Niley opens the door - - there stands Kirby, bottle of Sparkling Cider in hand. Niley smiles, taking it and welcomes Kirby in. Kirby feels a bit out of place, sighs... it's been awhile since she's been here.

NILEY: Glad you came.
KIRBY: What else would I be doing? Dancing with those losers, getting down to Gaga and Katy Perry? Pass. I'd rather hang with my ol' buddy and pal, Niley Krinkey.
NILEY: At least I'm not the only one stuck here for the day.
KIRBY: It's not even your prom, don't sweat it. You have junior and senior year to worry about that crap. One more year for me and I'm done with high school.

They sit on Niley's couch, looking across at the TV. Niley examines Kirby for a bit...

NILEY: How've you been?
KIRBY: Fine... you?
NILEY: Fine.
KIRBY: (smiles) We're both horrible liars.
NILEY: I think we're gonna need something stronger than this before we start talking and being honest with another.

They both giggle and Niley gets up, making her way to the kitchen.

NILEY: You want some Scotch?
KIRBY: Oh, that sounds lovely. What year is it?
NILEY: I... have no idea.
KIRBY: Oh, is it American?
NILEY: Jesus Kirby, you know your alcohol.
KIRBY: Well, spend enough time drowning your nights away with it, you might as well make friends with what you're swallowing.
NILEY: (smirks) If only some girls were that decent. (comes back with the glasses and the bottle) Hopefully my mom won't mind.
KIRBY: So you burnt down a house?
NILEY: Allegedly... (notices Kirby doesn't budge) Yes.
KIRBY: Wow. Why?
NILEY: Because the bastard inside is a fucking pedophile and wouldn't admit it. Plus he killed Squirrely.
KIRBY: He did what?
NILEY: Oh, you haven't been around. Yeah, Squirrely was murdered.
KIRBY: Fucking Christ, I would've burnt down his house too.
NILEY: At least I know somebody's on my side.
KIRBY: How'd you get out of it?
NILEY: Jill saved my ass. I owe her big time.
KIRBY: I guess in some way, we all do. She always looks out for us. (beat) I remember after Prichard died, she came to my house and tried to see if I was okay but I was just... so distant back than.
NILEY: Oh yeah, I was there too.
KIRBY: That's right and you kept talking about my hair.
NILEY: (laughs) Well it was new to me but I like it now.
KIRBY: Really? I was thinking about growing it back out.
NILEY: No, it makes you look tough.
KIRBY: Looks aren't everything...
NILEY: ... so you crashed your car?
KIRBY: Admittedly, I was in a weak spot. Was it on purpose? Sorta. Chelsea losing that baby was just... and then Roy being with Tess, that was my rock bottom. I try to talk to Chelsea still but... knowing what she did to Prichard and now that the baby is gone, I just don't feel like we should be friends anymore.
NILEY: I understand that. She's been distant anyway, who knows what she's up to.


Katherine parks across the street, examining Mr. Leeds' house from the side so she can only see half of it. She doesn't want to be noticed. She waits there, trying to see into the windows... nothing.


Katherine opens up her purse, looking for her phone. She notices a phone that's not hers... taking it out.

KATHERINE: What the hell?

The phone's background is of Jill and Trevor. She rolls her eyes and throws it back in the purse and continues looking for her own.


Robbie and Olivia sit in their seats, glued to the action that is Stab 6. Ghostface chases a helpless scantily clad female across a trailer park. It's both awesome and odd at the same time. Ghostface catches up with her, stabbing her in the back and throws her to the ground.

Olivia flinches - - she isn't used to the blood. She grabs Robbie's hand... he's instantly zapped out of the movie and looks down at her clenching his fist... he looks at her... she's beautiful... but something comes over him... a feeling of regret... remorse... he moves his hand and gets up, walking out of the aisle. Olivia watches him go.


Robbie leans his head against the wall, trying to breathe. Olivia exits the theater, checking up on him.

