WOODSBORO MARKET. Mr. Leeds makes his way down the aisle, shopping cart in hand. His mind is elsewhere, mindlessly putting items in his basket. Chelsea enters the market, directly heading towards him with a big smile. Mr. Leeds notices her, immediately turning in the other direction. She tries to follow him. Mr. Leeds ditches his basket and runs for the exit. Chelsea finds his basket, looking for him in the area. Mr. Leeds sneaks out just as her head is turned. Chelsea turns back around, noticing through the window his car is leaving the parking lot.

THE CABIN. The day has progressed. Things have settled a bit. Trevor is at the table with Roy, playing a game of Operation. Everyone else seems to be gone. Charlie is in the kitchen, making a brew of coffee while Stephie sits at the bar, awaiting a cup.

STEPHIE: So what's going to happen?
CHARLIE: I don't know.
STEPHIE: You think Robbie and Niley will end?
CHARLIE: I think that's a given at this point.
STEPHIE: But we all friends.
CHARLIE: That's the shitty part...

We move over to Roy and Trevor.

TREVOR: Can you believe it, man? Robbie? HA!
ROY: Yeah...
TREVOR: I mean, all guys cheat but I didn't think he had it in him.
ROY: All guys?
TREVOR: Well you know what I mean.
ROY: No, actually, I don't.
TREVOR: We're men. We fuck up more than girls do. It's normal. Is that an excuse? No. We think with our dicks. We know it, too. Sometimes even, we wish we could stop it but... the dick wants what the dick wants. And once the dick wants it - - make way because, it won't stop.
ROY: Men and women have the same urges. It's just guys get caught easier than women do. And guys have that excuse, making it easier for them to get caught.
TREVOR: You think so?
ROY: I know so. Plus guys always talk about it... women keep their mouths shut.
TREVOR: So if guys were more like girls, in their manner of not talking about their victories, they wouldn't be caught so easy?
ROY: Once you talk about it, it's hard to hide it. Even in your body language. It's out in the world, it exists. It's a living, breathing thought that bounces off the walls and forever returns back to you. I don't wanna say hiding is the best idea but... sometimes a secret is the best way to go.

Out on the streets of Colorado, Jill, Robbie and Solai are having a walk. Jill is furious while the other two are too ashamed to even say anything.

ROBBIE: Jill, I don't know what we're doing.
JILL: Just shut up for a second.

They keep walking. The snow is cold and they're getting even further and further away from the cabin. Robbie stops, prompting the rest to stop.

ROBBIE: Jill, c'mon.
JILL: Okay. You tell her.
ROBBIE: (beat) I will.
JILL: You promise?
ROBBIE: Yeah, I promise.
JILL: And what about Solai?
SOLAI: What about me?
JILL: I'm not talking to you.
ROBBIE: I don't know what you mean, Jill.
JILL: You can never see her again. You understand me?
SOLAI: That's not your decision to make. What if Robbie and I decide we wanna be together?
JILL: It is my decision, Niley is my friend and you WON'T be together because I won't allow it. You think it'll actually work between you? It started as a cheat, it'll end as a cheat. It never works out well, trust me. And Niley is going to be distraught as is and I honestly don't think she'll leave Robbie because of it.
ROBBIE: Really?
JILL: Niley has something going on with her. I don't know what it is but... she needs someone that can be close to her. She needs something or else I don't know what she'll do. Her behavior lately is sporadic at best. The jealousy, the accusations, paranoia and burning down houses.
ROBBIE: Wait, what?
JILL: If you leave Niley without her being on board, I'm afraid she will do something hasty. She might hurt one of you. Solai, trust me. This is what you want. If I tell her, Trevor was right - - I'm the messenger. She'll hate me, hate you and hate her. And she'll have no one. But if Robbie tells her... he comes clean. Despite his actions, he's still capable of being a decent human being and she'll see that. I act as if I didn't know. And Solai gets away scott free because she knows if she does anything to her, she'll lose Robbie and he's the one thing holding her up right now. Which is ironic, because you're the one thing pulling her down.
ROBBIE: I'm not pulling her down.
JILL: Her suspicions have been right all along, Robbie! From Andy being found with that kid to you possibly liking someone else, whether it's Marnie or Solai. You're not exactly helping the situation! Actually, you know what? I don't know what's going to happen. Maybe she'll flip no matter who tells her... but this is your mess to clean up and you need to deal with it. And you need to deal with it NOW. Not now-now, but now when you see her in person.
SOLAI: So what do I do?
JILL: Pray she has mercy and does what I think she'll do. But I can't vouch for it... she's unpredictable. But other than that, my best advice is you go into hiding. Change schools even, if you can.
SOLAI: I'm not gonna do that.
JILL: Your funeral.
ROBBIE: Niley will be fine. I'll handle it. I'll make sure she takes this maturely.
JILL: You better hope she does. For your sake... for Solai's sake... shit, for my sake even. So promise me again, Robbie, that you will tell her.
ROBBIE: I promise.
JILL: You make sure of that promise... or I'll make sure you end up dead.

Jill walks away back towards the cabin, leaving Robbie and Solai behind. Robbie sighs, looking at Solai.

SOLAI: I'm sorry.
ROBBIE: This wasn't your fault.

The van is filled back up, Robbie and Solai seperated from each other. Roy sits with Solai... Tess sits with Robbie... Charlie drives, turning up the music to ease the moment. Jill looks out the window, pissed off as ever. She passes by Patrick's house going down the hill... she watches it go by... she looks back at Trevor. He smiles at her... she hugs him... a tear falling from her eye.

