201 - Rat in a Cage



"Cinema Club was disbanded for having a Stab-A-Thon in the school gym after hours."
[Dewey enters, making everyone head out.]

"Resulting in some of the head members being transferred to a new school."
[Robbie, Charlie, Prichard, Roy and Dan sit in front of the principal's desk.]

"Penciatti Hotel would be the location of Breckin High School's Prom"
[The Prom Committee enter the hotel with supplies.]

"Until a shooter was on the loose, claiming many victims... including Prichard Tin."
[The shooter shoots the Prom Leader in the head and shoots Prichard in the chest.]

"Then to reveal theirself as someone they know."
[Danny unveils himself.]

"While Robbie made a new friend in Marnie and they escaped with both their lives..."
[Robbie holds Marnie's hand, leading her to safety.]

"Before the building collapsed, entombing all that remained within."
[Kirby crying into Charlie's chest as Roy watches from afar while being interviewed by the reporters."

"Olivia and Jill came to terms."
[Olivia and Jill hug outside of Olivia's house.]

"And Chelsea received some breaking news."
Chelsea's Doctor: Chelsea, you're pregnant.


TITLE - JUNE, 2010 - 1 Year Later
An ambulance drives through the hills, the spinning lights the only thing illuminating the dark, snowy and cold mountain side.

EMTs bend over, working on their victim with deep concern in their eyes. We can't see their face... only the reaction of the EMTs in a rushed concern.

EMT 1: (into radio) ... lacerations across the body along with bruises and possible fractures to the skull...
EMT 2: They're not getting air.
EMT 3: BP is dropping!
EMT 1: (into radio) The victim is now losing oxygen!
EMT 2: We're losing them!
EMT 3: Don't start freaking out on me now, just keep working!

CLOSE UP on a bloody, dirty hand - - it's caucasian, that's all we can tell. It's grip loosens on the railing and drops.

EMT 3: We're not gonna fucking make it on time!
EMT 2: Just wait!

Sheriff Dwight Riley RACES through the night down the streets of downtown Woodsboro. Along for the ride is Deputy Judy Hicks.

Dewey: They could be anywhere from here to a 50 mile radius.
Hicks: They went missing an hour ago, that was just the time of it being called in, who knows how long they've been gone for.
Dewey: We can only assume from the information we're working on, Hicks!
Hicks: They could be DYING right now!
Dewey: You think I don't know that? !

The EMTs continue to work on their victim.

EMT 2: Okay, we got 'em back.
EMT 3: Jesus Christ.
EMT 1: (into radio) They're now responding.

EMT 3 grabs their light stick and flashes it into their eyes.

EMT 3: Everything is going to be okay!
EMT 2: Can you hear me? Can you follow this light for me, please?

The light SHINES into our eyes. Over saturated, it blinds us and the screen goes DARK.

Title: June, 2009 - 1 Year Earlier
{Emily Browning - Asleep}
(0:00 - 0:25)
Kirby looks at her mirror - pictures of her and Prichard together align it. She slowly begins to take each one down.

(0:26 - 0:37)
The music continues, intercutting between the events in Kirby's room and the graveyard. A funeral is being held... the paulbearers carry a coffin coming towards a hole in the ground... Kirby watches in the front row, crying her eyes out.

(0:38 - :56)
Kirby looks at a picture longer... she clutches it towards her chest and leans against the wall, trying to hold back the tears.

(:57 - 1:05)
The paulbearers set the coffin down on the lowering mechanism. Kirby looks on at the coffin in front of her. Charlie reaches over, holding her around her shoulders and she leans her head onto his.

(1:06 - 1:18)
Kirby enters the bathroom and looks on at the mirror, tears all the way down her face with smeared make up. She looks down at a pair of scissors... and picks them up.

(1:19 - 1:40)
As the pastor says his words, people come forward, dropping roses onto Prichard's coffin as it lowers into the ground.

(1:40 - 1:52)
Kirby puts the scissors to her hair...

(1:52 - 2:17)
... and SLICES. Her blonde locks flow towards the sink... The hair and the coffin both fall at the same time.

