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Olivia sits across from Robbie... his head is down... she doesn't know what to say... he looks up at her... she almost feels sorry for him...

OLIVIA: I don't know what to tell you, dude.
ROBBIE: She'll be hurt... that's the worst thing I could've done to someone...
OLIVIA: Telling her is the right thing. Telling her... will also set you free. (beat) What are you gonna do about Solai?
ROBBIE: I have no idea... I have no idea about all of it. If I would've just told the truth in the first place... things might've worked out just fine... but too much time has passed... there's no coming back from this... everything will change.
OLIVIA: Robbie... you're brave. You made a mistake. I'm on your side. I know what it's like to hold a secret or two... if she acts drastically and she doesn't see that this isn't entirely your fault than... that's her loss...
ROBBIE: Yeah... I guess.
OLIVIA: She should at least still be friends with you... I mean, if she doesn't then I understand... if she does, I understand. There's no way to see how she'll react...
ROBBIE: Thanks, Olivia...


Jill and Patrick sit on seperate ends of the room. Jill bites into her meat; it's delicious. Patrick watches her; he's happy she's enjoying herself.

JILL: You know, I never thought in a million years I'd eat quail but this is fantastic.
PATRICK: Glad you like it.
JILL: Wow, I mean... really succulent and juicy. You're an amazing chef.
PATRICK: Thanks. (beat) Jill, I think it's time we talk about the real reason you're here. What are you running from? I don't believe it's just your boyfriend situation.
JILL: (smiles) You caught me. I honestly felt like I had nowhere else to go... there's just so much shit in my life though... I don't where it ends...
PATRICK: Start at the beginning.
JILL: My mother. She's a bitch.
PATRICK: Jill, c'mon, that's your mom.
JILL: My father committed suicide and she didn't tell me. I had to find out from my therapist.
PATRICK: Wow... yeah, she's a bitch.

They both laugh. Jill refocuses on how to continue.

JILL: Last time I saw him, he was trying to tell me something. And I believed it at first but my mother made such a convincing argument that I believed her instead. Now I'm starting to think that maybe he was right.
PATRICK: What was it?
JILL: (beat) I can't believe I'm actually going to tell you this but... he claims that my mother is the one who actually put the guy in a coma. And that he was just there but he took the blame so she wouldn't have to go to jail. My mother fought hard for him, tried to make the case seem like he was actually just crazy so he wouldn't have to spend time in prison... my dad agreed that sounded best... so they put him in the mental hospital... exactly where my mom wanted him. A place where no matter what he said, it wouldn't make a difference because people would just think he's crazy. Including me. And it worked. And now he's gone... and I blame her.
PATRICK: You have to understand that whatever she did, she probably thought she was doing it for the best.
JILL: (smirks) That's what crazy people think. They think whatever they're doing, whether it's manipulation or even... killing someone it's for the good of the world.
PATRICK: (leans forward) Speaking of a little bit crazy... I have a confession.
JILL: Oh yeah, what's that?
PATRICK: Remember the day we met? Outside the principal's office?
JILL: Yeah.
PATRICK: I purposely put myself there. I purposely got in a fight because I knew you'd be there.
JILL: You knew I'd take the bra stuffing out of Olivia's bra? (giggles) Psychic.
PATRICK: (smiles) No, but I heard you got in trouble so immediately I got myself into some too.
JILL: Why'd you do that? You didn't even know me.
PATRICK: I did... from afar. I was a bit obsessed.
JILL: (laughs it off) Really?
PATRICK: And not only with you but... also your cousin.

Jill stops entirely. He sees he's not joking anymore.