OLIVIA: Robbie? You okay?
ROBBIE: I fucked up, Olivia.
ROBBIE: There's just - - something you need to know.
OLIVIA: Right now? Here? During this movie.
ROBBIE: I can't... I can't keep it in any longer.
OLIVIA: How about we talk about this after the movie?
ROBBIE: You're gonna hate me once you find out.
OLIVIA: Dude, I don't give a shit what you did. We're in there with industry professionals and superstars, and you're out here having a fucking morale dilemma! Whatever it is, it can wait!
ROBBIE: I've been lying.
OLIVIA: (beat) Okay, you've been lying. That's great. I don't give a shit, now let's go back in.
ROBBIE: I've been lying to Niley. How could I do that? How do I tell her the truth?
OLIVIA: (becomes a bit more understanding) Do you love her?
ROBBIE: That's the thing...
OLIVIA: (beat) This has to do with the cabin, doesn't it?
ROBBIE: (sighs) Yeah.
OLIVIA: Okay, well... you're right. I might hate you for hurting one of my best friends... but I can still like you for a little bit longer. We'll talk about this after, okay?
ROBBIE: It's not my fault...
OLIVIA: (smirks) It never is...
ROBBIE: I want to tell you now... get this over with.
OLIVIA: (sighs) Fine, tell me now and I'll hold all resentment for you until after the picture.

Robbie doesn't know how Olivia will react... he begins to sweat...


Night has fallen and Jill is far from home. She exits her car, looking up at Patrick's house. She doesn't know what to do... she slowly makes her way across the snow covered lawn to Patrick's front door. She stops... hearing a chopping coming from the backyard.

She makes her away around the house, peeking her eye through a hole in the fence. An axe is stuck within a stump - - nobody to be found. She gets up - - Patrick looks down at her from above. She startles back and he laughs.

PATRICK: I thought I heard a car coming.
JILL: Jesus, you scared me.
PATRICK: Sorry, you were trying to spy on me so I spied on you. (beat) What's with the clothes?
JILL: I left prom early.
PATRICK: What? Why?
JILL: My boyfriend's an asshole. And so was my date.
PATRICK: Well maybe that's why he's an asshole, because you had a date not your boyfriend.
JILL: It's complicated.
PATRICK: Let's go inside. Want me to make you that dinner?
JILL: (beat... smiles) I'd like that.


Roy's kneels down before the TV, his hand touching the screen as tears pour down his face. Tess looks at him - - he's freakin' nuts.

ROY: It's over. Why, why God is it over?

Lost's soothing score sweeps around the room in the surround sound. Roy loses it, crying like a baby. Tess rolls her eyes and crosses her legs.

TESS: You've got to be kidding me...


Dewey and Hicks get into his SUV. Hicks looks happy to be along for a mission.

HICKS: You think we'll find her, Sheriff?
DEWEY: No chance but... we gotta do it anyway. And I'll be heartbroken once we don't, like always.
HICKS: Stay positive, Sheriff.
DEWEY: It's just ever since that kid went missing on Halloween... I've lost all hope for cases like these.
HICKS: Well that kid didn't have a cell phone, Chelsea most likely does.
DEWEY: (beat) Wait, what?
HICKS: If all else fails, we can track her cell phone. Find her triangulation, pin whatever area she's in. We'll for sure find her that way.
DEWEY: (duh) That's true... we never used the system before though so it might take some time...
HICKS: We could skip the whole searching process and work on it now. It honestly might save us some time. That, including being able to tap into her phone and listen to her surroundings. That takes time too though.
DEWEY: Okay... let's go!

Dewey and Hicks exit the car and run back into the station.


Charlie slowly walks with Stephie towards the exit. Stephie looks outside... she can see her parents' car waiting for her in the parking lot. Charlie freezes...

CHARLIE: I can't give you away like this.
STEPHIE: You'll see me again, Charlie. I promise.
CHARLIE: Don't leave... please.
STEPHIE: I must...

She hugs him and he hugs her back tight, trying his best not to cry.

STEPHIE: I love you, Charlie.
CHARLIE: I love you, too.

He gives in, he begins to sob.

