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Q&A With the Author: Part 2


Q: Wasn't there originally going to be more episodes this season? Did anything get cut out?

A: Yes and yes. When I outlined the show, back before season 1 even started, every season was going to have at least 20 episodes. I then started to cut it down on season 2 and 3 because I was getting busier. Season 2 actually has a few holes because I cut some things out but nothing TOO big. For the episode "Cabin Fever," there was originally going to be an episode before it and after it. If you notice, Robbie and Solai are talking in Cabin Fever when just the episode before, he was avoiding telling her that he quit the dance team. In the original episode planned before, he tells her he's back in Cinema Club and that's where he wants to stay but she insists they stay friends and he even invites her to the next Cinema Club function, the Stab-A-Thon, which is why she is there in the first place. Another plot point was Robbie telling Niley that he asked Olivia to the Stab premiere and not her. These things I figured most people would fill in the blanks and so far, I haven't heard of anyone scratching their heads over it so I think it was a decent decision. Plus there's so many gaps of time between each episode, in some cases entire months, so one would figure more is going on that they're not seeing.

Q: Was Jenny speaking a rendition of a line from "Monster" by Paramore on purpose?

A: YES. This question refers to when Jenny is talking to Trevor in her room right before their first kiss. She claims she's just "collecting her victims," in reference to Jill. The lyrics relate so closely to everything going on in Season 2 - - every line, and I wanted that to be shown how it directly coordinates with Jenny as I thought that was a very poetic type of dialogue. It seemed natural in the moment and fit Jenny's character to say something like that. There's actually a few more in the season finale that I wanted to throw in. See if you can spot them!


Q: How did you go about adding characters to the main cast because to me since I am not a writer it would seem tricky?

A: It's quite simple, actually. In regards to story, you wanna make sure your characters develop over the seasons and get to the point they're at in Scream 4. To keep things interesting, I didn't want them to be the same exact people for three seasons, otherwise the show would be kinda boring. Also, to have these people interacting solely with each other would make it difficult to get them to where they need to be. So in actuality, it's MORE tricky to just stick with the same core of cast members without adding anyone. For example, Kirby's development is crucially based on Prichard - - she has somewhat of a dark past but she still seems to be very fun and outgoing in Scream 4. Maybe to the point like she's trying to suppress something. So Season 1, I wanted to focus on who she was, Season 2 focus on who she became after he died and then for Season 3, focus on what she settles with to get that in between area in which she's in for Scream 4. I couldn't do that with the cast members as is because Kirby isn't necessarily familiar with Charlie in the way that they can talk about everything like good friends. In Scream 4, you get the feeling that they barely know each other but are always around each other, same thing with Robbie. Trevor is obviously with Jill; and Kirby isn't friends with Jenny and Marnie (something else I wanted to explore). So that development, in my mind, only seemed possible with an outside character.

Q: Is the show still going to be canon with the films?

A: Yup.

Q: Personal question, what is it you're working on that has you so swamped? Is Season 3 still coming? What about "I'll Never Forget?"

A: I'm currently working on getting my original work produced, mostly independently. Seeking further management for major productions. Season 3 will be coming but mostly in summary form as well with some fully written episodes every now and than. The season finale of Season 3 will sadly be my final piece of fanfiction but I promise I'll go out with a bang!


Q: Quite a few characters almost disappear towards the end of the season, mainly Roy. Are you writing him out of the show or something?

A: The trouble with having so many characters in a show is you have to find things for them to do. Back when concepting the seasons, I knew there would be times people would have to kinda just fade into the background for a bit. But every time someone is gone for a bit, it just means they're going to be more important later. For example, near the end of Season 2, Roy and Niley are barely involved once Niley gets in trouble and once Roy meets Tess. The reason for this is because they are going to be one of the main focus points come season 3. Robbie & Kirby had a pretty heavy amount of attention the last 2 seasons and will be barely there for the rest of season 3. It's just a matter of how close they're getting to their characters in Scream 4, or in Roy and Niley's case, Scream 5. There's still a lot of story to tell for people like Jill and Charlie, while Robbie and Kirby are pretty much almost there. Olivia was barely a main cast member season 1, had a bit more to do in season 2 but will become a full fledged character season 3 as well. It's just a matter of balance and making sure everyone gets their time.

Q: Why the characters of Scream 4? Why not do a prequel to the original Scream?

A: That's not really an interest of mine, plus I feel like that's been done before in fanfics. People are always dissecting Billy and Stu or making up more stuff for Tatum. I feel like a lot of what happened before Scream has been explained. There wouldn't be enough excitement in it because the involvement of those characters in that film, any and everything would've been discussed if it was important enough. The teens in Scream 4 were kinda on the back burner for Scream 4. You know who they are, the type of people they are but you never get a sense of their relationships with one another or what happened prior. You just get the in the moment stuff, which makes them easy to make a backstory for. Plus I really wanted to dig into the psychology of what makes a killer. Billy explained exactly why he was doing it and you can tell Stu was just along for the ride. Plus Billy's motive, as legendary as it is, doesn't make much sense for him to kill his friends. To kill Sidney, maybe, but everyone else just fell victim to his insanity, which is almost the point. There's not much to see there in his reasoning, he truly just is psychotic. As for the killers in all the other Scream films, they just fall victim to bouncing off of what happeend in the first film. But Scream 4, you get the idea that so much more lead to their decision of doing what they did. You see it in the characters around them, the way they act towards each other when explaining their motive and their drastic attempt to create infamy for theirselves. The explanation works well for modern society and I wanted to look into what molded that from the beginning. What was the onset of what caused their journey.


[The following questions contain spoilers for Scream 4]

Q: Will you explain a third killer behind everything in season 3?

A: I never truly believed in that theory. I think Jill and Charlie carried out the acts on their own.

Q: At this point in the story, is Jill still innocent?

A: That's why I wrote the story. To see her innocence die. From the beginning, she never had intentions of hurting her friends or thrived for stardom. It was all build up of events that'll culminate in the season 2 finale. Once season 3 begins, you will see her carefully deciding what needs to be done, how to do it and the reasons as to why. But at this point in the story, no, I wouldn't say she has a killer bone or thought in her body or mind. Making her psychotic from the get go isn't interesting; turning her INTO a killer, that's what's captivating. It's just up to the readers whether or not they think the last 2 and a half seasons will be enough. Middle of season 3, she will be successfully transformed into the Jill we all know and love. Right now, she's at 25%. Her motives for killing her friends are there, she just hasn't realized them yet or acted out on them. By the end of the finale, she'll be at 65%. That instinct will become a part of her, whether she likes it or not. This is where you see it. This season finale was the entire point of doing the show to begin with. This is the major turning point.