JILL: What do you mean?
PATRICK: I used to live in Billy Loomis' house. I didn't know it when I first moved in but... there was something in the basement that clued me in. Wanna see?
JILL: Patrick, what are you talking about?
PATRICK: I found a collection of his... quite a collection. So when I moved out, I kept it.
JILL: So you wanted to be with me... because you knew I was Sidney's cousin? And the last time I saw you, you acted like you didn't know what Stab was?
PATRICK: I didn't want to scare you away. I still don't but I feel like I owe you an explanation. I mean, sure, what drew me to you was Sidney but... I liked you for who you were.
JILL: (sarcastic) Oh thanks, that means lot.
PATRICK: Please don't get mad, I'm coming clean.
JILL: (beat) So what is this collection you speak of?


Jill opens to giant double doors and looks within... her jaw nearly drops... she turns around to Patrick, watching her. We now get a glimpse... video tapes in boxes, piled high to the roof.

PATRICK: Home videos.
JILL: These were all his?
PATRICK: Yup. Some he filmed himself, some are just recordings of the news.
JILL: Where did you find it?
PATRICK: It was all stuffed in a vent in the basement. No air was coming in so I checked it one day. All these boxes were in there.
JILL: Have you watched them?
PATRICK: Every last one. They all have to Sidney in some way. For example, (grabs a tape) this one is right after her mother was killed.
JILL: My aunt Maureen.
PATRICK: Yeah. (puts it in a VCR and turns on the TV) He had hours and hours of footage.

The clip begins. It's from a reporter's POV, following Sidney up to her house. She's young. 16 at the oldest. She's distraught, trying to shoe away the reporters.

REPORTER: Please, do you have any comments? !

Sidney turns around finally.

SIDNEY: Yeah... be careful.

Sidney enters her house as the reporters continues babbling on.

REPORTER: Who do you think killed your mother, Sidney? Is he still out there?

Patrick stops the tape, taking it out and putting in another one.

PATRICK: This one is more... voyeuristic.

The clip begins. It's a home video; Sidney is at her computer, typing. Wearing a night gown... her bangs above her eyes... the camera falls a bit along with the holder...

JILL: The date...
PATRICK: Two days before the massacre at Stu Macher's house.
JILL: The night Casey Becker was killed.

We hear Sidney scream and jump as we hear Billy's voice...

BILLY: It occurred to me that I've never snuck through your bedroom window before...

Patrick stops the tape, putting in another one.

PATRICK: Billy even made tapes for Sidney.

The new clip begins.

BILLY: Sidney, this is hard to explain but... you just gotta give me your virginity for Christsake!

Patrick laughs. Jill remains completely serious.

BILLY: I mean, c'mon, I love you! Ah... what am I saying... you'll never see this...

Patrick stops the tape, noticing she's not enjoying this.

PATRICK: Sidney was a superstar. Or at least in his eyes. The main heroine of a horror film. I think he even knew that he probably wouldn't live due to his villainous ways. (beat) Then I started to see you... and I saw the relation... I felt like he did when I saw you. You were my superstar.
JILL: Flattering... but I must go.

Jill gets up and storms out of the room. Patrick gets up, following behind her.

PATRICK: Jill! C'mon, let me just say something!


Mr. Leeds grips the steering wheel... nervous. Chelsea doesn't seem to care about a thing... she looks through Katherine's purse. She takes out Jill's phone...

CHELSEA: Why does she have two phones? (turns on the screen) Ooooh... it's Jill's. That's weird.
MR. LEEDS: Yeah... weird.
CHELSEA: Well let's look at what this bitch's private life.

Chelsea looks through her phone, going into the media section. She sees a "videos" option. She clicks the first video. It's Jill, a bit younger, dressed in costume and a bit bloody. Robbie comes into a frame, a clapper in his hands. He smacks it down.

ROBBIE: Take two!


Hicks is at a control board with a screen in front of her. She's starting to get a signal.

HICKS: Dwight!

Dewey runs over, coffee in his hands.

HICKS: We're in. I traced Chelsea's cell phone, it just went out of our jurisdiction.
DEWEY: Shit! So she's on the move?
HICKS: Yeah... but we're gonna be able to listen in right... now...

They put their ears near the speaker...


Chelsea continues watching the video. It's Jill; she's a victim, tied up to a chair. We tilt down to Chelsea's phone in her pocket... it blinks.

