***The following episode contains some content that may be disturbing to some sensitive readers. Discretion is advised.***

208 - Show Me Your Pep

A pair of classy black dress shoes step onto the tile of Woodsboro High's floor. The ladies in the hallways all systematically begin to stare as they pass by. We slowly tilt up and see their black slacks and then a black suitcase in hand, a man's hand. Roy stops at his locker and looks at all the girls in the room - - they're less focused on him as usual. He now sees the man continuing down the hallway and realizes they're looking at him. The man continues to a door - - teacher's lounge and enters. The girls all let out an audible sigh nearly at the same time and continue on with their activities. Roy shrugs and continues on with getting out his books from his locker.

Robbie and Solai warm up on the side of the gym with the rest of the dance crew. Robbie has a bit of nerves charging through him but he seems focused. Solai gives him a back massage in which he nearly orgasms from the gentle touch of her fingers. She reminds him that this is in front of the school and asks if he still wants to do this. Robbie is determined.

Gale takes a cup of joe out of the microwave and blows the top to cool it down. She turns around and nearly walks into the man in black, her coffee almost spilling out onto his black suit. He holds her shoulders and Gale looks up at his eyes. Her heart nearly stops... we swoop around to get a look at his face - - MR. LEEDS. He introduces himself and Gale does the same.

MR. LEEDS: No need for introductions, I know who you are. Big fan. You teach here now?

GALE: No, guidance counselor. What do you teach?

MR. LEEDS: History.

GALE: Mm, good luck with that.

Gale walks off quickly, trying not to continue a conversation any further that may get her in trouble.

The school's entire attendance files their way into the gym for the bi-annual pep rally. Roy is in the line, exasperated by the whole experience. He makes his way through with Charlie who is just as non-enthused as he is. Roy looks down at his phone, texting Kirby... but he's getting no response. Charlie asks how Kirby's doing and Roy says he doesn't know, and that he hasn't talked to her much since her breakdown. Charlie than inquires about the possibility of a relationship between the two and Roy answers that it's less and less likely each day.

They sit within the stands and get a good spot in the middle next to Niley who's with Olivia. Charlie immediately takes out his camera and readies it to record. Roy puts his head down, embarassed for what Robbie is about to do. The show begins and the crowd cheers, happy to be out of class. The dance squad comes out and Charlie sits up, now interested and with the camera now rolling. Robbie looks ridiculous in his tights. Niley gets up and asks Roy to save her seat as she's gonna go down to get a closer look. As soon as she leaves, a girl sits down next to Roy. He turns his head to tell her it's taken... but is immediately caught by her beauty. She asks if she's intruding in which Roy lies and says she can stay. She introduces herself... her name is TESS MARTIN. She seems unabashed by Roy's appearance unlike most girls that come around him. Either she's playing it cool or she has no idea who he is... a nice change of pace...

The lights come down and the stage is set. Robbie takes one last breath of air before it all begins. The countdown before the music starts and a streak of sweat comes down from his brow... the music ("Express Yourself") BURSTS on and all the dancers spring to life, including Robbie in probably the most silly dance a man of his stature could be caught doing. Charlie can't even laugh... he almost feels bad. Roy is just wide eyed... Charlie turns to Roy and then looks back down at the camera... closing it in a "nobody should ever have to see this" kinda way. The dance ends and the crowd cheers; Robbie is happy he finally could be apart of something again. Solai gives him a big hug... Niley watches from the stands in an angry clap...

We're now at Kirby's house, after school. Roy is in the living room, looking at the pictures on the tables. BEVERLY REED, Kirby's mother, makes her way down the stairs with a Scotch in hand. "She'll be down soon," she says, "want one?" She gestures the glass towards Roy and he smiles, "no... too young." Beverly takes another sip and continues onto her living room, "kids these days and their rules..." Kirby makes her way down the stairs and sighs, smiling at Roy.

ROY: Hey.


ROY: Everything... okay?

KIRBY: Definie "okay."

ROY: If this is a bad time, I could just - -

KIRBY: No, come on up.

Kirby makes her way up back to her room.

ROY: To your... room? (gulps) Okay.

Kirby sits down at the edge of her bed while Roy looks around the room at the walls. He notices all the movie posters she now has.

ROY: American Werewolf in London. John Landis. Didn't know you were a fan.

KIRBY: Working at the video store gave me a new perspective on things... I actually have to leave there in a bit so if there's... anything you wanted to talk about...

ROY: Not necessarily, no. I just wanted to check up on you. You haven't been returning my texts...

KIRBY: Yeah, I'm sorry about that... it's not that I wanna be left alone, it's just... I don't wanna talk about it. All Chelsea wants to do is talk about it and it drives me nuts so I avoid her too and it turns out that I just figure it's better to avoid everyone.

