***Warning: This episode contains multiple sequences of GRAPHIC SEXUAL CONTENT. Reader's discretion is advised.***

211 - Cabin Fever: Part 1

Open on Mr. Leeds at his desk; it's after school - he's grading papers - it's been a long day... Chelsea enters, wearing a mini skirt that leaves very little to the imagination. Mr. Leeds sighs... this is the last thing he needs. She bends over the desk, cleavage bursting through her shirt... Mr. Leeds asks her to leave promptly but she refuses, insisting she needs help. Mr. Leeds grabs his phone, ready to call security. She snatches it from his hands and sticks it in between her breast. He goes to grab it without thinking - - she grabs his hand, holding it there - - he's already in trouble.

She gets on top of his desk, opening her legs and sitting down onto his lap - - he can't even think straight. He tries to yell out but she grabs his crotch, silencing him immediately as his eyes roll in the back of his head. She unzips his pants, swiftly taking his penis out and grasps it in her hands while stroking it up and down, whispering in his ear about all the dirty things she thinks about when she's up at night with him on his mind. He goes for one last measure of help but she drops down from his lap and down onto her knees, her head in his lap. He surrenders - she's won.

Charlie loads up the van, excited for Stab-A-Thon. It's sunny in Woodsboro - - but they're all dressed in Winter gear. Robbie helps load up the luggage as Niley watches from behind - sad. Robbie gives her a hug. She expresses how angry she is that she can't go for being in trouble about being in police custody. He kisses her with an "I love you" and that he'll see her when the weekend is over. They all jump in the van: Jill, Trevor, Charlie, Stephie, Roy, Tess and Robbie. Niley waves goodbye as they drive off.

Robbie sits in the very back... by himself. He yells up to the front to Charlie, who's driving. He asks him to turn at the next light. Charlie doesn't think much of it... they stop at a house and Robbie exits. Nobody knows what's going on. SOLAI exits her house with some bags and comes towards the van. Robbie helps her load them and everyone looks confused. Solai gets in the van as she says "hi" to everyone. Charlie looks at Stephie real quick and shrugs - and they're off.

Jenny closes her fridge door and sits on the couch with - - Marnie. They're in for a night of romantic comedies. Jenny tries to talk Marnie into watching the Stab films. Marnie isn't caving - - horror movies are totally not her thing. Jenny goes for the guilt approach with "well I couldn't go to Stab-A-Thon...". Marnie feels bad... "maybe next year," she says and Jenny grins in her half satisfactory moment.

Niley and Olivia sit on Niley's couch in the same manner except they seem more bored out of their minds - - they're not used to just staying home when fun things happen. Olivia tries to make conversation but Niley doesn't seem interested. Olivia goes for the nerve, "so how do you feel about Robbie going away with Solai for the weekend?" Niley's interest peaks, not sure of what she's talking about. Olivia shows Niley a picture on her phone that Roy sent her of the gang all in the car. Niley's anger grows and she grabs her phone, immediately dialing. Olivia snatches it away and SLAPS Niley across the face.

NILEY: What was that for? !
OLIVIA: I said, "stop!" You're going insane, Niley. Don't you see that? What's been up with you lately?
NILEY: Nothing.
OLIVIA: Really? Nothing? You're just 100% you right now?
NILEY: Yes, now give me my phone so I can call Robbie!
OLIVIA: The Niley I used to know wouldn't care about this petty shit. The Niley I knew didn't go burning down houses. Who are you?
NILEY: (beat) I guess I just... I don't know. I don't know, I'm sorry.
OLIVIA: When you go back to your normal self... I'll give you your phone back. Okay?
NILEY: And how will you know that?
OLIVIA: When you start acting normal. Joking. Funny. A little stupid, even.
OLIVIA: It's true, we all know you're not fully there. (beat) Niley, I'm just concerned for you, that's all.
NILEY: Thanks... I guess, I know that I haven't been myself lately... so thanks for snapping me out of it. Now can I have my phone back?
OLIVIA: No... I'm not that easy.
NILEY: Really? That's a first.
OLIVIA: Ugh, shut up. (beat) You know why I didn't tell them you were with me that night?
OLIVIA: Because you needed to see the consequences of your actions. I wanted you to squirm a bit. I knew you'd get out of it somehow though but... I lied to Perkins for your own good. If you would've gotten away with it... who knows what else you would be doing now?
NILEY: I'm not going crazy.
OLIVIA: It's worse. You're not being yourself. Okay? Now let's... watch some shitty Jersey Shore or something. And when I see deemed fit... your phone will be back in your posession.
NILEY: Okay.

