Previously on "Woodsboro High:"
- Chelsea had her way with Mr. Leeds but not before drugging himself in the process...
- While Katherine closed in on Mr. Leeds and his actions in the murder of Andy.

- Niley's suspicions of Robbie grew once she learned of Solai's presence at the cabin... but Olivia stopped her from acting on her paranoia.
- Meanwhile, Robbie and Solai had a one night stand, in which Jill knew about, forcing Robbie to tell Niley the truth... in which he failed to do so.
- And now Robbie will be attending the Stab 6 premiere with Olivia.

- Stephie gave Charlie the bad news that she's leaving America at the end of the semester.
- In which he erupted in anger along with hallucinations, an outburst he never had before until he began his medication for his post traumatic stress syndrome...
- From an occurance that happened one year ago at the Penciatti Hotel, when Prichard got shot hours before prom while setting it up.

- Jill ran into Patrick, an ex lover who once tried to rape her but he appears to be much friendlier now and even asked to make it up to her.
- While Trevor continued his relationship with Jenny behind Jill's back.
- And Jill denied Cory's request to love him... but accepted his proposal to Prom.

- Kirby and Topher had a fling in the storage room of Blockbuster...
- After her car accident, caused by the depression of losing Roy to Tess and losing Chelsea's baby...
- Which Olivia speculates that she lost on purpose; a gossip that could be heard around the school.


TITLE: June, 2010


THE GYM IS IN COMPLETE HYSTERIA. People run in herds towards the exits - - the doors are LOCKED. Men leave their dates behind, women trip over their prom dresses. The smaller freshman fall to the ground being trampled. In the midst of it all is Charlie, holding onto Stephie's hand as he leads her to a storage room off to the side.


Charlie and Stephie enter, closing the door behind them. Stephie is frightened, not sure of what's happening. Charlie hugs her, patting her head for comfort.

STEPHIE: Charlie, what is going on?
CHARLIE: I don't know, I don't know. But we just need to stay in here. It's safer in here than it is out there.
STEPHIE: I love you, Charlie!
CHARLIE: I love you too, Stephie. I love you, too. Don't ever leave me... don't ever go, please.
STEPHIE: I'll never leave you, Charlie. But I can easily be taken away from you...
CHARLIE: What? What are you talking about?
STEPHIE: Sometimes you can't protect the ones you love...
CHARLIE: I'm protecting you! You're here, with me!
STEPHIE: Sometimes it's not enough...

THE DOOR SWINGS OPEN. There stands A SHOOTER: bag over their head, bloody and eyes peering deep into Charlie's. He aims the gun at Stephie's skull - - pulling the trigger. HER BRAINS SPLAT AGAINS THE WALL AND CHARLIE FALLS BACKWARDS. The shooter aims now at Charlie...

SHOOTER: You could've done more, Charlie...

He pulls the trigger again. Charlie receives a bullet to the skull - - he's dead...


Charlie sits up - - it was a nightmare. He rubs his face and looks at the clock; it's time to stay up now.

CHARLIE: Perfect way to start a morning.

Charlie goes to his dresser, taking out his pills. He downs two and puts them back. He looks himself in the mirror.

CHARLIE: You're going crazy, aren't you?


Charlie sits in front of Dr. Pryce, recounting the nightmare to him. Dr. Pryce seems concerned...

DR. PRYCE: This may seem like a random question but have you had any recent outbursts?
CHARLIE: (beat) No. Why?
DR. PRYCE: It just doesn't seem the medication is working as I had hoped. These nightmares should have decreased but alas... But it is a newer drug so - - I guess we can look into alternatives. But until than, let's just see how this one works out, for now?

Jill's now on the couch; Charlie's gone. She seems comfortable being there, perhaps even a bit happy.

DR. PRYCE: It's been awhile, Jill. How are things?
JILL: I've recently rekindled a former friendship.
DR. PRYCE: And how's that so far?
JILL: (smiles) I realized that I'm not a person who can forgive easy.
DR. PRYCE: Why's that?
JILL: I don't know. I don't see the same person as I used to in the mirror anymore... (smiles with reassurance) but I think it's a good thing. I wasn't happy before but... now I am. I have a boyfriend now... he loves me... treats me right. Just last month, we had sex for the first time, so I lost my virginity to him - -
DR. PRYCE: Oh, Jill, no. (chuckles) You don't have to tell me that stuff.
JILL: OH! Sorry.
DR. PRYCE: How's your mother?
JILL: Protective but she's eased up a bit.
DR. PRYCE: Really?
JILL: Yeah. Speaking of the Trevor thing... oh, that's his name. My boyfriend. Well, she let me go to Colorado. It's where we had our Stab-A-Thon. Ofcourse, she didn't know that's what it was for, otherwise she would've never let me go. Sidney related and all. (smacks her forehead) You probably have no idea what I'm talking about! Stab-A-Thon is all 5 Stab movies, back to back. Part 6 comes out soon so that'll probably be added to the line up next year. And part 7 for that matter, since they're shooting both back-to-back.
DR. PRYCE: Jill, you're getting off track. Let's focus on you. I wanna know more about how you're dealing since your father died.

