's arms. Kirby tries to be careful with it... but soon realizing it doesn't have much of a matter. She slowly strokes across the baby's face with the back of her hand... examining her carefully. The scrunched up nose, the tiny lips, the closed eyes that she can only imagine look just like Prichard's. Robbie watches, holding back his tears.

KIRBY: This... this was the only thing... that I had left from him. This was it. This was everything.

Robbie starts to realize Kirby is shaking...

KIRBY: This was all I had and now - - now he's gone. Now I have nothing again. Now I'm alone, now I'm alone. Now I'm alone.

ROBBIE: Kirby?

CHELSEA: Robbie, help her!

Robbie jumps up and grabs the baby as Kirby then COLLAPSES.

CHELSEA: Oh my God.

ROBBIE: Kirby!

CHELSEA: Somebody help!

Now back to Andy's house. Niley looks at it, torch in hand and looks up at the window where she can see a shadow of Andy and his gimp together in a hug. She doesn't even flinch... she throws the torch onto the front porch, watching the flame SPREAD ACROSS and walks away, backing off from the fire. The flames then CONSUME the entire front of the house. Andy bursts through the front door, trying to extinguish the flame... but it's no use. The flames build. Niley stands across the street, watching the house burn away with Andy and his lover trapped inside. She smiles.


120 for the next episode: Show Me Your Pep

- All of Robbie's dance practice is finally shown off

- A new teacher arrives at Woodsboro High

- Chelsea returns to the campus

- Roy and the rest of the gang worry about Kirby's condition

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