JILL: Please... please don't hurt me. I'll do anything, just listen. Please.

Chelsea giggles and looks down at her phone blinking.

CHELSEA: What the?

Chelsea picks it up... strange... she restarts her phone and looks back up at the video.

ROBBIE: Cut! Cut! It's all wrong.
CHELSEA: Yes Robbie... it's all wrong. What a shitty actress...


Hicks and Dewey sigh.

HICKS: We lost the signal.
DEWEY: You recorded that though, right?
HICKS: Yeah.
DEWEY: WIll you be able to get it back?
HICKS: It might take another while or so...
DEWEY: (beat) You know who that sounded like?
DEWEY: Jill Roberts. I'll contact Perkins and Hoss, see if they can locate Jill at the prom, if not... we could be looking at a double kidnapping.


Niley and Kirby are both plastered ass drunk, giggling their asses off to practically nothing.

KIRBY: Every time?
NILEY: It's like his favorite position, I don't know why.
KIRBY: What's up with guys, ya know?
NILEY: Right? Like what, you can't look at my face or something?
KIRBY: And they always try to spank you and tell you stuff like, "oh, you've been a bad girl."

They both nearly fall over laughing.

NILEY: Guys are weird, I mean, hey, any position is as good as the other for me but they have all these weird demands. He even asked if I could get hair like yours.
KIRBY: Really?
NILEY: Yeah, I was so pissed off! I was like, what, you want me to be Kirby or something? !
KIRBY: Oh Jesus. That's funny.
NILEY: I even thought about it for a minute too but I was like, no way honey, I was bald once, I ain't going back!

Niley's phone rings. She picks it up.

NILEY: Go for Niley.


Olivia takes off her dress, getting into her pajamas. She has the phone on the nightstand with the speaker on.

OLIVIA: Niley, I need you to listen to me very carefully.

Back and forth.

Niley giggles and Kirby giggles along with her - - just uncontrollable fits.

OLIVIA: Niley!
NILEY: What?
OLIVIA: Look... I just heard something and it's totally gonna fuck you up so I need you to just get prepared, okay?
NILEY: What are you talking about?
OLIVIA: Remember what we talked about not too long ago?
NILEY: (chuckles) No.
OLIVIA: Niley, this isn't fucking funny, this is serious! You're entire - - life is about to change!
NILEY: Oh my God, what is it?

The music starts to rise; intensity begins to thicken.

OLIVIA: It's about Robbie.
NILEY: And? Are you guys back from the premiere yet?
OLIVIA: We just got back but that's not the point. The point is, he's on the way to your house right now and he's going to tell you something and I need you to just get to a zen like place before he gets there.
NILEY: (finally stops laughing) Okay, what's going on?
OLIVIA: I can't tell you, he needs to.
NILEY: And it's going to piss me off?
OLIVIA: Oh, that's one way to put it!
NILEY: Olivia, stop fucking around, what is it?
OLIVIA: It's what you feared, Niley but... worse! Much worse!
NILEY: What's going on? You're scaring me.
OLIVIA: (begins to tear up) I love you, okay? Just know that, and I am here for you. Okay?
NILEY: (tears up also) Just tell me what's going on.

Kirby scoots over, comforting Niley.

KIRBY: What's happening?
NILEY: I have no idea.
OLIVIA: You should tell Kirby to leave... he won't tell you if Kirby is there.
NILEY: Olivia... will this end my relationship with Robbie?
OLIVIA: (sighs... a long beat... she closes her eyes) Yes.

Niley covers her mouth, trying her best not to cry.

NILEY: Does this have to do with Solai?
OLIVIA: (grits her teeth) In a way... but not entirely.
NILEY: You're confusing the fuck out me, Olivia, I'm drunk as shit and I'm just lost right now!
OLIVIA: Be strong, Niley, I have to go...
NILEY: Olivia, please, tell me!
OLIVIA: I'm sorry...
NILEY: Olivia!