The song suddenly STOPS. Kirby looks on at the mirror... her hair now boy short... she rubs her hand through it... she exits, turning off the light...

Jill and Niley make their way to Kirby's front door. Niley clutches onto Squirrely, her pet penguin.

NILEY: You sure we should be doing this?
JILL: We've given her a week... let's just see, visually, how she's doing.
NILEY: If you say so, Jill...

Squirrely nibbles on Niley's hair.

NILEY: Stop it, Squirrely! I mean it! You gonna be good? You want your 'guin snacks? (waits) Good, good Squirrely.

She takes out a handful of food from her pocket and Squirrely nibbles on it. They reach the front door and Jill knocks. They wait their momentarily... nothing. Niley looks in through the window.

JILL: Do you see anything?
NILEY: Yeah, I think her brother is coming down stairs...
JILL: ... Kirby doesn't have a brother.

The door swings open, there standing Kirby. Jill and Niley eyes go wide, staring at her head.

KIRBY: Hey...
NILEY: Hair. I mean, hi. (nervous smile) Hi, KIR-BY.
JILL: What did you...
KIBRY: I cut it. I needed a change. What's up? What brings you to the neck of my woods?
NILEY:... hair.
KIRBY: Yeah Niley, I cut my hair. Moving on.
JILL: We just wanted to see how you were doing. In person, ya know?
KIRBY: I'm fine, seriously.
JILL: Yeah, we know but we just wanted to let you know, we're here for you.
KIRBY: I GOT THAT. Okay? I can take care of myself.
JILL: It's no offense, Kirbz.
KIRBY: Well thanks, but no thanks. Now I'm in the middle of something so - -
JILL: Can we come in?
KIRBY:... no. I'm busy.
NILEY:... hair.
KIRBY: Yeah, Niley! My hair - - gone!
JILL: Kirby - -
KIRBY: Look, I gotta go. I'll see you guys later.

Kirby closes the door. Jill and Niley still stand there...

NILEY: I'm sorry, what just happened? I was distracted.
JILL: C'mon Niley, let's go.

TITLE: August, 2009 - 3 MONTHS LATER
Robbie and Charlie look on at the building that once used to house their matriculation. Someone passes by, tapping 'em on the shoulder. "Welcome back!" they exclaim as they pass by.

ROBBIE: (sighs) Yeah, welcome back.

The halls are a bit crowded... there's fresh meat (students) everywhere. It's a bit unfamiliar mixed in with the old.

CHARLIE: New lockers?
ROBBIE: Let's get one thing settled first.

Principal Brosnan finishes pouring himself some morning coffee. Robbie and Charlie sit at the desk, waiting for him to say SOMETHING.

BROSNAN: Boys, I want you to know, you coming back was my choice. After the incident at the hotel, I figured it'd be the best move. But you still are in trouble so therefore you still have some liberties taken away from you.
ROBBIE: Like what, sir?
BROSNAN: Well, don't know if you noticed but the Cinema Club was reinstated. It had such a popular demand with the board so we had no choice but to. With that said, I have to prohibit you two from joining.
CHARLIE: Really? C'mon. We INVENTED that thing.
BROSNAN: And you also broke a ton of rules... holding a function at school during closed hours, not to mention that you broke and entered to do it and then, the most major offense of all, distributing alcohol to minors. (beat) You're lucky you're here again.
CHARLIE: We're also lucky we're alive...
BROSNAN: (beat) Stay out of sight, you got that? Maybe I'll reconsider the ban from the club IF you remain on good behavior.

Charlie and Robbie burst out of the principal's office, clearly pissed.

ROBBIE: If we remain on good behavior? What the fuck is that shit? I didn't know we were imprisoned here.
CHARLIE: Well that is the definition of school.

Footsteps stomp louder in their direction. A FIGURE TACKLES ROBBIE INTO A LOCKER AND PRESSES HIM DOWN. It's Niley.

NILEY: My baby's back! Yay!

They kiss, rejoicing as Charlie rolls his eyes.

