Chelsea paces in her room... thinking of her next move... she looks out the window... Woodsboro High's gym can be seen in the distance, peaking just above suburbia. She looks back at her suitcase... then back to the school... she opens the window half way, starting to climb out. Her shoulder connects with the glass, a miscalculation - - it shatters. She screams and FALLS into the bushes below.

Her mother opens the door, a concerned look on her face. A car races off the street in that moment - - she looks around the room: an open window, broken glass on the floor, a car racing off just before a scream...

CHELSEA'S MOM: Oh, my God...

She pokes her head out the window, looking down the street as the car turns the corner.


She looks straight down - - the bushes are nearly flattened and covered in glass. She steps back into the room. Chelsea presses herself against the house and looks up - - the coast is clear. She RUNS away from the house in a hurry. Back in the room:


The same car skirting away from Chelsea's street pulls into the parking lot; just a group of kids. We make our way to Charlie's car, sitting inside with Stephie. Charlie looks completely distraught.

STEPHIE: Please don't look like that, Charlie. I don't want my last memory of this place to be of you looking like that.
CHARLIE: How else am I supposed to look? (beat) Do you wanna - - do something else?
STEPHIE: No, it's prom. It's a once in a lifetime thing.
CHARLIE: We're juniors, there's another one next year.
STEPHIE: I know but... I won't have another prom with you. I want to be here with you, Charlie...
CHARLIE: Okay... okay.
STEPHIE: So let's go in... have some fun? It's still early. Barely 5:30, we have plenty of time together. Smile for me, please?
CHARLIE: I'll try...


Jill and Cory walk across the gym floor; Jill feels a bit awkward as Trevor stares them down from across the room. She stops and turns to Cory.

JILL: Hey, can I go talk to Trevor for a second?
CORY: Sure, anything you need.

Jill makes her way over, approaching Trevor. He's obviously pissed...

JILL: Trevor - -
TREVOR: No, no, go finish your date with - - whatever his fucking name is, I can't even remember.
JILL: It's not a date. You don't have to act like this. You can still have fun. It's just - - you know, he's all suicidal and his therapist said this would help - -
TREVOR: Yeah, you told me this bullshit story already. "Closure." Right? Is that your excuse so you can cheat on me? Jill, what did I ever do to you that makes me deserve this?
JILL: Cheat on you? We're just gonna be here for awhile and that's it! You have me for the rest of the night when it's over and next year's prom which is the one that matters anyway because that's when we'll be seniors.
TREVOR: Whatever. Maybe we won't see next year's prom.
JILL:... what's that supposed to mean?
TREVOR: ... nothing, forget it. I'm sorry.
JILL: 'k... I'm sure you didn't mean it, you're just upset. Look, go dancing... find a prettier girl than me or something.
TREVOR: There is no girl prettier than you...
JILL: Sweet... hang with your buddies, I don't know.
TREVOR: 'k...
JILL: (kisses him on the cheek) I'll see you later.

Trevor watches her walk off and she rejoins Cory... Cory and Jill continue to have fun as we see from Trevor's POV... Cory looks up at Trevor... he winks...

TREVOR: Fuck this.

Trevor throws down his cup and pushes his way through the crowd towards them. He PUSHES Cory down.

JILL: Trevor, what the hell did we just talk about?
TREVOR: You stay away from my girlfriend, bitch!
JILL: Trevor, what is wrong with you? !

Jill pushes him back and Cory situates himself back together. A crowd makes a circle, trying to watch.

TREVOR: That son of a bitch is a little liar. He's not depressed at all, he's just trying to think of the best way to get to you!
JILL: Stop it! What has gotten into you all of a sudden?
TREVOR: That little bastard winked at me.
CORY: Yeah man, just a wink. As in, "hey buddy."
TREVOR: Yeah fucking right, pal!
CORY: Aw, what are you gonna do about it, huh? You freakin' ape.
JILL: Oh, so you're not gonna be the bigger man and stop this?
CORY: He started it.
JILL: Oh, that's fantastic. Well you know what, fuck you both. You can be each other's dates, how about that?

Jill walks off, Trevor following behind and Cory left there alone. Trevor grabs Jill's arm and she swings around.