They turn to watch the TV - - 4 hours go by - - it's clear some of their brain cells have died from watching such crap. Niley slowly turns her head...

NILEY: Can I have my phone back now?

The van makes it's way up a small Colorado village - - snow has blanketed everything. Jill excitedly looks out the window with her camera in hand, taking pictures of every cottage as it passes by. Trevor kisses her on the lips and she cozies up next to him as she still takes pictures. Trevor secretly looks down at his phone, a text being sent to Jenny on his screen... Jill opens her window, feeling the cold air against her hand. She giggles... she takes another picture of a cottage... and then the next... and suddenly an intense feeling comes over her... she watches the next cottage slowly pass by... she looks at the mailbox... YORBA written on the side of it.

A figure in the window looks down and watches the van go by... Jill looks around at her surroundings... trying to remember this spot... she pokes her head back out the window and back up at the house... the figure closes the curtains of the window... she puts her head back in the van... a sick feeling in her stomach... Trevor rubs her thigh and Jill snaps out of it... trying to play off that everything is okay...

Kirby's at work, bored. The boss comes in, telling them that inventory is tonight and they'll be up into the wee hours of the morning doing it. He assigns Topher and Kirby to stay a little late to double check the work. Kirby is so not in the mood for this right now...

The crew make it to the cabin and a lot of the Cinema Club members are already there, waiting. They exit and greet each other. The old members are back: Freddy, Esline, Leo, Mayra, Boris, Chantelle and Will along with many other people invited. On the side of the cabin is a hill with a bunch of cut down trees stuck in place with a large make shift screen on the side of the cabin. This is the Stab-A-Thon viewing area.

Charlie gets to it, setting up the projector and the DVDs as everyone starts taking their seats. A few enter the cabin to use the bathroom. Roy and Tess immediately go up stairs... let's just say we don't hear from them for the rest of the day...

Stab-A-Thon is in full swing. Solai helps Robbie pass out drinks poured from a keg to those on the side of the hill, watching the movie. Jill can't concentrate as Trevor is totally into the movies. This is his first time seeing most of them. Jill gets up and tells him she's going for a walk. As she goes, he pulls out his phone... sending another text.

Jenny and Marnie sit on the couch still, in place. Marnie notices Jenny on her phone. She intrudes.

MARNIE: Don't tell me you're talking to him still.
JENNY: What?
MARNIE: Jenny... you're gonna get in trouble. Trevor is with JILL. Of all people that you shouldn't be fucking with.
JENNY: And why's that, Marnie? Enlighten me?
MARNIE: I don't know because she's CRAZY! She spat in my face like it meant nothing!
JENNY: I've known Jill for a long time... and she's been very disrespectful. For her to be like that with me... why should I care anymore? I've always had her back and then... I dunno.
MARNIE: It's still shady.
JENNY: We'll tell her soon. Just not now.
MARNIE: So how many times have you guys met up?
JENNY: Just like 2 more times since the first time.
MARNIE: And what did you do?
JENNY: Well we didn't have sex, Marnie, if that's what you're thinking!
MARNIE: You might as well be at this point... you're already screwed if she finds out... and I don't wanna be around when she does because I don't wanna know her reaction!
JENNY: What, she's gonna go on a killing spree, starting with us? Give me a break, Marnie. C'mon, you know better than that. That's why you hate horror movies to begin with. Because they're "illogical!" She'll take it like any other girl would... cry, cry and cry some more. Be pissed off at me, dirty looks, maybe a "get in my face" moment but she's not gonna do anything drastic.
MARNIE: If you say so, Jenny... I still think it's a bad idea...

Jill makes her way down the icy road... coming towards the Yorba house... she stops at the mailbox and opens it, taking out a few letters... she reads the first address... PATRICK YORBA. She shoves it back into the box and closes it, resting her head on it. She looks back up at the house as her breathing becomes heavy, muttering "shit."

