Dewey and his team continue their way down the hall. They stop outside of a classroom and look in; Niley is spotted. Dewey sighs and enters, the teacher stopping the lecture. Niley doesn't even remotely think it's about her until... he looks straight at her and calls her name. She gets up and they lead her out of the classroom. She asks what's wrong and without an explanation, Hoss cuffs her while Dewey reads her her rights. Niley appears shocked as they escort her out of the school.


At lunch, Charlie approaches Jenny while Marnie is with her. For the comfortability of the group, they're not all in one spot anymore. Charlie hands an invite for Stab-A-Thon to Jenny, trying not to make eye contact with Marnie. Robbie sighs, complaining about the fact that they're not giving out e-vites like they should be. Charlie and Robbie get in a bit of a tiff and they quickly squash it. Jenny asks why it's taking place in Colorado this year and Charlie tells her it's better and more secluded and only people serious about the films will show. Charlie then reminds her that you can only get in if you have an invite in hand... he once again tries not to make eye contact with Marnie. Jenny then asks Robbie about what happened with Niley. Robbie has no clue. Jenny fills him in and his eyes go wide. He runs off...


Niley is in the interrogation room as Dewey sits with her. Niley doesn't speak amid his constant questioning. She then asks if her lawyer is supposed to be there or at least her parents. Dewey gets up and heads for the door. Before he leaves, Niley pleads her innocence, claiming she has an alibi for that night. Dewey says she was right and they can't talk about it. She says she was with Olivia that night. Dewey exits and says he'll look into it.

Dewey goes to his office and calls Perkins who is still at the school talking to Gale. Perkins answers and Dewey asks for Perkins to check her alibi. He says he'll pull her out of class once lunch is over.


Jill sits with Charlie at lunch and realizes he has a few fliers in his hands. He then sees Jenny across the way with one in hand... she doesn't mind until she sees Marnie sitting there with her. Jill tells Charlie that Marnie is in no way invited and Charlie says it's okay and that he has it under control. Jill thinks momentarily and then takes back what she says - - "NEITHER of them are invited." Charlie asks why and he calls Jenny a traitor for sitting with Marnie. Charlie insists Marnie was just being there for her friend. Jill says that may be true but either way, she's been talking to her boyfriend behind her back. Charlie says he'll tell her later than and Jill gives him the eye, enforcing that he take the invitation back NOW. Charlie gives her an "are you serious look?" He gets up and makes his way over. He does his best to apologize and takes the flier away. Jenny seems hurt as if something inside her is broken. As Charlie walks away, Jill stares Jenny down with evil eyes.


Kirby sits in the parking lot, eating her lunch alone. Her mind seems to be nowhere... she checks her watch for the time and decides she doesn't want to be at school any longer. She turns on her car, exiting the parking lot. She drives out onto the road, looking at which direction she should go in. A sense of overwhelming depression over comes her. She begins driving and watches the other lane of cars passing by her. The thought of Prichard comes to her mind... she wanders off in her head... her car starts to swerve into the other lane without her noticing. The car in the oncoming lane HONKS its horn. She swerves out of the way and she goes off to the side of the lane... she panics at first and realizes she's fine... laughing... she gets back onto the road, this time intentionally swerving over. Cars honk at her in a fury when she gets too close. A big rig comes her way and she moves all the way into the other lane, going head to head with the monstrous truck. The truck blows its horn, trying to alert Kirby. She picks up her speed, targeting right at it. They're about to collide... she giggles and SWERVES out of the way at the last minute - - SHE HITS A DOG. The dog is crushed, stuck under her wheel and makes her car slide. She loses control of the car - - IT FLIPS. The car tumbles across the pavement, turning into a piece of wreck. SHE SLAMS into a brick wall, stopping her but not before she nearly bursts through it. She looks at her hands, bloody from the glass that burst all around her. She looks back - - the driver of the rig runs towards her car. She shakes...