NILEY: (looks over) Aw, I'm sorry Charlie, I forgot about Stephie.
CHARLIE: It's okay, she'll be back soon. Go ahead, smother each other with your tongues.
NILEY: No, no, no. While Stephie is gone and while I'm around you guys, I will function ONLY as a friend.
NILEY: That's right. No kissing, no touching, no cute talk. Until Stephie returns, I am - - one of the bros.
ROBBIE: Yeah, you gonna grow a dick too?
NILEY: Well, I have an unnaturally large clit, does that count?
CHARLIE: That's just uncalled for. I didn't need to hear that.
NILEY: Oh Charlie, stop it. Not like you didn't know Stephie has one too. We compared once, it's almost as if combined we'd have a little baby dick.
ROBBIE: Okay, please stop talking to my best friend about your clitoris.
NILEY: It's educational. And that's how men talk right, all vulgar and shit?
ROBBIE: (shakes his head) NO! NO! We NEVER say stuff like that. That's just profane. I don't even know why this conversation is happening.
NILEY: Well it's the new me, bitches. Get used to it. Or until Stephie comes back, right?
CHARLIE: (terrified) Sure.
NILEY: (beat) Okay, we didn't REALLY compare clits. You can calm down.

Robbie looks across the hall and notices blonde hair coming in his direction. He squints... the crowd clears. It's MARNIE. Marnie's eyes widen the moment she sees him and runs in his direction - - TACKLING HIM almost the same way Niley just did.

MARNIE: Oh thank God, somebody I know!

Robbie is taken aback a bit, her hug tightening around his waist. His face clearly shows he is happy to see her as well - - he smiles. Niley watches his eyes...

ROBBIE: Hey Marnie.
NILEY: Hi. I'm Niley. Robbie's girlfriend.
MARNIE: Oh, yeah, I remember you. We briefly met... sorta.
NILEY: Oh, well, now you know.
MARNIE: So hey guys, uh... I don't know many people here. Is it cool if I meet up with you at lunch?

Robbie looks at Charlie who's giving him a "your funeral" look. Robbie nods and Marnie smiles big.

MARNIE: Thanks, it means a lot. I promise not to intrude too much. But I gotta go, I gotta find my first class. See ya!

She skips off, Robbie still transfixed with a smile on his face.

CHARLIE: Oh wow, that was exciting.
NILEY: Yeah... really exciting.

Kids are still coming to school. OLIVIA looks into a pocket mirror and from behind her - - JILL comes into frame. Olivia closes it and turns around. They HUG and greet each other joyfully.

JILL: Hey girl.
OLIVIA: I was waiting for you!
JILL: Oh really?
OLIVIA: Yeah, I wanted someone to come pick up my new schedule with me.

CORY sees Jill from the distance and she smiles at him. He ducks his head and continues walking.

OLIVIA: Heartbreakerrrr.
JILL: Roy, Jenny or Niley aren't here yet?
OLIVIA: Oh no! Um, actually, I haven't seen Roy yet but Jenny, I saw her talking to some guy so I didn't wanna cock block and Niley was with Robbie so I felt like I should let them be.
JILL: What about Kirby, have you seen her?
OLIVIA: Oh no. Ha, I can't remember the last time we've seen her.
JILL: I know... she's still posting on Facebook though so that's good, we know she's alive.
OLIVIA: Unless it's a crazy stalker who killed her and is impersonating her.

Jill remains straight faced.

OLIVIA:... too soon?

A group of girls pass by, staring on toward the parking lot and whispers of "there she is" mumble through. Jill and Olivia both turn their heads, looking on as well.

FEET step out of a car as it speeds off behind them. We TILT UP to reveal KIRBY, now with her new look and hair styled to her new cut. She stops for a moment and presses on through the crowd that's trying not to make it obvious they're staring at her. She walks right pass Jill and Olivia.

JILL: Kirby... hello!

Kirby continues on, up the steps and into the halls.

OLIVIA: Jill, just... let it be. I guess she still needs space.

Kirby continues on, sadness in her eyes that she's holding back and putting up a tough demeanor. She continues walking down the hall and her feet start to slow down... her eyes try to look to the other side of the hall... but she can't help it. She stops and looks at the lockers... Prichard's old locker.