Olivia hangs up and breathes heavy, resting against her dresser... she looks up in the mirror...

OLIVIA: Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God...

Niley puts the phone down and looks at Kirby.

NILEY: Something's come up, you have to go.
KIRBY: Are you going to be okay?
NILEY: I honestly don't know...
KIRBY: Okay. Okay.


The music still strings along, the intensity still rising. The prom is over, everyone is walking back to their cars. Trevor and Jenny walk towards Trevor's car. Marnie runs up behind, grabbing Jenny's arm.

MARNIE: Jenny, what are you doing?
JENNY: Trevor's taking me home.
MARNIE: Jenny, I'm telling you, don't do this!
JENNY: I can do whatever I want. He can do whatever he wants. Jill's not here to stop it... she abandoned him... and she sure as hell abandoned me long ago.
MARNIE: This isn't wise, you're not thinking clearly.
JENNY: If I'm in love... then this is the most clear I've ever thought.

Jenny walks away, getting into Trevor's passenger seat. Marnie holds her temples; she knows this can't end well. Trevor turns on the car and it speeds off the lot, leaving Marnie behind.

MARNIE: Fucking idiot! Ugh!

In the background, Dewey and Hicks can be seen getting into their SUV.


The music is still going! Building! Higher and higher! Mr. Leeds' truck stops in front of the old Penciatti hotel - - gated off. In ruin. In rubble. It hasn't been touched since it collapsed. He exits the car, as does Chelsea.

CHELSEA: This is where we dump her?
MR. LEEDS: Yeah... here...
CHELSEA: Why here?
MR. LEEDS: Tax cuts on the state won't allow proper clean up of the building. (beat) There's still bodies trapped in there.
CHELSEA: Really?
MR. LEEDS: We put her in there... they'll just think she's another one of them. Or at least, long enough for us to get away with it.
CHELSEA: (smiles) Long after we're gone away together?
MR. LEEDS: (beat) Exactly.

Jump cut: they're taking her body out of the truck and put it on the ground. Chelsea looks down at the body, Mr. Leeds still sick by all of this...

CHELSEA: We have to burn her.
MR. LEEDS: I know...

Chelsea and Mr. Leeds pick up her body, throwing it over the fence. They hop over and drag her deeper within the rubble, under a roof that still remains in tact. Chelsea hurrily takes out a lighter and the lights the tarp on fire... she stands back, watching it burn. A tear falls from Mr. Leeds' eyes as Chelsea smiles.

MR. LEEDS: We have to, uh... bury her deeper. (looks around and points out a spot) Right over here. Get started, I'll go get the shovel from the truck.
CHELSEA: Anything for you, babe.

Mr. Leeds walks back to the truck... breathing heavy.


Jill rushes around the house, Patrick trying to apologize to her. She's looking for something...

JILL: Where are my keys?
PATRICK: Could you just listen to me for a second?
JILL: No! I've heard enough.
PATRICK: I'm trying to tell you that I love you, Jill.
JILL: Right, bull shit! You love my cousin. What makes her so fucking special anyway, huh?
PATRICK: Nothing. Don't you see? You're the one that I want. You're the one that I think is the bigger star.
JILL: You wouldn't be saying that if she was around, now would you?
PATRICK: Jill, I know what I'm saying.

Patrick stops following her and just looks on... he gives up.

PATRICK: Up stairs.
JILL: (going up the stairs) Why the hell did you put them up there?

Patrick watches her climb... a sinister look on his face...


Trevor and Jenny enter; Jenny a bit nervous... Trevor slides off her coat and puts it on the rack.

TREVOR: Make yourself comfortable...

She sits on his bed, leaning back with her arms... he sits down next to her...

TREVOR: No, no, no... more than that.

He leans down, rubbing her legs and coming to her feet, taking off her heels. She watches him; her heart begins to race. He takes off her other high heel and throws them to the floor.

TREVOR: Better, right?