STEPHIE: Don't cry, Charlie. Please. (tilts his head up, wiping away his tears) Be strong. We WILL see each other again.
CHARLIE: I just have this feeling... like I won't.
STEPHIE: If you wait for me... until after next year... we will be back in each other's arms. Right? Wait for me?
CHARLIE: (kisses her) I'll wait for you.
STEPHIE: This isn't goodbye... this is see you later.
CHARLIE: Okay. Okay.
STEPHIE: (beat) Make me proud, Charlie...

She kisses him one last time... his lips are hesitant to stop connecting with hers... she pulls away... looking him in the eyes... and then she's gone. Charlie watches her leave out the door, his heart crushing with every passing step. She gets into her parents car and he holds his hand to the window... she turns around... waves and smiles... her beautiful smile... he holds back the tears... she gets in the car... it pulls out of the parking spot... and drives away.


Katherine sighs. She's waited long enough and boredom is coming over her. There's been no movement in the house as of yet. Something must be wrong... something's not right. She gets ancy, taking off her seat belt and exiting the car.

Holstering her purse over her shoulder and she walks towards his house with a mission. She walks across the yard, looking to the drive way - - the truck isn't there. She slows a bit... could he have not been here the entire time? She continues to the front door - - the door is open.


Katherine slowly opens the door. Everything appears to be in order. She knocks and looks around.

KATHERINE: Mr. Leeds? Are you home?

She slowly makes her way in, observing everything. She looks out the window - - nobody is around. She comes toward the hallway and stops. She pulls out her cellphone, dialing a number. She waits for a moment... someone answers.

KATHERINE: Gale! I'm in his house, I tried to follow him here. He left the prom, I saw him talking to a girl and then she left too.
GALE: WHAT? Katherine, get out of there! If you get caught, you could get arrested and rightfully so!
KATHERINE: Well his door was wide open and nobody's home. I think I beat him here. I'm gonna set up a camera or something to catch him in the act.
GALE: NO! Listen to me - - ugh. Hold on, someone's on the other line but DON'T DO ANYTHING JUST YET!

Gale transfers over and Katherine stays still, waiting for her to return. She looks at the pictures on the wall; he appears to be a normal man. She's not letting that throw her off track though. She remains still, getting anxious... a black figure slowly rises behind her... it's head tilts up... GHOSTFACE.

He remains still... just watching her... she continues looking at the pictures, phone still to her ear. She sees in the reflection - - a white, slim face. She scrunches her eyebrows, turning around - - a KNIFE PLUNGES INTO HER STOMACH.

She falls over but Ghostface keeps her up on her feet and STABS HER AGAIN. Blood pours out of her mouth and she falls to the floor. She keeps the phone grasped in her hand.

KATHERINE: Gale! Gale!

She tries to crawl away and Ghostface toys with her, slowly walking behind. He kneels down - - STAB IN THE BACK. Lifting the knife out of her, she nearly comes to her feet. She grabs hold of the wall, standing up. Ghostface STABS her again in the back, pushing her into an end table with a mirror on it as it SHATTERS all over her.

Katherine keeps up a fight, keeping her stance and falls into the kitchen and to the basement door. She turns around - - Ghostface SLICES her across the arm and she FALLS through the door.


Katherine TUMBLES down the stairs and SLAMS against the floor at the bottom. Ghostface watches her from the top, tilting his head. Katherine still has the phone in her hand, clutching to it as if it's the means to her life. She gets to her knees and sees the window leading out of the basement. She breathes heavy and fastly crawls over to the table below the window.

Ghostface slowly closes the door and walks his way down the steps. Katherine makes it to the table and Ghostface stands behind her. Katherine climbs up and pushes on the window with her bloody hands.

KATHERINE: Somebody help me!

Ghostface SLICES her in the back and she falls over, back onto the basement floor, motionless and barely breathing. Ghostface raises the knife high, aiming straight for her head - - there's a footstep over head. THUD... THUD... THUD. Ghostface stops and looks up, watching the dust from the main floor fall below. Ghostface follows it, WIPING THE KNIFE clean and watches it go to the basement door...