ROY: You know me, Kirby, I would never... do anything you wouldn't wanna do.

KIRBY: I know... that's why I invited you up... I trust you.

ROY: Thanks, um, I guess... but there is something I did wanna talk about... unrelated... to the... you know.

KIRBY: What?

ROY: That night... when we were dancing...

KIRBY: (laughs) Shit, I nearly forgot about that...

ROY: (disappointment in his eyes) Oh.

KIRBY: Not that it was bad or anything.

ROY: (relieved) Oh.

KIRBY: But I definitely don't think about it all the time.

ROY: ... yeah.

KIRBY: I was in a sensitive place, Roy... and now I'm in a worse one so... right now isn't the best time for anything like that. I know you tried to time it perfectly but... my life is like an approximaty bomb... once I get anywhere close to having some semblance of normalism, something else occurs, disrupting my shit, you know?

ROY: That's unfortunate.

KIRBY: I mean... everything in my life... it's like a TV show.

ROY: (laughs) You're the star.

KIRBY: No, I reckon if that were the case, Jill would be doing all the heavy lifting. I'm just the supporting gal.

ROY: You're definitely top billing in my eyes, Kirby...

KIRBY: No, I'm just the clutz who breaks her ankle during soccer, falls in love with the asshole, and then he dies and the one thing he leaves behind isn't directly given to me so ofcourse, what happens? That doesn't exist anymore either. (wipes a tear away but remains stoic) When does it end, Roy? I'm afraid if we... take our friendship to another level, I'll just end up ruining you too.

ROY: Hey... (sits down next to her) you're not ruining anything. You make me better... I promise you... I'll give you the time that you need, okay?

KIRBY: Roy... I can't. I'm sorry. (beat) It'll never be the right time... I don't wanna keep you holding on...

ROY:... I understand.

KIRBY: I'm sorry - -

ROY: No, no, I get it... you're right... (gets up) but in the meantime, think about coming back to school, will ya? It's odd without you.

KIRBY: (sighs) You have no idea. My mom trying to home school me in biology? Imagine that disaster... (chuckles) I got 5 minutes to get ready.

ROY: Okay... bye, Kirby.

KIRBY: Roy... (gets up) Thank you.

They hug. She grasps him tight and Roy kisses her on the forehead... he exits... and she closes the door...

Robbie paces excitedly in his room while Niley watches him go back and forth. He has a big smile permanently attatched to his face.

ROBBIE: Did you see me? Did you see me? Wow, I never felt anything like that before, it was such a rush to be out there and in front of all those people and they're cheering you on and I'm moving and we're all moving in sync with each other and it's just - - wow, you know? You know?

NILEY: You looked like a faggot.


NILEY: You looked like a damn fairy, you heard me.

ROBBIE: Well Niley, that's cruel.

NILEY: It's true, baby. They weren't cheering you on either, they were laughing at you.

ROBBIE: Really?

NILEY: Mmhmm. I let out a giggle myself.

ROBBIE: Really supportive girlfriend, thanks Niley.

NILEY: Oh? I'm sorry, I didn't know you needed my support. I thought you had Solai for all of that.


NILEY: Well you guys hug so much, what do you need me for?

ROBBIE: Niley, Solai is just a friend.

NILEY: And friends spend all their time with eachother, talking, laughing, hugging. What else do you do, Robbie, hm? Play doctor?

ROBBIE:... (gets down on a knee to her level) I would never hurt you. You know that.

NILEY: I don't know that.

ROBBIE: Yes you do, I'm not capable of it.

NILEY: People are capable of anything, believe me.

Niley quickly glances out Robbie's window at the neighbor's charred up house then back to Robbie... ofcourse he doesn't notice this means something...

ROBBIE: I love you. Not Solai. She's nothing to me compared to you.

NILEY: Then prove it.

ROBBIE: What do you mean?

NILEY: Quit the dance team.

ROBBIE: I can't do that.

NILEY: If you love me then you would do it!

ROBBIE: Niley, if you loved me then you wouldn't put me in that spot...

Niley sighs and strokes her hair... she takes a breather...

NILEY: You're right, I don't know why I said... I'm sorry, I just, I'm not who I thought I was anymore...

ROBBIE: Ofcourse you are... you're the love of my life! That's all you need to be... you're going through a lot right now... with what happened to Squirrely and you being wrong about Andy and all...

NILEY: I wasn't wrong about Andy...

ROBBIE: Niley, not this again.

NILEY: The only reason I even thought half of that stuff is because of the shit you told me and how he interacted with kids!

ROBBIE: Well maybe I was wrong, Niley! Michael Jackson, does that ring a bell? Misperception, it happens all the time.

NILEY: Then who killed Squirrely?

ROBBIE: I have no idea. This isn't even the thing that's important right now, look... (he strokes the hair out of her eyes) nothing will tear us apart, I swear. Not dance, not Solai, or anything else. Okay? I enjoy doing this. Let me do ti.