Jenny just nods. She can't even speak. Her whole body is getting warm.

TREVOR: Maybe we could even... take off this...

Trevor rubs her across her back and starts to unzip her from her dress... he massages her bare back... she moans...

TREVOR: You like that?

He kisses her back... up to her shoulder... then he kisses her neck... her eyes nearly roll in the back of her head... he moves up to her ear, nibbling on it. She caresses the back of his head as his hands move up her waist, into her dress and onto her breast, taking off her dress.


Jill looks around, still looking for her keys. She's in a panic; she's not in control. Patrick stands behind her, watching.

JILL: Where upstairs, Patrick? !
PATRICK: Don't worry about it.
JILL: I wanna leave...
PATRICK: You don't have to...

Patrick comes behind her, rubbing her shoulders. She pushes him off and he chuckles...

PATRICK: Hey, I'm trying to be friendly.
JILL: You can stop.

Patrick's eyes go angry...

PATRICK: Why do you do this to me, Jill?
JILL: Just give me my fucking keys...
PATRICK: Okay... after you give me what I want.
JILL: I'm not giving you anything.
PATRICK: I think I deserve it though... last time I wanted it, you broke my neck... I had to restart my life... I moved way out here... and then you come back to me... like you don't want it... like you don't want me...
JILL: I don't, you disgust me!
PATRICK: Why? Because of Sidney? Don't worry about it, baby... you can be her. You can play her role.
JILL: Get the fuck away from me!

HE PUSHES HER TO THE BED. She tries to get up and immediately HOLDS HER DOWN, KISSING HER CHEST.

JILL: Stop it! Stop it! Somebody help!
JILL: Please, Patrick, please!
PATRICK: Call me Billy... you can be Sidney...


Mr. Leeds returns over to Chelsea, shovel in hand. Chelsea digs a hole, moving wreckage out of the way; her hands bleeding. She doesn't seem to care. Katherine's body has stopped burning... Chelsea crawls her way out and smiles at Mr. Leeds.

CHELSEA: What took you so long? I practically made a good hole by myself.
MR. LEEDS: (beat) Good job.
CHELSEA: (looks at Katherine) That bitch is burnt! Let's get rid of her... and let's go somewhere. Yeah?
MR. LEEDS: Okay.

Chelsea steps over Katherine's body and drags her over to the hole. Mr. Leeds watches, shovel in hand. Katherine's body topples into the hole... and Chelsea stands above it.

MR. LEEDS: Chelsea.

She turns around - - THE SHOVEL CONNECTS WITH HER FACE. She falls to the ground, her head busted open. She can barely open her eyes. Mr. Leeds nearly cries... he didn't want to have to do this... he has no other option.

MR. LEEDS: I'm sorry. You have to understand... I'm not a bad person.
CHELSEA: Honey...
MR. LEEDS: I only killed Andy because... he killed that kid. It was my fault though... and I cleaned up the mess...
CHELSEA: Why are you - doing this?
MR. LEEDS: But you... you're just a kid yourself. And so was she. And once again, I'm caught between a rock and a hard place... you gave me no other choice. I have to protect myself...
MR. LEEDS: (sniffles) Goodbye.

Mr. Leeds pulls out a gun, putting it to Chelsea's chin, putting her hand on it... she looks up at him...

CHELSEA: I love you...

He pulls the trigger. She topples into the hole. He falls over, nearly puking... he gets back up and looks in the hole... Chelsea's dead body twitches. Her twitching body pulls the trigger, bullets firing off in the hole. Mr. Leeds steps back, walking away. He comes back to the truck, taking out his cell phone... he dials 911...

MR. LEEDS: Yes... I need to report a kidnapping... a homocide... and a suicide...

We CLOSE IN on his face...



Niley sits at the edge of her steps... awaiting whatever is coming her way... there's a knock on the door... she slowly looks up... she cries, knowing when she answers... everything's over. She wipes her face, trying to regain her composure. She stands up... and opens the door.