This is the first Jill's heard anything like that.

JILL: Um... you must have me confused for someone else?
DR. PRYCE: Jill, your father died half a year ago. Suicide. You know that.
JILL: No... I have no idea what you're talking about.
DR. PRYCE: Are you sure?
JILL: (nervous laughs) Um, yeah... well... I haven't heard from him recently... now that I think about it...
DR. PRYCE: (awkward beat) I suggest you look into it.
JILL: (smiles) My mom... not all there in the head. Maybe she just said that to get a rise out of you. (nervous laughs) It's like that quote... "We all go a little mad sometimes." (her smile fades away, realizing the gravity of it all) Norman Bates, Psycho.

Dr. Pryce doesn't say anything. He truly does feel sorry for Jill. But he can't say much more.


Kate drives the car, Jill's in the passenger seat looking out the window. Kate hums a song... Jill looks at her... can it be true?


Kate goes into the kitchen, Jill follows behind... she's waiting for her to say ANYTHING. Kate goes to the cupboard... taking down a box of pancake mix.

KATE: How about some pancakes before school? Sound good for your prom morning?
JILL: When were you going to tell me about dad?

Kate continues moving; never stopping.

KATE: What do you mean?
KATE: Jill, just calm down - -
JILL: You want me to calm down? You're unbelievable. My father is dead and you didn't - - you didn't tell me!
KATE: To protect you.
KATE: I didn't want to put any ideas in your head that suicide is okay.
JILL: Oh, you're so right. I'm sorry because I'm 16 and so easily fucking influenced!

Kate goes about her merry business... Jill can't believe her... Jill grabs a plate AND THROWS IT AT THE WALL, INSTANTLY GETTING HER ATTENTION.

JILL: What other secrets are you keeping from me mother?

Kate doesn't say anything... there's nothing much to say.

JILL: I hate you...
KATE: (touching Jill's arm) Jill.
JILL: (backing away) Don't touch me. Don't talk to me. Don't follow me. I'm done with you.
KATE: I'm sor - -
JILL: I don't wanna hear it... you're as dead to me as he is.

Jill exits the kitchen and Kate stands there alone, clutching her head. She knows she's fucked up.


School's about to begin. Prom decorations are finished being set up in the gym. Chelsea makes her way up the steps - - Officer Perkins watches her coming.

PERKINS: Chelsea Saure?
PERKINS: You're wanted in the principal's office.


Chelsea enters, Perkins remaining outside. She looks in the room... Principal Brosnan sits at his desk... and Mr. Leeds stands beside him. She puts on a fake smile and comes forward.

CHELSEA: Yes, Principal Brosnan?
BROSNAN: Sit down, Chelsea. (waits for her) Chelsea, are you aware of the code of conduct between teacher and student?
CHELSEA: (beat) Ofcourse.
BROSNAN: Mr. Leeds here has brought forth some disturbing news to me about you.
CHELSEA: Well I don't know what that could be...
BROSNAN: Chelsea, Mr. Leeds submitted a urine test to us a few weeks ago. With it, two things showed up; rufulin and vaginal fluid.
CHELSEA: (chuckles) I have no idea what that has to do with me.
BROSNAN: They both belonged to you.
CHELSEA: Oh my God. You kidding me?
BROSNAN: Mr. Leeds claims that you drugged him and then had sex with him. Unprotected. The DNA results show just that.
CHELSEA: And how could you possibly know that it's my DNA and not some random skank, huh? I wouldn't fuck him, you kidding me? !
BROSNAN: Juvenile hall, 3 years ago. Standard procedure says you turn in DNA and fingerprinting on arrival which is than put into the system. The fluid in Mr. Leeds' urine matches yours.
CHELSEA: (cries) I didn't want to say anything but he came on to me! I was so scared, Mr. Brosnan, I just didn't know what to do and so I just said okay.
BROSNAN: Chelsea, Mr. Leeds won't be pressing charges. Meaning you can give up the act. He simply wishes that you no longer have contact with him.
CHELSEA: Whatever, I didn't do anything wrong.
BROSNAN: First, you will be given a restraining order saying you can't come in 100 yards of him. Second, you are facing expulsion from this school effective immediately.
CHELSEA: You're fucking joking.
BROSNAN: No. I'm not - fucking - joking. You drugged a grown man, slept with him and without his consent. You are VERY lucky worse isn't happening right now, let alone going to court.