JILL: Don't follow me! What's with you? Why can't you just be an adult for one damn minute?
TREVOR: I'm sorry baby, let me think of a way to make it up to you.

Trevor grabs her ass and thrusts himself onto her. She pushes him off.

JILL: I can't believe you.

Jill walks off and Trevor lets her go.

TREVOR: That's okay Jill, I'll just call you a hundred times until you pick up and I can just sweet talk you into forgiving me!

Jill takes her phone out of her purse and drops it into a random purse on a table as she keeps walking, making her way to the bathroom. Katherine comes to the table after dancing to the last song, picking up her drink and sipping it... it's her purse...


Jill enters the bathroom, furious and goes into a stall. She sits on the seat, trying to calm her nerves.

JILL: I can't go home, I can't go anywhere!

She punches the stall in frustration. Her breathing begins to slow... she opens her purse, looking inside. PATRICK'S CARD. She examines it for a moment... and smiles. There's a pounding at the door.

TREVOR: Babe, look, I'm sorry, okay? Babe! Babe! Answer me.

Jill looks up - - there's a window overhead. She stands on the toilet, lifting her self up on the seal and squeezes out the window.

TREVOR: If you don't answer me, I'll just come in... okay, fine, I'm coming in now. Sorry ladies, I won't look.

Trevor enters the bathroom, hands over his eyes.

TREVOR: Jill, I just wanna talk to you.

No response. Jill moves his hands. The bathroom appears to be empty. He looks underneath all the stalls - - no feet.

TREVOR: Where the fuck did she go?


Trevor exits and returns to the main floor. He knows he's fucked up. Jenny watches him from afar, Marnie at her side while they're at the punch table.

MARNIE: Don't even think about it, Jenny.
JENNY: She left him here, that bitch!
MARNIE: And for good reason.
JENNY: He doesn't deserve that.
MARNIE: Oh, I don't know, I think he should get what's coming to him.
JENNY: He's so sweet, he needs someone who actually cares for him.
MARNIE: Aaaaand you're not even listening to a word I'm saying, that's great.
JENNY: Just look at him... that should've been me with him, Marnie.
MARNIE: (pretending to care) Oh yeah? Wow, I know.
JENNY: I saw him first... I'm willing to bet he even liked me first... who's Jill to just swoop in and take what's mine all the time anyway, huh? She treats me like shit yet the reason they know each other is because of me, she should be - - kissing my feet. But no, she treats him like shit and me like shit!
MARNIE: I'm so tired of hearing about Jill and Trevor and you and all this fucking nonsense. Just get over it, quit being the other woman and find someone new. Does that sound good, Jenny? Does that make sense? Or am I just crazy here to think that you're getting yourself in a shit load of trouble?
JENNY: (beat) Do you think he loves her?
MARNIE: Oh my God.
JENNY: I don't think he does. I think he pretends to, maybe even wants to but I don't think he does.
MARNIE: How could he? He fucks around with you.
JENNY: We've just kissed a couple times.
MARNIE: Oh, I'm sorry because that's normal...
JENNY: I should go talk to him.
MARNIE: No. Look, just stay here. Okay? That's in your best interest. (trying to change the subject) Who picked the theme for this prom anyway? If I would've known there was a prom committee, I would've joined in a heart beat if I would've known it would turn out like this. I mean, c'mon, how cheesy are those balloons? When I was apart of it at Breckin, we would put on some damn good proms. I wonder what theme they're doing this year... that is if they even have one, God knows they're probably traumatized enough. But last year was a good idea, Twilight was a good choice.
JENNY: A Twilight prom? Someone should've burnt that shit to the ground.
MARNIE:... someone did, Jenny... someone did.
JENNY: Shit, I forgot, I'm sorry.
MARNIE: No, it's okay. You're in a trance over douchebag of the year. I get it, I understand.

The song turns slow and the lights dim...

JENNY: This is my chance...
MARNIE: Please don't.
JENNY: I'll be right back.
MARNIE: Oh, great. Slow song and I'm here alone.