Robbie stands there, is head down... he can't even look Niley in the eyes... Niley lets him in... he slowly enters... he turns to Niley...

NILEY: Whatever you have to say, just say it.

Niley shakes, trying to control it. Robbie notices, a tear almost coming to his eye...

ROBBIE: I never wanted to hurt you.

She just breathes... trying her best not to break down.

NILEY: (her voice breaking) Did you cheat on me?

Robbie looks down again... he nods. Niley covers her mouth, her eyes welling up.

ROBBIE: But I had to.
NILEY: Oh, you had to? Well that just makes everything better!
ROBBIE: Listen to me, Niley... I didn't enjoy it... not a single second of it...
NILEY: Whatever.
ROBBIE: Niley... when I'm with you, I feel happy but... I feel like I'm living a lie. You deserve better than that.
NILEY: How long have you been cheating on me?
ROBBIE: Physically, only once... at the cabin.

Niley slaps her forehead; she knew it.

ROBBIE: Emotionally... the entire time.

Niley looks up... she can't believe it.

NILEY: What?
ROBBIE: Niley, I... like I said, I never wanted to hurt you. I thought I could change... but I can't. I can't change who I am. And I slept with Solai because I figured maybe it was just you... but it wasn't... it's who I am.

Niley is paralyzed - - her eyes just stuck open on him.

ROBBIE: Niley, I'm gay.
NILEY: (long beat) What?
ROBBIE: I've been wanting to tell you for so long. (beat) I'm sorry.

Her breath is taken away. She can't even find the words. Her eyes permanently wide open... her mouth agape...

ROBBIE: Please, say something.
NILEY: But we... we had sex, we - -
ROBBIE: I know... but you know how I couldn't do it unless you were...
NILEY: Doggy?
ROBBIE: (nods) Yeah... it was the same with her... I just have to face it now... I'm gay.
NILEY: You're fucking kidding me.
ROBBIE: I wish I was, I wish I was hurting you but... it's the truth... and there's nothing I can do about it... I know this must be a shocker to you - -
NILEY: Get the fuck out.
NILEY: Get - the fuck - out of my house... and never come back.
ROBBIE: Niley, please...
NILEY: YOU LIED TO ME. You lied to me for YEARS. You pursued me no matter how hard I resisted you in the beginning and you kept it going even after I lost my memory, you... LIED TO ME.
ROBBIE: Please let me explain.
NILEY: What's there to explain, Robbie? Everything I've known about you, about us was... nothing. (beat) You've hurt me... like I could never be hurt. Just get the fuck out.
ROBBIE: You're not going to tell anyone, right?
ROBBIE: Sorry. Okay. Okay.

Robbie sighs and turns, exiting out the door. There stands - - CHARLIE. They're face to face... Charlie eyes are stunned. He then smiles, pretending like he didn't hear anything.

CHARLIE: Hey man, how you doing?
ROBBIE: How long you been here?
CHARLIE: Just... got here, right this second. I saw your car as I was passing by and I needed to talk about Stephie... stuff.
ROBBIE: Oh, well... c'mon, let's go.

Robbie looks back at Niley... she's trying to hold it all in... he closes the door... the moment it shuts - - she bends over, holding her heart. She cries, not able to breathe. She falls to the floor... she can't even pretend anymore. She's heartbroken. It's the worst feeling in the world. She cries loud and hard... her entire world has fallen apart...


Patrick has Jill's shirt ripped off and she continues to scream, pushing and shoving. He won't stop... she won't stop trying to get him off... she finally HEAD BUTTS HIM in the face. He falls over across the floor, holding his nose. She picks up her shirt and runs out of the room, heading for the stairs.

HE GRABS HER LEG. She falls to the floor; she hangs onto the railing, pulling herself forward to get away. He gets up, standing over - - he STOMPS ON HER BACK. She screams out in pain and picks her up, holding her against the railing.

PATRICK: This time you'll do it and not say shit.
JILL: Fuck you!