She turns her head back forward, realizing a group of kids are watching her, some with pity in their eyes. Kirby quickly wipes her eye and bites back.

KIRBY: What the fuck you nimrods looking at?

Kirby continues on, badassery still in tact. Kirby turns the corner and sees CHELSEA, struggling with her locker. Kirby looks down at Chelsea's stomach - - bigger from pregnancy. She runs forward, trying to help.

KIRBY: Here, I got that.

Kirby pops open the locker and Chelsea sighs with relief.

CHELSEA: You didn't have to do that.
KIRBY: I wanted to... how are things?
CHELSEA: You mean with the pregnancy? Oh, it's fucking great. Puking in the mornings, pissing every 40 minutes, waking up in the middle of the night because I keep dreaming that a cult is trying to raise my child to be the devil.
KIRBY: (smiles) Rosemary's Baby reference.
CHELSEA: I'm glad it makes you happy, I wasn't kidding.
KIRBY: I actually just saw that movie. I watched a lot of movies this summer. A lot.
CHELSEA:... Kirby, are YOU okay?
KIRBY: I'm fine. Thanks for asking.

Kirby continues on, avoiding an actual conversation.

The bell rings. Classes get out. Marnie holds a paper in her hands, looking down at it while at the same time trying to look up at the door numbers. She SLAMS into Roy, nearly knocking herself down. He catches her in midfall.

ROY: Whoa, whoa!
MARNIE: Oh my God, I'm so sorry!
ROY: It's okay...
MARNIE:... Roy?
ROY: Marnie. Yeah. Hey. You go here now?
MARNIE: Yeah. Um... could you show me where this class is, I just feel so lost here.
ROY: Ofcourse.

They both continue to walk on, Roy taking the paper from her. Marnie looks like she needs to find a way to start a conversation.

MARNIE: I'm fine, by the way.
ROY: Oh, yeah, I can tell.
MARNIE: So we can avoid all the, "how you coping with having all your friends dead?" questions.
ROY: I wasn't gonna ask, trust me.
MARNIE: You glad to be back here? Better than Breckin, right?
ROY: That's for sure. I think you'll like it here at the ol' W.
MARNIE: Is that what you guys call it? The Ol' W?
ROY: No, that's just me. And this is you.

Roy gestures to the door, Marnie taking the paper back. She shyly goes in for a hug and he hugs back.

MARNIE: Thanks for the help.
ROY: No problem.

Marnie continues through the door and Roy turns around - - and there stands Kirby at her locker. Roy looks around the hallway, unsure if he should press forward. He moves in.

ROY: Hey Kirby.
KIRBY: Hey Roy.
ROY: Damn new lockers. Got us all seperated.
KIRBY: I know, right? Freshman and Sophomore year seem easy in comparison.
ROY: Well no worries, I hear Senior year is the easiest.
KIRBY: (chuckles) That's if we make it to the end of it.
ROY: That's a little darker humor than you're used to. Okay, I have to ask - - the hair?
KIRBY: I'm being bold.
ROY: You're being bold or you're being spontaneous?
KIRBY: What's the difference?
ROY: Bold is for bold's sake. Spontaneous isn't thinking too much about it.
KIRBY: Definitely bold. I like it, don't you?
ROY: Please don't ask me that yet.
KIRBY: No problem, since you've steered away from asking me how I'm doing like everyone else.
ROY: Everyone needs space, I figured mine would help.
KIRBY: It has, thank you.

Lunch time has rolled around. Jill and Olivia make their way through the quad to the fountain.

JILL: Okay, seriously, have you seen Jenny at all today?
OLIVIA: I saw her again at a passing period, still talking to that guy.
JILL: New boyfriend already?
OLIVIA: Could be, he has the look. Oh, there they are.

They both look onto Jenny, smiling and giggling, her cheeks fully blushed to the guy standing in front of her.

JILL: I'm gonna go say hi.
OLIVIA: Jill! Don't intrude! You might ruin the flow!
JILL: I just wanna see who she's ditching us for!

Jill runs off, leaving Olivia behind. Jill comes forward to Jenny. Jenny spots her and her smile instantly vanishes.