THE NEXT DAY. Robbie stands at the steps of Woodsboro High, shaking. It's like every step he goes up, his heart beats harder and harder. He begins to sweat, his vision blurs... he can already see Niley at the end of the hall. She's talking to Olivia, having a laugh. He continues forward... Olivia walks away and Niley smiles, walking in his direction. She hugs him and he hugs back... she kisses him on the lips and he smiles... he can't help but smile when looking at her. Solai walks by behind them... he remembers what he has to do...

ROBBIE: Niley?
NILEY: Yes, honey?
ROBBIE: I have to tell you something.
NILEY: What?
ROBBIE: I did something... something that... can't be taken back.
ROBBIE: I... fell in love with you.
NILEY: Aw, how sweet. I love you too!

Niley kisses him again and grabs him by the hand. He keeps it in... he says nothing... and they walk on as if nothing had happened...

Katherine enters the guidance counselor's office, throwing a file onto Gale's desk.

GALE: What's this?
KATHERINE: My story. You're a former journalist, I could use your opinion if this is enough to write about.
GALE: (looking at it) Katherine, this family has gone through enough lately.
KATHERINE: But it's all there. And it makes sense. I know it.
GALE: The last time I got into this... a man was humiliated in front of all of Woodsboro.
KATHERINE: And that same man was found with the dead child he was accused of kidnapping.
GALE: Maybe it was to send a message. If Andy really did kidnap that kid and kill him, why would he end up in the same burial plot as him?
KATHERINE: That's what I thought at first too... but as my new research implies... it wasn't Andy. It was one of our own... Mr. Leeds.
GALE: This is crazy.
KATHERINE: Think about it. Mr. Leeds moves to Woodsboro, as does Andy. Less than a month later, Halloween night, a kid goes missing. Another month or two goes by, Mr. Leeds begins teaching at Woodsboro High. Andy is accused but no evidence to charge him for. Andy's house is burnt down and he moves in with his cousin, Mr. Leeds. Not too long after, the kid, Andy and his lover are all found in a hole and burnt... with Mr. Leeds' tire tracks at the scene of the crime. The little remaining forensic evidence tells us the kid was long dead before Andy and his boyfriend. Meaning, Andy and his boyfriend went back to the burial ground of his body and were killed. Andy's boyfriend's death is a bit unknown but Andy himself, through skeletal structure reconfiguration suffered a blunt force trauma to the head BEFORE his body caught on fire. My theory: Mr. Leeds knew about Andy and that he kidnapped the boy. In effort to not indicate himself, he kills his cousin and his boyfriend so he isn't to blame.
GALE: But why would he just randomly kill them?
KATHERINE: And that's the second major piece of evidence. (takes out the photo) Blood drops in Mr. Leeds' basement. Whose they are, I don't know but with a warrant, his basement can be searched and forensic can test the blood. Once again, my theory... Mr. Leeds had the kid in his basement for Andy. Which is why they never found him in Andy's basement because Mr. Leeds was holding him. He probably felt paranoia sneaking up on him, killed the two and stuck the bodies with the kid's body in order to make it look like he himself had nothing to do with it. The law would than look into why their bodies were found there, possibly thinking a murder-suicide based on guilt and putting Mr. Leeds completely out of the picture.
GALE: I'm sure there were plenty of tire tracks in the area, it is easily possible that someone could've had the same as Mr. Leeds.
KATHERINE: I covered that, too. (takes out the photo) And if that was the case... why would Mr. Leeds be hiding his muddy tires in his basement?
GALE: Sounds like you have a solid case. But I won't be apart of it.
KATHERINE: Gale, this could be my rise to fame with this piece here! I could solve a crime, put a guilty man in jail! Better than the stupid Woodsboro Police Department ever could!
GALE: Hey, that's my husband you're talking about.
KATHERINE: I connected the dots.
GALE: And good for you. But I made my mistake of helping someone else before, more than once and it never turned out to be the real deal. Look closer, think outside the box... what it seems to be, it probably isn't.
KATHERINE: Or... it's exactly what it seems to be, but we're such over critical people we miss the truth.
GALE: The police have a procedure for a reason. Let them handle this.
KATHERINE: But I know the truth.
GALE: You think you know the truth... you know nothing.

Katherine grabs her file and exits the room.

Mr. Leeds sits in his room... he knows Chelsea is going to come. She does every day... why would today be any different? He takes out a bottle... rufulin. He takes a few tablets, swallows them and puts it away. Chelsea enters the room, closing the blinds and locking the door. She starts to undress, coming toward Mr. Leeds. He doesn't resist this time... he lets her take control...

Jill and Olivia make their way through the parking lot. Olivia senses something is wrong. Jill isn't saying anything. Olivia's still suspicious... Cory is by her car... Jill stops... Cory insists he's fine and that he just wants to talk and even Olivia can stay. Jill's comforted by that... he says he did some therapy and wanted to say he was sorry for his actions. Jill tells him it's okay. He then asks her to Prom. Jill goes wide eyed - - that was random. He explains that his therapist told him that closure would help him in his situation to finally get over her. Jill asks if he's even supposed to be talking to her and he admits that he's not but he thought he'd give it a shot. Jill agrees to the proposal and Olivia looks at her like she's crazy, asking about Trevor. Jill says she he'll live and that she's just trying to help someone with their problems, as she too knows what that's like. Cory seems excited and promises she won't regret it. Jill makes him promise that it's just a one night thing and that afterward, nothing will happen between them. He understands and walks off.

OLIVIA: Why do I have a feeling that that was a horrible idea?
JILL: Olivia... everything will be just fine.

- Prom comes to Woodsboro High
- Mysteries are unraveled
- Secrets are revealed
- Friendships will END
- Relationships will CRUMBLE
- and HEADS - WILL - ROLL!

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