Patrick grabs her by the throat, choking her.

PATRICK: Exactly, baby.

She can't breath. He pulls down his pants with his freehand and starts to pull down hers. He turns the other way, bending her over the railing. He thrusts upon her as he continues to choke her; she's turning blue.

She looks down below... and grabs onto the bars, pulling herself down and OVER THE RAILING AS HE'S INSIDE HER. They both flip over - - SHE HANGS ON - - HIS BODY FALLS - - CRASHING ONTO A GLASS TABLE BELOW. She hangs on, screaming and looks down - - he's out. She tries to pull herself up... it's too hard. She looks down, calculating how bad the fall will be to her legs... she goes for it.

She falls down below, landing just above Patrick. He's knocked out. She pulls up her pants, throws on her shirt and looks around the room for a phone... she finds the house phone, grabbing it. She dials 911.

OPERATOR: 911, what's your emergency?
JILL: Please! Please! Help me! I'm at Patrick Yorba's house, he tried to rape me! Please come soon! (beat) The address is - - is
OPERATOR: I know that house, ma'am, are you sure of your emergency?
JILL: You know it? Okay, just hurry, he's knocked out right now. I wanna leave, I wanna leave!
OPERATOR: Okay, just stay right there, I'm sending someone on the way.
JILL: What if he wakes up?
OPERATOR: Ma'am, than you may wait outside.
JILL: Thank you. Please hurry.
OPERATOR: They're on their way, they were just dispatched.
JILL: Thank you.

Jill hangs up and turns around... he's still knocked out, his pants down. She walks passed his body and goes to the door... she sits down on the curb... waiting...

Minutes have passed by. The ambulance comes and she jumps up, waving them down. They stop and look at her.

EMT 1: Excuse me, ma'am, are you the rape victim?
JILL: Yes, yes!
EMT 2: Are you okay? Are you harmed?
EMT 3: I'm sorry, where is the perpatrator?
JILL: I'm a little shaken, he's in the house.

EMT 1 walks back to the van and talks into his walkie. She watches him carefully...

EMT 1: Law enforcement won't be necessary, we got it from here.

Jill squints... what?

EMT 3: Could you show us where he is?
JILL: Yeah... yeah, sure.

Jill walks them into the house. He's still on the ground, knocked out. EMT 1 and 3 attend to him while EMT 2 stays behind with her.

JILL: What are they doing? I'm the victim!
EMT 2: Just wait a moment here, miss.

He joins the other EMTs. They push him away.

EMT 1: Go get the gurney.

He sighs and jumps up, running passed Jill and back to the ambulance outside.

JILL: Guys, I'm the - I'm the victim, I need your assistance or whatever.
EMT 3: Miss, this man is hurt badly. We need to tend him.

EMT 2 returns with the gurney and places it next to Patrick. They all lift him up and onto it, EMT 2 rolling him back outside.

JILL: What the hell is going on?
EMT 3: Miss, I'm sorry but um...

HE PUNCHES HER IN THE FACE. EMT 1 catches her in her arms as she knocks out cold.

EMT 1: Jesus. How many more favors do we have to pull for this asshole?
EMT 3: He pays us. We do whatever he tells us to. Drag her out, we gotta do what we gotta do like the rest of 'em. (beat, points to EMT 2) And make sure he doesn't bitch out again. We need him to stay focused.
EMT 1: You got it.


The ambulance drives along the mountain side. The music rises... dramatic... this isn't looking too good... the ambulance stops. Patrick is on the gurney, awake now. The EMTs drag Jill's body out of the van.

PATRICK: Hurry the fuck up, my neck is killing me!


They throw her body to the ground - - like a rag doll and without care. EMT 2 seems a bit uneasy about this whole thing.

EMT 1: What are you waiting for? GO get the bodybag!

He sighs and abides, running back to the van.

EMT 3 bends down, lifting up a door - - there's already a hole there.