JILL: Hey Jenny.
JENNY: Oh hey Jill, uh, I'll be at the fountain in a sec.
JILL: Will you now?

Jill stands aside Jenny and turns around, looking up at who she's talking to - - TREVOR SHELDON, young and handsome with a bit of a bad boy flair but nothing too serious. She's instantly mesmorized.

TREVOR: Hi. I'm Trevor.
JILL: Hi, I'm - I'm Jill.
JENNY: Okay, great, you met, now I'll see you later, okay?
JILL: Jenny! Don't be rude! I haven't gotten to know your friend yet!
TREVOR: (smiles) Not much to know about me.
JENNY: Don't be silly.
JILL: Yeah, you look real full of... interesting aspects.
JENNY: Yeah, you know him now, see ya.
JILL: Whatever Jenny, floor's yours.

Jill walks off and runs over to the fountain, Olivia already sitting there eating a pudding. Jill sits down next to Olivia, school girlishly.

OLIVIA: What is up with you?
JILL: That boy is - - MM!
OLIVIA: Jenny actually nabbed a cute one?
JILL: Well I don't know if she's "nabbed" anything quite yet. Seems she's still in the friend zone.
OLIVIA: Jill, Jill, Jill - - tsk, tsk.
JILL: What?

Trevor turns his head, looking back at Jill and smiles, his cheek bones shaping his face perfectly.

JILL: That boy is gonna drive me crazy...
OLIVIA: Careful, girl... they all do...

Robbie makes his way to his front door, keys in hand. He stops and looks next door - - the once vacant house of where Prichard used to live now has a moving truck in front of it. A twentysomething bachelor exits the truck, holding a large couch, draggint it out by himself. Robbie drops his bags and runs over, offering a hand.

ROBBIE: Let me get that for ya.

Robbie picks up the other end, taking the couch into the house.

ROBBIE: What's your name?
ANDY: Andy. Andy Forrester. Yours?
ROBBIE: Robbie Mercer. Welcome to the neighborhood.

Andy and Robbie continue putting the couch into the house, setting it down.

ANDY: Thanks man. That's the last of the heavy stuff. Here.

Andy goes into his wallet, a lolipop hitting the ground. Robbie picks it up, handing it back to him. Andy takes out a 5 dollar bill, giving it to Robbie.

ROBBIE: Oh no, it's okay.
ANDY: C'mon, it's the least I can do.

Robbie takes it anyway, shoving it in his pocket and makes his way for the door.

ANDY: Hey, before you go - - there any playgrounds in the area?
ROBBIE: Oh, you have a kid?
ANDY: (smiles)... a dog. Skip.
ROBBIE: Oh, well we have this really good walking trail just up the street.
ANDY: Well I was thinking more of frisbee with him and stuff so a playground would be best.
ROBBIE: Oh, well than yeah. Two blocks up, it's really big, can't miss it.
ANDY: Oh, that's what I was hoping for.

Robbie enters his house finally, putting his bags down by the door. He instantly grabs the remote and flops down on the couch. A scraping, grating sound comes from outside and Robbie looks up and out the window. Andy's pulling a large cage from the truck and into the house.

ROBBIE: Must keep Skip on a short leash...

A group of kids begin to walk pass the house. Andy drops the cage and looks on at 'em as they pass by. They stop and point at the cage Andy has. Andy continues conversation with them and walks closer... he takes a lollipop out of his pocket and hands it to one of the little kids... the kids run off, happy and Andy smiles, walking back to his cage. The music rises...

Andy pulls the cage down into the basement and pushes it into a corner. He begins making his way up the stairs... there's a whimper... Andy stops in his tracks...

ANDY: I thought I told you to stay QUIET? !

The music continues rising... Andy continues up the steps... silence... the door slams SHUT and the room goes BLACK.

Kirby finds where her help is wanted.
Robbie comes to a theory on his new neighbor, Andy.
Marnie bumps into Roy once again.
Jenny and Marnie get into a spat about Trevor.
Chelsea and Olivia see eye to eye.
And Stephie returns to Woodsboro High.