Ghostface holds the knife steady, prepping himself for anyone who opens it. The door swings open - - MR. LEEDS steps down. He stops in his tracks - - Ghostface stands there, looking up at him. Mr. Leeds hears a moan and he looks over at Katherine's bloody body.

MR. LEEDS: Who the fuck are you? !

Ghostface takes off the mask - - CHELSEA. Mr. Leeds' eyes open wide in horror. He rushes down the stairs and comes to Katherine's aid - - but then he realizes he can't touch her. She looks up at him, trying to plead for help. Chelsea grins.

CHELSEA: You don't need her, baby. I'm enough for you.
MR. LEEDS: What are you talking about? !
CHELSEA: Aren't I enough? Or do you need this SKANK also?
MR. LEEDS: What did you do? WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO? !
CHELSEA: You think I'm going to let this bitch just come over and fuck you, too? You're MINE. Remember that. I know you have a thing for teens but c'mon... this slut?
MR. LEEDS: I wasn't going to do anything, you crazy bitch! I don't even know her!
CHELSEA: (holding the knife up) Now, now... watch the language. I'm trying to be understanding here. I got rid of her... you just need me and I'm going to show you that. Prichard didn't need me... the baby didn't need me... but you need me, don't you? I understand why you did what you did earlier. Teachers and students can't be together but - - if I'm no longer a student... good plan, Mr. Leeds.
MR. LEEDS: You're crazy. You're fucking insane, I did that because I wanted you away from me!
CHELSEA: Oooh, I like this game. You gonna try and fight me again, hm? You want me to "rape" you some more? I can play that.

Katherine spits up blood, trying to lift her head up.

CHELSEA: Oh, almost forgot about her.

Chelsea kneels down, SLICING HER THROAT OPEN. Katherine bleeds out, thrashing around and Mr. Leeds watches completely horrified.

CHELSEA: Now she's gone.
MR. LEEDS: You're sick.
GALE: Hello? Hello? Katherine, you still there?
MR. LEEDS: Shit!

Mr. Leeds grabs Katherine's phone and SMASHES IT. Chelsea watches, smiling.

CHELSEA: Good job, honey.
MR. LEEDS: I'm not your fucking honey!
CHELSEA: (holds the knife to his throat) Oh, I know. I'll make you mine though. Soon enough. Just like we always did before, you'll give in... your dick will get hard... and you'll fuck me like always fucked me...
MR. LEEDS: (beat) You're right... I do want you... but first we have to get rid of this body. Someone's gonna come looking for her soon enough. And I don't know if you know, but you were declared missing not too long ago. So someone is going to come looking for you too.
CHELSEA: You're absolutely right! We have to get out of here. We have to run away together. That's exactly what we should do... somewhere where we belong.
MR. LEEDS: (beat) We need a bag or - - or something to dispose of her. Once she's gone than - - we can do whatever it is you wanna do. Okay?
CHELSEA: (smiles, admiring) You find your strength in the solutions... but I like the tension... we're the perfect yin and yang to each other.
MR. LEEDS: Just give me that tarp, covering the tires!

Chelsea walks over to the tires, pulling the tarp off and hands it to him. He slides it next to Katherine's body... he looks at her... his eyes filled with sadness... then he rolls her over into the tarp along with the smashed cell phone and her purse. He wraps the tarp around her.

MR. LEEDS: Now we need to clean this blood. You can do that, can't you? While I put her in the truck?
CHELSEA: Anything you say.

Chelsea runs back up the stairs and Mr. Leeds look around... completely surprised everything that has transpired.

MR. LEEDS: Oh, fuck.


Leeds turns on the car, Chelsea out of the costume and in her normal clothes. He drives out of his drive way and down the street... scared out of his mind. Chelsea turns her head, watching him... she smiles... this is exactly what she wanted... just him and her together... on their way to start a new life... she's happy... she puts her hand on top of his...

CHELSEA: I love you.

CLOSE IN on Chelsea's face... she grins... Leeds grips the steering wheel... the music tenses...

MR. LEEDS: I love you, too.


To be continued...

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