EMT 1: What's this, number 4?
EMT 3: Well we made 8, at least we're using all the holes we made.
EMT 1: Fuckin' bastard. The shit he does to women that we have to clean up.
EMT 3: You complaining? Because I'll take your pay if you don't want it.
EMT 1: No, let's just... hurry it up. It's fucking cold out here.
EMT 3: If the rich bastard with his settlement check wants to spend it on burying dumb whores in the woods, than let him.

EMT 2 returns with the body bag. They all begin to put Jill's body in it and zip it up. They THROW her body into the hole. EMT 2 hands EMT 3 the shovel.

EMT 2: You do it this time. I can't do this shit anymore.

He walks back to the van as EMT 1 and 3 tend to the grave.

EMT 1: You heard him.
EMT 3: Fuck you.

He starts shoveling dirt and snow into the grave on top of Jill's body.

- Trevor goes on top of Jenny; she pulls of her bra.
- The EMTs throw in more dirt.
- Trevor kisses her as he starts to take off his pants.
- EMT 2 sits in the van, looking at Patrick.
- Trevor is on top of Jenny and then - - he goes inside her and she moans softly.
- The EMTs fill the hole up, almost all the way to the top.
- Jenny scratches Trevor's back in the middle of all the passionate love making.
- The hole is now a regular patch of dirt on the ground.
- Trevor and Jenny continue having sex, kissing each other.

The EMT pats the hole down. They both look at each other...

EMT 1: Let's get out of here.

They both walk away... getting back in the van. They close the doors... and drive away.

We CLOSE IN ON THE GROUND... DIP INTO THE GROUND... and look beneath... looking inside the body bag... JILL WAKES UP. She can't breathe.

JILL: Hello?

She begins to panic realizing she's in a bag.

JILL: Is someone there?

She tries to push up - - it's no use.

JILL: I can't breathe - - SOMEBODY HELP ME! Please! SOMEBODY!

We're back on solid ground... her screams can't be heard at all...

The EMTs work around Patrick, trying to inspect his neck.

EMT 1: You should probably stop this, Patrick.
PATRICK: (laughs) She was the one I wanted... too bad I couldn't have her.
EMT 3: She fucked you up!
PATRICK: (smiles) Just like Sidney would've... just like her...

HE SEIZES. The EMTs panic and start working on him, trying to help him.

EMT 2: Shit!
EMT 3: Get on the phone now, call the hospital!

Jill looks above her... she sees where the zipper is... she closes her eyes... does a little prayer... SHE UNZIPS IT. THE DIRT FILLS THE BAG and she tries to lift herself up. Like a snake, she swims up the dirt.

On solid ground, we can see the dirt making a dent in the ground from sinking in... HER HANDS RISES and PULLS HERSELF OUT. SHE GASPS FOR AIR, a complete dirty mess. She stops, half of her body out of the grave. She can't stop breathing the air... she realizes she's in the snow and she doesn't even have a jacket...

She looks around - - nobody to be found. She tries to walk but falls to her knees; she's still catching her breath. She grabs at the grass... the music turns sinister... her eyes have the most evil look in them... SHE SCREAMS and POUNDS ON THE GROUND. She stands up, muddy from head to toe and looks down the road... then back towards the village... she begins running back towards the street.


SHE BURSTS THE DOOR, knocking the door damn near DOWN. She huffs and puffs... and walks to the kitchen. She goes to the knife rack - - pulling out a HUGE KITCHEN KNIFE. She stares at it... looking at her own reflection in it... she continues to the closet, looking for fresh clothes. It's all guy clothes but she doesn't care - - she rips her own off, putting on hunter camo and then seals the deal with a big pair of boots...


She walks back to her car, throwing her gown inside and gets in, turning on the ignition. She holsters her knife in place and looks in the rearview mirror... she takes a moment... stops and examines herself... hair dirty... bruised, bleeding... SHE TURNS ON THE IGNITION AND SPEEDS OFF DOWN THE ROAD... THE MUSIC RISES...


To be continued...

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