She takes a step towards the house and stops instantly then begins to walk back up the road. A log SLICES IN HALF behind her... she stops and turns... Patrick stands there, axe in hand and looks on at Jill - - a deep coldness in his eyes. Jill smiles nervously as he puts another log on the tree stump.

PATRICK: What are you doing here, Jill?

HE SLICES ANOTHER LOG IN HALF. Jill hesitantly moves a bit forward.

JILL: Stab-A-Thon at our cabin up the street.
PATRICK: (putting up another log) What the hell is that?
JILL: It's like - - we watch all the movies in the... (her train of thought is disturbed by him slicing another log)... Stab series.
PATRICK: (chuckles) You and your friends... and those stupid movies... (SLICES ANOTHER LOG)... you look good.
JILL: So do you. Your neck is - ?
PATRICK: Healed, thanks for your concern.
JILL: Look, I didn't mean to hurt you like I did...
PATRICK: No, Jill, (puts down the axe) it was my fault. I was just... an asshole.
JILL: That's a nice way of putting it.
PATRICK: I was a dick, I was a bastard, piece of shit, yada yada yada.

Patrick smiles at her - Jill remembers that smile fondly and she can't help but smile back.

PATRICK: I'm the one who should be sorry. You did what you had to and I don't resent you for it. I wanna be the bigger man and say that.

Patrick takes a step closer and Jill steps back. Patrick notices...

PATRICK: I wouldn't try to hurt you again, Jill. (chuckles) I learned my lesson. Don't fuck with Jill Roberts!
JILL: That's not who I am though... I was crazy that night.
PATRICK: Well... we'd be surprised of who we are once we're put in that moment. Like I said, I don't blame you. I would've broke my neck too...
JILL: If there's anything I can do...
PATRICK: Jill, stop trying to apologize for doing the right thing. It should be me who should be eternally apologetic. Things got out of hand... I was a douchebag. I don't know what came over me, usually I'm not... I don't have an excuse, Jill.
JILL: Well... I gotta get going. It was uh... good seeing you. I thought about you quite a lot. Always wondered what happened to you...
PATRICK: That's really thoughtful, thanks.

Jill begins to ascend the hill, going back onto the road. Patrick watches her go... he runs across his snowy lawn and follows behind her. Jill turns.

PATRICK: Look, can I just... make up for it?
JILL: What?
PATRICK: I wanna make up for what I did. It was the worst thing a guy could've done and... I'm a different person now. I think that you and I... I mean, I know there's no chance you'll ever trust me like that again but... I wanna make up for it. Dinner? Or something, I don't know.
JILL: Patrick, I have a boyfriend now. He's waiting for me, actually.
PATRICK: Oh... okay.
JILL: I'm sorry...
PATRICK: Well hey... if you ever change your mind... (hands Jill a business card)... you know how to reach me.
JILL: Yorba Plumbing?
PATRICK: Yeah, I got into the piping business when I moved out here and ofcourse after a couple of months of physical therapy...
JILL: That's good. That's good.
PATRICK: Alright, I'll see you. You wanna ride up the street or something?
JILL: No, that's okay. I can walk. Thanks.
PATRICK: Alright, see ya.

Patrick walks back to his stump as Jill goes back up the hill. She looks down at the card... smiling.

Jill comes back to the cabin. The entire crowd is in the middle of Stab 5. Trevor is watching, laughing hysterically at how bad the movie is. Jill touches his shoulder and he gets up, following her into the cabin. Trevor feels something is wrong... Jill quickly kisses him hard, taking off his jacket. He does the same, kissing back and starting to unclothe her.

They make their way up the stairs, caressing each other madly until they make it into the bedroom. Trevor now has control, and throws Jill on the bed as they're both now half naked. He gets on top of her, taking off any remaining clothing from her as she declothes him. He stops for only a moment... "are you sure?" She nods as he continues going at it... Jill rubs his back and Trevor starts to slow down, trying to focus.

He penetrates her, slowly as she moans softly and bites her lip. He pushes all the way in and back out, wrapping her legs around his waist as he's on top of her and sliding in and out of her. She squints her face, a painful look. He starts to slow down, noticing the expression and she tells him to keep going and not to stop. The pain grows... but so does her enjoyment. Jill scratches Trevor's back and she bites his neck... and then she looks in her hand... Patrick's card is still there... she moans harder as she's looking at it... a sinister look in her eyes...

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