Chelsea looks up at Mr. Leeds. She scoffs... she's almost proud of his efforts. She then smiles.

CHELSEA: Fine. Whatever. Just as long as you personally know I didn't do it. I've been wanting out of this school anyways.
BROSNAN: You can say whatever you want. And just so you know, your expulsion also covers school related activies such as the prom later tonight.
CHELSEA: (smiles) I wasn't planning on going anyway.

- Tess meets up with Roy, giving him a big kiss.
- Charlie and Stephie walk hand in hand, closer than ever.
- Jill hugs Trevor, kissing him on the cheek and walks away. He's pissed.
- School ends. Everyone gets picked up from school.
- Niley sits in Robbie's room, he comes out of the bathroom in a suit. She smiles and gives him a thumbs up. He picks up a card on his table that reads, "Stab 6 Premiere!"
- Jill gets into her dress. There's a knock on the door. She answers. It's Cory, in a suit and he puts on her corsage.
- Roy and Tess are at home, Roy tuning his TV to the perfect settings. Tess watches him, a bit annoyed.
- Kirby rings up a customer at work. Topher is beside her... they share a naughty look and go back to business.
- Olivia squeezes into a tight dress, revealing all her best assets. She poses in front of the mirror, working on her "picture face."
- Charlie looks in his own mirror in his tux, looking very handsome himself with his hair tied back in a pony. He adjusts his tie then looks down at his hand... it's trembling.
- Stephie looks in the mirror with her prom dress on; she's gorgeous. The montage comes to an end... we hear her name be yelled out from outside her room. She looks out and exits.


Stephie comes down the stairs and looks into the dining room; her mother and father sit at the table, dinner ready. She makes her way over, trying to not hit any of the packed up boxes on the floor.

STEPHIE'S DAD: Sit with us.
STEPHIE: Oh Dad, I was going to wait for the dinner tonight with Charlie.
STEPHIE'S DAD: You won't be having dinner with him.
STEPHIE: But daddy, it is prom.
STEPHIE'S MOM: Sit down, Stephie.

Stephie obides and sits down, looking at her parents.

STEPHIE'S MOM: There's been a change of plans.
STEPHIE'S MOM: The airline accidentally gave away our tickets.
STEPHIE: Then get them back.
STEPHIE'S MOM: A royal couple needed them and out bid the price.
STEPHIE: Okay, so?
STEPHIE'S DAD: So we're leaving tonight instead.
STEPHIE: What? You said I had another week!
STEPHIE'S DAD: No, tonight.
STEPHIE: Prom is tonight!
STEPHIE'S MOM: We know, but these are the only available tickets for the next 2 months. We have to take them.
STEPHIE: Mother, Charlie wants to spend time with me before I leave -
STEPHIE'S DAD: You'll spend time with him tonight! And that will be the last of him!
STEPHIE: Why are you being so mean?
STEPHIE'S DAD: I'm not being mean... he's not right for you and you know it. You marry a Filipino boy, just as we planned.
STEPHIE: What if I don't want to? What if that's not how I planned my life being? An arranged marriage - - mother, help me out here.
STEPHIE'S MOM: Your father is right. We must look in for the best interest of family.
STEPHIE: Well it's not going to happen because as soon as I'm 18, I am coming back to America and Charlie and I will be married!
STEPHIE'S DAD: NO! You will marry a boy we choose! One with a good job, one with money, one with a family that comes from a respectful line of careers. Not some... rat with long hair.
STEPHIE: I want to be HERE, in AMERICA. My english has gotten so much better, I am learning SO MUCH being here. I have friends here, I'm in love!
STEPHIE'S DAD: Not anymore, you don't! Tonight is the last night! Say goodbye and that will be it.
STEPHIE'S MOM: I'm sorry. We can talk more about this later but... for now, there is no going around this airline issue. Okay?
STEPHIE: (tears streaming down her face) This can't be happening.
STEPHIE'S DAD: Finish packing as much as you can. We'll finish for you. We will pick you up from the prom no later than 8. Our flight leaves at 11. Do you understand?
STEPHIE: (beat) Yes, father.
STEPHIE'S MOM: Now go finish getting ready.

Stephie takes a moment, showing her tears to them; they don't care. She gets up and runs up stairs.


Chelsea sits on her bed, her mother behind her with her arms crossed. She can barely think.