NILEY: Okay. I'm sorry.

Robbie smiles and they embrace...

Kirby makes her way into the video store, Topher at the counter watching her. He waves and she waves back. He leaves his station, asking if Connie can cover for him. He follows her back into the back room where she covers her eyes, crying. He approaches her from behind and slowly holds her... he kisses her neck... her cries become further in between now... she stops him and exits the back room, leaving him there by himself. He slaps his forehead, "stupid!"

Charlie and Stephie sit in Jill's room, Charlie showing Jill the tape of Robbie's performance. They all laugh along but Charlie almost feels wrong about it. Jill's coughs up something fierce then claims she wishes she wasn't sick so she could see it in person. Stephie looks at her watch and says it's time to go.

Stephie and Charlie begin walking home. Stephie seems to have something on her mind... she breaks it to Charlie: she's going back to her home country at the end of the school year. Charlie thinks she's joking but she has a serious face on. Charlie stops walking all together and stops, trying to get a handle on what he's hearing... Stephie kisses him softly all over his face but he's frozen... he finishes walking her home and kisses her goodnight. Stephie wants to continue talking to him but Charlie acts as if there's nothing to say. Stephie goes in, calling it a night and Charlie makes his way home... he stops for a moment once he's out of eye sight from her door... he KICKS a trash can and it flies into the street. He nearly pulls his hair out in anger...

He bursts through his front door and goes to his room, punching the wall and slamming his head against it. He goes to his drawer, taking out the pills subscribed to him... he takes a few, trying to calm down... it's not working... he sees a picture of him and Stephie... he gets back up, KICKING in the mirror and it SHATTERS to the floor... he stops for a moment, looking down at his reflection... only it's not his own... he stops in his tracks to make sure he's not crazy... it's JILL. He picks up a shard of glass, examining his reflection closer... whispers start to fill his head and he bends down, holding onto his ears as if he's trying to rid a headache. He looks back into the reflection... still Jill... the whispers continue... he drops the shard and runs to the bathroom, looking at an in tact mirror... it's himself... everything's normal again... he sighs relief, returning back to his room... he lays on his bed... and closes his eyes...

Mr. Leeds sits at home on his couch, watching TV. There's a knock at the door... he puts down a bucket of popcorn and answers... ANDY. Andy makes his way in, groceries in hand.

MR. LEEDS: I gotta get you that key.

ANDY: (chuckles) Yeah. But hey, next week full of groceries. Least I could do since you're letting us stay here.

MR. LEEDS: Your house burnt down, what am I gonna say, no?

ANDY: You didn't have to.

MR. LEEDS: But I did. It's what good families do.

ANDY: Yeah, I guess...

MR. LEEDS: Listen, we have to talk...

ANDY: About what?

MR. LEEDS: About the kid...

(thump in the soundtrack)

MR. LEEDS: I don't mind you and your... lover staying here but... I've already kept your "goods" here long enough though. Don't you think?

ANDY: Just another week until that apartment opens up - -

MR. LEEDS: Andy... this is my house... I just moved in in October and within the first week of me being here, you already start throwing your baggage on me. I've kept the kid here long enough, it's time that you either leave and take him with you immediately... or you get rid of him. Understand?

ANDY: ... yeah.

MR. LEEDS: I started work today and I don't wanna be making up excuses for why co-workers can't drop by my house. Bad enough you'll already be here with your gimp... I don't need that damn kid here to make things worse...

ANDY: I'll get rid of him...

MR. LEEDS: Thank you, I knew you would understand. I already feel like a bad guy as it is. That boy's parents must be - - worried. Return him. Relieve that tension off their heads. A sigh of relief, am I right? Quit making me a fucking accessory to your bullshit. If I wasn't so family friendly, I would've ripped your fucking head off like the piece of shit you are... but blood's thicker than water... and love is blind... RIGHT?

ANDY: Right.

MR. LEEDS: And I'm not a kidnapper... sure as fuck ain't a child molester either. Return the kid... or I turn your ass in... once and for all. You sick fuck.

Mr. Leeds looks down at a bottle of beer in a bag. He pops it open and takes a swig.

MR. LEEDS: Tough love... maybe I should be tougher? Cousin mentality, right?

He returns to the couch and Andy grabs one of the bags of groceries, heading to the basement door... Andy throws the bag down into the light... a small hand reaches out from the darkness, pulling it in...

ANDY: Hey kid... you're uh... your work here is done. Tomorrow, I take you back to mommy and daddy. Okay? And you're not gonna tell them where you were, who I am or what happened between us, am I right?... Kid?... You don't feel like talking, I understand. We'll work on your story later... you can eat for now... see you in the morning.

Andy closes the door, leaving the basement PITCH BLACK...

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