Jenny walks off and doesn't even look back. Marnie watches her, a bit of sadness in her eyes. Freddy, even for prom, still dressed in prom attire, comes up to Marnie. Marnie is terrified.

FREDDY: Wanna dance?
MARNIE: (beat) Eh, sure, why not?

On the dance floor, Charlie and Stephie dance slow. Charlie leans his head on to her forehead. He holds her tightly by the waist...

CHARLIE: Run away with me.
STEPHIE: You know I can't, Charlie.
CHARLIE: I love you... if you're gone, I can't protect you.
STEPHIE: I'll be just fine, okay? And I'll be right back over here... to be with you.

She kisses his lips and they continue dancing.

Mr. Leeds stands off to the side, watching the kids. Katherine sits at her table, sipping her drink and examining his every move. A young girl student approaches him, and they talk. Laughing it up... Katherine is glued in by every passing second. The student whispers in his ear... while bent over, he looks up and notices Katherine watching him. Katherine tries to hide a bit but it's too late... he's on to her. The student finishes talking so he giggles and she giggles too, almost embarassed like. He nods and walks off, the girl following behind him.

KATHERINE: Holy shit... holy shit, this is it!

Katherine collects her stuff and her purse, jumping up out of her seat.


Kirby and Topher sit up, half clothed and hair messed up. Kirby starts to put back on her shirt while Topher tries to relax.

TOPHER: What's the rush?
KIRBY: Our break is almost over. It won't be long before they realize we've been taking our breaks at the same time, Topher.
TOPHER: Let 'em find out. What are they gonna do?
KIRBY: That's not the point.
TOPHER: Then how about you explain it to me?
KIRBY: We're lucky we haven't been caught yet.
TOPHER: Yeah and like I said, let 'em find out.
KIRBY: Then people will start thinking we're a couple.
TOPHER: (beat) And?
KIRBY: (chuckles) And that is not what I want, at all.
TOPHER: (a bit offended) Why not?
KIRBY: Look Topher, I thought you understood what we were doing. (beat) You're a great guy, any girl would be lucky to have you but me? I don't want anything serious. I need time for myself and every once and awhile, a good time. And you give me that good time with... multiple orgasms and what not. (smile) Just after Prichard... and the baby and Roy thing... I need some time to just step back, you know? Just time to not do anything. Before Prichard, it was soccer and then it became boyfriends and I was totally not that kind of girl. I became something else... and I need to figure out what makes me happy. This makes me happy, you make me happy... but relationships, I was happy but in the end, no matter what it was... I always ended up crying. I don't want to live like that anymore. I want to be free of any constraints... I want to be me and just be happy about it for once. But first I gotta find out who I am.
TOPHER: Oh no, I totally knew all that. That's kind of embarassing for you. It was just a good time for me also.
KIRBY: Good! Then we're on the same page.
KIRBY: Alright, I'll see you out there and then right after, I gotta jet. Gonna meet with a friend I haven't hung out with in awhile because she can't go to prom. (sighs) We have some catching up to do.
TOPHER: Sounds cool.
KIRBY: You gonna go to prom?
TOPHER: Oh no, I was going to pick up some extra hours here... prom's stupid anyway...
KIRBY: Yeah, way. Anywho, see ya.

Kirby exits the room and Topher sits there for a moment... he sighs, getting up and grabs his jacket. Out falls a container and it hits the ground... he picks it up... it's a corsage... he smirks at the irony...

TOPHER: Like she said... nothing serious anyway.

He throws it in the trash, fixing his jacket on himself and exits the room.


All of Tinsletown is out for the occasion: Stab 6. Celebrities pose on the red carpet as papparazzi snap their pictures. A limo pulls up, the paparazzi prepping their cameras; out come Robbie and Olivia. They strut down the carpet, Olivia enjoying this probably more than Robbie. She poses as Robbie just puts up a peace sign. The director approaches the two.

DIRECTOR: Robbie, nice to see you made it.
ROBBIE: Thank you so much, this is an honor sir!
DIRECTOR: Maybe one day, this could be for your own movie, ay?
ROBBIE: I know, right?
DIRECTOR: Who's the lovely lady?
ROBBIE: This is my date... Olivia. Olivia, this is the direcor of Stab 6.
OLIVIA: So nice to meet you.
DIRECTOR: Likewise.
OLIVIA: You know, I think I'd make quite the actress.
DIRECTOR: Oh, I bet you could!
ROBBIE: Olivia, stop it!
DIRECTOR: (laughs) C'mon, let's go inside!