CHELSEA'S MOM: What were you thinking, Chelsea? An older man? A teacher! You've gone low before but this - - this is enough.
CHELSEA: They're lying, I didn't do anything.
CHELSEA'S MOM: They had PROOF, Chelsea. What do you have? Your word?
CHELSEA: Shouldn't that be enough for my own mother?
CHELSEA'S MOM: No... I can't trust you anymore. First the pregnancy and now this... when is this sexual idiocy from you going to STOP? What do I have to do? (beat) Maybe I just failed as a parent. Maybe this is my fault... but I'll make damn sure it doesn't happen again. We're leaving here. We're leaving Woodsboro.
CHELSEA: What? Why?
CHELSEA'S MOM: Because this town laughs at us, Chelsea. You know what I hear when I leave the market? "There's the slut's mother." "She must be a slut, too." "There goes the mother of the baby killer."
CHELSEA'S MOM: And I can't help but think from your wreckless attitude that somehow it may be true.
CHELSEA: You really think I would kill my own child while it's inside me?
CHELSEA'S MOM: I don't know what to believe anymore, Chelsea. We are going to get you help. But first, we have to leave this place... so I can protect you... we'll leave... cut all ties. We'll leave tonight if we have to. (beat) That's it. We leave tonight. We just drive. Find a motel somewhere. If we like the place, we stay, if not, just keep going. Me and you. What do you say, kiddo?
CHELSEA: I think... you're fucking delusional if you honestly believe I would have killed my own CHILD!
CHELSEA'S MOM: That's not the point. The point is... this is not the place for us anymore. I'm going to pack. You need to do the same.

Chelsea exits the room, closing the door. Tears stream from Chelsea's face and she tries to keep them in by literally pushing them back up her cheeks and into her eyes. She slams her head in her pillow, crying harder.


There's a knock on the door. Kate answers - - it's Cory, dressed for the occasion.

KATE: Hi, you're Cory right?
CORY: Yeah, that's me.
KATE: I'll go get here, come inside. Have a seat.
CORY: Thank you.

Cory enters and sits at the table. Kate yells for Jill and Jill's already coming down the stairs. She looks down at her mother, ignoring she's even there.

JILL: Hey Cory.
CORY: Wow, you look beautiful.
KATE: You really do. Both of you. Let me go get the camera.

Cory takes out the corsage, ready to put it on Jill. Jill nudges Cory towards the door, trying to hurry him out.

CORY: But she wants to take a picture.
JILL: Just go, Cory!

Jill slams the door behind them. Kate re-enters the room - - it's empty.


Roy and Tess look the opposite of everyone's fancy digs. Tess looks on her phone, looking at the pictures of everyone. She smiles... jealous. Roy continues to work on his TV...

TESS: You know, I could've paid for your ticket if you would have let me.
ROY: No, no, no, this is much better. Tess, we're getting an advanced copy of the Lost series finale! My friend is almost here, and soon we'll be watching the most anticipated ending to a TV show of all time - before anyone else, at that!
TESS: I know but...
ROY: Look, I know, you're a girl and Prom is what you wanted to do but... Lost has been a part of my life for 6 years. This is big for me. I told you you could go. You still can, even.
TESS: But Roy, I don't want to go without you.

Roy's not even paying attention. He continues fixing the settings on the TV.

ROY: I want it to look perfect... the perfect cinematic experience... for the most perfect TV show of all time...
TESS: ... as long as you're happy...
ROY: The brightness has to be perfect. The contrast. This tint is all wrong though, it's too pink...


Niley fixes Robbie's tie for him. He seems excited as ever. Niley isn't wearing anything special...

NILEY: You have fun at the premiere, okay?
ROBBIE: Oh, I will. Want me to pirate you a copy?
NILEY: (smiles) No thanks, honey. (kisses his cheek) You're too sweet. (continues fixing his tie) You know, I understand your reasoning for taking Olivia... not like I can do anything still anyway.

Niley's eyes shortly look out the window at the burnt down house next door...

NILEY: But you've truly been there for me, through everything. And you've stuck with me through it all and I just, I can't thank you enough for putting up with me and my weird actions. You deserve better.

Robbie doesn't say anything... he knows he's guilty... he forces a smile...

NILEY: You're just so perfect, Robbie... I don't know what I would do without you... you deserve this special night. I mean, it's not like you're going with Olivia to prom, that would be like a date! (nervous laughs) Or Solai... you haven't talked to her recently, I've noticed. She kinda strays away in the hallway. (beat) Why's that?
ROBBIE: (clears his throat) I really don't know. Maybe she's just mad that I won't rejoin the dance team.
NILEY: Oh. That must be it. Well you were a good dancer...
ROBBIE: (laughs) You said I "looked like a faggot."
NILEY: I was just angry. You were great.

There's a knock at the door. Niley pulls Robbie's head and kisses him, then opens the door. Olivia stands there, awaiting.

OLIVIA: Oh my fucking God, are you ready? I'm stoked for this shit!
NILEY: And Olivia's ready for her close up.
ROBBIE: (smiles) Stab 6.
OLIVIA: You two have fun.

Robbie exits, Olivia following behind. She grabs Niley's hand, squeezing it and smiles.

OLIVIA: See ya, Niles.


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