Roy opens the door - - there stands LENNON MCCOY, very hippie like with his shades and stoned demeanor. Roy smiles and they hand shake.

ROY: Lennon! Great to see you, man!
LENNON: Roy, my main man, how are you?
ROY: Fantastic, now that you're here.
LENNON: Oh, I know, you're anxious to see this, right?
ROY: Am I ever? Jesus, you kidding me. Lost is my - - LIFE. Nothing else is more important.
TESS: (coming up from behind) Not even prom.
ROY: (smiles) Don't act like that. We're sophomores, we're not even supposed to be there anyway. Tess, this is my friend, Lennon. Lennon, this is my girlfriend, Tess.
LENNON: Nice to meet you.
TESS: A pleasure.
LENNON: (takes out the disc) So here it is, man. Lost, the series finale.
ROY: (holds it as if it's a relic) Oh my God... is this really it?
LENNON: I watched it already, it's the real deal. Blu Ray quality and everything, man. You set up your TV just right, yeah?
ROY: Oh yeah, it looks beautiful.
LENNON: I'm telling ya, man, this episode has some great detail and landscapes, it's going to look really amazing.
ROY: Well I'm gonna get to it than.
LENNON: You guys enjoy!
ROY: Thanks, man, I appreciate it!
LENNON: Oh and uh, one last thing. I have an offer for you.
ROY: An offer?
LENNON: (beat) Ah, forget it, it can wait until later.
ROY: No, what is it? Tell me.
LENNON: Alright, well, you know the radio station I work at, right?
ROY: Yeah, 99...? What is it?
LENNON: 99.5. Well anyway, we're looking for a new DJ and I was telling the boss man, you know I have one particular person in mind...
ROY: No shit, really?
LENNON: It's you, man, he said come down some time within the next week and he'll check you out. You could have your own radio show, man. It's really help out your Cinema Club thingy or whatever you got going on at Woodsboro.
TESS: That's great, honey!
ROY: And I'll get paid?
LENNON: Yeah, this is a totally professional venture.
ROY: (smiles, turns to Tess) Wow, honey, what do you think?
TESS: I think you should take it!
LENNON: Take it, man! This is a great opportunity.
ROY: I don't know what to say...
LENNON: How about "thank you" and give me a hug?
ROY: That's definitely what I was reaching for. (hugs him) Thanks Lennon, you're the fucking best.
LENNON: I'll let you get to Lost. See ya, guys.
ROY: See ya.


Dewey sits at his desk, typing up a report on an old fashioned type writer. He makes a mistake... he can't fix it.

DEWEY: Why did I even...

Perkins enters, a file in his hands.

DEWEY: Perkins, how goes it?
PERKINS: New case, sir. Looks to be heavy.
DEWEY: Heavy, why's that?
PERKINS: Remember that girl I escorted at the ol' Woo High this morning?
DEWEY: Uh, what was her name? Chels - Chelsea?
PERKINS: Her. She's gone missing. Mother said she went missing a bit ago. She waited a bit to make sure but she's definitely gone.
DEWEY: And you asked if she was sure it's not a run away?
PERKINS: Sheriff, I wasn't the one on the phone with her, damn!
DEWEY: Just give me the damn file!

Perkins hands it over and Dewey looks it over.

DEWEY: Okay, get me Hicks, we're gonna go looking for her.
PERKINS: Why not me, Sheriff? I would like to go.
DEWEY: Oh no, you and Hoss run by the prom. If Chelsea did run away, I'd suspect that's where she went.
PERKINS: With all due respect sir, that makes no damn sense. Who runs away to a prom?
DEWEY: Where else would she go?


Jill drives in her car... a determined look in her eyes... she makes her way through a canyon, going up towards a higher mountain side. We watch from above, BIRD'S EYE VIEW, her car as it goes up the road. The music tenses up a bit...


To be continued...

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